A New York Tale Pt. 04

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“Whose turn is it?” Brittany asked.

“I think it should technically be all of ours.” Nita said, looking at Joanna and Britt. “What if we each go, one at a time and then we can resume from there? I think Britt should go first, I feel like she hasn’t gotten in on this much.” She finished.

“Get naked.” She said to me, hiding any pretense of anything. I was quite nervous. I hope that my cock did me proud and gave a strong showing under pressure. I tended to only get to that when I had nothing else to do. I pulled down my pants and showed my boxers, giving the ladies a strip tease. I ran my underwear between my legs and then went over to Britt. I placed them around her head and pulled her inches from my cock. She surprised me by giving it a lick and then a kiss. It was a loud kiss, i am sure everyone noticed.

I blushed, I really hadn’t expected this. I was shy and had come out of my shell a bit, I was quite pleased with the response.

“Nice looking hog in there, I can see why Kat had to get it in her the moment she saw it.” Joanna said.

I flicked it up and down and watched the ladies eye my member while it danced slightly.

I guess no one heard me and they quickly moved on. “Okay. Brittany. You’re the only one wearing all your clothing. And for that, I want you to get naked. I want you to get naked and show us the photos you post online.” Nita said. Nita was rubbing her clit as she spoke, her juices running down her slit and moistening up the butt plug.

I stood up and turned on the tv screen. We had it set up so a computer displayed on it and I navigated to reddit. I looked over at Brittany who looked a bit nervous.

“You post on the internet but are nervous about getting naked around some already naked people?” Nita said.

“Fair point.” Britt said as she removed her top. She was wearing a grey calvin klein bra, it did little to hide her rock hard nipples, but made her look very sexy. As she removed her top, it was clear that she had implants, there were small scars underneath her breasts.

Rather than ask permission, I walked over and lips around her nipples and began to lick. She moaned softly, then loudly as I continued. “Stop or I’ll…” She started then got distracted.

I pulled back and waited to see what she the real prize as she placed her hands on her waistline. She pulled down her pants and underwear at the same time. She had these yoga pants on, and as she pulled them down, her matching CKs came down at the same time. This time, when I saw her gusset, it was clean, save for a small wet patch that was likely produced minutes earlier by my actions with her knockers. Her pussy was perfectly manicured. It was entirely hairless. A bit too perfect for me. I liked a nice beaten up twat, dripping with cum or piss. It just made me want to lie underneath her while big black men destroyed her twat and made her squirt on my face. I almost started to drool.

“Your cunt is so perfect, I just want to destroy it, make it look like a bull-dog eating mayo.” I let slip out.

The girls burst out laughing and Britt grabbed the keyboard and navigated to her page. It was mostly pretty tame. Joanna pointed this out, “We’re probably going to help you on this page. It’s practically G rated.” She said.

“Okay, this is so tame. You’re going to have to give us more. It’s my turn anyway, right?” Everyone noded. “I dare you to… oh fuck… that’s hot. Hmm. Okay, you can either do this or drink a glass of pee from the toilet. If I let you drink wine, it’s just too tame. I think we can safely up the odds so that people have an incentive not to bail out.”

Everyone nodded, agreeing that wine was too tame given the territory we were headed into.

“I like where this is going.” I said. I was excited for things to get much kinkier.

“I dare you to see how many grapes you can fit into your ass, with the help of his cock.” Joanna finally said.

I didn’t have to speak. The bead of precum that formed on the tip of my cock spoke for my excitment. I scooped it up with my finger. “While she ponders that, I’ll trade anyone a twat or asshole cleaning, redeemable at any time, if they use my precum as lip gloss right now and on their next date.”

Surprisingly, Nita was the first to raise her hand. I slide over to her and coated her dark Indian lips with my thick goo-ey precum. I then leaned over and whispered in her ear. “You over paid, I’d do that for free.”

She grabbed my cock and mouthed, “Me too” as I slide back across the floor.

Brittany finally spoke. “Okay, how many grapes do we have?”

Kat went to the kitchen and brought out a big bag. “Fuck.” Brittany said. “Okay, how should I be for this?”

Joanna finally chimed in. “Why don’t you lie with your ass up and your güvenilir bahis head down against the couch. Like upside down. That way you can use gravity as a bit of a help.”

