A Muddy Adventure

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“You’re sure you’re okay with this, Aaron?”

Aaron, dressed in bright yellow wellies, skin-tight jeans, and a crisp white tee clutched her face between his hands and gave Lilly a lingering kiss. “Sweetheart, I was the one who offered. Don’t be getting any ideas that I want this any less than you two.”

Lilly nodded. John, to her right, squeezed her hand reassuringly. She smiled up at him and gathered her wits. They were doing this.

Aaron continued. “Okay so I found the perfect spot yesterday. I already prepped it this morning, so we shouldn’t have to worry about much in the way of warm-up.”

“Having fun without us, Aaron?” John teased.

“Only a little bit,” Aaron said with a smile. “Okay follow me.”

Lilly and John squeezed fingers once more before following Aaron through the thick brush. It was hot and humid, and their clothes were clinging to each of their bodies. Lilly thought about how nice it was going to be to cool off.

The short yellow skirt and light blue tank paired with sensible flats had seemed like a perfect outfit for the outing, but she was beginning to regret it. Harsh reeds and dried grass scraped at her bare legs, leaving light scratches. John, with his slacks, light dress shirt, and trainers may have been better off in that respect, but she could tell by the dark marks under his arms and the slight gleam of his hair that he was sweltering.

Five minutes later, Aaron let out a triumphant cry as they hit a clearing. Lilly could hear distant running water. In front of them stood a glorious sight:

A patch of brown-black mud sat glistening in the sun, a light trickle of water running like veins along the edges. It was freshly churned and by the size of the scattered leg-sized holes, looked to be at least a couple feet deep. This was going to be fun.

As John and Lilly stared in awe, Aaron walked over to the edge of the pit and smiled wickedly at his partners. He turned and stood with his back to the mud. He swayed back and forth precariously with a wide grin on his face.

“You ready for this?” Aaron teased. He leaned a little too far back and wheeled his arms, but managed to get upright.

Lilly bit her lip in anticipation. Her mind was running wild with images of Aaron splayed out in the mud, flecks flying into the air, the pattern it would make on his arse and his back…

“Just go!” she said impatiently.

He chuckled. “Ah ah ah! Patience, sweetie. I could do this all day and you know it.” His grin only widened as he did a little dance with his feet just at the edge of the grass. He could fall in any moment and he knew it, but whether it was going to be by accident or design was still up for question.

“One… Two…”

She knew he wasn’t going to go on three, but her heart still sped up and her pupils widened in arousal.

John, though, had had enough teasing. He strode up in front of Aaron and gave him a strong push. “Three!”

Aaron flew backwards, his mouth a gaping “O” of surprise. He hit the mud with a splat and sent small bits of dirt and water away in a spray around his impact. He was hip-deep in the mud with his wellies and calves still resting on the safety of the grass ledge.

“You bastard!” Aaron spat, followed by a jovial laugh. “You’re next, you know.”

John licked his bottom lip almost imperceptibly. “I’d be disappointed if I wasn’t.”

Aaron gulped and started at John for a long moment. His gaze was hungry and wanton. He looked as if he were seconds away from dragging John into the mud by his collar and fuking him senseless. He probably was.

Lilly broke the tension, not wanting things to escalate too quickly.

“How does it feels, Aaron?”

He turned his gaze to her, the heat still there behind the more innocent grin.

“Fabulous. It’s the perfect day for this, really. Smooth, creamy, cool. I could roll around in here all day.” Like a small child, Aaron patted the mud at his sides, splashing in the puddles and splattering the top of his jeans.

“You wanna join me?”

Lilly smiled. “Not yet. I want to watch you play for a bit.”

He smiled. “My pleasure.”

In response to her, Aaron flicked open his jeans’ button with two muddy fingers and slid the zipper down slowly. Lilly found a spot on the grass with a good view and got comfortable, smoothing out her skirt with her hands. John came and sat behind her, and she leaned back against his chest. She could feel every deep and heavy breath he inhaled and released.

With a grace unknown to most of man, Aaron managed to slide his jeans and pants down to his knees without disturbing his position in the mud. As the cool, wet slop met his bare skin, his mouth fell open and he tilted his head back ever so slightly in pleasure.

