A Naughty Holiday Pt. 04

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It was mid-afternoon by the time Sophie and Alex found themselves back on the private island’s main beach. Fine white sand shifting under their feet as they strolled hand in hand past the turquoise waters lapping nearby.

The third day of their luxury Caribbean holiday had so far been a huge success. Starting as it did with sweet love-making before breakfast, followed by another morning of spectacular diving. But what had got Alex’s heart really racing, was the promise it still held.

For his gorgeous blonde wife had acted like the perfect tease. Except, without Ben and Kristen around, their handsome black diving guide had become the object of her attention. And she had been merciless. Asking the young local to apply sunscreen, letting her breasts ‘accidentally’ pop out of her orange bikini top, and ‘unwittingly’ allowing her itsy Brazilian bottoms to slide down her thighs while she was wriggling out of her wet suit.

But far from being jealous, Alex had been hard most of the day, loving the interplay between his exhibitionist wife and the poor lad. So as the villa came into view over the dunes, his pulse accelerated and his muscles grew taught, like an athlete before a race. Tightening his grip around the delicate hand within its grasp, leading it purposefully up the small rise, towards the appointment with pleasure that now beckoned.

Sand kicked up in their tracks as they navigated the swaying scrub and shadows. Passing the spot where Sophie had been filled with cum whilst the lovely Kristen, and her large round melons, had watched and masturbated nearby. And as if Alex wasn’t already horny enough, thinking about it made his lust boil over.

It was incredible how vigorous he felt without work and kids weighing him down. Almost like being a teenager again. Which reminded him of a summer long past, his first with Sophie, when they were both university students. Borrowing her father’s beat up old Renault Cinq to drive down the sleepy west coast of France. No commitments, no schedule, no worries, and barely any money. Camping on beaches and in forests. Sneaking into hotels and holiday camps, to use the facilities and steal food from buffet tables. Happy and carefree days, enjoying the simple things in life.

And the sex had been fantastic. Once, twice or even three times a day. In showers, on beaches, in the tent, in the car, on the car, and even being caught in public a few times. Her father’s expression as they had tried to explain away the dent on the bonnet was unforgettable.

As soon as they were inside the villa Sophie threw off her beach dress and bikini, allowing her husband to study her delicious body. She could feel his gaze, and smell his testosterone in the air. And although part of her longed to have him inside, she was enjoying being a tease, and wanted to play the role for a little longer.

“Pardon Cheri. My spa appointment is soon and I want to wash my hair. We don’t have time for anything right now,” she called out over her shoulder, as she sauntered to the bathroom.

It wasn’t strictly true, there was a moment to spare, but it gave her a good excuse. Alex did a double take, not sure that he had heard right. He understood that she had an appointment to keep, but couldn’t believe she would be inhumane enough to leave him hanging. Worst case, there was surely time for a…

“No, not even for a quickie!” she insisted, reading his mind. “But I promise to make it up to you tonight. Now, allez-y, go to the pool and work on that six pack you keep promising me.”

And, before he could mount a rebuttal, or she could change her mind, Sophie popped behind the bathroom door and locked it shut with a heavy thud. Smiling mischievously as she turned on the shower, imagining her frustrated husband prowling like a caged animal back in the room.

‘Oh…I’m going to get it good tonight!’ she giggled with a tingle.

“Bitch,” Alex cursed at the locked door.

She had wound him up and then left him high and dry with a serious case of blue balls. Grabbing his goggles he stormed out of the villa.

“Mark my words…” he vowed, “you’re going to pay for this…”


A robed silhouette emerged back into the silent room. Moving gracefully through the still air, coming to a stop under the spotlight in front of the full length mirror. Pausing, as if waiting for a stage cue. Then, in a flurry of motion, pushing the plush white bathroom robe off to reveal a beautiful glistening body.

Piecing blue eyes critically assessed the naked woman that was standing there. Her fine facial features, long blonde hair, perky breasts, slim waist, cute slit, and toned legs. Evenly tanned, except for a band of pale skin across her chest and a shallow triangle of white between her hips. Temptation in human form.

