A Ride With Me

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The spray of the water running down the shower doors, she wiggles and bounces to the beat of the music that’s jammin’ on top of the toilet seat. With soap heavy in her hair, her hips sway as the water hits and misses her legs. Putting her hands above her head, her shoulders rock up and down as she pivots turning back to the shower head. With her knees bent slightly she continues singing to herself with the beat.

Suddenly, a series of bangs, and then “Hey, you almost done in there?” he asks, as he leans down, touching the dial to turn down the music. He stands motionless, trying to see her through the glass shower doors.

“Yeah, I am.” her shadow can be seen, washing the soap from her hair. She pulls the shower door open a little with a silly smile. “So, what are we doing today sweetie?” she asks, dropping her hands from her hair, down onto her neck. Her hands flatten out, running down and over her breasts, washing the soap away from her skin.

“I guess that depends on you.” he says.

“Oh, yeah?” she says, with a curious smile.

He walks out of the bathroom, looking back at her, not giving her any more to go on. Moments later he returns, holding a tight fitting dress, leaning against the bathroom door with it dangling from a finger.

“I want you to wear this, and only this!” he says, with a sexy smile.

She looks at the dress, with a mix of bright colors splashed across it. “Are we going to go out?” she asks.

“Yes! Are you up for it?” his eyes almost seemed to turn colors as he smiled.

She pauses, a cute smile forms while watching his body language as he hangs it up on the frame of the door. He stands at the kitchen table drinking out of a glass. Hearing her heels hit the tile floor near the front door, he turns, looking through the kitchen as she stands there with her hand on the door.

“Well? I’m ready. Are you?” she asks with an anxious smile.

Her soft and wavy hair pours down one shoulder. An earring shows, exposed by uncovered hair, hanging next to the length of her neck. He walks through the kitchen and stands before her. Strapped high heeled sandals and a silver charm hug her ankle as his eyes walk up her legs to where her dress stops, at the center of her thighs.

“Let me see.” he says, wanting to see how her body has poured into the back of the dress.

She turns slowly, as his eyes drop to her hips and over the small of her back. With her back completely exposed, his finger traces her spine to where her dress stops at the small dip in her lower back. His finger slip inside of it, going along the seam.

“Mmm, very nice. Looks so good on you.” as his hand drops down over her dress, feeling no interruptions, her dress holding her secret.

“Ok, let’s get out of here before I change my mind.” he says with a snicker.

Walking across the parking lot, her stride smooth and long as he intently watches her walk in front of him. Getting into the car, placing a hand on the wheel, he leans over to unlock her door. Sliding into her seat, clicking her belt, she leans her head back into the head rest.

“So where are you taking me?” she asks.

“It’s all going to be a surprise.” with a smile, his hand slides across the top of her thigh, resting it where her dress stops.

She glances around, looking for clues as to where they might be going. His hand moves again, traveling under her dress. Trying not to be shocked, she pretends that she is still searching for hints. Turning onto the freeway, her glance breaks away from her window.

“So, I guess we are going to travel a little way.” she giggles, knowing he won’t answer her.

Moving his fingers, they start to squeeze her thigh. His car picks up speed, pulling the weight of her body snug against the seat. He glances at her with a wicked smile, his fingers lightly brush past her sex.

“Now, now, your driving! You have to keep both hands on the wheel.” she says with a playful tone as her hand grabs his, placing it on the wheel.

She taps the top of it, looking under her eyelashes. He moves it from the steering wheel, placing his two fingers to his mouth, he softly wets the end of them as he glances back over to her with devilish eyes. Trying not to notice she turns her attention to the oncoming cars. His hand returns, slipping up into her dress, cupping her sex with his fingers. She leans back as his hand moves quickly, taking her by surprise.

“Don’t move.” he says with a firm voice.

Feeling paralyzed, her hands grip the seat as her eyes get heavy, as his fingers fall between her folds. Looking over at him, she watches his face as his mouth opens, finding what he’s looking for. His strong arm stretched across the seat, the muscle flexing with each movement he makes. Taking his eyes off the road for a second, he sees the heat forming in her eyes. Turning back to the road, he takes an exit, getting off the freeway. The car slows down, his hand becomes motionless as he pulls into a gas station.

“I need to fill up.” he looks at her, taking casino şirketleri his hand away.