Brittany started to move into that position, getting upside down. “Okay, so what is going to incent me to keep trying to get more inside of my ass?” She asked.

Joanna volunteered, “if you get over 30, I’ll be your slave for the day. But I get to pick the grapes, I don’t want you just using small ones.”

Britt pondered for a moment and thought. “And if I fail?”

“You are my slave for a day and that includes me telling you what and when to post online.”

Britt thought a bit more and looked at the grapes. “Okay, I think I’m game.” She looked at my cock. It wasn’t clear if having a bigger or a smaller cock would be more helpful at this moment. “I get to use lube right?” She asked.

“Hmm, how about butter? That seems sexy.” Joanna suggested. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a stick of butter that was unopened. She first tried to push it against Britt’s ass, but it was cold and uncomfortably. She opted to rub it with her fingers, warming it, then rubbing it on her ass and along my cock.

Joanna took one of the larger grapes she could find and slide it into Britt’s asshole. I think she wanted me to push it in with my cock, but it just slide right in on its own accord. The same was true for the first 12 or so grapes.

“Not looking good for you, feed my booty more! It’s hungry.” Britt said.

Finally, with the 17th grape, there was some resistance. I guess Britt had taken a shit and was pretty empty. But I had been watching her eat cheese and meat all night. Eventually, that would change. Well, this grape needed some pushing. I moved to be above brown little shit hole and stuck my member into her, pushing the grapes down. It was clear there was a lot more space in there and I didn’t even have to squash any. There was easily enough room for another 5 grapes with no pressure.

“This is my first time ever fucking someone without kissing them.” I said as i pulled out of her.

“Come and give me a kiss then.” She said and I leaned down to her asshole and proceeded to French it. She was sweet, not bitter at all. Probably the result of the butter. “Not what I meant, but I’ll take that.” she said and then reached over and moved my head to her twat. Joanna continued to slide grapes into her Korean friend. Turns out there was space for another 7. Now, it was getting down to the part that would be difficult. The last 6 grapes.

With each grape, there was more and more pressure. Britt grunted with each push and I tried to go slow to let the grapes move around and create more space inside. Finally, when they were all in. Britt smiled. “So I get a slave. Next Saturday, you’re mine. I want all of you there with me that day. We’ll plot everything during the course of this week. Might have to make some covert gmails to keep separate from our texting.” She said.

Kat moved over and came close to Britt. While Britt’s ass had made a tight seal and the grape mess was contained to within her, her twat had been dripping, thick white cum down her body. She scooped up it and rubbed it on Britt’s nipples.

“I dare you to fuck Britt’s ass until she squirts.” Kat said.

Britt objected, “Please no, I just want to shit this all out of me.” She said. There I was, dick into Britt’s ass and I tried to move out to pull myself out. Kat quickly jumped onto the couch and pushed on me, driving my member into Britt’s asshole. She groaned as I went in deeper. Kat began to push on me, like a kid jumping on a bed. Each push found me going in and out of Britt’s bulgogi enhanced butt. Now, when I looked down at her pussy, it was practically gushing. The pace of dripping had increased and her twat was spread wide, a strong indication of her horniness. I started to fuck Britt hard of my own volition. I was enjoying stretching her ass wide open.

Nita over and began to squat over Britt’s face. As she moved her cunt closer, Britt said, “Smells like curry.”

Nita responded by slapping Britt’s twat and sitting down. From the mumbled noises, it sounded like Britt’s nose was in Nita’s asshole and she was struggling to breath as cunt juice flooded her puffy lips.

After a few moments. Kat gave me a break. I was relieved as I didn’t want to cum just yet. I slide out and Kat grabbed a larger butt plug and slide it into Britt’s ass. She turned back right side up and then looked around. “I can’t tell if I’m dizzy, or I just really feel like I need to take a shit.”

We all chuckled.

“I kinda like the feeling. I’m gonna leave them in for now.” She said and sat back down.

I spoke up, “okay, I want to toss this one out, because it’s weird. türkçe bahis And I know that Nita is up next, but I think we would all potentially benefit from me saying it now. I’m really into photography and I shoot on film and develop and print myself. I would be so turned on by taking some photos of you all. I promise that I’ll do all of the work myself and make prints for all of you all.”

