A Pregnant Pause

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Inspired by Jenny

How on earth could I keep this to myself for the next four hours? As I left the doctor’s surgery I knew that I would have to wait until five-thirty before I could tell my husband, Jim. I could call my Mum, of course, or any of my five elder sisters, but I wanted Jim to be the first to know that we were going to have a baby.

Jim and I had been together since we were both eleven years old. We had been school sweethearts and had married three years ago when we were seventeen. And now I had the most wonderful news; we were soon to be a family of three. It was a moment we had been trying for since we married. I knew that he, his family and mine, would all be overcome with joy.

When he came home from work at the usual time, I jumped into his arms, not caring for the oil and grease that covered his overalls; Jim works as a maintenance fitter in a large factory. He swung me round and round as I confirmed to him what we had learned the week before from a home pregnancy kit. Jim told me to put on my party dress, as we had to celebrate the happiest event in our lives in style.

Jim took me to a fabulous new restaurant in town, before moving on to a club, where we danced until 2am. As we got out of the taxi, I was feeling rather horny. But Jim, who had had far too much to drink, just wanted to get to bed and go to sleep.

I can’t really explain what happened to me from that night onwards; maybe it was hormones kicking in as a result of being pregnant. Whatever the reason, it changed me.

I had been lying in bed for nearly half an hour, trying to get rid of the sexual tension that enslaved my body. I had started to play with myself, but it wasn’t giving me the release that I normally enjoyed. Then, almost instinctively, my left hand went out and touched Jim’s hard stomach. I wanted him to give me a really good fucking, but he just continued with his light snoring, ignoring my requests to wake up. I knew of something that might do the trick, so I wriggled myself down under the quilt until my face was level with Jim’s belly. Jim always sleeps in the raw, so I began to gently lick around his navel. As my tongue traced a slow path downwards, I sensed his body reacting unconsciously to my stimulus. By the time my mouth licked at his hips, and my long dark hair fell across his still flaccid cock, Jim was beginning to groan slightly.

My hot, moist tongue was now at the root of Jim’s prick. I teased my tip along the upper side of its expanding length. I had barely touched his sensitive helmet when I felt Jim’s hands on my head, encouraging me to envelop his meat completely.

As I opened my mouth as wide as I could, I let his generously sized sword slide along my tongue towards the back of my throat. By the time I had given him two full strokes, Jim was awake and begging me to continue.

Jim threw back the quilt to watch me as I bobbed up and down on his purple weapon.. I felt him take a clump of my hair in his hands and pull at it cruelly; I knew he liked to feel dominant when I was blowing him off. After a few minutes of this, Jim warned me that he couldn’t hold back any longer, and that I’d better pull away now. This might sound strange, but even though I love my husband more than I could possibly say, I had always been sickened by the idea of swallowing his semen. But at that moment, and like I said, I don’t know why, I just wanted him to explode inside my cheeks.

‘Baby, babyyyyyyyy,’ he began, ‘ pull it out now. I’m cominggggg.’

I let my gaze rise up to catch his, but kept the tip of his prick firmly between my lips. My expression precluded the need to say what I was thinking; ‘So, come’.

Suddenly, Jim’s stomach muscles, that had so far been rock hard, seemed to turn to jelly. And at that very moment he shot a jet of thick, gooey liquid into my mouth. He pressed my head down forcing me to take him all in. I started to gag and had to swallow the fluid in order to breathe. After a few seconds, Jim released the pressure that had been holding my face firmly against his groin, and I let his dick slip out of my mouth. I had taken down his entire load, and was pleasantly surprised that it hadn’t tasted anywhere near as bad as I had expected; a bit like a fishy milk shake.

Jim pulled me up to his face and kissed me passionately.

‘What brought that on?’ he enquired.

‘I don’t know,’ I replied honestly. ‘I think being pregnant is making me so horny that I’m willing to do things that I wouldn’t do usually.’

‘Horny enough to do the other thing I’ve always wanted?’

‘What’s that?’, I asked. Like I didn’t know already

‘You know. Let me see you being fucked by other men.’

I looked up at him, teasingly biting at my thumb nail. Unbelievably, I heard myself say:

‘Yes Honey, that horny.’

