A Pro-Wrestling Cuckold Ch. 06

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We walked up the driveway, silently, the nervous excitement palpable in the air and in us. I gave Lily a once over, she looked incredible, dressed in a quaint top and shorts. Her long blond hair flowing down her back in loose curls, all the way to her ass. I stared at her bottom longingly. Darren had forbidden me to touch it, deeming it as his ‘property’.

Of course that just made me want to touch it all the more. The fact that I wasn’t allowed access to my own girlfriend’s body, that I could look but not touch her, reinforced the cuckold in me.

It had been almost two months since we’d started out in this lifestyle and it just got us hooked on to it more everyday.

Today, Darren had asked us to drop by a friend’s place, some people he wanted to introduce us to.

As always, I was wearing my chastity cage, which I hadn’t taken off for a month now. My hair had grown longer too, reaching down to my waist.

Darren had let me tie it in a ponytail today, ordering me to use pink hair bands for this purpose.

Lily had subsequently taken me to the mall and shopped for the girliest hair ties she could find, trying out various ones on me before she found the ties she liked the most. It was incredibly humiliating and hence, deliciously erotic. I had been so turned on that day, it was unbelievable.

She loved the control that Darren had started to exert over me, in the ring and outside. I had become the sissy jobber now, the less manlier of the two of us and the submissive in me craved that.

As I rang the bell ,Lily patted my ass lovingly, “You okay there baby?”

I sighed inwardly. “Yep”

She let her hand carress my bottom a little and gave it a final reassuring squeeze just as the door opened.

Darren opened the door, looking dangerously handsome, his golden mane open and strewn about his face, hanging down to the middle of his back. He grinned and stepped forward to greet us.

Lily hugged him and they kissed, open mouthed, his hands fondling her butt.

I stood there awkwardly until they finished, Darren reached out for a handshake, his other hand on my girlfriend’s ass.

“I’m so glad you guys could make it, I have some people I’m really dying for you to meet.”

We walked in, me closing the door behind us as Darren led Lily into the drawing room.

There was a couple sitting there, both of them extremely attractive, about our age.

They got up as we entered, bursa escort I felt my face flush as i realised Darren’s hand was still firmly planted on Lily’s ass.

“Guys these are a couple of friends of mine”

Darren gestured to the two of them, the guy was about my height, quite handsome, had long straight brown, hair that was tied back in a ponytail. “That’s Stewart, he’s a gym friend of mine.”

He smiled at us, slightly hesitantly.

“And that”, Darren said, “Is Lynn, his fiancee.”

“Hey guys, it’s so nice to meet y’all!”, Lynn smiled brightly.

She was gorgeous, busty and had blond curly hair that was very long.

“Hi! I’m Lily! That’s Jason, my boyfriend”

I smiled, vaguely, wondering what Darren had planned.

He waved towards the sofas, “Sit down, make yourselves comfortable”

We sat, Lily beside me, Darren pulled up a bean bag.

“Well so, maybe I should explain the purpose of this little meeting”, Darren started.

“Of course, you guys don’t know each other but I’m gonna wager you are gonna all love each other’s company and these meetings. I’m not gonna beat around the bush, simply put, I’m looking to organize larger parties catering to serve the sort of lifestyle we all live out. Cuckolding.”

The word hang heavy in the air as I realised that in all probability, Stewart was a cuckold too.

“As a first step, I wanted to introduce y’all to each other, maybe get down to some fun activities. What do you guys think?”

Lily and Lynn looked ecstatic. “Yes! Oh my god yes let’s do this.”

Darren smirked.

“Cucks, strip down to your underwear.”

I couldn’t believe it. He was asking me to take my clothes off, in front of people I didn’t know, within 5 minutes of meeting them.

Stewart slowly got up, removing his shirt and pants, letting it drop down to the floor.

He was wearing purple panties and a small black chastity cage adorned his penis.

I felt a sharp swat on my bum. “You too cuck” Lily smugly said.

I got up, slowly, undid my pants and let it fall down to the floor. I was wearing white panties and a pink chastity cage. Both Lily and Lynn giggled at the sight of us, standing with our pants undone, our cocks locked up.

“Good. Now go stand there, in the centre, near the mantelpiece, we are gonna have a little contest.”

Darren stood up, beckoning at the ladies to join him while me and Stewart stood, facing bursa escort bayan them, naked except for the panties.