Joanna and Britt looked at each other. “You know it turns us on.” Joanna said, speaking for the two of them.

Kat and Nita looked at each other. “That sounds pretty sexy to me. As long as it’s real film.” Nita said.

Kat looked at me and said, “Oh yeah. Super sexy. Black and white?”

“You know it.” I said and grabbed a few rolls and a Nikon F2 from my room.

It was now Nita’s turn. She looked right at me. “I think it’s time for you to do something. You haven’t really drunk any pee. Hmm.” She paused and went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. “Come with me.” She said, walking her naked ass over to the toilet. She sat down on the toilet, legs spread wide. The plug was in her ass. She slowly pushed out the plug and a torrent of grapes flew out. I took the camera and snapped a photo of her, turds, and grapes in a sea of yellow. She placed the glass into pee stained water and filled it with fluid and some grapes. She took a turd and touched it with the glass, it softened and crumbled into the water, showing how it had weakened over time. “I wonder whose that was.” She said. Well, I want you to down this glass.” She said. I took the glass in my right hand, laying the camera down onto the floor and placed it in front of my nose. I inhaled the scent, a strong piss odor, like one might smell in a a urinal, but, knowing it was from these ladies made it so sexy. There was almost no scent of the turd. It seemed sexy to try it, but I was nervous that I might be revolted.

I took it and raised it to my lips as I put my fingers on Nita’s twat. I rubbed her clit as I looked her in the eyes and chugged it. After I finished it, I realized it had tasted nice or at least sexy. I was sad I had finished it quickly, but there was more right between her legs. I waited to see how the girls would react.

I placed the cup between her legs in the toilet where it quickly filled up again and sank to the bottom. “That was so hot,” Nita said and grabbed me by the head and pulled me in to kiss her while I finger fucked her.

“Well shit, now we’re all piss drinkers.” Joanna said. “I never knew I had such nasty friends. In fact, I think we might need to label each of us.” Joanna went to the medicine cabinet, just inches away in the tiny bathroom and grabbed a lipstick. “Is this one cheap?” She asked Kat, who responded with a nod. She steered Kat in front of the mirror so she could watch what she was writing on her head. I quickly grabbed my camera and took photos while she wrote, “Cum Dumpster” right on Kat’s forehead.

Joanna then looked at Nita and grabbed her cheeks with her hand and wrote “Piss Drinker” on her forehead. She went over to Britt and took the lipstick and “Anal Addict” on her forehead. After I took photos of the three ladies with their new monickers, they looked at Joanna. She needed a nickname. I thought quickly and grabbed the lipstick and wrote “Size Queen” Right on her forehead. As she looked in the mirror, I took an over the shoulder photo of her. She smiled when she saw it. “Yeah, I kinda am one.

“Come with me.” Kat spoke up. We followed her into her bedroom. Evidence of the gangbang was everywhere. With no water to wash the sheets or anything else, she had no way to clean it. There was a pile of dirty thongs in the corner. I swear she had dedicated a pile just to them. I walked over and began inspecting them one by one. Some had loads of dried cum, others had brown stains. There was a pair of pink panties with beads making up the gusset. Though tried, it looked like she had worn them after getting fucked up the ass without preparing before.

The girls were meanwhile looking at the bed. Stains of cum mixed with shit dotted the bed like a Dalmatian. There was a string of pink anal beads, covered in dried shit on the floor. “Over here.” Kat said and she opened up a drawer. In it were 6 large dildos. I immediately recognized them as being from Bad Drago. “For our size queen.” They were all massive, colored brightly, and shaped like mythical creatures or animals. There was one thick like a squash with ribbing and one shaped like a horse. Excessive is what they were.

“Those are massive.” Joanna commented.

Britt was wanting. “So because my name isn’t size queen, I don’t get to try one of those.”

“Anything can be arranged.” Nita answered.

“Okay, Joanna, come over here. Lie on the ground.” Britt said, she güvenilir bahis siteleri motioned to me to get my camera ready. I had about 7 more shots. I had to make them count.

