A Naughty Drive

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I had been with the love of my life for nearly two years, she was so sexy and cute. I always thought of her all the time. She was amazing in the bedroom she knew she what I liked and how to do it. We had sexy times, once when on holiday we had sex in a pool in the open where anybody could of caught us. It was hot feeling her body making her explode where we could have been caught any minute added to the excitement.

We both deep down knew it both turned us on so much that we wanted to be naughty outside again, the thrill of being caught made us both so excited. One day we went out to country pub, I drove so she got to enjoy having a few drinks.

As we got in the car to drive home she reached across and kissed me passionately. As I drove off, we passed a layby, she told me pull in. As I stopped she lept across kissing me wildly, as she thrust her tongue into my mouth it made me moan, she knew I loved it. It was a dark layby with the odd car driving past. The headlights could shine as the cars would come the round the corner past us, she looked at me with that naughty look in her eye. I think Tandoğan Escort we should have some dares she said, undo your trousers then drive, as I unzipped my trousers, I drove off.

She started kissing my neck whilst I was trying to drive, her fingers slipped into my undone trousers as her fingers started to stroke my cock my breathing got harder. She put her fingers in her mouth soaked them then rubbed them on my cock making me thrust towards her. She started rubbing my hard cock up and down slowly, she kept kissing my neck whispering in my ear that I liked being teased and time to show me what teasing really is.

She told me to drive to somewhere empty and she was gonna tease me until we got there. Still driving she lent down and licked the end of my cock making me moan. She got up getting into the back seat. Keep driving dont stop or I will you can move your mirror but no looking.

As I passed another car coming towards us driving down the country road, I kept my eyes on the road driving but moved my mirror so I could see Tunalı Escort what she was upto in the back seat. She sat in the middle, she pulled off her jeans and knickers. I could see she had opened her legs wide. Eyes on the road she said, she loved being in control. She started rubbing her pussy, I could hear her moans and the wetness from her sexy pussy.

Another car drove towards us, this just seemed to excite her more she was lifted a leg on the seat rubbing her pussy faster, she moaned to me that she was rubbing her clit, she told me that her hand was up her top rubbing her nipple and that she wanted me to fuck her as soon as we stopped. I knew an empty car park I drove as quick as I could towards it.

I could hear her breathing getting deeper, as I looked in the mirror she was lost rubbing her clit and nipple was too much, she squirted all over the back seat, her eyes met mine in the mirror. As I kept driving, she lent forward putting her soaking fingers into my mouth as she almost sat behind me. It tasted so good, she worked her Türbanlı Escort other hand into the back of jeans, I lent forward, her fingers searched for my special spot.

As she touched it I moaned, kept going I said, she wriggled her fingers on it and I moaned louder, as I found the turn, she pushed in making me moan again, she told me im so horny im rubbing my clit again, and the second you stop im gonna touch you how you love it.

As I parked I dived into the back seat she pulled down my jeans, her legs wide open I slide my rock hard cock into her soaked pussy, I fucked her as hard as I could, she was rubbing in between her legs rubbing her clit her pussy started gripping my rock hard cock as she rocked back and fucked me, she clamped tight as her orgasm ripped through her, I felt her warm pussy soak my cock, she reached her soaked finger round sliding it into my special spot making me moan, she rocked my cock in her pussy whilst I moaned as her finger pushed deep inside me I couldn’t take it she knew it she screamed come in my pussy, with that she pushed her finger inside me so deep it hit my spot as I trusted into her soaked pussy I exploded deep inside her.

We both fell into each other kissing deeply, she said you drive us home sexy bum, she moved her fingers round so we could both lick them it tasted of me and her we kept kissing our tongues round her finger. We drove home cuddled driving wanting to go out next

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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