A Mother’s Promise Ch. 01

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Thanks to an unsuspecting older sister, and my understanding and accommodating mother, I finished my eighteenth year on earth with a newly found and undeniable appreciation for panties.

When we were growing up, it was common to see my older sister, Linda, in her t-shirts and panties. In fact, as long as it was only family members in the house, we all felt comfortable running around in our underwear. We had simply always done it and it was no biggie. I never even thought anything about it and never looked at my sister in anything other than a sisterly manner until that fateful summer day when everything changed for me.

Linda was home from college and like most other Saturday mornings, we were all moving slowly. The proceeding evening, she and I made some loose plans to go out job hunting and as we discussed it during breakfast, my Father told us we weren’t going anywhere until our rooms looked ‘livable’.

“I don’t care if you’re eighteen years old,” he said to both of us, “If you’re going to live here you’re going to have to keep your rooms picked up.” He went on to add the whole “don’t expect your mother to do it anymore” speech as he told us we weren’t going anywhere until the rooms were (what he called) ‘spic and span’.

Mom suggested we team up and tackle each room together so we could both get done quicker. We used to do that as kids and it seemed like a way to get out of the house sooner, so off we went to dust, vacuum, change the linens and pick stuff up off the floor. We were working in her room when I had my first “hands on” panty encounter.

I was picking up and dusting while she was taking the sheets off her bed. As she gathered the sheets into a bunch she could carry down to Mom, a pair of her panties fell from the bundle to the floor. I watched as she picked them up and held them to her nose. She made a contorted face and then just as matter-of-factly as she had smelled them, she tossed them into her laundry hamper in the corner of her room. My guess was that her sniff test told her the panties were not clean.

She brushed by me with her arms full of sheets and I heard her bound down the stairs toward the laundry room. Curiously, I inched over to her laundry hamper, reached in and pulled out the panties. Examining the soft garment, I saw that it had some faint white marks on the inside. Mimicking her, I held them to my nose and took a sniff.

Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect but, I found the aroma of her panties curiously interesting. Continuing to sniff, I was suddenly overcome with feelings I hadn’t dealt with before. Damn, is this what she smelled like ‘down there’? Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Up until that instant, I truthfully had never even considered a pair of worn panties to be anything other than underwear that was already worn. But now, holding them in my hands and smelling them, I came to the instant realization that I was one lucky guy.

I’m not sure when it happened, but, my cock was affected in a way I can only describe as ‘immediate’. Holding her panties to my nose, the feeling between my legs became urgent and I became painfully aware of my ‘stiffie’. It was a little more than a stiffie, too, it was a full blown hard-on, throbbing and jutting out of my own underwear in a most obscene fashion. I was mortified to find this one appear so fast and be so hard. I mean it was almost instant and it was rock hard. I felt it pulse and it almost hurt.

Now, by the time you’re eighteen, you’ve heard enough things and possibly seen enough things to have at least some understanding about girls and sex. Even though I was still a virgin and had very little real experience with girls, I had heard and read things about a woman’s vagina getting ‘wet’, especially when she was turned on, and I wondered if that was what I smelled in Linda’s panties. I didn’t know exactly how the ‘wet’ thing happened, or anything other than it could happen, but, it seemed like a hypothesis I wanted to research.

Until that day, the most attention I ever gave a pair of panties was when I was helping Mom with the laundry by gathering up the dirty clothes or folding them when they came out of the dryer. Yeah, I knew that boy’s underwear had a ‘fly’ and girls underwear didn’t. Of course, that’s so boys could pee without taking off their underwear. I never quite understood why my Mom’s and Linda’s panties were so radically different than mine, though. In contrast to my thick white cotton briefs, their panties were silky and colorful and they had bows and lace. Any way you sliced it, they looked a lot fancier than boy’s underwear did.

Jolting me back to reality, I heard my sister thumping up the stairs so I threw her panties back into the hamper. As she dragged the vacuum cleaner into the room, I pretended to be dusting off her dresser. Keeping myself turned away from her so she wouldn’t see my bulge, I busied myself until she turned the vacuum cleaner on. Thinking quickly, I reached into her clothes hamper and grabbed everything that was in there. sarıyer escort I told her I would be right back and left the room, as if I was taking all of it down for Mom to wash.

