A Perfect Storm

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We are seated in the bar, a funky, gothic place with red velvet drapes covering the door to keep the cool fall breeze outside as people come and go. The drink menu is suitably intriguing for our tastes, and we toy between caiprinhas or caprioskas, and choose the latter, deciding that our last foray into the evil of cachasa has left us willing to go there again. We have been huddled against the menu, canoodling, so absorbed in our task that we did not realize that others had been watching us and speculating. After we had gotten our luscious drinks and begun sipping, the woman on the barstool next to me leans over and asks if we are on a first date. We cannot help but giggle as we gaze into each others eyes as we have done so many times while doing such wicked things to each other.

“Oh, no,” you reply, with your sweet grin tugging at your handsome face, your eyes practically dancing with mischief. I have seen that look so many times before, and feel the thin strip of satin between my bare thighs go moist with your words. We chat with the couple beside us, who ironically are on a first date, and another couple, but ultimately get lost in each other as we are wont to do. You look so handsome, having dressed for me this evening, taking pride in selecting the perfect outfit to accompany your natural beauty. Your skin is so smooth as I run the back of my fingers down your chiseled cheek to your chin, with it’s distinctive cleft, your eyes twinking above your strong nose as your seductive lips slowly spread into a smile to my touch.

I lean in for a kiss and can smell the Burberry cologne on your skin, so soft for such a masculine man, such broad shoulders and strong arms that I know can manipulate me to the most sinful of predicaments. And to think they thought we were on a first date? If only they could read our minds…. I see the wind whipping the trees through the windows across the street, it is the perfect fall evening; dark, mysterious, and I am feeling the seductive pull of my cocktail and your body near mine.

The weather has gotten even worse when we leave the bar, and we scatter for your car huddling against the wind. Back at our place we scramble up the stairs, out of breath and pulling at each other’s clothes, invigorated by the wind whipping around us as we rushed in the door. The heat of your kiss warms me as do your fingers along my bare thighs, seeking my center, confirning that I have been desperate to have you for the past hour as we sat making idle chit-chat and being respectable in public. There is not much respectable about us behind closed doors.

You tug my jacket off, getting locks of escort ataşehir my long blonde hair caught in the process, exposing my throat. You take advantage and lean in, devouring me with your lips, your teeth gently nipping at my neck, my ears, eliciting moans of bliss. You flick the button to my little cardigan, roughly shoving it off my shoulders, pull my camisole down, and squeeze my breasts together, biting my now-hard nipples through my bra. Wanting more flesh, we fight each other to expose my skin, then I need yours and I begin undoing the buttons covering your glorious chest. You are an adonis, your smooth skin taut over such perfect muscles that I shiver touching you.

I continue my journey south, relieving your beautiful manhood of the constraints of your trousers, dropping to my knees to engulf you in the hot wetness of my mouth. I am so desperate to taste you, feel you, that I try to swallow every bit of you that I can, taking you to the depths of my throat. I remain there for a moment, feeling your pulse with my own, beating as one; mutual desire. I slowly withdraw, feeling your thickness between my lips, savoring the sensation as I use the tip of my tongue to caress the underside of your beautiful cock. I reach your thick head and swirl around and around, gently probing for any sweet pre-come, and my ministrations are generously rewarded with a dollop of the juice we both savor so much. I slide my hands around to your glutes, spreading my palms across your ckeeks and squeeze, loving the feel of your ass in my hands. I gently pull your cheeks apart, slide one hand in and tickle your asshole and taint with my finger, am rewarded with a moan from you, and a slight trembling in your knees.

You pull me up abruptly, unzipping my skirt and pushing me over the easy-chair behind me. My legs are splayed and I am at your mercy. You know this as you dive into my bare pussy, hitting my hard clit right away, but only to tease for a bit before licking lower, between my lips, gently tugging with your teeth, sucking my nectar. You, return to my clit, alternately licking, flicking and gently biting, adding your thick fingers to my slick pussy as you ravage me. I am soon writhing on the chair, not sure if I am trying to fuck you or get away from such exquisite pleasure, but soon enough, I cry out.

“Oh, Dominic, Oh, I’m coming, Baby, don’t stop!” I buck against your hand, your lips, as wave after wave rush through me, and every muscle in my body contracts. You continue to suckle me as the intensity of my orgasm ebbs, your gaze locked onto mine as your fingers find mine and intertwine.

