A Royal Jealousy Pt. 05

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Big Tits

Dear Readers….here is part five of my story of Princess sisters and the palace guard they share between them. This part of the story has themes of straight male performing oral on another man, breast milk, oral sex and more (just to give you a heads up). I hope you enjoy.

Cleo found Amadeus in his bedchamber in the guard’s quarters as he was dressing to take over shift guarding Princess Nicolette. At first he mistook her for a serving wench, since that was exactly how she dressed and covered her hair.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I have need of you, tonight. In my bed.” Cleo whispered hastily. No one else was near, but she glanced over her shoulder to be sure.

“I have guard of your sister tonight. She’s very ill.” Amadeus pulled a vest on over his tunic.

“I sure she is! How gallant of you! She’s probably faking it for attention.” She paused as if thinking. “Amadeus, this would be the perfect time to slip her some rat poison!” Cleo whispered more feverishly.

“I have seen her, Cleo. She’s very sick already and may die without any of our assistance. Her doctor is so concerned about your well being and the King and Queen as well.” Amadeus lied.

There! He had done it. He had dropped the notion that whatever Nico suffered with could be contagious. He even felt smug for planting the kernel that would hopefully lead to her drinking the potion he and Nico had gotten from the crone.

Cleo waved her hand carelessly. “I hardly ever get sick.”

“Princess Nicolette rarely gets sick as well, but she is very sick right now. I overheard the nurse speaking with the doctor and he is working on something for everyone to take just in case Nicolette is contagious.”

“Fine fine, but that’s not why I am here.” Cleo reminded him. “I want you with me tonight. In my bed. Switch with Brody and come to me tonight.”

Amadeus laughed with a snort. “I thought you enjoyed Brody in your bed, Princess Cleo.”

“His cock is bigger than yours for sure.” Cleo said spitefully. “But tonight I want your little cock. So, do as I say.”

Amadeus had to think fast. “Wouldn’t it be far more prudent to stay at Nicolette’s side to monitor. If she seems to be getting well I need to watch for an opportunity to…”

Cleo’s eyes brightened. “Oh! You raise a fine point. Fine! Send Brody to me, but Amadeus, I am telling you if you see an opportunity you must finish Nicolette. I want her dead!”

“Yes, Princess.” Amadeus agreed obediently.

“Brody will come to my bed. His cock is so big and fills me so full.” She taunted. “He cums more than you.”

Amadeus didn’t say anything but clenched his jaw. He didn’t honestly care either way, but he knew Cleo wanted him to feel jealous and degraded. He would play the part to appease her.

“You’ve had his cock inside you as well, haven’t you?” Cleo asked.

Amadeus’s back stiffened. Brody had a taste for fucking men, and being the top palace guard as well as the biggest of them all, he didn’t have a problem making it clear that he expected the others to let him have his way.

He didn’t bother much with Amadeus these days, but he had back when Amadeus had first become an official palace guard. So the truth of it was, yes Amadeus had felt the true size and thickness of Brody huge cock.

“Yes, Cleo.”

“He fucked you like I fuck you, didn’t he? Did you suck his cock too?”

Amadeus’s eyes flashed with anger, and he knew this is what she had wanted. She wanted to force him to give her a reaction. “He fucked me, Cleo. And of course he made me suck his cock.”

“Just as I thought.” Cleo stepped forward and grabbed Amadeus’s balls through his breeches. “You’re such a whore, Amadeus. You had better not let me down. She must die.”

With that, Princess Cleo turned and left as quickly as she had arrived. She took the servant’s back halls to go unnoticed.

Amadeus was just about to leave to take over Nico’s guard guard when Brody came strolling into the Guard’s quarters. “What of you, Amadeus?”

“I have guard of Princess Nico tonight.”

“I have Princess Cleo.” The other guard made a crass smile. “I should say I WILL have Princess Cleo. Nicolette doesn’t put out, but her sister loves my big cock!”

“Very well.” Amadeus said.

Once again Amadeus turned to leave, but then he decided to take his shot. As Brody turned to undress Amadeus removed the potion silently from it’s hiding place.

