A Nice Night’s Humiliation

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We were spooning and snuggling when I felt his fingers softly circling on my shirt’s fabric I opened my eyes in the dark. His finger tips moved with a mind of their own and found the seam at my side and followed it down to my pants. I shifted against him, feeling him grow harder against my thigh.


His hand found its way under my shirt, flattening out over my stomach. My skin jumped involuntarily, as if he was very cold, I deliberately mumbled as if half awake. I knew he liked that, and he bit into my ear as his fingers slid down to the elastic on my panties.

I exhaled, shaking. My heart started beating a mile a minute. He mumbled something and rested his hand back on my stomach as his breathing slowed. Teasing, playing my game of feigning sleep. I wiggled against him, minutely rubbing his cock between my legs and up against my ass.

He remained still for minutes longer, then turned my head. I didn’t want to kiss him, but he forced his tongue into my mouth with a hand lingering on my neck. Two fingers found my left nipple and tugged it out, twisting. He almost reached my throat as I arched my back with the sudden burst of pain.

“You like it.”

His entire hand gripped my small breast and his nails dug in. I whimpered a response to his words, but he didn’t wait for an answer. “Turn onto your back.” I shook my head, he reached down and found my pants, turning me with my clothes. As I moved I could feel the wetness of my panties and I blushed.

“Good girl.”

He dug his nails in between my breasts and dragged them down to my stomach. I forced myself back against him to escape it, then illegal bahis felt his cock. He’d worked off his boxers at some point and as I was distracted by the thought my pajama bottoms were already finding their way to my knees.

“Turn over.”

I turned back onto my side, as I’d been to start with.

“No, onto your stomach.”

My face burned, clit tingling as I rubbed my legs together and allowed myself to be guided onto my tummy. He pulled my shirt up but not all the way, reminding me of the playful wedgies he’d been giving me all evening. I turned my face away, as if he could see my cheeks burning in the dark but it yielded me the tiny bit of dignity I might have left.

“Face me.”

He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and bit into it, curling two fingers up deep inside of me. My small cry was lost in his mouth as he circled his fingers towards my clit. My stomach knotted when the realization of what he was doing hit me. I squirmed as he worked the same two fingers between my cheeks and up into my ass.



He brought the fingers up to my lips, pushing them in as I opened my mouth. He put a leg over me, holding my body still and he pushed the fingers past my tongue to my throat. I wanted him to know that I knew what he was doing, I swallowed against the tips of his fingers like they were his cock. I pulled my teeth back to soften my mouth and massaged my tongue against the underside of his second joint as if it was the head of his dick.

I laid there for him as he sat up and positioned my legs, moving my knees up as he moved around behind me. His hand found illegal bahis siteleri my hair and wrapped itself up in it, cupping one of my ass cheeks to guide himself in. As he entered me, almost too fast, I gasped into the pillow. He pushed my head down into it and my scream of pain wrapped in pleasure was muffled.

“Such a good girl. Take it.”

I rocked back against him, lifting myself up to feel the brush of his nest of pubic hair and his balls gently slapping into my clit. His hand formed to the curve of my skull and relaxed before he pushed my face back into the cloth. Beaded sweat ran down the inside of my leg, and as I concentrated on it pleasure exploded from between my legs.

“That’s it, you’re so tight. That makes it so good for me.”

I arched my back, lifting myself up off the bed as I curled my hands into fists. He pushed me down, every bit of pressure blossomed out into pleasure. His hand lifted off of my hip and slammed back down in a resounding smack, then he sent my head back down into the pillow. I collapsed and went limp, as he continued to grind up against me.

He liked it that way, to come last so that I could feel every movement that had just brought me pleasure. I imagined him thinking about it, as he gripped my ass, dragging his nails down. Marking me as his own, quieting my sounds with the pillow as he continued to move my hips. I slyly worked my fingers down to my clit, pressing hard as his breathing quickened.

“Yes, keep doing that. Make me come…”

Tears wetted the covers as I involuntarily worked my ass in circles, colors exploding behind my eyelids. I didn’t canlı bahis siteleri know it but I was bucking, lost in the orgasm like it was my first. He was talking to me, in an astonishingly level voice, pulling the hand out of my hair to hold my ass and increase the strength that he was violating me with.

“I’ve got something so special for you.”

I’d passed out in a puddle of my own sweat. He lay on top of me and I could smell him so strongly, entering my nostrils and mouth like fingers and tongues. Every muscle was heavy with exhaustion from being rigid through the waves of his orgasm triggering another of mine. I didn’t resist as he picked me up.

The bathroom light was already on, the shower curtain was folded and sitting on top of the toilet. I watched his face and the expression of determination and pleasure as he sat me down on the cold enamel of the tub. My legs lazily opened, his semen trickling down my crack.

“Give me your best smile.”

I smiled, eyes already closing with sleep. I knew he was smiling too, standing over me with his limp cock in one hand. I heard him sigh deeply before I felt the warm splash of liquid between my legs. Before the strong smell of urine found my nose I almost thought he’d intended to bathe me.

“You’re so beautiful.”

The stream splashed over my breasts, running down to puddle under me. He’d remember to put a stopper in, so my hair was damp before he’d reached my face. I cupped my breasts as if I was offering them up to him and the warm stream came back before moving up to my eyelids. Trickling down over my lips, soaking my hair, mixing with the discharge from between my legs.

“I love you.”

He turned off the light, seconds later I heard the covers as he snuggled into bed. I drifted off to sleep, feeling the sting of the pee as it found every little scratch from the romp before. I loved him.

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