Unable to resist, hands were soon roaming over her lovely breasts, kneading and savoring, rolling and pinching the sensitive pink nipples until they were standing proud and erect. Eliciting a moan of pleasure. Then, eager to continue their exploration, the hands moved south. Running approvingly Tandoğan Escort over the freshly shaved skin of her mound, down over the bump of her hooded clit, and round to the tight folds of her innie pussy.

As deeply satisfying vibrations emanated from her core, Sophie stared at herself in the mirror and appreciated the irony of what she had become. For it wasn’t that long ago that she condemned girls who were sluts or hussies. And yet here she was. Shaving her sex, performing lewd acts, exhibiting herself, and masturbating and fucking in public. All the hallmarks of a world class whore. But then again, after what had happened to her when she was a freshman at college, maybe it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that she had the capacity suppressed within.

But Sophie had never been one to care about social norms, preferring instead to live life the way she wanted. And in that context, what was so wrong about enjoying her sexuality? Wasn’t it up to her to decide what she did with her body? And if her husband didn’t mind, which he clearly didn’t, what was there to reproach? As long as no one got hurt, there was no harm done.

Take that morning, surely Sam didn’t mind the attention. Besides, she couldn’t have been the first female client to flirt with him. Granted, she might have been more brazen than most, but she had no doubt that he had been the object of desire for more than a few horny women.

‘Hmm…Sam…” she groaned, thinking of the young stud and his gorgeous six pack.

And although she had wanted to save herself for later in the evening, there was no way she would be leaving the villa without having an orgasm first. All the flirting had got her too worked up, and not releasing the sexual tension was not an option. So sitting in front of the full length mirror, she spread her legs and got to it. Rubbing her clit whilst stuffing herself full of fingers, simulating what she thought Ben’s big slab of black meat would feel like.

Watching the reflection was like an out of body experience. Sophie knew it was herself, and yet she felt strangely detached from the insatiable blonde that was jilling away, oblivious to anything except her own primeval needs. Willing the performer on, wanting to see her cum in all her magnificent depravity. And she didn’t have to wait long before, accompanied by the sound of squishy flesh and quick breaths, the blonde shook in waves and covered her hand in slick juice.

Satisfied, Sophie cleaned herself up and headed over to the large wardrobe to get ready. But the white beach dress that she was intent on wearing was nowhere to be found. Search as she may, it wasn’t in the drawer or hanging above, which was strange, as it had definitely been packed.

“Maybe Alex accidentally put it with his things?” she wondered out loud, opening his drawer and ruffling through it.

But something else caught her eye, a corner of red material that seemed out of place. Curious, she removed the folded garment and turned it in her hands. There was a ball of white cotton wrapped inside, and she put it to one side.

“Oh my,” she gasped, connecting the velcro ends.

It was a pleated micro skirt with a red tartan pattern, and a black Hustler label at the front. She smiled at her husband’s audacity, knowing there would be another piece of clothing which would complete the ensemble. Plunging back into the drawer she eventually found it, at the bottom of the pile. A tight fitting short sleeve white shirt which she hadn’t worn for years.

Pulling it out to examine, Sophie unexpectedly smiled in delight, for underneath it was the white beach dress she had been looking for. Nonetheless, her focus remained on the items in question, and like a cop laying out contraband for official photographs, she placed the guilty pieces side by side on the bed.

A week ago she would have probably thrown them all away in abhorrence. But it hardly seemed scandalous after the last few days. And besides, being a student seduced by a teacher had been one of her oldest fantasies. Had she told her husband that? Or was he hoping to fulfill his own perverted dream? Her usually perfect memory couldn’t recall.

‘What do you think Soph, can you pull it off?’

The clock confirmed there was just enough time before the spa appointment, so she quickly dug through the lingerie looking for something suitable. But it was all La Perla or similarly sophisticated and expensive brands, nothing that looked remotely like something a schoolgirl would wear.

‘Unless, of course,’ she giggled, ‘it was from a sugar daddy.’

Finally settling on the full bottomed sheer white panties, she slipped into the uniform and returned to the mirror. Her eyes arching in surprise at the transformation.

The long white hot socks finished just above the knee, leaving her sensual upper thighs completely exposed. The red skirt was so short that her see-through panties peeked out from under it, even when she didn’t move. Then there was the tight white shirt without any bra underneath, Tunalı Escort which was left unbuttoned at the top for good measure. Twirling provocatively in front of the mirror, she was impressed with the outcome.