“Before I forget, Nicolette’s doctor says Cleo must take this. It is to prevent her from getting whatever illness befell bursa escort Princess Nico.”

Brody turned, completely naked, with his thick soft cock hanging heavy between his legs. Amadeus’s cock was quite big, but Brody’s was impressive.

Brody took the glass container and eyed it speculatively. “What is it?”

“I don’t bloody know. It’s an elixir of some sort.” Amadeus said nonchalantly. “They’re afraid Nico is contagious.”

“What about the rest of us? Do we get medicine to ward off this illness or do they let us all have need of a sick bed? Who’d guard their precious lives if we all take ill?” Brody snorted as he placed the bottle on the table to finish dressing.

“The doctor said they should have some for us tomorrow, but of course the royal family gets the first batch.” Amadeus hoped his explanation would serve.

Having Brody give the potion to Cleo was almost too perfect. Cleo would no longer be a threat to Nico, and Brody would be the last one in charge of her well being. Maybe Amadeus could remove two problems with one potion!

Brody rolled his eyes. “I will see if I can get the bitch to drink it before I fuck her brains out.”

“She’ll drink it if doesn’t want to get sick.” Amadeus said in the his best casual tone. He didn’t want to show any vested interest in Cleo drinking the medicine. “I have to go.”

“Not so fast.” Brody said in his deep timber.

Amadeus turned back once again but this time to see Brody stroking his huge cock that was steadily growing hard in his hand. Not now, he thought. “I need to relieve the guard on duty.”

“You will. He can wait while you suck this.” Brody gestured to his cock as he continued to stroke it. “If I cum down your throat now, I won’t spill my seed so fast with Cleo later.”

Amadeus made his irritation evident on this face, but didn’t argue. He knew he had little choice. Brody could make or break you. Guards that didn’t play by his rules often found themselves in the dungeons accused of crimes they didn’t commit or the very lucky ones found themselves penniless and exiled from the Kingdom. It was referred to as Brody’s black kiss.

Amadeus sunk to his knees on the hard floor in front of Brody. He wasn’t at all interested in men sexually, but with no choice he would suck Brody’s cock and hope he could be on his way quickly. Brody stroked his cock up and down in front of Amadeus’s face. He flicked it forward a few times slapping it on Amadeus’s face.

Using the head he played with it over and across Amadeus’s lips. Salty precum smeared onto his lips. This was the game that Brody played. “Open your mouth.” He ordered.

Amadeus opened his mouth wide into a perfect “O”. The head of Brody’s cock slid in past his teeth and over his tongue. The taste of the guard’s huge cock was on Amadeus’s tongue. He had to admit it wasn’t entirely bad. Brody fucked his mouth, but surprisingly not hard. The guard grunted as he pushed his cock deep into Amadeus’s mouth.

Luckily it didn’t take too long and soon Brody was grunting like a pig as he spurted jet after jet of hot salty seed down Amadeus’s throat. Once he came Brody lost interest in Amadeus.

“You may take your leave now.”

“Don’t forget the medicine.” Amadeus reminded as he quickly left.


Amadeus wasted no time in knocking on Nico’s door. A lady maid came to the door. Unlike the bathroom chambermaids, the lady maids were allowed to speak. “The Princess wants no guests.”

“Who is it?” He could hear Nico ask.

“It’s your palace guard, Amadeus.” The lady maid explained.

“Please give him entrance.” Nico bid the woman.

The woman stepped back and opened the door to allow Amadeus to enter. Once again the room was dim, but a fire gave some light from the fireplace. This time there were a few candles also lit about the room.

The lady maid dutifully took a seat next to the bed. Amadeus approached the bed and noticed Nico was not alone in her large feather bed.

A beautiful and very naked female servant was in Nico’s bed and drinking from her left teat. A mix of jealousy and immediate arousal filled him as he looked on.

“Princess Nicolette.” He bowed appropriately.

“Hello Amadeus, you have my guard tonight?” She already knew this, but pretended beautifully for the benefit of the servants.

“I do. May we speak for a short time, My Princess?” Amadeus slid his eyes from the naked slave to the lady maid.