Eyes half-lidded, Aaron placed his cock in his hand and gave one firm stroke. All three gasped in time with the movement. Aaron emitted a low moan. Lilly shifted her thighs while John pressed a hot open kiss to the back of her neck. bursa escort

Another stroke, and another choked cry of pleasure. Lilly knew that Aaron’s volume was mostly for show, but her body didn’t care. He took a handful of the mud beside him and dribbled it slowly on his cock, his other hand speeding up its rhythm. He kept up his obscene song with every breath that passed his vocal chords.

John couldn’t help but rut against his wife’s backside. He was rock-hard in his trousers and every motion the other man made was only bringing him closer to the brink. To distract himself, he kept up his oral ministrations on Lilly’s shoulder, which wasn’t helping her situation at all.

Hand keeping a steady piston-tempo, Aaron took another huge handful of muck and smeared it across his once-pristine shirt. The mud clumped on his shirt and slid down between his legs once more. He screwed his eyes shut, and his voice was transformed into crescendoing shouts as he jerked his hand more forcefully, twisting and yanking and struggling for release.

With one long, loud shout, Aaron spilled himself onto his hand. He panted and kept his hand going in a loose rhythm, milking every last ounce of pleasure his cock would provide.

Lilly turned her head to the side and John kissed her like a drowning man. Teeth clashed and lips pressed together tightly, their tongues invading each other’s mouths and searching for stimulation.

Lilly broke away quickly and took John’s face in her hands.

“Why don’t you,” she whispered. “Go give Aaron a hand.”

John’s eyes were pure black. A small whimper escaped his lips and he couldn’t move for several moments; clearly fighting the urge to ravage Lilly in that exact moment in space and time. Eventually though, he pulled himself away. His eyes turned to Aaron, where the other man was leisurely massaging his own legs and groin with handfuls of black mud.

Pulling away from Lilly, John kept his gaze locked with Aaron as he crept slowly towards the pit on all fours. Lilly nearly came at the sight of her husband stalking towards the mud. The sight of him in his best clothes, moving towards such filth, was indescribably arousing.

He stopped briefly at the edge of the pit and turned his eyes to the expanse of black muck before him, taking a moment to stick a finger in and rub the mixture in his hand, testing the consistency. Then, without warning, he sunk his arm in up to the elbow.

A smile played on his face and he eagerly stuck in the other arm. Then, slowly, he pulled them out, revealing the black, goopy gloves that covered his arms, glistening in the afternoon sun. He let out a small laugh and then quickly stuck his arms back in the mud and pulled himself forward.

He dragged himself into the mud, his dress pants ruined in an instant and his good shoes tarnished forever. He was panting and stopped for a moment, his cock tenting his trousers to an almost painful degree.

Slowly, he crawled over to where Aaron sat, and mashed his own mouth against the other man’s. Aaron moaned, and James unabashedly returned the noise a few decibels higher. With deliberate movement, Aaron brought a hand up and dragged it down the side of James’s face, prompting a low sustained moan from the other man.

Aaron pulled John in by the neck and pressed their mouths together in a hungry snog. John broke the kiss and put a messy hand to Aaron’s chest, keeping him away. “Stop,” he said.

All three took a moment, listening to the sound of each other’s panting breaths and the squelch of mud underneath John and Aaron’s shifting bodies.

“Get on your hands and knees,” John ordered with authority.

Aaron smiled wide. “Ooh. I like it!”

John tried to tamp down the smile that automatically came at the praise, but failed. In a second though, he steeled his expression and gave Aaron a quick and rough kiss.

Grabbing the other man firmly by the shoulder, John gave him a shove. Aaron followed the movement and complied, getting into position; his arms and legs sinking into the mire with this new adjustment.

John took hold of the man’s soiled trousers and yanked them from his legs, leaving him bare from the waist down. Aaron gasped at the quick movement, and then again as John smacked him firmly.

John leaned over Aaron’s back. “Do you want me to hit you again?” he asked quietly.

“Yes,” Aaron replied in a breathy near-moan.

John slapped him again with a sound like the crack of a whip. Aaron let out a long shaky breath and tried desperately to keep his hand away from his weeping cock.

Lilly, on the grass, lifted her skirt up and gently rubbed the heel of her hand on her panties, unable to keep from touching herself in one way or another.

Putting his hands to the zip of his dress slacks, John teasingly, painfully slowly undid his trousers and let them fall to his knees. He took a dripping handful of mud and gave himself three sure strokes before running his hands over Aaron’s cheeks. Slowly, bursa escort bayan he moved a slick finger over the man’s hole and gave a light press. Aaron let out a whine, and John halted his movement.