As I heard her begin to vacuum the carpet, I ducked into my own room and dropped my armful of clothes on my bed. Looking through the pile, I found a total of four pairs of her panties and fished them all out. One by one, I looked inside at the crotch and gave each one a sniff. There was one pair that especially interested me. They were powder blue and very silky. The crotch was caked with white and the smell was strong – much stronger than the other pair. Not wanting to be caught, I hurriedly hid the blue panties in my dresser and took the rest of the clothes down the stairs and into the laundry room.

There was already a pile of clothes on the floor there. These were obviously from my parent’s room because I could see my Dad’s boxer shorts, sox and undershirts mixed up inside the pile. Still holding my sister’s clothes in my arms, I used my foot to push my parent’s dirty clothes around until I saw what I was looking for……. a pair of my mother’s panties.

Dropping Linda’s dirty clothes and scooping up Mom’s panties, I made a run for my room. With my heart thumping and my stiffie trying to break a hole in my own underwear, I hid Mom’s panties in my drawer along side of Linda’s. My hands were shaking and I was out of breath. I couldn’t believe I was taking their panties, but, on the other hand, I was as sexually excited as I had ever been.

Hearing my sister turn off the vacuum, I left my room and opened the hall closet to get some fresh sheets for her bed. Entering her room, I was greeted by the sight of her bending over the vacuum and wrapping the cord around the handle of the vacuum cleaner. Her t-shirt had ridden up and I had a perfect view of her panty covered butt. Any other time I wouldn’t even have noticed, but on this day, I stood in the doorway and was totally captivated by what I saw.

I studied the way her panties stretched across her butt and the way they disappeared down between her legs. As she bent over, I could easily make out the back side of her vagina. I could see the gentle roundness of her mound cradled in her panties and a slight crease of the material caught between her lips from behind. As she wrestled with the cord, my sister spread her legs wider and shifted her weight. This enabled me to see the whole cotton crotch of her underwear from the back, knowing full well I was looking at the exact piece of fabric that was touching her whole vagina….. my own sister’s vagina.

Watching the show in front of me, I began scheming a plan to get my hands on those panties. Knowing full well she would take her bath or a shower after we finished cleaning our rooms, I would make sure to check her hamper or the laundry room until I found them.

Suddenly, I was startled out of my wits when my Mom walked up behind me, shook my arm and yelled “Boo!” She must have seen me standing in the hall holding the clean sheets for Linda’s bed, gawking at my bent over sister. I could only guess that I was so mesmerized by the sight of the show Linda was putting on that I was totally oblivious to anything else.

She scared the living crap out of me and I remember to this day the way I felt when it happened. I jumped and yelled at the same time. My lungs felt like they came up through my mouth and as I turned around to see what was behind me, I saw her standing with her hands on her hips laughing as hard as I had ever seen her laugh. Very funny, I thought. But, damn…… did she see me checking out my sister?

Linda and I spent the next hour finishing our rooms together and I took every opportunity to look at her while she was bending, stooping or squatting. I got a good, close look directly into her crotch when we were picking up little pieces of plastic from my floor so she could vacuum.

She was squatting down and her legs were wide apart. I was only two or three feet away and directly across from her opened thighs. I saw the way her panties were stretched tightly across her crotch. Looking closely, I could see small blonde hairs sticking out the sides of her panties as she squatted. I was so close; I could literally count the little hairs poking out from under her crotch panel. “Shit,” I thought, “I’m looking at my sister’s pubic hair….. her pussy hair!” Looking even closer, I was sure I could see the outline of her lips. What a fool I had been for years….. all this was right here in my own house and I never even realized it.

I didn’t want to be obvious or risk another run in with my Mom, so I tried to play it cool as we worked. Once we were finished, Mom checked our rooms, told us we had done a good job and told us we were free to go out if we wanted to. I hung back to see what Linda was going to do, and sure enough, I heard her go into the bathroom and turn the shower on.