Putting a finger to her mouth and pouting like a spoiled brat, Sophie had to concede that the schoolgirl staring back was just asking to be fucked, and fucked hard. If she had been a male teacher, she would definitely have made the little slut earn her ‘A’. But there was something missing, a piece de resistance. Searched for her iPhone she Googled ‘sexy schoolgirl’.

The images set her imagination racing, compelling her to click on some of the more saucy ones, especially those where the model had big boobs.


A little green box suddenly appeared, interrupting the smut surfing. Swiping it opened a selfie. It was from her best friend, who was sitting at a work desk and looking bored. The text beneath it read:

“Glad to see you back online! At work, pale and jealous…girls night Fri?”

Sophie laughed heartily – and then stopped dead. Clouds parted in her mind to reveal the glorious sunshine of an idea, and her lips curled into a salacious smile.


Even though they had just finished dinner, Alex still hadn’t satisfied his craving. Far from it. Looking across the candle-lit table at his gorgeous wife, his carnal hunger had never been greater.

Sophie could see it in his eyes, and enjoyed taunting him, curling her tongue round the silver spoon, sensuously cleaning the last of the chocolate sauce, her actions charged with innuendo. The blonde’s suggestive behavior was in stark contrast to her angelic appearance: a simple white dress, a small solitaire, and a French braid. And the contradiction between her pure look and recent sinful behavior was not lost on her husband, who couldn’t wait to defile her.

But the butterflies in the pit of his stomach weren’t just related to those desires. They were also related to the fact that he was going to ask his wife to role play for the first time. For shortly after booking the holiday, he had also gone shopping at an adult store, hoping to live out a long held fantasy. But since they had arrived at Parrot Cay, he had chickened out every time he wanted to bring it up, fearing she would say “no”, and that it might ruin the incredible holiday vibe. Of course, the chance of her saying “yes” had gone up significantly given her recent deviant behavior. But Alex was nervous nonetheless.

It was their last night, and so his hand was being forced. It was time to put up or shut up. He downed the last of the red wine, hoping the liquid courage would fortify his resolve. Tactics turning over in his mind as he calculated the best way to broach the subject.

“Do you like my hair?” Sophie asked out of the blue, idly flicking her French braid to the side and running a hand over the interwoven locks.

“I love it when you put your hair up like that. You did it a lot when we first met. Why did you stop? You should do it more often,” he replied excitedly.

It was the opening that he had been waiting for! Taking a deep breath he composed himself, going over the his pitch. But just as he was about to speak, his wife beat him to it.

“Why did I stop? I’ll tell you. Because it felt like every time a man looked at me, they were imaging some sick perverted schoolgirl fantasy.”

She paused, allowing the words to sink in. “Degoutant. Gross, right? It’s like those old guys who go to Thailand on sex holidays. Super creepy. Major Losers. That’s why I stopped.”

And, looking straight into his eyes for maximum effect, she took his hand and closed out her performance.

“I’m glad you’re not like that. It would really disappoint me.”

Alex should have seen the naughty twinkle in her eye. He should have guessed that there was something behind the remark. It was all too much of a coincidence. But he had been so caught up in his own little world, that he missed the signs. Instead, his fantasy shattered into a million pieces, and his heart sank. There was no way he could ask her now. Sophie could see the defeated expression and had to suppress a grin. Her particular brand of french humor could sometimes boarder on cruelty.

“Cheri, let’s head over to the bar for a round of mojitos before we go back to the villa. I have to go to the toilet, and I think I left my sunglasses at the Spa earlier. So, go on ahead and get us a place, and I will join you shortly.”

Alex felt almost numb as his wife leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, before bouncing energetically out of the restaurant. Full of disappointment, he headed down towards the circular bar annex with lead feet. It was much busier than on that infamous night. And, whether by chance or fate, the only sofa available, was the same one they had been sitting at when his wife had first pulled back her wet skirt.

“It is good to see you again Mr Marino,” came a familiar voice.

Alex looked up, recognizing the same bartender Türbanlı Escort that had watched Sophie’s sex show, and he didn’t know whether to be embarrassed, friendly, or angry.

“Thank you,” he managed in the end.

“Just yourself tonight?”

“No, no, my wife will be here in a minute.”

