A New Feeling Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1: Shy Mai

This is a story about something I did that I never thought I would do, with someone even less expected. My name is Mai. I am 18 years old, and incredibly shy. I’ve been like this since I can remember. I always get really nervous around strangers. I have a very loving and supportive family, who I can interact with no problem, but I have lots of trouble making new friends. At school, I eat alone, study alone, and walk home alone. I’m already a senior in high school, and I don’t have a single friend.

I don’t get bullied or anything like that, either. There have even been times when classmates have invited me to eat lunch with them, or go hang out after school with them. I always turn them down, politely thanking them for the invitation anyway. I just get so flustered around people I don’t know. Part of it may be because I was an early bloomer. My breasts started coming in early. Now, at the age of 18 I already have enormous FF cup size breasts.

I’ve also always been a big girl. Very plump and extra meaty. I’m currently around 180lbs. I have a belly that can’t help but stick out of the bottom of my school uniform shirt. Not to mention my butt is insanely huge! My skirt is terrible at hiding it, and my phat booty is always on display, devouring my panties. I get these…looks…from all kinds of people. Perverted looks. Mostly guys at school. Students, teachers, the creepy janitor. Very rarely, even other girls. Suffice it to say, this does not help my shyness.

Anyway, it happened one day after school. I was walking home like I did every day. All alone, massive breasts bouncing, and bulbous ass jiggling as I made my way down the street. It was a very hot day, and I was sweating like crazy. I decided to sit at a park bench that was safely hidden under the shade of a huge tree. That’s when I met someone that made me more shy than I had ever felt before.

Chapter 2: The Shameless Beauty

The first thing I heard was a squeal of sheer delight coming from my left. I jumped in my seat, and quickly looked in the direction of the frantic noise. Standing there was nothing less than a beauty. A woman of probable middle age, with as many plump, meaty bits as me, if not more. Absolutely massive, heaving breasts that were barely covered and being strangled by a tight, white t-shirt and sopping wet from sweat. Not to mention completely see through! She was braless, and I could see her hard, pink nipples easily.

This shirt was also very short, and her chubby belly hung out lewdly. I noticed she had an adorable belly button. Then I shook my head and wondered why I even thought that. I could see how big her butt was from her facing me. She had on an extremely tight pair of yoga pants that clung to her giant ass. I found myself wondering what it looked like directly, although I had no idea why!

After about a minute of staring at this gorgeous woman, I gasped, and blushed bright pink, realizing what I was doing. I looked away, and started to get up to leave, but it was so hot, and I was so flustered, I got light headed and fell right back on my bum. The goddess looked surprised, and concerned. She quickly sat next to me and put her graceful hand on my shoulder.

“Oh my! Are you alright, darling? You look very red all of a sudden. As red as a cherry! I hope I didn’t scare you. I was just surprised at how cute you are! I couldn’t contain my excitement. ” I looked at her, and blushed harder but felt I needed to dissuade her worries. She seemed nice enough. I screwed up my courage and managed to speak, albeit very meekly.

“No, ma’am. It wasn’t your fault. It’s just so hot out, and I don’t do well in extreme heat. I’ll be alright.” I sounded like a frightened mouse. I looked down into her cavernous cleavage, and gulped hard. Like I said, I was easily flustered by strangers. But this was ridiculous! I’ve never been this caught off guard by someone. It may have been because of her shameless appearance, or her calling me cute but it was also something else. Something I’ve never felt before. A sudden throbbing came from my crotch, my heart started pounding and I knew I was in trouble.

Chapter 3: Apparently Scrumptious

This beautiful vision of lewdness was now carressing my shoulder gently. I didn’t hate the feeling. However, I was still confused about everything that was happening. She looked at me with big, brown eyes. My legs started shaking. Was I getting aroused? Surely not. But the unmistakable throbbing in my pussy was proving me wrong. She sighed, relieved.

“Well, that’s good! I wouldn’t want such an adorable girl to be in distress because of me. I’m Hitomi, by the way. So nice to meet you, dear. May I ask how old you are?” She held out her hand, as if to shake mine. I reluctantly gave it to her. Then she did something rather shocking. She lifted my hand up to her full, red lips and sweetly kissed it. I gasped, and could only smile shyly. My cheeks were burning up. I only just realized that she called güvenilir bahis me adorable. This made me throb harder down there.

“Oh gosh…I’m Mai. I’m 18, ma’am. Thank you very much for calling me cute. Even though I don’t really think I am.” I didn’t, really. I never thought of myself as attractive. Being so plump, I always thought guys liked skinny girls. Hitomi gasped, obviously shocked at my words.

