A New Life for Debbie Ch. 06

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Uncle Archie always did what he had decided. He waited eight months, coming regularly to follow the growing bulge of Debbie and her daughters’ bellies, fucking them all as often as he could afford. The four girls were now quite used servicing him. Debbie and Janet had the less impressive bellies as they had only one baby on board. The bellies of Samantha and Joan, Debbie’s youngest daughters were at the end of their pregnancy so bloated out that they could hardly move. Archie took many photographs of them, promising to present them to the whole family. He made close up pictures showing their depilated pussies and the red tattoo informing the world that they were Abbie, Tyrone, Al and Justin’s whores. There were also several photographs of the four girls being double teamed or subjected to multiple penetrations. Archie loved them especially as he felt such images being totally degrading and debasing for the girls.

Archie slowly and quite deliberately instilled in the family’s minds that Debbie and her daughters were no longer ordinary family members like themselves but just cum sluts, fuck toys to be used and abused. When he would organize the family meeting he wanted culminating into Debbie’s execution, nobody would lift a finger to help her!

His intentions were far from gentle : he expected, in fact, he wished that Tony would try to draw a vengeance from his former wife (he had sued for divorce as soon as he had found that Debbie had sold all his belongings, emptying completely their home, selling even their car). He had been able to find the second hand dealer to whom Debbie had sold off everything. He had bought back what he had liked and let anything Debbie had chosen during their marriage. Abbie’s plot had succeeded even far better than he had thought : Tony had never suspected that his wife had been kidnapped. He had sent detectives throughout the country to retrieve her and her daughters to no avail. He had been helped somewhat by Janet’s husband who hadn’t found his wife when he had come back from his business travel and still wondered what his wife could have reproached him!

Tony’s wrath had fallen back on her daughters as if they could have played a role in his discomfiture. He had officially disowned them, pretending they had been conceived as his wife was cheating him. He sued Debbie for repayment of the education costs. As Debbie and her daughters were not there to defend themselves, he had won his libel and was now free from any liability toward them all.

He had already remarried to Debbie’s half sister, Carol with whom Debbie had never been able to come in good terms. While Debbie had loved taking care of her home and its inhabitants, Carol was most interested by receptions, leaving the maintenance to a grudge and a butler, the food preparation to a part time cook. She was spending most of her time at the local women’s club house, the spa and meetings with her look-alike friends.

Archie chose the day of Debbie’s delivery (of a very beautiful mulatto son Abbie named Doug) to inform Tony he had found his former wife. She was now employed, he told him, in a whore house in Singapore he pretended to have just located. Tony sneered that Debbie had chosen the right place to start a new life. He wanted to fly there to retrieve her and beat her to death if possible. Archie pointed out that the security of the whore house would jump him before he had just seen her and in his case, a subtle vengeance was sweeter than brutal force display. He proposed to book her and her daughters for a few days as the summer was never good in Singapore with hot temperatures and heavy rain. The management of the whore house would be too glad to have four of their staff rented abroad.

He hadn’t envisioned that the four girls would be sent with their accompanying staff, two black and two white men. It had been a fortunate circumstance that Abbie and his gang was there and idle, otherwise, it was probable that Debbie would have found herself in the depth of some bay along the coast with concrete boots at her feet. The fee of keeping four international class call girls during three days even then in this low season including travel expenses and support team had been estimated at two hundred thousand dollars. Fortunately, Debbie’s father was very rich. His fortune reached a couple of hundred million dollars and two hundred grands would be a trifle money for him. He had been very upset by the disappearance of his most cherished daughter (he always had had a crush on her since she had reached adulthood) and her three daughters. When Archie informed him that Debbie had been found in a whore house on the other side of Earth, he was devastated but finally maintained he would pay to have his grand daughters and his daughter there, be it for three weeks only.

Tony played the gentleman and offered to house the meeting. His house was big enough to lodge around twenty people. For sure, the girls would not retrieve their former bedrooms. A mattress in the basement would be largely sufficient for whores. He just emitted the suggestion Yenimahalle Escort that his former wife could entertain the family with her daughters. . . None of the invited guests dared to concur but it was clearly what all of them had in mind. As four pretty girls of the family had chosen that shameful trade and would be at hand, why not take advantage of it!