“Do you want this?” he asked, starting to slowly circle around the tightened muscle.

“Yes,” Aaron breathed.

“Tell me you want it.”

“I want it.”

“What do you want?”

Aaron paused only for a moment, but replied firmly, “I want you to fuck me.”

Lilly gasped pleasurably from her seat on the sidelines and the men looked to see her fingers shoved into her panties, drawing circles over her clit under the fabric. “Yes,” she let out.

Slowly, he inserted a finger into Aaron. He curled it just slightly, and Aaron let out a low moan. Another slid into place. John pumped his fingers in, out, in, out, at a painstaking tempo. Aaron shifted and whined beneath him, desperate for friction.

“You want more?” John asked innocently.

“Yes,” choked out Aaron.

John stopped his fingers. Aaron whimpered.

“Beg for it.”

Lilly could see the flush overtake Aaron’s face, and watched as a drop of precum dripped into the mud below him.

“I told you,” John said, accenting his words with a quick push of three fingers into the other man’s hole. “To beg. Let me hear you.”

“Please.” Aaron managed to gasp out.

“Good job,” praised John. He picked up another slimy handful and coated Aaron’s ass. With careful precision, he inserted his cock. Both men groaned at the sensation, the low plea sounding until John was balls deep in the other man.

“God,” croaked Aaron. “John, I’m not gonna last.”

“You will last,” John said labourdly. “Until I come. Understood?”

“Understo-AUGH” Aaron was cut off by a rough thrust from behind.

John started up a steady rhythm, a look of pure ecstasy on his face as he slammed into Aaron again and again. Aaron, unable to keep his arms steady, and with the force of John’s motions, felt his strength give. With one thrust, his head was slammed into the mud.

Pulling himself back out, he blinked and spat out a mouthful of the black muck. The sight was too much for John, and with a choked moan, Aaron felt the man shoot his load inside him. John wrapped his arm around Aaron and gave his cock one, two, three jerks and Aaron came helplessly into his hand. Exhausted, the men collapsed into the mud in a heap.

With the men’s shouts of bliss still hanging in the air, the sound of Lilly’s release was in clear contrast to their low tones. They looked over to see their girl with one hand inside herself and the other on her breast, flushed by the result of her orgasm.

“Well that was-” Aaron began.

“Brilliant.” John finished.

“Absolutely.” Lilly affirmed.

Slowly, the trio sat up in their respective positions, John and Aaron sitting up and taking in each other’s muddied state with wide grins and chuckled. Lilly pulled her hand from her panties and smoothed out her skirt and shirt, looking almost presentable.

“You boys are looking lovely,” Lilly commented with a smirk.

“Oh yeah?” John asked. “You’re looking pretty clean, yourself.”

Lilly smiled and bit lightly on the end of her tongue flirtatiously. “You got a problem with that?”

John returned her grin. “As a matter of fact, I do.”

Lilly’s eyes gleamed with excitement, pupils blown wide with arousal. “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

John looked at Aaron, and the men shared a devilish look. Then, ever so casually, John flicked his muddy hand in Lilly’s direction. She gasped as small flecks of mud sprayed her, sprinkling her legs and skirt with scattered brown-black dots.

“You didn’t,” she intoned teasingly.

John raised his eyebrows. “You know, I think i did.” And with that, threw a small clump of mud straight at her. It hit her chest straight on and rolled down between the cleavage of her breasts. She gasped and ran a finger along the trail it left, then examined her muddy fingers.

“You’re going to need to do better than that if you want to get me muddy, John.”

“Well how about if I help?” Aaron asked, throwing another small clump, this time aimed at her stomach.

“Mmm we’ll see, won’t we?” she said, smiling.

John grew bolder and this time grabbed a good handful of mud. Lilly trembled in anticipation, wondering where he’d aim it. He threw and hit her arm, abruptly painting her left shoulder and upper arm a dark brown. Aaron followed his lead, and threw a large handful that sprayed her right leg up to the knee.

The wave of arousal that flowed over her was like nothing she’d felt before; the intent gaze of the two men on her clothed and messied form, the tension of their game, and the feel of semi-warm mud trailing down her body had her core throbbing.

“You know boys,” she said. “I’m not feeling too messy right now.”

