A Real Gamble Ch. 03

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I didn’t know what to say. The only thing that I could stammer was, “Uh, uh, hi, Mom. What brings you here?”

I turned as red as a Jersey tomato, because I knew that I was pretty much screwed since my sister can’t keep a secret.

“Come here, right now, mister” demanded my mother in a rather stern, but sexy kind of a way. I wemt over to the bed to see what she had wanted. “Drop that towel, right this second and don’t ask any questions.”

“But, Mom, what is going on” “Did I tell you not to ask me any questions, why would you feel the need to ask me a question, young man.”

With that, mother tugged off the towel that was covering my lower body and turned me around, so that my ass was in her and my sister’s face.

“Bend over that bed that you were suppose to sleep in last night, now.” I obliged, because I didn’t want to get into any more shit than I already had found myself to be in. The next thing that I know, mother was smacking my bare ass with her high-heeled shoe that she had been wearing.

She smacked me about a half-dozen times and it seemed like it was getting harder and harder with each sound of heel touching skin. My mother handed the shoe to my sister, who did the same thing as mother had done, only moments ago.

My mother demanded that I stood up and face the two of the them. I stood up, standing at full attention with my hands behind my back, rubbing by now red backside. My cock was hanging there it started to get hard, especially because it was only a couple of inches from both of mouths.

“Your sister told me what you did to her last night.” (The truth is that a couple of weeks ago, mother and I had fucked like two teenagers when we went on a trip of our own).

I was a little hot under the collar about this, because I figured that not only would I never get any more “play” from my sister, but my mother would definetely cut off the fringe benefits.

“I think that there is only one way for you to redeem yourself, son.”

My mother stood up and demanded that I undressed her, so that is what I did.

First, I took my mother’s white shirt out from her skirt’s waistband and unbuttoned one button at a time, as I stared at her beautiful busom. Underneath, she was wearing a white lace bra that held her beautiful tits up into bakırköy escort a perfect offering. I left her bra alone, as I slid my right hand behind her and found the zipper to her black skirt, and pulled the skirt down to see white lace panties. I undid mother’s bra at this time, and pulled down her panties.

My mother went to the bed that I was suppose to sleep in the previous night and laid down on her back with her legs spreaded way apart. She told me to help my sister up off the bed and to undress her. My sister was only wearing a white robe that the casino had provided, because we were fucking like rabbits not too long before. I took the ends of the knot that she had placed into her robe and pulled at both ends, so that the robe dropped to the floor after I slid it down a bit.

At this point, my mother’s fingers had found their way to her pussy. She started to work her fingers, in and out, of her pussy.

As if she were directing a scene in a movie, mother started to call out different action sequences to the two of her children, who were standing nude only inches apart from one another.

“Lay your sister down on the mattress, in a very soft manner.”

“Spread her legs apart.”

“Kiss her on her lips, and make sure that you use tongue.”

“Suck on her tits.”

“Rub her pussy.”

“Eat your sister’s wet pussy. I want you to lick her thighs, first. Lick the outside of her honeybox before sticking your tongue inside.”

I took the directions that my mother had been giving me, but I added some of my own things. I pinched her nipples as I ate her pussy. I licked the crack of my sister’s ass, which drove her absolutely hog-wild. All the while, mother was lying on the other bed, rubbing her pussy.

After a few minutes, my sister’s body started to shake like crazy. I knew that she was nearing orgasm, so I quickened the speed of my tongue. Sister grabbed my head and pushed me further into her wet snatch.

“Oh, fuck, brother. Oh, fuck, I am gonna cum, and I can’t control myself. I am gonna cummmmmmmm.” With that, my sister started to cum like crazy. I watched her pussy as she came, and after I was confident that she had finished cumming, I licked all of it up. After I was finished licking her beşiktaş escort pussy, I moved up to her lips and kissed her in a very loving manner, because I love my sister.

After I finished with my sister, I went over to the bed that my mother had been lying on. I started along her thighs and licked all around the outside before I ventured inside of her pot of gold. When I was about to go inside, I took my hand and stuck it on my mom’s ass, as I tickled her asshole with a free finger. She was squirming all over the bed as I was doing this.

I loved eating out my mother, because although she was older, she still had it in her. She tasted so good and she moaned like crazy as I was eating her out.

“Sue, we have to return the favor to your brother. It is only fair, because we don’t want to give him a case of blue-balls.”

My mother whispered something in Sue’s ear, and the both of them started to giggle like little hyenas. I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Sue found my belt on the floor and took her belt, as well as two towels from the bathroom. Sue tied my legs to the bed, as mother tied my arms to the bed.

The two of them started to give me a great massage. I have never had two women give me a massage before-it was one of the most incredible things that I have ever felt in my entire life. They squeezed, caressed, kissed, and licked all over my body. I started to groan in a low manner, because it felt so good and I was about to cum, just thinking about these two cock-loving bitches doing this to me.

After a few minutes, they stopped giving me a massage. They both went down towards my huge cock. Mother started kissing my shaft and licking it with her tongue, as my sister watched on. Sue followed suit and did the same thing. It was as if my mother was teaching Sue what to do.

I thought that I was going to bust a nut, right then and there, but I knew that I couldn’t, so I started thinking about weird shit. My mother started to give me head-up and down, head to base in one swift motion. All the while, my sister was kissing my balls and taking them in her mouth. She rubbed my balls with her hand, as Mom continued to give me head. After a little bit, they switched places.

With age comes great beylikdüzü escort things, I suppose. Mother licked the crack of my ass and played with my ass, as well as sucked on my balls and ball sack. Sister gave some really good head, as well. She stroked my cock and her head bobbed up and down, as if she was bobbing for an apple or something.

“I am going to bust a nut.” After all of this, I couldn’t hold off any longer. The two of these broads took my cock in their hands, and jerked me off. When I was about to cum, they pointed my cock towards their mouths. I had so much cum built up inside of me, I was able to fill both of their mouths with hot, sticky goo. They both swallowed!! I laid there with a huge grin on my face.

The two of them stood up in front of the bed. Mother took sister’s breasts in her hands and sister took mother’s pussy in her hand, as the two of them gave one another a long, deep, French kiss. I started to spring a woody again, but it was back to life, as soon as they went to the other bed and started to 69 one another.

My mother was on the bottom and my sister was on top. It was a glorious sight. The two of them looked like they were having the time of their life eating one another out. I could hear the both of them moaning as they were doing this. What amazed me the most was that they both started to cum at the same time.

After they had finished, we all took a nap for a little bit. I had some pretty crazy dreams, but when I woke up, I was really ready to go again.

I woke the two of them up and told them that I wanted to fuck. I had my sister, Sue, get up on all fours. I grabbed her waist and shoved my cock deep into her pussy, as my mother got underneath and licked the underside of my balls. I pumped her pussy so hard that I thought that she was going to cry. It didn’t take me all that long to cum inside of her, but I couldn’t leave out mother.

I had mother assume the same position that my sister had been in. I wanted to take my mother up the ass, but I didn’t have any lube, so Sue sucked on my cock to make it wet, so that it would go in smooth. I took my cock and gently put it into mother’s ass. She let out a loud moan as I did this. I smacked her ass as I pumped her full of cum, as my sister was doing the same as mother had done-lying underneath licking my balls.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GETTING YOUR BALLS SUCKED AS YOU FUCK A CHICK!!!!! Afterwards, I fucked both of them in missionary style, as the other watched.

I don’t think we went out of the room the rest of the time that we were there. It was quite a memorable trip to say the least.

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