“You’re gonna’ pay for that!” she says with a wicked tone as he leans into kiss her, his mouth parting, pulling his tongue away as his lips brush over hers. He looks into her eyes.

“Mmm. How you gonna’ make me pay for it.?” he asks, teasing her as he gets out of the car.

Unable to sit still, she patiently waits for him. The door opens and, jumping back into the car, he looks over at her. She unclips her seat belt and leans toward him, her hand touching his jaw as she kisses him softly. Her hand falls flat to his chest, gripping it, as it goes down his stomach.

Pulling at his t-shirt, her hand slipping underneath, she feels his stomach flex from her touch. He sighs softly between their kiss, with her fingers playfully running along the inside of his shorts. Her mouth left open, she pulls the tie to them, opening them. Her hand slips inside, moving over his hip. Turning her hand, she dips it down into his shorts, pressing against his sex. Pulling her mouth away from his lips, she leans down, keeping her eyes fixed on his.

“Drive!” she says, with a firm voice as she squeezes his sex in her hand.

He watches her, as she leans down and opens her mouth to him. His soft skin slipping into her lips, pulling him in. He looks around as a couple approaches and heads toward their car.

She looks up at him, releasing him only to squeeze him, followed by a brush of her soft tongue.

“Drive! Or I’ll stop.” she says, her last warning.

He starts the car, gripping the wheel with his hand, as he moves into traffic. Sitting at a light, a truck pulls along side them. A man sitting in the passenger seat looks down onto the car. He breaks the glance quickly, looking forward, wishing the light would change.

Soft sucking sounds escape from his lap as his hips move up to meet her hungry mouth. The light turns and with a quick surge, the car moves forward. Turning quickly, her body jolting with the force of the car, it picks up speed once again. The engine building, making a high pitched sound. An intense stare consumes her eyes, waiting for him to shift.

Moving on him quickly, she shows no mercy. She takes him deeper as her hand moves up to meet her lips, holding and squeezing him. A soft gasp leaks from his lips.

“Mmm, yeah.” his hand grips hard at the steering wheel once again.

The sound of leather twisting under his hand. Her hand begins to release him as her mouth leaves him, with the cold air, cooling the area that was once heated by her warm mouth. She gently touches his lips with hers as she backs away, leaning back into her seat.

“How far to go now?” she asks, his eyes glancing at her, as her finger rubs her lips, like a cat that just tasted something it wasn’t suppose to have.

“Far enough.” he chuckles, pulling his shorts up and covering himself.

“Yeah, you’d better do that. We don’t want you catching cold” she says sarcastically.

He glares at her, reaching for her thigh, gripping it firmly. With a tug, pulling her thigh toward him, his hand darts toward the heat that cannot be hidden. Sunk into her sex, his fingers are consumed by her flooded excitement. Toying with her soft folds, his fingers dance and flutter, waiting for her squeeze of pleasure.

What was once soft, is now hard, pressing against the palm of his hand. His fingers move out, pressing against it, then quickly slipping them back in, taking her breath away.

“Ooh” she grabs the door, holding the handle, as if they were about to stop fast.

She turns away, looking out the window, watching another car pass by as a gentleman smiles at her from his car. Her eyes shut, not able to return the smile. The feeling of his hands, aggressively grabbing for more of her excitement. With the other hand grabbing the side of the seat, she turns her head, looking at him.

He suddenly releases his hold on her, pulling his hand away, grabbing the gear stick, to shift down. Exiting the freeway, they come down to a light, quickly stopping. Her body calms down once again with her next move racing through her mind.

A few more street lights and they pull into a restaurant. Parking the car, she looks over at him as he straightens his shorts out, pulling the tie to his shorts together. She pulls her dress down.

“Are you hungry? I sure am!” he says, leaving her sitting in the car as he closes the door behind him.

She gets out, shuts the door, and walks over to him. Standing before him, she grabs his jaw, kissing him hard, biting at his lower lip.

“I’m starved!” she says, smacking him on the ass, walking off in front of him with a backward glance.

He runs, catching up with her as they enter the restaurant. They’re seated in a booth toward the back of the restaurant. Low hanging lights, hard wood floors and music you usually hear at the beach playing in the background. The light scent of mixed drinks and seafood fills the air. She spots a couple casino firmaları off in the distance as they sip on there drinks.