“WHAT?! What are you talking about? Believe me, you are absolutely scrumptious! Take it from another girl, honey. You have a lot of very attractive qualities. You’re so plump and tasty looking! In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to gobble you right up. All your delicious looking meaty curves. Mm mm mm!” Frankly, I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what this gorgeous older woman was saying. She thinks I’m scrumptious? She wants to eat me up? I needed to get out of here. I stood up a bit too fast again.

“I…should be going. I have to get home.” I was suddenly very dizzy, and nearly fell. Hitomi acted fast, and caught me, scooping me up in her arms with surprising strength, and cradled me.

“Okay, this won’t do. I live close by, and there’s air conditioning. I’m taking you home with me, and that’s final. I can’t very well leave you to walk home in this heat if you’re just gonna faint!” I barely heard her. My head was swimming, and I felt like this is what alcohol must do to people. Never saw the appeal, and definitely don’t now. The next thing I knew I woke up in a quaint living room lying on a couch. The air was satisfyingly cool. I realized with horror that I had been kidnapped. Then, Hitomi appeared in the entryway leading into a kitchen. There was that now familiar throbbing again.

Chapter 4: Soft Touch/Shy Nipples

Hitomi stood there, looking as amazing as ever. I slowly remembered what happened. I nealry fainted, and Hitomi caught me, and must have carried me to her home like an Amazon. I was about ready to profusely apologize and thank her at the same time, but she walked over and sat on the couch as I sat up.

“No, no. No thanks are necessary, Mai. I was happy to help.” She smiled the sweetest, prettiest smile I’ve ever seen. I was really starting to like her. She was gorgeous, kind, and thought I was a yummy plump snack. This was all very new to me, but I was starting to get a handle on it.

“Oh, but I have to thank you somehow! You saved me. Nobody has ever been so nice to me.” That wasn’t technically true. Nobody ever did anything like this for me, but that’s mainly because I never got close enough to anyone. I’m sure a friend would have helped me if I had any. She looked at me with her big eyes again, like she was looking through me. I blushed hard. She scooted up closer to me. She placed her hand on my cheek.

“Hmm…you really wanna thank me? Then can I ask you to close your eyes for me?” My heart was beating out of my chest. I nodded silently and did as I was told. She moved forward, and planted her juicy lips right onto mine. I gasped through my nose, opening my eyes for only a second before closing them again. Hitomi opened her mouth, and that gave me the instinct to do the same. She slithered her tongue into my mouth, and it began wrestling with mine. She sucked it, along with my lips as we sloppily started making out. I could only let her french me, and take it, although I tried to kiss back. Not having much expertise in this particular field was a bit embarrassing.

After what seemed like forever, she pulled away from me, panting. I was gasping, and moaning like a pathetic virgin. I don’t know when, but I started rubbing my thighs together. I needed to try and calm the strong throbbing. The kiss did not help.

“Mmm, well aren’t you a tasty thing. I’m sorry if I scared you again. Did you enjoy that, Mai?” She started stoking my hair, and I mewled like a kitten.

“Yes, ma’am! I liked it a lot. That was my first kiss, too. I’m sorry if I wasn’t very good.” I nuzzled against her hand. I was acting like a pet cat, desperate for attention.

“Oh, on the contrary, honey. You were very good. Especially for a first timer. I’m actually surprised. I’m also very glad you liked it. I did too. Want another?” Before I could give a resounding “yes”, she took my face in her hands, and smooched me deeply again. I squealed, surprised but happy. I wrapped my arms around her neck as she expertly kissed me. I was helpless against her tongue assault. After a good 5 minutes of making out, she pulled away from me.

“Fuck, you’re getting better at that. You know, when I first saw you, all I wanted to do was eat you up. You just might be the sexiest, plumpest, girl I’ve ever met. So many things to squeeze.” She reached for my breasts, and took hold of them. She started kneading them, but very gently. I cried out in shock.

“Ahhn! Miss Hitomi! I love how you touch me so softly. It feels so good! Mmm!” I didn’t know what was happening. Although I wasn’t complaining either. I was suddenly saying things I would never say to or around anyone. But something about this beautifully lewd türkçe bahis woman was bringing out a slutty side I didn’t know I had.

“Is that right? Well, I’m glad you like it, baby. These tits are so fat! They look like they’re begging for attention. Don’t worry, though. I got you covered.” Hitomi lifted my shirt up, and my enormous knockers fell heavily out, bouncing like balloons. I was braless, but not because I was a shameless girl. I could never find a bra that could contain my massive jugs. She squealed in delight, and started massaging the directly. Her hands sank deep into my soft titty flesh, and I threw my head back in pleasure. My nipples were inverted, so they had yet to pop out, despite how horny I was. Hitomi took notice.

