A Professor’s Dilemma

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Gary Peters had always fantasized about what it would be like to be confronted with the moral dilemma of a student making sexual advances to him. He knew that his continued employment as professor at this mid-sized university might hinge on his correct course of action in such a case. The conflict of interest rules were strict and had been recently applied with their full weight on another student-instructor relationship. The stakes were high. Luckily, his middle age paunch, his 28 years of marriage and his bald head and average appearance precluded any overtures from his many female charges. He was safe and the prospect of ever facing the choice was destined to be only reverie.

Or so he thought.

Wendy was what they called a “mature student”. She had entered university after her divorce and her children were into later elementary school grades. She was intelligent but had never had the opportunity to apply her academic skills since life had intruded into her plans. Now, her opportunity had come and now in her mid 30s, she had enrolled in a suite of classes. She found her academic passion. But her chosen major came coincident with her attraction to her introductory professor; Dr. Peters.

Certainly, Gary noticed this lithesome, bright mature student. Her curly brown hair framed her tanned face and cascaded down to her shoulders. This naturally led one to appreciate the fullness of her breasts — likely not oversized but nicely highlighted by her tiny frame. She was self-conscious about her lack of stature but her well proportioned body also boasted the womanly hips that only come from maturity. She usually dressed in tight t-shirts and jeans — not overtly sexual, but she knew her assets and how to make them noticed. Gary twigged to them the first day but he knew from experience that anything more than a casual glance could lead to difficulty. He was professional at all times.

Some email had been exchanged between the two regarding, usually, course-related topics although some innocent personal things were sometimes shared. Casual meetings in the student lounge had also occurred where mundane miscellaneous subjects were discussed. Some hints may have been thrown here and there but nothing outside of normal interaction. But when she came to Gary’s office one day after they had both been at a student-faculty on-campus mixer put on the Department she had clearly been emboldened by a beer or two.

She initially stood in his open doorway, making idle chit-chat. She was squeezing her arms against the sides of her breasts with her hand clasped in front of casino şirketleri her. Gary couldn’t help notice the enhancement of cleavage — he tried not to stare, but failed miserably. Were those nipples showing through her t-shirt? They continued to chat. Wendy moved deeper into the office and mostly closed the door and began to discuss her plans to take further classes in the discipline. The added privacy is not uncommon when discussing academic matters and Gary was unconcerned that it appeared untoward to anyone still left in the Department that late in the day. They continued their talk but Gary noticed an intensity in her green eyes that he hadn’t seen before.

Gary knew he should avert his stare. He flexed his shoulders, tight from a long day in the office, and rolled his neck — just to give him an invented reason to break their locked gaze. Wendy seemed to seize the opportunity and moved behind his chair to begin a gentle massage of his shoulders. It seemed a natural extension of the sequence of events and although Gary knew it represented an escalation, he rationalized that it was a natural progression from their increasingly personal academic discussion. She remarked at how sore he must be after a day of stressful lectures and meetings. She expressed a sincere desire that she was appreciative of his advice and was only repaying the favour. It made it so much easier for him to ignore the potential consequences.

Wendy’s touch was electric. It seemed ethereal as she worked on his taut neck and shoulder muscles. Her ministrations were gentle and yet surprisingly effective in making him relax. This was a level of pleasure he simply had not associated with this environment and its advent was too intoxicating to put any stop to. He luxuriated in the sensual massage… maybe even emitting a deep sigh.

Suddenly Wendy’s lips and breath was upon the nape of his lolled neck. Gary tensed against this sudden occurrence but the pleasure it brought was too much to resist. He let her lips dance along his neck to his ear when then he turned as her arms embraced him from behind and their lips fell together. The meshing of their mouths soon had their tongues intertwined and the rhythm that they found was born of months of unrequited passion. Finally the deep kiss broke and they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and the mutual consent overrode the advice against this forbidden moment.

Gary watched as Wendy moved back to the door — briefly hoping but fearing that she may just leave. She gently closed the locked, windowless door to his office and moved back toward casino firmaları him. He stood to meet her and they embraced and their passionate kiss resumed. Finally, the object of so many of his stolen glances came into his easy reach and he cupped a breast with one hand and reached to grasp an ass cheek in the other. Wendy moaned so only he could hear. The building was seemingly deserted this late in the afternoon, but they made every effort to minimize the sounds of their illicit actions.

