A New Start

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Note: A New Start is the continuing story started with The Beginning. I hope you enjoy both! Happy Holidays!

Shirley woke the next morning feeling very refreshed. Three orgasms in one night. Wow.

She looks at her books. Fuck school today, she thinks as she heads for the shower. Today will be her day. No boring lectures for me.

The water feels good against her skin as she rubs soap over her body. Her nipples are still hard from the night before and also a little sore because that was the roughest they had ever been handled. Her pussy is still wet and the hot water is definitely not the reason.

She jumps when she hears a knock on her bathroom door.

“Hey,” shouts Nancy. “Save some of the hot water, babe!”

The shout is playful and the word babe sends shivers down Shirley’s spine as she continues to rub her pussy. This orgasm will wait until tonight , she thinks as she turns the water off and steps out of the shower. She decides to return the favor.

She wraps a small towel around her body. It does cover her breasts and stops right below her pussy. She knows that her nipples are trying to poke through the fabric but the room is chilly so if asked, that will be the blame. She walks out and into the living room where Nancy is watching TV.

Nancy is lying under covers on the couch but Shirley finds that her thoughts about Nancy’s breasts were correct . Much larger than hers. Wow!

“Done, babe,” announces Shirley as she stands in the doorway.

Nancy is startled and turns to Shirley.

Shirley notices that it takes Nancy several minutes to speak. She could swear that she was being looked over by this girl whom she was lusting after. Her pussy starts to get wetter.

Nancy turns back to the TV.

“Ok, thanks.”

Shirley turns to leave. “See you later.”

“What’s your schedule today,” Nancy asks.

Shirley illegal bahis looks at her. She wants to tell her that her schedule involved seducing her but she doesn’t want to scare her off. What if Nancy is not this way, Shirley asks herself. She will find out tonight, she thinks but she must keep quiet.

“Same damned thing I always do, “she laughs. ” School, school, and more school.”

“Well, have fun, ” Nancy says.

As Shirley turns to leave she could almost swear that Nancy’s covers were moving very slightly around her waist.

“You too,. ” Shirley says.

Shirley locks her door and takes the towel off. Her pussy screams for attention but she doesn’t give in. She begins to get dressed. Blue jeans. No panties. Nice red button up short sleeve. No bra. Top two buttons… Unbuttoned. Cleavage. Perfect.

She looks in the mirror.

“Damn your hot, ” she thinks .

She picks up her books. Gotta look the part, she thinks as she leaves.

She walks through the living room. Nancy is no longer there but the blanket is. She runs her fingers on the inside and finds that she is correct. Nancy had been playing with herself and , based on the wet spot on the couch, she had been naked. Had she been fantasizing about me, thinks Shirley as she leaves.

She hops in her car and heads for downtown. She stops at a lingerie store that she had visited once before. She had stopped there when she first moved to town but her visit was very brief because she had found herself embarrassed at being there. Today though would be different.

She walks in and notices it is not busy at all. A n older girl ,maybe 25, was sitting behind the cash register and looked at her. She smiles. ” If you need any help, babe, let me know, okay.”

“Thanks.” replies Shirley, ” I will . “

Babe. Twice in one day. Wow

She looks at the outfits but cannot find the right illegal bahis siteleri one. She is holding up a purple teddy with a matching thong when a soft voice breaks her concentration.

“That would look perfect on you. “

She looks at the cashier and smiles.

“Thanks. “

“Do you want to try it on? “

The cashier points to the dressing rooms.

“Sure, ” says Shirley as she takes the outfit and walks in that direction.

The cashier, whose name badge said Toni, hollers out, ” If you need an opinion, let me know! “

“Ok,: says Shirley.

Shirley looks at the reflection. If Nancy doesn’t like this, then she is definitely not bi or gay. Her hand caresses her breasts through the thin fabric. The feeling is wonderful as her pussy screams out for attention once again. Her hand drops to the thin fabric covering her shaven lips.

The knock at the door startles her..

“Are you okay, babe? “

Shirley realizes that she had lost track of time.

“Yeah, ” she manages to say as her hand moves away from her pussy.

“Let’s see, ” Toni says as she slowly opens the door. Shirley would normally have not let anyone see her like this but those days are gone and she finds the excitement building as the doors open.

Toni looks at her and whistles.

“Whoa, some guy is in for a treat tonight!”

Shirley laughs.

“It’s not for a guy, ” she whispers.

Toni smiles.

“Lucky girl,, ” she says as she begins to leave.

Shirley touches Toni’s shoulders. ” Wait, I need your expert opinion on this outfit. ” She has never been so bold in her life but she knows that if she can have this effect on the pretty sales clerk then Nancy can be hers too.

Toni smiles. ” Sure, babe., any questions? “

“Yes, ” says Shirley as her hands run up to her breasts and she begins to rub them. ” Does this outfit canlı bahis siteleri flatter my tits? “

Toni smiles. ” Let me see.” She replaces Shirley’s hands with her own and begins to rub her breasts. The smooth hands makes Shirley moan with pleasure.

“Oh yes, ” says Toni. ” These tits feel wonderful through this fabric. Even your nipples will enjoy the sensation of being touched by this silk. ” Shirley sighs as Toni pinches her hard nipples. Toni continues.

“Yeah baby, your friend will love this outfit on you. If not , come and see me, babe. “

Toni’s hands run down Shirley’s sides and touches her wet pussy.

“Very nice, babe. Very hot! “

The door chime interrupts them and Toni turns to leave. Shirley holds Toni’s hand at her hot spot. ” Thanks for the advice. My name is Shirley. “

Then she surprises herself and kisses the sales clerk. Toni does not stop her and accepts the soft lips and the probing tongue. Shirley runs her hands up to Ton’s small breasts and attacks them through the sales clerk’s uniform. Soon they are both gasping for air. Toni smiles as she turns to leave. ” Nice to meet you, Shirley. “

The dressing room door closes and Shirley hears small talk begin.

She looks at herself in the mirror. and begins to change.

She emerges with the outfit and gets in line behind the gentleman at the register. He is handsome and if this had been yesterday, she might have tried to meet him. However, her thoughts are on Nancy . Toni looks at her and smiles. The man is done and leaves.

Toni rings her up and Shirley approaches. She signs the credit card receipt and hands it back to Toni. As she does this, she pulls Toni forward and kisses her again..

Shirley smiles at the woman as they pull away, takes her packages, and leaves.

Toni tales the credit card receipt and begins to put it in the cash drawer when she sees a second piece of paper in her hand. It reads: Meet me tonight. 10 pm. My address… “

Toni smiles, walks to the door, locks it, turns the closed sign around, grabs the biggest dildo she can find , and heads for the dressing room.

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