Nico took the cue. “Ladies, please leave us. I will ring for you when I need you both. Might I remind you that you are not to bursa escort bayan speak of my…uh… predicament?”

The naked slave disentangled herself from the Princess and the bed. Both women stood. “Of course, Princess.” They said in unison.

As soon as they left, Nico reached a petite hand for Amadeus’s big strong hand and she drew him onto the bed to sit facing her. She left her large full teats fully exposed and they leaked as she just sat against her pillows and allowed them to leak freely. She seemed quite comfortable.

“Tell me! Have you given her the potion to drink?”

Amadeus was excited to tell his Princess. “Brody has her guard tonight. I passed the potion off as medicine, with the instructions that she must drink it to ward off the illness you suffer with.”

“Do you think he will give it to her? Do you think she will trust him?” Nico asked quietly but excitedly.

“She will drink it, Nico. She must.”

Suddenly Nico’s eyes turned sad. “Her death will be peaceful, won’t it?”

“The old crone said she would go to sleep…” Amadeus reminded her. “However, she’s a tricky old crone so let’s just hope she was truthful.”

“I do hope so.” Nico chewed her bottom lip. “I feel so anxious. I need you to calm me.”

Amadeus smiled. “Let me make sure the doors are locked and then I shall find a way to calm your nerves.”

When Amadeus returned to the bed, Nico was already stripping off her dressing gown. Her blue eyes showed her arousal. “I was wondering if we could try something?” She asked tentatively.

“What did you want to try, my princess?”

“When the crone pushed that phallus into my anus….Amadeus, it felt so good. Do you think we could do….that?”

Amadeus growled with instant white hot lust. “Mmm yes of course, anything for my Princess. Do you have any slippery jelly?”

Nico grinned slyly. “I had my lady maid fetch me some.” She reached into the drawer of her bedside table and pulled out the small pot of jelly. She handed it to her handsome guard. “I have waited all day for you!”

Not wanting to disappoint his Princess, Amadeus placed the pot of jelly on the bed and then shed every last stitch of his clothing. He stood naked, proud and hard before his Princess. She watched intently as he stroked himself. The hunger in her eyes must have matched the hunger and driving need in his own.

“Lay back, Nico.” His voice was even deeper with his arousal. His mouth watered with his need to taste her.

Nico laid back against her soft feather pillows. Her golden blonde hair fanned out around her face. She looked so lovely even in the low light of the room. Amadeus crawled onto the bed and none-to-gently parted her legs. He could smell the scent of her arousal already and it served to make his cock throb harder.

He had to taste her. Lowering his face between her thighs he playfully ran his tongue over her thighs. Her response was a pretty little sigh.

Next he ran his wet tongue over her dewy lips and tasted some of her hot juice. Now the princess squirmed. Using his fingers he parted her lips and now allowed his mouth to fully feast on her. His nose pressed into the soft curls on her mound as his tongue flicked over her clit and slid down toward her dripping cunt hole.

Amadeus looked up over his princess’ mound to see her teats leaking milk fairly steadily. He had had no idea she would produce so much milk, but he had to admit he loved it. She seemed to love it too as he watched her reach for them and tug and squeeze the huge puffy nipples. Milk spurted over her fingers and onto her flat stomach.

Amadeus pushed two thick fingers up into Nico’s hot cunt as he lifted himself to lick the milk from her stomach. With quick thrusts with his fingers he finger fucked her hot hole while licking all the milk from her stomach up to her breasts.

Once he reached her breasts he took one nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. His mouth filled with her sweet milk. He drank heavily from that nipple and then the next.

All the while his fingers thrust hard in and out of her cunt. His hand was soaked with her cunt juice. The Princess tossed her head back against the pillow while a long deep moan escaped her. She seemed lost to her pleasure. Her legs were parted as widely as she could get them.

Her teat filled his mouth with milk as the other squirted milk freely. Then, just as Amadeus had hoped would happen, her cunt contracted hard around her fingers and a spray of cunt juice soaked his hand and arm as she came. The princess’ eyes rolled and she slumped escort bursa back as if thoroughly drained by her gushing orgasm.