“So here’s the deal, I thought since the both of you are cucks and the both of you have been in chastity for a while, the two of you could compete to see which one of you gets to cum today. The other one has to stay locked up for a week longer.”

I noticed Lynn had gone into one of the bedrooms and returned with some rope and a couple of leather restraints.

“The loser will be hogtied and will lay here until the winner has finished.” She said, smiling slightly.

“Of course, neither of you gets to fuck either of us. You’ll just have to jerk your tiny penis and get off.”

Darren smiled. “The winner can watch us and maybe even participate in cleaning up.”

I glanced over at Stewart, he looked uncomfortably frustrated. Well, to be very honest so was I. I didn’t know what the competition was about or how we were going to be judged but I really hoped I was the winner. I needed to cum!

“Great. So I think I’m gonna just keep this real simple. Both of you have to do 300 push ups. The one who completes it first is the winner.”

Stewart looked a little flummoxed, I wasn’t expecting something this straight forward either.

We got down upon the carpet, positioning ourselves. Darren counted down to three and told us to start.

The first 50 were a breeze, the next 50 were a little difficult and then it started getting progressively worse. After 200,I was spent, I glanced over at Stewart, looked exhausted too but he was still on it.

In another 10 minutes, it was clear he was gonna win and I just gave up, laying exhausted, gasping while Stewart completed his push ups.

I heard Lily laugh out loud and then come over to me. She reached down and grabbed hold of my ponytail and led me over to the sofa by my hair.

Lynn started tying my hands and feet up. It took her all of 2 minutes to do this. She undid my hair and gathering it back , she tied it with the ropes she’d gotten from inside, deftly securing the knots.

By the time she was done, I was hogtied and helpless. The three of them were giggling at the sight of me. I think even Stewart laughed a bit.

Darren pinched my ass, “Well it looks like you’re all comfy here cucky, I’m just gonna sit here with your girl friend and make out for a bit yeah?”

They sat on the sofa opposite to mine, Lily on his escort bursa lap, and they started kissing.

It was so erotic, me tied up and him making out with the love of my life, mere feet away.

Lynn meanwhile unlocked Stewart’s cage, fondling his balls and rubbing his pre-cum all over his skin. He groaned loudly as she rubbed his balls and penis.

I couldn’t see much from my tied up position. But I could hear the kissing and I could hear Lynn pleasuring Stewart. It was so humiliating, being tied up like that, helpless and unable to participate.

Eventually, Darren led Lily and Lynn to the bedroom and shut the door but I could hear the sound of them having sex. Stewart stood outside and jerked off. God knows how long they had sex for but I could hear Stewart gasping and grunting as he pumped his dick and masturbated to the sounds of Darren fucking the two of them.

I lay there in agony and frustration until a pat on my ass announced the return of my girl friend and Darren. “Awwww, look at poor cucky, here!”

He turned me over so that I lay face up and sat down beside me. Grabbing hold of my ponytail, he lifted my face up, Lily stood there smiling evilly at me. “Hi babe! I’m just gonna take your panties off now” She tore the panties I was wearing so I lay there with nothing but my chastity cage on.

Darren sniggered. He slapped my ass as he got up, “Well, just lie there like the sissy cuck you are Jason. Lily and Lynn here are gonna help me cum. Again.”

Lynn appeared on Darren’s other side, taking hold of his semi-flaccid dick, she started pumping him. I could see Stewart in the background, on the sofa, jerking off. I felt intensely jealous of the fact that he could masturbate and I couldn’t.

Lily kissed Darren while Lynn ran her hands over his appendage, stuffing her tongue into his mouth. He reached around and groped her ass, petting it enthusiastically. Darren moaned loudly as Lynn increased the pressure. He slapped Lily’s ass, “Go and get something to tie my hair up babe, it’s getting in the way.” She came back with a hair band from the bedroom, deftly tying up Darren’s long blonde hair in a messy ponytail. They continued kissing as Lynn jerked him off.

“Oh fuck yeah I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum…UGHHH. Yeah…”

Lily angled Darren’s erection such that his cum spurted out on top of my cage, coating it with semen, as my locked my penis jolted in it’s plastic prison.

I groaned involuntarily as his orgasm finally subsided and he stopped cumming, looking down on me, he grinned and smeared his cum over my cage.

“That’s all the cum your little dicklet is gonna see for a while cuck”.

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