“Well, well, well. Looks like Mai has a couple of very shy nipples. I think I can make them come out and join the fun, though.” Before I could muse over the irony of having “shy nipples”, Hitomi lifted one heavy tit up, and started sucking on my large areola. I moaned like a cow in heat. Hitomi looked so naughty suckling on the plump, fat, pink skin around my hiding nipple. She sucked back and forth, gently, but firmly. I could only watch and love the feeling of this lewd act and feel my pussy get wetter. Hitomi worked my titty flesh at the same time as she sucked. Trying to coax out my naughty nipple.

It was working. I could feel my nipple slowly start to be sucked out. It was an incredible feeling. My breast was like putty in her professional hands. She started sucking a bit harder, and rolled my fat tit around until finally my nipple revealed itself as Hitomi popped off with a “PUAH!” I cried out when my breast jiggled free, dripping with drool. My nipple was out, hard and pointy. I panted and gasped, nearly cumming from this.

“Haah haahn…Thank you for making my nipple come out, ma’am. That felt amazing!” I lifted up my freshly kneaded tit and sucked the newly revealed nipple myself. She giggled, and moaned at such a naughty sight.

“Well you know you still have one more, right? May I suck out this one, too?” I gasped, and nodded excitedly. I bit my lower lip as Hitomi took hold of my other breast. This time she lovingly, and sweetly licked all over and around the fat areola. This tingled in such a good way. She sucked it into her mouth, only to pull back and make it pop it out so it jiggled free like jelly. This time she was more delicate. She fingered the hole where my nipple hid, and I gasped loudly. My voice shook as I begged her to suck it out like before.

“AAHNN! Please, Miss Hitomi! Do it like before! Suckle it out! I need it to be out! Ahhnn!” She looked up at me, teasing my nipple into coming out. She giggled like a slut, and nodded. She sweetly smooched my cheek, as if to apologize, and then started suckling hard. I gasped, and mewled happily. She pulled back and forth, over and over. She was latched onto my tit like a hungry baby. I raised my hands over my head as she tried pulling out my ornery nipple, until finally it popped out. This time I did cum. I fell back on the couch, gasping. My huge tits were covered in drool and sweat, heaving up and down.

“You came, didn’t you? What a naughty girl I found. Well, why don’t we go to the bedroom, and play some more? You don’t wanna stop, right?” I looked at her with lustful, needy eyes, and she knew my answer.

Chapter 5: So Much To Grab, Squeeze, and Suck

Hitomi lead me by the hand to her bedroom. I felt all embarrassed, as much as if she were carrying me like earlier. I was confused, for I had never felt this way about another girl before. However, I couldn’t deny the intense lustful urge to do naughty things with her. I was excited to see what was in store for me. Hitomi sat on her bed, which was very large. She pulled me close to her, and pulled down my skirt, not without difficulty due to the size of my ass.

“Holy shit, this is a seriously phat ass, Mai! How can you be so naughty, wearing such a tiny skirt?” She reached around me, and smacked both hands into my ass and groped my marshmallow-like booty. I yelped when she smacked it, but moaned as she felt it up.

“I can’t find one that covers it completely. I have to go to school with my butt popping out. It’s so embarrassing.” Hitomi continued to mold my ass meat with her surprisingly strong hands. I felt liquid trickling down my thick thighs, soaking my panties. Hitomi noticed this, and made me open my legs just a bit. She placed two fingers in between the fat camel toe in my panties. She started rubbing my plump pussy, and my whole body shook violently.

“HAAAAHN! NO, NOT THERE! That feels way too good!” I looked helplessly down at how Hitomi worked her fingers in between the fat lips of my pussy over my wet panties. I was losing the ability to stand, and almost crumbled, but Hitomi held me up, and guided me to the bed. She made me lie down, and I instinctually opened my legs. My pink lace panties were all wet, and Hitomi just stared.

I was starting to feel very embarrassed, when she peeled my panties off. I squeezed both güvenilir bahis siteleri my gigantic tits together with my forearms, and made sure she could see my pussy perfectly. Hitomi’s jaw dropped. It was as if she was now looking at the most beautiful thing she ever saw. She moved in to get a closer look at my cunt. It was bald, fat, and bright pink. My lips were puffy, and my clit was swollen with lust. Hitomi’s mouth was watering, and she had a scary look in her eye. Like she wanted to devour me. And that’s what she did.