The whore house rules stipulated that girls should be left idle for three months after delivery before being bred again but there was an allowance if customers required it. It had been a stipulation of the contract negotiated with Tony that the four girls would be bred then. The next week would be the only available possibility as Joan and Samantha were just entering in their fertility time while Debbie and Janet would be only a week later.

A little bribery had allowed the house to obtain forged papers for Debbie and her daughters as soon as the discussions had started a month before. The girls would be Singapore inhabitants of English origin, traveling as tourists to England. There would be Mrs Debbie Whitaker, Janet Adams, Joan Fergus and Samantha Martens : they had just attached to their usual name, the family names of their owners. Otherwise, their papers were perfectly official and genuine.

Tony had flown to Singapore to sign the contract. He asked to meet Debbie. The House agreed to it as business was lagging for the time being. Someone agreeing to pay two hundred thousand dollars for four prostitutes should be treated with grace. Debbie hadn’t been warned : she had been expecting just another nameless customer and she was stupefied being placed in front of her former husband. She had been informed that he had asked and obtained the divorce and had disowned their children. It had hurt her : they had had no say in the events but, everything considered, it may be to the better : their new home was that whore house and their trade brought them much more satisfactions than their previous life and, above all, her little Doug was so sweet! It was the first time she had given birth to a boy and she felt that new experience extremely fulfilling!

The meeting was tempestuous, Tony accusing her of having cheated on him, of having fled with her daughters (he never spoke of OUR daughters, a revealing sign!) after having sold off all their belongings. Debbie replied that they had been kidnapped and her daughters had been kept hostages to ensure she would keep the secret. The money had just transited through her account to be given in cash to the gang which had kidnapped them. Tony didn’t put any faith on this story that was nonetheless almost completely true with the only provision that Debbie had collaborated completely and joyfully with her kidnappers. Before leaving, he told his former wife he wanted to fuck her. She feared he might become violent if he wasn’t sated and she lay on the nearby bed. He entered her with almost no friction. Debbie had recently been stretched out by a very big cock, 12″. Despite all his efforts and her cooperation, both of them couldn’t feel anything. She apologized but he wanted not to hear anything. He went out, furious, and asked to be sent younger women, not “stretched out old cows” like his former wife!

The director in charge of complaints, shocked to hear such vile words about his best earning girl, proposed him a couple of young women.

– Do you want white, black or Indian girls, sir?

– I suppose all of them are slave whores kidnapped somewhere!

– It’s true, sir, the best ones we picked for the pleasure of our customers.

– Then send me a couple of white girls but don’t switch on the light. I don’t want them to recognize me if they succeed to escape some day. I would like to breed them.

Tony wanted to pay the fee for breeding two girls but it was denied by the manager.

– It’s on the house, Sir!

The two girls soon joined him in a darkened room. Tony hadn’t thought that if they couldn’t recognize him, it was also the other way around. He didn’t realize it was his own daughters that he faced now. They were the only white girls that were to be bred in the house that week. The management had decided that thus his wishes would be fulfilled. In fact, he had been offered a service he had paid in full a few minutes before.

In the house, the contraception was based on diaphragms that could be removed in a few minutes and the girls could be bred on very short notice. That had been precisely the case. Samantha and Joan presented themselves in front of their father totally unprotected, ready to be bred by this stranger. The removal of their diaphragm just a few minutes before had been a quite clear sign. Completely unknowing, Tony made Joan on her four on the bed and buried himself in her cunt, blowing, panting and groaning as he fucked her mercilessly. Aahh! This girl was way tighter than Debbie. He spewed his jizzm deep inside her. He hadn’t realized that if he had felt something, it was just because Joan was much younger than Debbie Ulus Escort and resized faster! With two or three additional pregnancies, the difference would be reduced to almost zero! Tony turned toward Samantha and smiled. The second girl seemed as fresh to his hand as the first one. In fact, from what his fingers could tell him, both girls could be twins! They were, and they were HIS twins. Unshakably, as usual, he began to fuck the second girl and soon after sired in her belly her second pair of twins. It was only when Tony exited the door that the outside light allowed Joan and Samantha to know that they had just been bred. . . by their father!!!

