A Plumber has a Huge Pipe

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PJ was normally a shy person who lived in a small town. Living in a small town was like living in a glass house, so she had to mind her P’s and Q’s. Her husband’s parents are well respected in the community, so she would never dare to besmirch them or her husband’s good name. PJ was usually very smart. PJ loved her husband and she adored their two beautiful daughters. She had been a stay-at-home Mom since her daughters were born. It was the thing to do in her small town, but she knew that she needed to find a job to help with household expenses. This job turned out to be her undoing.

From the day she started working at a local plumbing company, PJ lusted for Don. His dark military-style hair and blue eyes looked good on his tall frame. PJ and Don sat and talked in the office while their boss visited potential job sites. Don helped the boss on site and was in charge of cleaning the shop when the boss was not there. They talked about anything and everything.

She found out that Don was nine years younger even though his strong, good looks seemed to say this could not be true. Even though PJ felt a strong attraction to him, she could never imagine that she would have a crush on a younger man.

Don looked at PJ and saw a beautiful, curvy woman. He loved the short, stylish, blond hair and the way she wore it made it look like she had just had sex. She had a “fuck me” quality to her. Add to this her eyes — deep green pools he could have drowned in and her soft, sassy southern drawl and he found himself thinking thoughts that were best left unsaid.

Don looked into PJ’s eyes and told her, “I have a girlfriend. But we don’t get along.” Then after a moment said with embarrassment, “I’ve cheated on her a number of times, you know.” Looking at PJ he wondered for a moment if…

They worked quietly together for a couple of months. It was easy since he was out on the truck most of the time. One day, the boss went to check on various job sites and Don was left to clean the shop area.

“How is your day going?” PJ asked Don.

“Good, it is just so hot outside,” Don replied. “Why do your eyes always flutter like that?”

“I don’t know, it is just a nervous habit, I guess. Why do your jeans hang down so low?”

“It is casino şirketleri the style. So, how are you and your husband doing?’

“Eh — we are doing okay. Hey – will you do me a favor and pop my back? I love the way your arms feel around me,” PJ winked.

Don wrapped his strong arms around her and lifted her in the air. When he set her down, he took an extra moment or two before he released her from his hold.

She continually talked to an out of state girlfriend about Don and her troubles with her husband. That day at work, she sent her girlfriend a message.

“Oh Carrie, what am I going to do,” PJ typed in her computer.

Carrie took a moment and replied, “You know Gene loves you, but from what you tell me, Don likes you too.”

“There is just that one area…” PJ replied knowing her friend would understand.

After a month of listening to PJ wonder what-ifs, Carrie decided to tell PJ what she really wanted to hear.

“Why don’t you just go up to Don and seduce him,” Carrie asked.

“I don’t know. I could not do that. I promised Gene never again,” PJ sighed as she typed.

One day at work, the boss left to check on job sites. PJ realized it was now or never. PJ approached Don in the shop with butterflies in her stomach.

PJ whispered, “Don, when you have a moment can I have a word with you?”

“Sure PJ — I am free now, what’s up? Why are you whispering?”

“Don, I am so embarrassed to ask this, but my husband doesn’t ‘do it’ for me and I have been wondering if you are as good in that area as you are at flirting with me in the office. I was wondering if I could find out one day. What do you think?”

“I don’t know where this came from PJ. You told me that you would never cheat on your husband again. I am thinking this is a test of some sort. Who put you up to this?”

They kept talking as they walked to the office. Don took a seat in a small chair by the door. PJ stood in front of him wringing her hands for fear he would tell her he is not interested in her like that and she completely misread the situation.

“What can I do to make you realize that this is for real?” PJ asked.

“I don’t know. Is there a camera hidden in here? Are we on candid camera? What if casino firmaları we did something and you told your husband? What if my girlfriend found out? There are just so many doubts in my mind. I do not think this is real,” Don questioned.

“You are a very handsome man. Haven’t you ever had the older woman fantasy?’

Don laughed, “I have had sex with many older women. My girl lets me go out when I want. She just doesn’t know about the other women. I just can’t believe you would change your mind like this.”

Since Don was sitting in a chair, PJ straddled his lap and began kissing him. Sensing that he needed more persuasion, she began kissing his neck.

“Do you believe me now,” PJ asked after stepping back for a moment. She awaited his refusal guarding her heart, sensing a refusal was on the way.

“I might need a little more nudging,” Don coyly replied.

PJ hesitantly rubbed up against his cock inviting it to come out and play while not believing that this might happen. PJ found it unbelievable that the situation had gone this far. She could not believe that she was being this brazen. Don reached under her teal scooped neck shirt and began fondling her breasts.

“You have such beautiful breasts. I don’t know why you worry about the size of them, they are not that small,” Don whispered in the quiet office. “More than a mouthful is too much.”

PJ knew he said this because she had revealed insecurity about the size of her chest.

Don began teasing her nipples with the flicking of his tongue.

“What’s your impatience,” Don asked as he batted her hand away from his crotch.

“I was always taught that a man should experience ‘relief’ as soon as possible,” PJ admitted. “Besides, I want to taste you. Please let me taste you.”

“You don’t have to rush this experience, I want to enjoy this while I can,” Don told her.

Don began kissing her once again and opened the shorts she was wearing. Don placed his hand on her pussy. PJ moaned in ecstasy.

“I can’t hold back anymore,” PJ whimpered.

So, she dropped down and unbuttoned his pants. After releasing his dick, she massaged it with her mouth and her tongue. Don had the most impressive cock she had ever been blessed enough güvenilir casino to see. She took all of him in her mouth — PJ licked him up and down with the occasional nibble on the head. She opened up her throat in order to be able to take the length of him in her mouth.

“Oh gawd PJ — this is so frikkin hot! How did you learn to give head so unbelievably good?” Don moaned.

“Experience come with age,” PJ teased with lust-filled eyes.

While he emitting his own special brand of pre-cum, she bent over and encompassed his cock with her mouth. When he was about to explode in PJ’s mouth, she pulled away. He was tortured by the denial of the satisfaction of release. She began kissing him hoping he could taste his essence in her mouth. The kiss drove him crazy with desire. He began massaging her breasts alternating between sucking one and then the other.

“Your breasts are perfect. Just the right size,” Don whispered again hoarsely.

She was shockingly wet by this time from all of the petting and looks around to see where she could lay down so feel him pumping in and out of her. Then she realized that she works in an office with no such luxuries. The office had a cement floors and no place where they could fuck while being halfway comfortable. Plus, they did not have any condoms. Those small things kept them from consummating their “friendship” that day.

Suddenly he had a question in his piercing blue eyes.

“PJ? Do you think you could give me another sample of how well you suck cock?”

“Maybe,” PJ teased while reaching down for his cock.

She began teasing his cock again. In her mouth. Out of her mouth. Deep in her throat. Nipping the now sensitive head of his cock. Sucking. Licking. Devouring. PJ loved the taste of Don’s cock. His hips began to thrust against her mouth and she knew he would be unable to control himself much longer. He opened fire in her mouth and gave her the satisfying he had held back to prolong the pleasure. PJ swallowed every last drop.

They glanced at the clock. It was past quitting time and since they knew people were waiting for them at home, they stood up and straightened their clothing. As she locked the doors and got ready to go, Don looked at her and said “PJ, this will happen TRUST ME”.

Then they each got in their respective cars and headed to their respective houses. PJ and Don knew they would never look at each other with the same eyes now that they knew what treasures hid beneath their work clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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