Hitomi dove face first into my pussy and started gobbling me up. My eyes immediately rolled back in my head, and I gasped loudly. She worked her tongue all over my pudgy mound. Sucking, kissing, licking, and slurping. She french kissed my hole, sloppily digging her tongue inside me, and wriggling it around. I felt like I was losing my mind. It was amazing. I tried closing my legs, due to the intensity of this feeling, but Hitomi held them open, and mercilessly dug me out. I squealed like an animal, and could only lie there, writhing as she focused on my clit. I couldn’t hold on any longer, and came hard, screaming. She pulled away, face soaked with my juices.

“Haaahn! Such a delicious little pussy you have, Mai. I can’t get enough of it. And from the obscene noises you’re making, you must like it too. I can’t believe you came already.” I only weakly nodded, and looked down at her. My tongue was hanging out of my mouth, and I was heavily panting.

“Aww, look at you! You’ve never been handled by someone experienced have you? Well how would you like another orgasm? I’ll even make you squirt, if you ask me nicely.” She pulled off her t-shirt, and her enormous melons burst out, bouncing and jiggling cartoonishly. She had beautiful, plump nipples and a cute beauty mark on the left breast above the nipple on the left side. She stood up and peeled off her yoga pants so that her insanely huge, onion shaped ass popped out, twerking on its own. I could only stare at her spectacular body, and almost forgot that she asked me a question.

“Y-yes, please. I’d love it if you could make my pussy squirt, Miss Hitomi. Pretty please?” She smiled wide, and crawled into bed with me. Our plump bodies smushed together, as she pulled me close and frenched me deeply. My hands wandered all over her meaty body as she kissed me. There was so much to grope and squeeze. Our fat nipples rubbed together, and our thick legs were intertwined. It was the very picture of lust and desire. She suddenly pulled away.

“PUAH! Ahhn! Just what are you trying to do to me, young lady? Getting so handsy. Naughty girl.” Hitomi then put her arm around my neck, used her one leg to hold open one of mine, and put her hand right on my pussy. She started rubbing it, and sloshing her fingers in and out of my tight hole. I gasped in surprise, and nuzzled into her giant bosom.

“HNNNNNN! Miss Hitomi, that feels so good! Please don’t stop!” I mewled loudly, and started suckling one of Hitomi’s juicy nipples. She squealed in delight, but didn’t stop fingering me. My whole body was trembling, loving how she fucked me with her fingers. She used her thumb to rub into my clit, as her middle finger and ring finger slid easily in and out of my needy hole. She hooked them up inside, and easily tweaked my g-spot. I felt another orgasm coming, but it felt stronger. Like I had to suddenly pee.

“Nnnnggg! Hitomi, I’m gonna cum! Your fingers are making me cum!” She cooed in my ear, and sweetly shushed my loud, horny voice.

“Shh shh, it’s okay, Mai. Just let it happen. Hitomi is right here. Cum for me. Be a good girl and cum lots, okay?” Her sweet, soft, gentle voice and the loving smooches on my cheek were the complete opposite of her furious piston fingering, and merciless tweaking of my clit.

“AHHN HAAHN AHN HYAAAHN!” I moaned and squealed so loud. She refused to stop, and finally, my pussy exploded in a clear stream of juice. I shook violently, and Hitomi held me tight, rubbing out the last of my first ever squirt. After I finished, I collapsed into her loving embrace. I cuddled her, and she pet my head, and stroked my cheek.

“Very good girl! That was your first ever squirt, wasn’t it?” I looked up at her from in between her luscious tits.

“Uh huh…It felt really good, ma’am. I loved it so much. But I made a mess in your bed! I’m sorry…” She shook her head, and sweetly kissed me all over my face.

“Not a problem at all, sweet girl. I’m happy you liked it. Tell me, do you have a boyfriend?” This question seemed out of nowhere, and I was surprised.

“No, ma’am. I didn’t even think I liked girls until now! But I do still think I like boys. Why?” She giggled, and pinched my chubby cheek.

“Well, I had a bit of a naughty idea. I love your secret slutty side, and think we should trigger it more. I wondered if you had a boy we could play with together. But since you don’t, maybe Mama could go out and find one for us? I really think we should get you your first taste of a man. Would you like that?” I looked at her, and my mouth hung open. A man? My first taste? I loved my first time with a woman, but a man? I was reluctant. Even so, that throbbing started up again, and I found myself nodding in agreement. A slutty smile slowly forming on my face.

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