Taking that as a challenge, Aaron scooped a massive handful of mud and hurled it straight escort bursa at her face. She squealed and closed her eyes in the instant before impact. The mud stung and pushed her head back, but the slight pain was nothing when mixed with the powerful euphoria she was experiencing.

She opened her mouth in shock and spat out a bit that had gotten in her mouth. She was panting helplessly. She couldn’t see a thing; she raised a hand to her face and wiped the worst of the gunk away from her eyes and looked for a reaction from her boys. She was almost startled to see the predatory arousal in their eyes. Their pupils were blown wide and their erections just starting to rise once more.

“Well,” she asked breathlessly. “That all you got?”

The marring of her face seemed to set something loose in the men. Handful after handful, they lobbed clumps of the mire at her, plastering her body slowly. She moved her hand down to touch herself, unable to ignore the arousal of the act. She was so lost in the feel of pleasuring herself that she didn’t notice the men crawling out of the mud until they were by her sides.

She opened her eyes lazily to find John’s face inches away from her own. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. She freed her hands from herself to run her fingers through his hair; messing it up with a mixture of mud and her own juices on her fingers.

“You going to come play with us?” Aaron whispered in her ear. She was incapable of more than a simple nod. She felt his messy face in the crook of her neck, his lips exploring the few clean areas of her skin.

Moving as one, the trio slowly crawled back into the mud. Lilly lay on her back, face to the blue sky, and the men were on either side of her. They massaged her body with fresh handfuls of mud, working it into every crevice. John had his hands under her skirt. He’d thrown her panties to a place unknown and busied himself driving her crazy with slick fingers over her clit. Aaron meanwhile, occupied himself with shoving handfuls of mud under her bra and massaging her breasts.

Lily was in bliss. John slipped his fingers inside her and fingered her roughly, curling his digits to touch her spot. She shouted, arching herself into his hand. Aaron kept one hand massaging her breast, but brought his other hand to join John’s, rubbing mercilessly at her clit until she was sure she would explode from the force of her arousal.

It didn’t take more than a couple more seconds of this blessed punishment before she screamed and shuddered, clamping down on John’s fingers and wriggling helplessly in the mud as her climax washed over her.

It was moments before she came back to reality and she squirmed happily in the mud, enjoying the inner warmth of her orgasm and the cool slickness of the mud all over her body. Still though, there was some room for improvement.

“Push me under,” she said.

“What?” Aaron asked, smirk on his face.

“I want you to push my head under the mud. I want to be absolutely covered in it.” Her heart began to race even as she spoke the words.

“Your wish is my command,” replied Aaron. He moved a gentle hand to her face and looked her in the eye. “Ready?”

She smiled. “More than anything.”

She only had time to take a quick breath before she was submerged by a strong push. The feeling of the mud in her hair and on her face was ecstasy. She couldn’t breathe, and the small thrill of danger set her into a higher gear of arousal. It felt like both milliseconds and hours before the hand was moved away and Lilly followed it up to the surface.

Gasping, she emerged dripping and sightless. Before she had a chance to wipe the mud away from her eyes, however, her mouth was covered by a desperate kiss from John.

She could only keep the deep kiss going for a few moments before breaking away again, not having fully caught her breath from the submersion. John took a thumb to her eyes and cleared enough mud for Lilly to open her eyes.

She opened her eyes to the sight of him and couldn’t help but giggle. His face and hair was covered in patches of mud, but with one large smear around his mouth. She could remedy that.

“You want a go?” she asked. His mouth fell open and he stumbled over nonsensical syllables, trying to form a reply.

“Put your head down, John.” she said commandingly. Obediently, he leant down until his face was mere inches from the mud.

“I’m going to hold you down there,” she continued. “Until you can’t stand it for another instant. But don’t try and come up before then or you’ll regret it.”

“Yes, Lilly,” he gasped.

She grabbed the back of his head with a firm hand. “One… two…”

The moment she heard him take a breath, she shoved him down, before the count of three. He jumped in surprise, but didn’t resist her. She was more than a little aroused at the feeling of control that came from holding John under like this, knowing that he would follow her instruction to the brink and beyond.

She waited, made sure he was under long enough to worry he may never come up again. She waited until she felt a small involuntary twitch, a subconscious cry for oxygen, and then just a couple seconds more before yanking him up by his hair.

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