Wendy took charge. She gently pushed Gary back in his chair and sunk to her knees between his slightly spread legs. Gary was beyond any reason — the moral and ethical dilemmas had disappeared in a rush of libido and he was not going to put the brakes on. Wendy was feeling his mound through the material of his pants. If she was looking for evidence of his arousal she didn’t need to look very far. The belt was soon unclasped and the zipper was carefully pulled down. Both looked at each other in hearing this sound that seemed to echo through the building — announcing their trespass into this territory. They likely did not have to worry — they were alone in their passion.

Gary’s average sized penis is adequately compensated by his extra and easy stiffness. Wendy freed his uncut organ and gently kissed along its length. She expertly lingered her hot breath so as to enhance the sensation. Her tongue followed the ridge of his pulsing purple knob once…. then twice before engulfing it entirely in her eager warm mouth. She held it there as if to savor it while her lips gently moved toward the base of his cock. Gary’s only dilemma now was to either throw his head back in the ecstasy that overwhelmed him or continue watching the expert work of his prize student.

He tried to reach for her breasts but she stopped him — now gently bobbing on his impossibly hard shaft. Finally, with almost inhuman resolve he managed to pull his penis from its new home on one of her upswings. He stood and lifted her to standing where they could embrace again. Gary started to tug at her t-shirt but she seemed reluctant. He told her that he wanted to finally see what he’d been staring at all semester and she relented — now helping him remove her top. The breasts were softly jiggling in her bra as he reached behind and unclasped it. They fell free. She looked demure as they sagged considerably — obviously the result of the ravages of breastfeeding two children. Gary did not care — the areolas were large and beautiful and the nipples were pert and responsive and that is all he would ever need. He bent güvenilir casino to take one, then the other into his mouth — amazed at how this seemed to pleasure her. He had never been with a woman who could orgasm by breast stimulation alone — until now. He worked with lips, tongue, and teeth — alternating erect nubs of nipple — working the free one with a thumb and forefinger. Wendy’s breath became ragged and finally she roughly embraced Gary’s head as her mouth fell open to a necessarily silent scream. Her entire body spasmed and Gary held this wanton woman as tightly as she held him.

When the orgasm subsided, Wendy doffed her tight jeans and panties and bent invitingly over Gary’s desk that was littered with half-graded term assignments. Her pendulous breasts traced an arc across the assignments and her clearly wet pussy was evident from where he stood. Gary did not need any further enticement as he dropped his pants to his ankles and moved behind her. He moistened his cock against her quim and then plunged into its moist warmth. Wendy grasped his hand and clenched his knuckle between her teeth so as to not let the audible moan escape into the empty building. Nevertheless, the sounds of their passion seemed huge within the confines of their enclosed love nest formerly known only as Gary Peters’ office. He began to thrust and she expertly met his movements backward.

They fell into a steady motion and while she employed one of his hands as a gag, his other found her wagging breasts and taut nipples. Gary found her own had there as well and then followed it to her readily exposed clitoris. The passion and pace seemed to quicken and Gary could scarcely manage the bucking that ensued. She seemed stuck in orgasm and wave after wave gripped her as he also, in short order, emptied pulse after pulse of his semen deeply into her. He finally collapsed with Wendy — her bared chest pressed flat against some student’s submitted essay.

As they panted quietly as they could in recovery, they uncoupled and cleaned up the fruits of their passion –smiles pasted broadly on both their faces. As they quietly dressed and tenderly kissed, they listened for any signs of activity in the building. They needn’t have bothered — they were alone. They kissed once more, deeply and she slunk away into the mid spring evening. Gary surveyed his office and tossed the somewhat crumpled term papers into his briefcase to take home to grade.

Wendy’s academic excellence ensured that he was able to award her the grades for her academic work that she would have earned in any case. She, however, never took another class from him — though they remained friends for long after that day. He still remembers quite fondly how he addressed the dilemma every professor may encounter. He has no regrets. He hopes that she feels the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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