She wasn’t finished though, and soon asked, “What…what was that? How did you make me do that?”

“You squirted for me.” Amadeus smiled proudly.

“That was incredible!” she smiled down at him between her legs. The bed was wet from her juices and milk. “My turn! May I suck you?”

Amadeus wanted that. The idea of her mouth wrapped around his cock sounded really good, but what he wanted more was to ease the fat head of his cock up her tight anus. He wanted to watch her stretch around him as he eased his way up her anal passage. He wanted that so badly it made him feel breathless.

“I want to be inside you.”

They moved together without any more need for words. Amadeus found the pot of slippery jelly that had become tangled in the bedsheets. Nico into her hands and knees, but then lowered herself so that her head rested on her arms and her bottom was nicely presented for Amadeus.

She looked delicious as he climbed behind her. He could see her dewy wet lips and her perfect pink pucker of her anus. In his hate, Amadeus fumbled with the pot of jelly.

Taking a calming breath he removed the lip and took a huge dollop of the cool jelly on his finger. Nico made a cute surprised sound as his finger smeared the slippery substance all over her pink pucker.

“Are you sure?” he asked.


Using the tip of his slippery finger he pushed against the tight muscle there. Nico purred as his finger managed to slide in beyond the tight opening. Amadeus took a deep breath.

It was hard for him to ignore his cock as it throbbed with his heartbeat. He pushed his finger in to the first knuckle. She was incredibly tight, but she was also incredibly responsive to this play.

He couldn’t wait any longer, so he pulled his finger slowly from her anus and put the thick wet head of his cock right against her pucker. Taking a little more jelly he rubbed it on his cock making it glisten. He rubbed the head of his cock over her back opening, and Nico whimpered.

“Give it to me, Amadeus!” she cried.

Bringing his hips forward, Amadeus pushed the head of his member firmly against her anus. Her body resisted so he had to push harder. Admittedly, he was nervous about hurting her, but she was begging for it. He pushed just a little harder and felt the strong muscle relent enough for the head of his cock to quickly slide in beyond the rim.

Nico groaned and grunted. “More!”

The lady would get what they lady begs for. Amadeus pushed his big cock into her anus as deeply as he could reach. As he slip in to the hilt, Nico released one long guttural moan of unadulterated pleasure. It was hard for him not to cum just from hearing her pleasure, but somehow Amadeus remained in control.

He didn’t move right away, but instead stayed buried inside her feeling her grip him tightly. Nico’s hands grabbed the sheets and he knew she was ready. Slowly he pulled his hips back and slid his cock most of the way out of her anus, before bringing it back in a little more quickly. He stated with a slow rhythm in and out of her anus.

Nico sounded like a wild cat in front of him. He watched her small hand slide between her thighs and he knew she was playing with her clit. This drove Amadeus crazy. He increased his pace steadily taking her anus fast and deep.

He held her by the soft skin at her hips. As he plunged into her he also pulled her back snug against himself. Their bodies slapped as they came together. “Fuck…Nico…” He knew he couldn’t hold off his release much longer.

“Cum! Fill me with hot seed!” Nico cried out as if she could read his mind.

Amadeus plunged deeply and exploded his hot seed into the Princess’ bowels. His moan was more of a growl, and after he finished filling her he held her still against himself until he softened inside her. Once fully soft he slipped out of her. They both collapsed to the bed side by side.

“Amadeus?” Nico whispered breathlessly.

“Yes, Princess?”

“That was incredible.”

Amadeus agreed completely. He also noted her bed was soaked. Nico would have to have her lady servants change the bedding, and Amadeus had to get back on the job otherwise his lack of presence might be noticed. He needed to talk to others, to be seen. He needed to establish his alibi of sorts.

“I have to leave your bed.” He said softly.

“I know. It should be done by tomorrow?”

“It will be.” Amadeus kissed Nico’s cheek before rolling off the bed.

“You will come for me at once…tomorrow…when they discover….?” Nico’s soft voice halted with emotion. She had tears in her big eyes.

“I will come for you at once, my Princess.”

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