They reported the problem to the management.

– No fuss, girls! This man has booked his former wife and their three daughters with the intention to breed them. He’s just a bit early!

– But it was. . . incest!

– Yes, Sam, it was but you forget a few basic rules of this whore house : Even if your father was the winner of an auction or had booked you, you would have to open your legs for him and ask him how he wants you, nothing more! Neither you, nor Janet, nor even your mother, have any more say about it!

They finished in a chorus with a big smile, just somewhat forced this time!

– As we are property, now! Yes we have learnt it!

Debbie and her daughters hadn’t been informed that they would live in their former home, just that it was Eli, their father and grand father who had paid the expenses. It was a great joy going back home until they learned that Tony would house them and that Eli had paid to have them bred! Impossible, he never had any odd gestures toward any of them but the fact was there : he had signed the money order for the contract specifying all of them would be bred for this occasion. Bahhh! At least, the problem was already solved for Joan and Samantha!

The flight to Heathrow was gay although the four of them feared to face big problems at the arrival. Debbie passed the Immigration control alone as she was nominally a native from Singapore while her mate was a US citizen, the same thing for the other girls. They rented a van. Abbie chose the model he had used to kidnap Debbie. It evoked plenty of rather happy souvenirs for Debbie and her daughters. They all took the hand of their owners except Debbie as Abbie was driving. She contented herself by caressing slowly his cock with her hand she had snaked into his fly. They cuddled against their mates while they drove quietly to their destination. Their home hadn’t changed much since their forced departure : more flowers, less weed, courtesy of a gardener who worked hard.

They climbed down from the van and went to the door. Abbie and his gang wore their eternal black Jeans and a Tee shirt from Singapore. Debbie had chosen a more daring outfit : a metallized leather microskirt less than ten inches wide with a slit all the way up to the waist on both sides. The skirt was super tight and seemed to follow the curves of her body like a second skin. Whenever she made a step forward, she flashed her thigh to her waist and proved each time she wasn’t wearing knickers! She had worn a coat on it at the immigration office but had ignited a small revolution in the plane when she had taken off her coat. For the rest, she wore a tiny silver bikini top, the smaller she had found, barely covering just a part of her nipples, a poncho she took off as soon as she had entered the van and of course spike heels in bright silver.

The whole outfit was flashy and centered all the male attention on her : a perfect outfit for a professional whore as she considered herself to be! The man who controlled the papers of the van signed them without even reading them, his eyes lost in the deep cleavage Debbie offered generously to him without even blushing. She loved being provocative now. When she was with Tony, she thought that she was too old to attract men’s attention but since she had been proved completely wrong, she had decided to enjoy her situation. She and Janet had decided to embark into a competition between them on the number of people, men or women alike, who would have fucked them during a year. Debbie was ahead by a couple of hundreds already after just two months and intended to increase her advance. The winner would have the total disposition of the loser for a whole week end on their off time.

Her daughters followed in rank of age. Their outfits were much less aggressive ; Denim quite classical mini skirts and tee shirts with flat heel shoes. Better not to infuriate the whole family. Let them attack Debbie who could now withstand a serious pounding.

They were welcomed by Tony with Carol clinging to his arm, Eli, Archie, Mark, the former husband of Janet but she had never inquired whether he had divorced from her and Peter and John, the younger brothers of Debbie. Eli informed them that a group of ten of their cousins would come the next day only to let them find their marks.