I knew that now I had agreed, Jim would never let it drop. He had had this fantasy for many years. As I lay in his arms he was already making plans. Just talking about me being gang-banged halkalı escort made him hard again, and as he fucked me senseless, he promised he’d have it all set up very quickly.

Now, when Jim says quick, he means quick. The next day he came home from work with an idea as to how he could get to see his young wife being shagged rotten by other men. There’s this big hotel on the far side of town that’s used a lot by business men during the week and for private receptions at the weekend; weddings, birthday parties and that kind of thing. The next day was Wednesday, and Jim said we should try out his plan that night.

I don’t work any more, as Jim’s wages are pretty good, especially with the overtime that he gets. So all of that day I was left all alone to brood on what the night might bring. To be completely honest, I was feeling a mixture of dread fear and high arousal. Jim was the only man I had ever slept with, and the thought of sex with other men had never turned me on. Not until now, that is. Now I wanted very much to be ravished in front of my husband’s gaze, to see his reactions as another prick rammed in and out of me; as another man’s semen filled up his wife’s belly; or mouth maybe!

Jim came home on time. There was no overtime work for him that night, he made sure of that. I was too nervous to eat, but Jim’s appetite was greater than usual. It seemed like he was certainly up for it.

We left the house at seven-thirty and drove the five or six miles to the hotel. Traffic was fairly busy and we got there at just after eight. Jim had told me to dress trashy and to put on plenty of lip gloss. He parked the car in the hotel lot, and went in to look for a suitable man for me to approach. Ten minutes later he came back, his face beaming. There was a guy sat at the bar on his own who looked promising. Jim made sure I had the details of the plan firmly fixed in my head, and sent me in. I was very nervous as I entered the hotel lobby. I kept my head lowered as I walked passed the reception desk and into the bar. It was quiet and I spotted the man right away. Unfortunately, what Jim hadn’t noticed, yet was plainly obvious to me, was that the guy would have probably fancied my husband more than me. I almost couldn’t hide my embarrassment as I turned tail and left as quickly as I could. Jim was pragmatic about the mistake, however, and said we’d try again the next night.

That didn’t prove to be much better. At least this time the man wasn’t gay. He did, unfortunately, have a wife though. She showed up just as I was getting into my stride of seduction, and hurried me off like I was some kind of prostitute.

I failed to see the funny side and told Jim that I wouldn’t be trying that again. But by the time the following Monday came around, my husband had managed to coax me into giving it one more attempt. He reasoned that the start of a fresh working week was bound to be better than we had experienced so far.

I sat in the car outside the hotel, as usual, whilst Jim reconnoitred the bar. Just a few minutes after leaving the car, I saw Jim coming back towards me. In fact, he was running so fast that he probably would have broken some kind of record for the 100 metres.

‘This is it, baby.’ He said as he sat down behind the steering wheel, face beaming.

‘And guess what,’ he continued, smiling like a kid with a new toy. ‘There’s two of them. Man, when they get a load of you, they’re gonna be like bees round a honey pot. Get in there baby, and don’t forget to give me the signal.’

Jeez, I thought, two of them. I was really letting myself jump in at the deep end. I pushed at the revolving doors and entered the trap. After the experiences of last week, I had lost my inhibitions at walking through the reception area. The staff were all too busy anyway, and none of them even looked in my direction.

As I entered the darkened bar, I immediately saw the two men that Jim had alluded to. I walked in their direction, making it very clear that I appeared to be searching for someone. I realised that they knew I was there, but it wasn’t until I let my long coat open a little, to reveal a bare thigh, that I got their undivided attention.

As they admired the right leg that I had put on show for them, it gave me time to look them over. They were both about 45 or 50 years’ old, and dressed in typical boring business suits. One guy was white and the other was Asian; from India or Pakistan maybe. Eventually, the white guy’s gaze drifted from my legs up to my face.

‘Looking for someone, young lady?’ he asked, in a deep voice.

God, I should have been an actress, I thought. This was going to be very easy.

I turned to face him and smiled.

‘Yes, my husband.’ I began. ‘He said that he’d meet me here twenty minutes ago and that we’d go out to a club. He knows I don’t like being in bars by myself, and I’m really angry with him.’

