A Night of Lust

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My name is Maria and I am 5’5, 125 pounds, 32D breast, 25 inch waist, nice 38inch ass. I have smooth caramel skin with hair that stops at my shoulders.

I’m driving my car when I my crew sitting on the corner. I slow the car down to creeping pace when I roll down my window to wave to them. Before I know it Slick, Kim, and Wayne was heading to my car. Wayne was looking good; he smiled at me then winked. Kim was right when she told me Wayne filled out a bit. He had on some black baggy jeans and some crisp Jordan’s. Slick had on leather jacket, backpack, and jeans.

When I got out I saw Wayne licking his lips then as I walk closer to him he put his arm around my waist as he said “Damn you look good”. He opened his arms, and stepped back. “Let me look at you”/ I swung my ass around slowly. “Big pretty legs” he said talking sexually like we were doing it already. He touched my legs with his finger, smiled and said, “No stocking. Nice.” I smiled.

“I’m not walking; it’s warm in the car. Get in!” We all got bursa escort in. I checked Kim’s face in rearview. There it was the look of jealous. In seconds the look was as gone and she was in the back kissing and messing around with slick. We pulled up to the hotel, Slick and Kim went in to get us a hotel room.

Wayne and I are still in the car I slowly put my hand onto his. “There’s no sense in wasting time’ I said, “Cause time I have a lot of. You look good to me. I hope I look good to you. I ain’t have it in a long time and I’m ready to bring it tonight” I was looking him dead into he eye letting him know I was serious. He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He had a strong kiss. For a moment I forgot where I was and my head was gone. I was kissing him with all the passion locked inside of me. It didn’t really matter that I didn’t know him to well. He was a warm body, a masculine body, he had flavor and he would get to feel all of tonight because I needed it.

Kim knocked on the window and told us “Room bursa escort bayan 069 is y’all room.” then she walked away I parked the car and Wayne and I walked into the room. Wayne poured me a drink and I started to sip on it and felt relaxed. “Take off your shirt” he ordered “Let me look at you.”

I grinned” oh that’s how you do it huh? You like to take control. I pulled my shirt off, and then I unhooked my bra. Then he walked over and turned off the lights. “Oh no” I said “I want to see everything turn them all on we ain’t got a thing to hide.” So he turned them back on the he started to take his jacket off, and then he unbutton his shirt. He walked over to me and stood in front me of me with only my young 32D breast with my extended nipples keeping us apart.

“Do what you feel” I said. I stepped into him and started to lick his neck. He didn’t taste salty and I like that soon I slid off my shorts. They dropped to the floor I began to undo his belt and went for his zipper. When his pants fell to the floor escort bursa his penis was sticking out of his boxers. Jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and removed his shorts with my feet.

Everything was the way I liked it. I rode his dick like a pro. All the energy in my body had me going wild; I soon started to bounce up and down him moving my body back and forth. Then later I start moving faster and faster. The all my energy came to center of me and I released all over his dick. Then I slid down his body ” oh no you don’t not until I get mine’s” he mounted me on the floor doggie style and started giving it to me in the back. The chorus of his grunts and moans turned me on more then I could have thought.

It was just a little weird thing about me the more I turn a guy on the more I get turned and the more he gets excited the more wild I get. After many orgasms we ended up in the tub. Wayne must have forgotten to lock the door because before we knew it there was a camera in our face. Slick and Kim was in there “girl you don’t mind if I join yell do you?” and before I could have answer her shirt was already off and she pulling her pants down then jumped right in. Wayne pulled us closer and he was giving shout out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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