The atmosphere was electric. Tony watched his former wife with a murderous look in his eyes. Discovering that she was so widely stretched out that he didn’t feel anything when he had tried to fuck her had been a terrific blow to his pride. He felt totally inadequate and would have liked to kill her. His new wife, Debbie’s half sister who had for long been jealous of her eldest sister as she had married Tony, a man she had fancied herself, as she had had a successful teacher career while hers had been pitiful, as Debbie had much bigger breasts than her and therefore had had two or three dates every week during her University and college years while Carol had to content herself with one or two dates a year with less glamorous boys. Debbie was not responsible for their differences in look (hour glass vs pot belly) but the resentment was there!

Debbie’s two brothers made lewd whistles watching their sister wearing such wanton outfit. Their eyes seemed about to jump out of their eye sockets. Debbie bent her head down as if she was shameful of her clothes. Her sister jumped on what she saw as a major flaw in her armor while it was nothing but an indication of her submissiveness. Her body language was telling them :

– I’m to your orders, command and I’ll obey. I chose this outfit to please you!

And they heard :

– I know this outfit is obscene but I’ve been forced to wear it. I beg your pardon!

They all kissed Debbie and her daughters, not on the cheek as Debbie had expected it but straight on the mouth in a very possessive stance. They were the masters and transmitted the message of their irremediably superior status to Debbie and her play girls! Carol was a bit subtler and proposed her half sister to take a shower to refresh herself after such a long travel. Eli, Debbie’s father was the most cheerful.

– Debbie! I’ve been so devastated when you disappeared with your daughters! You should have contacted me before leaving or at least when you were settled. If it hadn’t been for Archie, we would never have found you that far. You’ll have to tell us your adventures!

– As soon as you want, father! Just a precision : you have booked us for three days and I thank you for that occasion to see you all again but the contract stipulates you’ll also breed us! Can I know what your intentions are? Are we here as your daughter and grand daughters for a family meeting or as whores who are there to be fucked and bred!

– Oh, my darling Debbie, it has all been an idea of our dear Archie. I wanted just to see you again even if you have now chosen that degrading profession but he pointed out that you and your daughters had always been so sexy that any of us burned with forbidden desires. With you accustomed to service so many men, we could combine the pleasure of meeting you again in the family circle with the more carnal pleasure of having our lowest instincts satisfied by fucking four beautiful whores and the ultimate satisfaction of breeding you four!

– I see! May I have the honor of knowing who will breed us?

– We played you at poker. Mark was lucky : he won you! I know you really care for him. He could have chosen his former wife but he is prejudiced against her, now! I was second in the tournament. I chose the second prize : my grand daughter Janet! For Samantha and Joan, there was a tie between. . .

– Their case has already been settled. When Tony came to sign our contracts, he wanted absolutely to breed two white girls. The only ones they had on hand at the time were my two youngest daughters! He bred his own daughters in the dark, not wanting them to know who had fucked them but he forgot the outside light flash when he exited the room.

Eli sent a furious glance toward Tony who barked :

– It was in the dark! I couldn’t have known! And they are not my daughters any more. I disowned them and the judge said I was right! They are now of unknown father and the four of you bear together that ignominy!

– You perfectly know that any DNA analysis would prove you’re lying and the decision would be easily reversed!

– No need to get into an argument, Tony! We’ll let Carol accompany Debbie to the bathroom while I get acquainted with Janet again. Both of you will be bred this afternoon in public. I have a chastity belt ready for you, Debbie and Janet, just for this morning. Joan and Samantha, you are free to mingle with us : there’s no point in making you wear a chastity belt! I suppose that Peter and John would like to try you out in their bedrooms.

Joan and Samantha stood up with no comments and followed their uncles to their bedrooms : even there, with all their family around them, they were just whores to be used and abused. The family meeting didn’t start under the best auspices!

In fact, Carol wanted to isolate Debbie from her daughters and the rest of the family as she wanted the former wife of Tony to submit publicly to her. She intended to inflict so many indignities to her that she would come back downstairs, perfectly tamed, nude on a leash, ready to be used by all the males after Mark who had won her on a lucky gamble, in public and more importantly in front of Tony, Eli and Archie. Uncle Archie was by far the most fiendish of them all! Debbie had rejected his advances too often and he deeply hated her. He would love nothing but to see her former husband Tony lose his control!

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