“May I offer you two mojitos then, on the house?” the bartender said with a big grin.

Other couples gaily chatted away whilst Alex finished his drink and soaked in the ambiance. His thoughts wandering back to that evening, and how erotic it had been to watch Sophie exposing and playing with herself whilst other men had been present. Except, in his replay, the ending varied. Instead of taking her to the beach, he imagined them doing it on the sofa, and the other men join…

“Alex,” a voice called out, jolting him from his thoughts.


“Can I join you?”


“Where’s Sophie?” he asked, a little too intently.

“Should be here any minute.”

And like the bartender, Ben perked up at the knowledge that the hot blonde would be joining. They started talking about the dives, and as a minute turned into two, and then into five, Alex began to wonder what had become of her.

Buzz… buzz…

A vibration tickled his thigh, and it took him a second to remember that he had reluctantly brought his iPhone at Sophie’s request. Something about wanting to take photos on their last night, and hers being out of charge. Removing it from his pocket he held it casually out in front, pressed his thumb down, and then tapped the WhatsApp icon, not even bothering to see who it was from.

“Holy shit, nice photo!” Ben scoffed, as he caught sight of the screen.

Alex had to agree. It was a selfie of a hot body dressed as a naughty schoolgirl and laying on a bed, with the face outside of the frame. He immediately assumed it was from his colleague Marco. Photos like this always were. Single, and something of a Don Juan, Marco enjoyed teasing his married work mates with photos of the models and thousand dollar hookers that he regularly cavorted with.

“Can I see it?” Ben asked eagerly, holding out his hand.

Preoccupied with ruing what could have been, Alex didn’t think twice about handing over the phone. He was too busy being jealous of Marco, who was living out the very fantasy which his wife had just destroyed. And, now that he thought of it, not only was he pissed off about that, but also because she had mercilessly teased him all day, whilst refusing to do anything about it. Always holding out the promise of making it up to him. What a load of bullshit. Not to mention the fact that she was keeping him waiting over a pair of fucking sunglasses. Dark shadows of resentment seeped into his mind.

“I’d love a little bit of that,” Ben whistled.

But Alex barely heard.

“Where the fuck is she?” he cursed venomously under his breath.

Glancing back towards the bar entrance, not hearing the buzz of his phone as more photos arrived.

“Wow. If you don’t mind me saying, that is some woman you have,” Ben blurted out, barely containing his excitement.

Alex turned back to look at him, thinking he was referring to the earlier antics on the dive trip.

“Yeh, sorry about Sophie’s behavior today, she can be… “

“Sorry about what?” Ben interrupted. “She is incredible. And you guys seem so opened minded. I maybe thought that…you know…she…you guys…” and he paused, suddenly lost for words.

But he didn’t need to continue. The penny dropped. Alex understood exactly what he wanted to say, and realized that his showing up at the bar was no coincidence. And who could blame him? After all, Sophie had led him on all morning, and he, the husband, hadn’t done anything to stop her. Ben was good looking and fit, so his ego probably put two and two together and concluded he was in with a shot.

Although many people might have taken offense, Alex actually empathized with him. After all, his cock tease of a wife had played them both. If anything, they were in the same boat.


Alex saw the glow of another photo arriving, and reached out for the phone.

It was the sexy schoolgirl again. Only this time the photo was from behind and at a low angle looking up. She was standing with sheer white panties pulled down around her thighs, her pussy clearly visible under the short red skirt. Alex glanced at the sender. It was from his wife’s phone! Blood rushed to his head.

“What the fuck?” he breathed out, processing the unexpected twist.

He clicked out of the photo and looked at the message stream. She had sent half a dozen naughty photos, and included her face in some of them. And there was a message just above the last one.

“I know I’ve been naughty today. Want to make it up to you. Waiting at the villa.”

“Damn…” he whistled.

Suddenly it all made sense! The cheeky minx! Through the fog of desire now clouding his tipsy mind, it all fit together. The comment at dinner, her hair, that she insisted he take the phone, and keeping him waiting in the bar. She must have found the costume and decided to have a some fun at his expense. Classic Sophie. She had played him masterfully, and he admired her deviousness. Maybe he deserved it on some level, but it wasn’t his style to let her get away with it either. No, she would have to be taught a lesson…

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