Holding the menu up, knowing what she wants, casually she leans down, unclipping the strap on her sandal. Her foot now free, she leans back into her seat, slowly stretching her foot out toward him.

Dropping the menu enough to see his eyes, her toes slipped under his shorts. A slight upward movement and his glance shifts to her eyes. His hand touches the top of her foot as his napkin is laid across his leg. She pulls her foot away, pushing her toes up on top of his thigh, knocking off the napkin.

“I think you dropped something.” she giggles, her foot coming to rest beside his leg, pressing against the cushioned seat.

Leaning over, his eyes drop just past the tables edge. Motionless, he pretends to look for the napkin. Her hand moves, finding her open thigh, as it slides to what she knows he’s looking at. Toying with her sex, she feels his intense stare. He begins to sit up, leaning back into his seat as his intense glare becomes fixed on her eyes. Her arm moves with small motions, her shoulder dipping, folding forward. Her smile getting deeper with each passing moment. A voice is heard.

“You guys need anything?” as the waitress leaves the other couple’s table, walking toward them. She stands with her hand at the top of the booth. “Now, what can I get you guys?” the waitress asks, the tray on her shoulder.

“Crab for me and Shrimp for her.” he says, smiling.

“Anything to drink?” the waitress asks.

“Margaritas, please.” he says. The waitress smiles and leaves the table.

Moments pass and she returns, setting the drinks on the table. A few sips and a small lick to the edge of the glass, she glances at him. His warm hand pulls her foot, placing it back into his lap as his thumbs play with her toes. Her fingers play with the lime wedge hanging off the side of her glass, as she brings it to her mouth, slowly sucking on it. With his hand cupping her heel and the other pressing her toes into his sex, he moves her foot against him. His excitement intense, she pulls at the lime with her teeth.

A few drinks later and dinner almost gone. She begins to play with her food.

“You going to eat that or not?” he asks, with a half serious look.

“Oh, yeah. I’m just not as hungry for food as I thought.” she says, grabbing a shrimp, placing it in her mouth.

He watches her, dragging it between her lips, not taking a bite of it. A familiar voice at her shoulder.

“You guys all ready here?” the waitress asks, smiling at the both of them, waiting for someone to notice she’s there.

“Ah, yeah, can I get the check?” he says, finally getting around to it as she eats the shrimp with a smirk, trying not to laugh.

They leave the restaurant and walk to the car. The lights in the parking lot cast shadows across the cars while they walk arm in arm. Reaching for his keys, unlocking the car door, he pulls her in front of him, pressing her against the car with his hips. He leans forward, kissing her exposed neck, leaving little wet traces down into her collarbone. She sneaks her hand between them, cupping his sex in her open hand.

“Time for another drive, huh?” she says, squeezing him slightly, trying to get an answer.

He reaches up and grabs her hair, his breath at her ear. Tugging it hard enough to move her to the side of him, he pulls his key from the lock and opens the door to the car. With another tug, he pulls her in between the open door, his lips open and barely touching hers.

“Get in, you’ll find out.” he says, releasing her hair, backing up as he begins walking around the car.

She giggles, slipping into her seat, and shuts the door.

“So, how far? Can you tell me that?” she asks, pushing for an answer as he starts the car.

He pulls out and stops at a light. “Couple of blocks.” he glances toward the street, his smile getting bigger.

Minutes later they pull into a movie theater parking lot. Not paying any attention to which show they were going to see, she follows him inside. Waiting for the movie to begin, she leans into him.

“The movies, huh? Hmm, never would’ve guessed this. I thought maybe we were headed home.” her voice, curious.

He leans toward her ear, whispering. “Ready to go home? What’s at home?” as the lights dim and the previews start to play.

His hand plays with her dress, moving the arm rest out of the way, pulling her leg up onto his. His soft kiss to her ear, with his voice low. “Don’t worry you’ll enjoy the movie.” he said, his tone wicked.

His hand starts to massage and pull at the inside of her thigh. Looking at the screen but not hearing the words, her mind was lost in his touch. His fingers playfully toying with her soft skin, dancing around her sex. With a handful of people in the theater, she looks around, watching a few of them laughing as they watched the screen. His fingers become aggressive, pulling and gliding around, searching güvenilir casino for her excitement.