The Asian guy then spoke nişantaşı escort for the first time. He suggested that I join him and his friend until my husband showed up. When I said that I’d love to, providing that I wasn’t interfering with their business, I caught a glance of conspiracy between them. They said that I’d be a welcome diversion. Yes, I thought, I’ll bet I would be.

The white guy was a smart operator, and suggested that we sit at a booth rather than at the bar. He said that we would be in a better position to see my husband. But in fact, he led the three of us to the darkest, quietest, and most secluded seats that the hotel bar had to offer. He walked behind the round table, leaving me no option but to be the filling in their sandwich, as the dark man took his place behind me.

I was about to sit down when the Asian suggested that I might be more comfortable if I took my coat off. I undid the four buttons that held it together and he practically tore it from my body. I was extremely pleased when I heard their collective audible gasp, as they saw what I wore underneath. You see, Jim thinks that, next to Kylie Minogue, I have the cutest arse in the world. And just like Kylie’s latest video appearance, I had put on a pair of the shortest, tightest gold lame hot pants that you ever saw. I know the effect they have on him, so I could guess that they appealed to the base desires of my two new admirers. To accompany the hot pants, I had on a gold handkerchief top that showed my bare midriff (as yet not distended by pregnancy), and wore a pair of the sexiest gold ankle strap sandals that had ever been made.

By the time I sat down and slowly crossed one leg over the other, they had wedged me between them pretty tightly. A waiter came up and they asked me what I’d like to drink. I said that a gin and tonic would go down well. The dark guy told the waiter to bring three, and to make them all doubles.

By the time the drinks had arrived I had given them a pretty good look over. The white guy was over six feet and powerfully built; he obviously worked out. He was rugged and handsome, with a shock of grey hair. The Asian man was almost the opposite in every detail. He was small and fat, bald, and had a face that was pockmarked from some horrible childhood disease. When he smiled at me he showed a row of broken yellow teeth.

They encouraged me to drink up, and were quick to ask the waiter over again. This time though, they ordered only a drink for me. The white guy thought I hadn’t noticed as he gestured with his hands to the waiter that the drink should be a very large one. I also saw the waiter’s knowing nod as he glanced at my legs and walked to the bar; he knew exactly what their plans for me were.

They engaged me in meaningless conversation for about fifteen minutes, whilst I pretended to be glancing around looking for my husband.

‘Where do you think he is?’ the white guy asked me.

‘Probably out with some tart.’ I replied. ‘I don’t mind what he does with other women as long as he doesn’t neglect me. But he’s had his last chance now. He’s getting it all and I’m not getting any.’ And I feigned an anger that even impressed me.

All of a sudden I sensed a change in the atmosphere. Clearly, so did the two men. Without the slightest hesitation, just as I was putting my near empty glass on the table, the Asian guy placed his right hand on my thigh. The butterflies in my stomach that I had had just a few minutes ago as I had approached the men for the first time, were now gone. The strong gins had given me dutch courage and I felt horny as hell as I looked down on the sweaty hand that was now caressing my leg.

‘Why don’t the three of us go up to our room?’ he hissed. ‘I’m sure my friend and I can give you everything you need.’ As I turned to face his friend, the white guy put his right hand on my arm and began to stroke it up and down. From the other side of the bar, I could see the waiter smiling to himself.

‘I don’t know.’ I replied. ‘What if my husband should show up?’ But the mere fact that I was even thinking about it gave them the encouragement they needed to continue.

‘Fuck him,’ began the white guy. ‘He’s a bastard to you. You said so yourself. Lets the three of us go upstairs, have a few drinks, we’ve go a bottle of scotch up there, and have some fun.’

As he said that, his hand left my arm and joined the black guy’s on my leg.

I wasn’t acting as I moaned slightly whilst they fondled my bare thighs and pulled them slightly apart, their touch reaching ever nearer the top of my legs. This was the first time that I had ever been touched like this by another man, let alone two of them.

‘Okay,’ I heard myself say. ‘Would you pass me my coat.’

The Asian guy handed it to me and stood up. I told him that I’d just like to finish my drink first. This gave me the time to slip my hand into my coat pocket and press the button on my şişli escort cellular phone that was the signal for my husband to come in. I could imagine the excitement that he was feeling as he heard his phone ring. It could mean only one thing; success.

