A Replacement for Susan Ch. 10

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As I watched the film and gently fondled my mother’s right boob with my right hand I couldn’t help but think back over the days events. Had I peaked at barely nineteen? Was it going to be down hill from now on.

As if to answer my retrospective question almost, my mother opened her dressing gown, she wasn’t wearing her nightie, she then opened her legs a little, lifted my hand off her boob and placed it between her legs.

I teased her clit with my finger tips as I continued to watch the film. I know it’s a little hard to believe but I really had got into it! When mom came it was slow to begin with but rapidly took control of her whole body to the extent where she actually passed out as it finished.

I left her sleeping beside me until the film finished and gently woke her by kissing her lips.

At first she had no idea where she was. When her wits returned she pulled my face to hers and gave me a kiss which virtually said fuck me now! In case I didn’t get the message she also began to fondle my dick though my jeans.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I didn’t want our first time, who knows, possibly the only time we made love to be like this and I managed to rebuff her Pavlovian responses to my administrations. Once she’d calmed down we lay together on the couch both content to just be together.

Around twelve we got up and headed for our beds. On the landing we kissed again and I fondled her bum. As we parted mom whispered in my ear, she wished I’d fuck her like I had Mary Diane Anne Lin and Wendy’s friend. I pulled away from her to look at her face. Before whispering into her ear, ‘I will.’

That night I slept long and soundly. In the morning I had breakfast with my mother who was, it had to be said in a particularly cheerful mood. She kissed my lips gently as she left for work and told me she was looking for ward to me making good my prediction!

Lin was the first to message me. She thanked me for yesterday and asked when she could see me again. I text back, I was planning on spending the day studying, she was welcome to come here when ever she was free. She text back saying she’d be there at eleven. I added, when I let her in she wasn’t to speak.

Anne called me a little after I’d sent the text. She was full of exuberance over the way I had made her casino oyna mother call her before I had done anything with her. She also told me she had seen a big difference in her mother even after one… session with me. Almost as an afterthought she wondered if I felt like distracting her again at lunch time. I told her if she wanted to come here I’d do the catering for her.

Diane text to ask if I could pick her up after her lesson in the evening.

Simon’s text said Wendy’s friend, Fiona, sent her regards to me.

As I knew Diane would be out of her house all evening I text Mary and said if she had her house to herself in the evening I was also free. She messaged me to say as far as she knew she would be home alone from seven. I told her to left me know when that was definite.

With my days social calendar sorted I settled down to an hour or so of solid study. Before I knew it Lin had rung the door bell. I shot down the stairs and let her in, then led her to my room where I told her to remove her clothes as I finished checking what I’d been reading. She stood patiently by my bed for several minutes until I was done. As I closed my book I noticed a trickle of her juices was working it’s way down one of her slightly parted legs.

I got up and stood before her, leaned down to kiss her and grope her breasts. As my hand moved towards her pussy she obligingly opened her legs a little more. Her pussy was literally flooded. I had her lie on my bed and went to work on her pussy with my mouth which I really enjoyed as she tasted delicious! After she came I turned her onto her front and did her from behind, only just resisting the temptation to use her arse. We came together which I always think is the sign of a job well done.

As I was catching my breath I told her to dress, before she left she leaned down to clean my dick with her mouth. She left with a definite spring in her step which her text thanking me a little later confirmed.

Barely half an hour after she’d left Anne arrived and to show I could give as much as I liked to receive, I let her in as I’d watched her mother leave, naked.

‘You’ve not dressed from when my mom was here have you?’

I shrugged knowing she was far from angry.

‘Man this is so hot! You did her after me yesterday and your doing me after slot oyna her today.’

With the foreplay over we got as far as the lounge before she’d pushed me onto a couch, lifted the light dress she had on and lowered herself onto my erection with a very satisfied groan. I fondled her breasts through her thin dress as she did all the work… I had said I’d make her a sandwich later so considered it a fair distribution of labour.

I spent the afternoon immersed in my college prep now and again swapping texts with every one. A surprising one was from Fiona who must have got my number off Simon, giving me her address. At that point I seriously began to wonder if I had some kind of super power.

As it was Friday mom got home around half three. She came into my room and without speaking gave me a hell of a kiss during which I gently groped her breasts, before she went to her room. When I heard her shower start I put my book down slipped out of my shorts and t-shirt and went through to her on-suit.

Mom was just about to step into the shower when she saw me. She smiled a massive smile which hit me like a hammer. Sometimes some one’s love for you shines so brightly it’s almost overpowering.

We shared a shower which to begin with was more or less functional, we did after all both want to be cleaned. Once we were all squeaky, we fooled around a little. As mom was stroking my hard dick I realised it was the first time she’d touched it directly. I had a few fingers crammed into her pussy and made her come as I was sucking on her lovely firm nipples. Before we left the shower mom went onto her knees and sucked my dick until I uploaded into her mouth. Good clean fun.

After we’d dried each other we put on bath robes and headed for the kitchen, neither of us suffering any ill effects for what we’d just been doing. We chatted about the day. She loved the thought of me being with Lin and Anne within minutes of each other and not dressing between. When I told her I would be seeing Mary before I picked up Diane, she almost pissed herself. I was it had to be said on a roll!

Dad came in while we were still in the kitchen, when mom asked what he fancied for dinner he told her he was going to meet up with, Collin, Diane’s father later. After he’d gone upstairs and we heard the shower start I told mom canlı casino siteleri about the cryptic comment Mary had made about where the two of them went. Dad came back down also in a bath robe and made us all a snack.

He went out around six and we watched his progress on my phone. Like last time he seemed to have left his phone in his car which was tedious! Mary text a few minutes later to say she was alone. I told her to strip off everything and said I’d be there in ten minutes. Before leaving I kissed my mother hard on her mouth as I gave her another orgasm with my fingers, which she was still getting over as I was walking out of the front door.

When I got to Mary’s I was ready for a fuck. I led her into her kitchen, pushed her face down onto the table and rammed into her hard and fast. Once I’d uploaded I felt a lot better. I sat on a chair while Mary cleaned me. I didn’t tell her to stop until I was ready to go again. That time I had her sitting on the table facing me. We’d not kissed before but we did the whole time I screwed her. I played with her tits, a lot less aggressively than I usually do too. When she came it was with a gush, of sounds and fluids. It almost felt she’d wet herself. But it had to be said it was the most contented I had ever see her.

I left Mary still sitting in a pool of her own making and headed for the café for a burger while I waited for Diane. She wasn’t quite so… desperate as usual so we stayed in the café while she had something to eat too. I didn’t drive to our usual spot, instead I headed back to her’s. Diane didn’t say anything even when I led her into her lounge and had sex with her while her mother was watching the TV sat across from us. Call me romantic but I really enjoyed screwing Diane right under her mother’s nose. By the sounds Diane made I had to assume she did too.

My mother was watching some thing on our TV when I got home. I knelt between her knees and gave her, her third orgasm of the evening, this time with my tongue. I got up and told her to follow me to my room. Once we were there mom slipped off her bathrobe and lay on my bed. I checked dads car was still at Mary’s before joining her. As soon as I was between her legs I slipped into her effortlessly and we had an intense, slow screw which left us both gasping at the end. I remember thinking as I slowly recovered, it had definitely been worth the wait.

Mom was leaving my room when we heard dads car pull up outside. She turned back and smiled as she went through to her room to use the shower.

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