She feels the muscles in her sex start to relax, giving into him. Just as the pressure would build, his hand would lay motionless. Sitting so still, she couldn’t move. Her mind racing, wanting the pleasure to return.

Giving up, she began to relax once again. Her heartbeat slowing down again, enjoying the warmth of his hand. Comfortable now, she tries following the words in the movie.

Suddenly, his hand moves, goosebumps start to cover her skin. His fingers darting in and out of her sex, her breath catching, as if to keep up with each sensation. With no mercy his fingers building her pleasure up, her breath getting out of control as she covers her mouth with her hand.

At the edge, almost too much to take, her hand drops and covers his, holding it against her. It moves and the tingle starts to consume her sex. The sharp feeling against the inside of her dress, her nipples feel as though they will cut through the material. Her ears hearing only her breath as it gets harder and harder to hide it. Her eyes shut tight, lost in the pleasure of his hand. It becomes motionless again, releasing her as he pulls his hand away.

“Time to go, movie’s over.” he says, as the lights begin to brighten and she opens her eyes.

He stands, holding her hand, pulling her up. Her legs heavy with excitement, he holds her hips, pushing her forward. Walking through the lobby, she reaches in his pocket, grabbing his keys.

“I’m driving!” she holds the keys away from him.

“Where we going?” he asks playfully, trying not to laugh too hard.

Once in the car, she grabs her seat belt, buckling it. Climbing into the car, he pulls his seat belt across, looking over at her. Grabbing her dress, she hikes it up until her sex is completely exposed. Taking her sandals off, she moves them under the seat. Turning to him, she pulls his tie open on his shorts, reaches in, grabbing for his sex as he leans into her, kissing her hard. His tongue finding hers as her hand leaves his shorts and reaches for his hand. Her fingers pulling at his as she places them in his lap. Her mouth slowly lets go of his as she backs up and settles into her seat. She starts the car and looks at him, teasingly.

“Move your hand and I’ll move the car. The faster your hand moves, the faster I’ll drive. Got it?” she says, firmly.

Without an answer, she watches his hand begin to move. Moving his shirt out of the way, his sex leans up against his stomach. His hand wrapped around it as he starts to move slowly. She backs up, moving through the parking lot. Turning onto the street, she starts to drive one block at a time. With a quick glance, his eyes are wide, looking at her without blinking. Turning at the exit, she begins to go down the ramp to the freeway. The car starts to crawl slowly.

“What are you doing? You better get more speed up.” he says, quickly.

“Show me how fast you want me to go.” she says, wickedly laughing as his hand starts to pick up speed.

She begins to shift, hearing small gasps coming from his lips. Passing cars and changing lanes, the cars speed gets faster. She looks over at him just for a moment. His eyes are shut as the shadows of light, coming from oncoming cars, casting over him, watching his hand moving at a quick pace. His eyes open and his hand begins to slow down, his breathing out of control, not able to sit still. She lets off the gas, the car starts to slow down.

“Better get movin’, we have two more exits to go.” she says, sharply as she hears him moan, deep into his throat.

His hand returns to it’s original pace as his moans turn into grunts.

Getting off the freeway and turning down a few streets, his hand slows as he sighs in trying to hold his release back. Stopped at a light, he sits breathless beside her. The light turns, she looks toward him, he moans when his hand starts to move once again. Turning into the parking lot, she pulls into a spot, as his hand comes to a rest again as she turns off the car.

“We here!” she giggles, grabbing the keys, getting out of the car in a hurry.

She shuts the car door and runs through the parking lot in bare feet, reaching the door, looking for the keys. Getting in, she throws the keys on the counter and stands at the doorway. Turning around, he is standing there as he launches forward, grabbing her, picking her up off her feet.

Walking down the hall, he throws her onto the bed. Pulling his shorts off, he climbs over the top of her. Gripping her hips, pulling her down to him , he pulls her dress up and enters her. With a bite to her shoulder, he grabs for her hair, pulling it, turning her neck to the side. A quick thrust and she moans, digging her nails into his back as they both hold each other tightly.

Slow and quick darts, her sex squeezes around him. With another squeeze of pleasure, her sex begins to flinch as her release floods her folds with her warm, liquid excitement.

A deep grunt, his mouth drops open as his moans deepen. His body tenses, suddenly the warm sensation spills into her as she feels his heated excitement. His head hung low into her neck, he collapses as they lay there, out of breath and motionless.

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