You climb kadıköy escort bayan up my body, biting a hard nipple in a way that tells me you are in no mood for cuddling, but that you need release. Just at that moment, the wind whips against the skylights in a fierce gust, and we are both momentarily distracted. We get up and move to the couch, drawn by the storm that appears to be escalating outside as much as in our home. We pull a throw around our shoulders and watch as the storm rolls across the ocean, it is picturesque in the night. After a few moments of this, it is almost as if we have the same thought at the same time.

We toss the b lanket aside and head out onto the deck, completely unaware of the temperature in the 50’s. We are a bit worried about the neighbors at first, despite the late hour, and stay close to the side of the house, you pinning me against the side with your warmth as you kiss me passionately. We are surrounded by wind, whipping our skin, my hair, the smell of the ocean as it churns. Your kisses deepen and soon you are turning me around and I am grasping the railing of the deck as you enter me from behind. I have a momentary thought of my neighbors, the house across the driveway and the windows at eye-level with me at this moment, but I just don’t care as your thick cock slides into my sopping pussy to the hilt.

I grip the railing even tighter, feeling every bit of you in that first thrust, your hips flush with mine before you withdraw and slam home again. There is nothing tender tonight, our passion is as fierce as the wind howling around us. A flash of lightning illuninates the sky as you hammer into me, I can almost see the white of my knuckles gripping the railing, I’m not sure from holding on or if it’s from pushing back onto you as you slam into me. I can’t seem to take you deep enough, am as wild as the waves churning against the breakwater across the street. You lean forward, cupping my breasts, so you are now flush with me as you slide in and out in smooth, well-aimed movements that hit all the right spots. I am almost hanging over the railing at this point, oblivious to the turmoil brewing around us.

You pull back and guide me to a chair, seating me and pulling me so my ass is barely on the edge, as am I at this point. You slide your iron-hard rod into me for a moment, my eyes start to roll into the back of my head, but you have so much more in store for me. More flashes of lightening are glistening across the bay, reflecting in your eyes, and there are now rumbles of thunder as you position the head of your thick cock at my little knot. It is cold outside escort bostancı and my flesh is goosepimpled, my body automatically contracts with the cold, yet I feel the heat of your cock at my backdoor, and my legs splay just a bit more to grant access.

You begin to push and I feel the crown sliding in, that initial ease before the inevitable ‘pop’ when your head completely violates my most decadent space. Is there any more delicious feeling? You pull my ankles up as you simultaneously slide deeper into my ass, then with one final thrust, you are buried balls-deep. You know how much I love it when you wait there a moment, and despite the growing mayhem swirling around us, you manage to thrust just a bit deeper, then swirl your hips, driving me absolutely mad with desire. I reach up and pinch your already hard nipples, gently tugging as you slam into my ass, holding my ankles up and apart, taking my ass so completely. Your thrusts are wild, deep and strong as you fill me in the way only you know that I love. I am pinned against the back of the deck chair, barely able to meet your thrusts, but I clench my ass, gripping your cock, trying to keep it as deep inside me as possible, feeling every bit of you as you hammer in and out of my tight ass.

Our moans become defeaning, even with the growing thunder claps I am sure our neighbors must be able to hear something, but at this point, I just don’t care. All I care about is your thick cock sliding in and out of my tight knot as wind and thunder swirl around us, I look up to the cacophany of tree branches dancing over my head with my ankles in my periphery. Just as I am about to lose total control, I feel a cool droplet on my chest. And then another. Suddenly, there is torrential rain pouring down on us, but this seems perfect to the moment. I find myself falling over the edge, crying out in ecstacy as I cum and cum, feel you growing even more rigid in my ass, slamming into me, then pausing, only to thrust one final time before releasing my ankles as your body grows rigid with your final thrust. I feel hot turrents of cum erupt into me as cool rain splatters onto us, see you arched in ecstacy in a flash of lightening before you collapse over me. Your heart is thumping against mine, as thunder roars around us, rain beats down on your back, rolling off of you and onto me, our bodies still joined and spent.

After a few moments the coldness overwhelmes the moment, and we scamper, shivering, into the house. I draw a hot shower and lead you into the steam, wrapping you into my arms as we collapse against each other, using the wall for support. We stay under the steam long enough to warm our shivering bodies, then wrap into towels with our crinkled skin and amazed looks before climbing into bed, still catching each others glances in the streaks of lightening across the sky as we lay under the skylight; the calm after a perfect storm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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