Two minutes later, as I finished the last mouthful, Jim came into sight in the bar. I turned to the two men.

‘There he is. There’s the drunken bastard.’

As I got up to go to him, the white guy took a firm hold on my arm and asked where I was going. When I told him I was going to go to my husband, he pulled me roughly back into my seat.

‘The three of us have a deal, young lady.’ He whispered through gritted teeth.

‘And the only place you’re going is up to our room.’

Just at that moment Jim caught my eye.

‘Ahhhhhhh, there you are.’ He slurred, pretending to be drunk. In fact, it was a performance that fooled me.

I pretended to tear into him for not being here on time, and for eventually showing up in a state that was near collapse. I told him that these two gentlemen had kindly agreed to keep me company while I waited. Before I could say anything else, the Asian guy asked Jim to join us for a drink. Jim played the part of a drunk well, and gladly accepted the offer of a large scotch.

Jim was pretending to be almost completely inebriated, and was almost dozing off when the white guy spoke.

‘Seems silly to buy drinks at these high hotel prices when we’ve got a bottle of scotch in our room. Why don’t you and your lovely wife come up and share it with us?’

Jim was acting the drunkard’s role so well that both men had reverted to openly fondling my legs, in full view of my husband. Although blind to them, the movement in Jim’s pants told me just how excited he was becoming.

‘Sure, sounds like a great idea.’ He enthused.

The two men looked at each other. They leaned across me and spoke as though I wasn’t even there:

‘This boy’s not going to give us any trouble at all.’ Said the Asian.

The white guy smiled in agreement, and suggested that we make a move now. They waited until Jim was in front and then stood up on either side of me. The white guy took my coat and purse off me and said he’d carry them. The four of us walked out of the bar towards the bank of elevators in the lobby. Jim swayed into the lift when the doors opened and the two men pushed me in between them.

Jim leaned against the elevator wall, pretending to be semi-unconscious. The Asian guy pressed the button for the twentieth floor. There were only the four of us in there. As the elevator began its ascent, I felt both men place hands on my arse. They began to squeeze my cheeks. I wriggled at their touch, inviting them to continue. They made no effort to keep their voices down as they commented that I was ‘ready for it tonight’. Jim remained falsely oblivious in front of us.

As the elevator came to a halt on the right floor, the two men became impatient at the time the doors were taking to open.

‘ ‘bout fucking time.’ Said the white guy as they eventually parted. ‘get her into the room, quick.’

They pushed me out into the corridor, past my struggling husband.

‘2035, pal.’ Said the Asian to Jim. ‘We’ll get a move on and leave the door open.’

Then, standing either side of me, the two men each took hold of one of my arms, and frog-marched me along the hall to their room. In my high heels it was difficult to keep up with them, and in fact, at one point they were dragging me along.

As we reached the door, I could see Jim looking up at us. He would have seen the white guy fumbling to get the key card into the slot, whilst the Asian guy stood behind me, pinning my arms to my sides. He may even have heard my captor telling the taller man to ‘get a fucking move on’. He would have seen the door open, and he would have seen his wife getting pushed into the room.

I don’t know exactly what Jim saw when entered the room a few seconds later. Because by then the two men had me up against a wardrobe, and my vision was restricted, as their lips slobbered all over my face. It was the pockmarked Asian who first put his tongue into my mouth. As he did so, the white guy was kissing around my neck and left ear. I briefly remember him telling my, so called drunken, husband to help himself to the bottle of whiskey.

Each of them had sent a hand up under my top. And as the men continued to salivate over my mouth, they pinched and squeezed cruelly at my breasts and enlarged, and hardened nipples. Then they pulled the slender straps of my top over my shoulders exposing my breasts fully. As their mouths both went down to lick and bite and chew on them, I finally caught Jim’s gaze. We looked at each other and smiled. I was being used as never before, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

After a couple of minutes of this, the Asian took hold of my top, which was now curled around my waist like a belt, and pulled me over to one of the two double beds that were in the room. As he threw me down on top of it, both men climbed on beside me. Once more I saw his yellowing teeth coming towards me, and seconds later his fat tongue was licking around the inside of my mouth.

My view obscured again, I felt the white guy tugging at the button on the side of my hot pants.

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