Joanna got on the ground expecting to be fucked by one of the toys. Instead, Britt squatted on top of her and began to push out the plug, followed by the mess of soft shit and grapes. They flowed out, accompanied by a large solid snake of a log. It lay down between Joanna’s tits as I snapped photos of the debauchery. It went on for what must have been 40 seconds. As it slowed to a drip, Britt moved her ass to Joanna’s mouth and let out a fart.

I quickly ran to my room, grabbed more film and changed the roll.

“That was so nasty, but so sexy.” Joanna said. She had been rubbing herself the entire time. Nita went forth and ate a few of the grapes while Kat sat up four of the toys in a row. The dongs stood up in a row like hedges in a fancy British garden. She motioned for everyone to pick their spots. Joanna quickly picked the ribbed one that was shaped like a butternut squash. Nita picked a smaller one, I think it looked like a dog’s cock on Joanna’s right. On Joanna’s left, there was a regular cock that was just really big and veiny. Kat took that one. Brittany took a medium sized horse cock. Well, medium for a horse cock. They all squatted above them and I began to take photos. I was surprised to see Kat start to fuck her cunt with the toy. I never thought it would fit. Brittany also went for her cunt, she rubbed her clit and went up and down hard, squirting right at me and at Kat’s bed. The streams were spread out, like sexy shotgun blasts.

Joanna and Nita went for their assholes. While they had likely shat, they were going in hard and deep. The toys quickly ended up covered in streaks of filth as they pounded themselves.

After a few moments of them going at it they had all cum. Everyone but Nita squirted and I kept moving to protect my camera and make sure I could keep shooting. When I looked back at the bed, it was soaked. The room was suddenly filled with the scent of these women. As they came, they all rose up and let the dildos fall before they each collapsed to the ground. As they lay on the ground, Joanna began to smear the shit on her chest. She took a finger and moved over to Kat, who tried to escape it. Joanna caught her left cheek and left a smear. Joanna then went to give Nita a hug, only to find Nita moving down to Joanna’s breasts and licking her shit smeared nipple.

They each caught their breath then they looked at me, it was time to really fuck.

Brittany came forward to me and sat right on my face. After the last few moments, her ass was a total mess. She pushed it down and rubbed her clit while I licked her ass. I did my best to clean it, knowing it was relatively futile. As I did, Kat got on top of me. She wanted more clearly and as I slide inside of her, I could feel that her pussy was noticeably looser from the abuse it had just taken. She made up for it with vigor and fucked me hard. She moved towards me and gave Brittany a kiss as the two of them double teamed me.

After a several minutes, Britt got off my face and was replaced by Nita. I heard a buzzing and felt it, it was clearly a vibrator on Kat’s clit. After a few minutes of fucking, she squirted all over me and was replaced by someone else. Though I could no longer see with Nita’s ass in my face. The same continued until Nita got off and was replaced by Kat. She spread her juicy cunt, covered in her own grool and pushed it against my nose as she queefed and rubbed her clit. When Kat moved off my face, I saw Kat on the bed, Nita’s face between her legs as Britt pushed her head in. When she saw I was available, she tapped Joanna on the shoulder and Joanna moved off. She quickly moved to my face and rubbed my head between her breasts, covering my face in Britt’s shit. Britt was on the other side of me, working my cock into her. She bounced on me as she tweaked her nipples. She was a squirter and began to gush on my face, the downpour rinsing me off slightly.

Nita moved over to me and placed her ass on my mouth, and she looked down into my eyes. My view was quickly obscured as Kat and Joanna began to lick her nipples. After a few moments with my tongue in Nita’s ass, I exploded into Britt. Everyone collapsed onto the bed and Britt began to play with her cum filled cunt. She was so proud of herself. I snapped two photos as she played with it. One of her knuckles deep in my jizz and one of her sexily licking it off her fingers.

“Will you really lick your cum out of me?” She said, offering me a finger to taste. I opened wide and demonstrated as Kat turned off the lights.

Britt was on my right and Joanna and Nita were on my left. Kat moved in, squeezing onto the bed. “Hey, it’s my bed. I need some space here.” She moved between me and Joanna and slide close to me. She placed her hand on my cock and whispered into my ear. “Just remember, I’m the boss.” She said as she farted into Joanna’s twat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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