I went to the bathroom esenyurt escort door and knocked on it. “Hey, I’m in here!” Linda shouted, “Don’t come in!”

“I know that,” I answered, “give me your dirty clothes so I can take them down before Mom starts doing the wash.” A second later, the door opened just enough for her arm to poke out holding her t-shirt, sox, bra and panties. “Perfect timing,” I thought.

I took the little treasures from her and slipped into my room and closed the door. Dropping everything else on my bed, I turned my attention to the real focus of my efforts – her panties. I held them up to look at – holding them by the sides of the waistband so I could see the front. The crotch was puffing out at me, as if they were still on her with her mound straining against the fabric. Holding them fully against my face, they felt warm. I wondered if she simply pulled them off after I knocked on the door and handed them directly to me.

Holding the crotch panel to my nose, I detected a very slight amount of moisture in the exact middle of the cotton panel, but, the aroma was magnificent. I couldn’t believe I was holding in my hands the exact same panties she was wearing no more than a few moments earlier. Now, that’s what I call an unbelievable turn of luck. Plus, it’s possible that she might have put them into my hands less than 10 seconds after being right next to her pussy.

My stiffy was back and this time I was in a position to set it free and let it out to play. So, reaching into my briefs, I pulled it through the flap and started to stroke. Holding her warm panties against my nose, I closed my eyes and thought about the way she squatted right in front of me let me look between her legs. I was stroking my cock faster and faster, smelling her pussy smell and thinking about how nasty it was to be getting off on her panties.

Soon, the inevitable happened and I started to spew all over the place. Any teenage boy will tell you that every orgasm is a mind blowing experience and I remember seeing my sperm shoot out three or four feet onto the newly vacuumed carpets. What had I been missing all these years? This was the biggest turn-on ever!

Over the next several days, I must have masturbated four or five times a day, each time using either my sister’s or my mother’s panties while I did. Experimenting, I wrapped my sister’s panties around my cock and sniffed my Mom’s panties. I stumbled upon a way to fold the panties so that there were two layers of fabric around my cock, and the feeling of the silky material slipping up and down was much better than just using one layer. Then, I found that if I took just one of the pairs and wrapped it completely around my cock, then wrapped a second pair around a little looser, jacking off took on a whole new feeling altogether. Even to this day, I still use that method and it’s still as mind blowing as it was that first time I tried it.

I thought I was being clever by hiding the three pairs of panties in my lower drawer where all my sports uniforms were folded – stuck in between my sliding shorts and my baseball pants. By the fifth day, all three pairs had been through a pretty good work out and I had almost saturated them with my own cum. Unfortunately, my fun was short lived as I found them gone one afternoon. I was sure I had put them back that morning, but, just in case, I looked everywhere. When I still couldn’t find them, I faced the inevitable fact that my Mom, Dad or sister found them and took them. I swore to myself that I would never even touch their panties again!

The next three hours were a living hell for me. I was walking on egg shells waiting to be confronted about the cum soaked panties, but it never happened. The next day, still the same – no one said or did anything. No one looked at me weird, and even though I was going crazy with guilt, shame and fear, I tried not to show any signs of it. The next Saturday, just when I was starting to relax about the missing panties, it all came back to haunt me.

My dad was out shopping at the grocery store with my sister when my mom called up to my room for me to come down. When I landed on the last step, she called for me to help her fold and put away the clean laundry. This is something I used to do with her all the time and it usually took about 15 minutes so I didn’t mind that much. This time, though, it didn’t turn out quite like that.

She had just taken a bunch of clothes out of the dryer and they were heaped on top of the table in the laundry room. It was all the underwear, undershirts and white socks from my dad and I. As I saddled up to the other side of the table from her, we started to fold and lay the clothes in piles belonging to either him or me. We got to a point in the pile where I saw both pairs of Linda’s panties that I stole mixed in with the rest of the things. My heart sank and I knew my mom had busted me. I prepared myself for the worst and began to think about what excuses I would use and how much trouble avrupa yakası escort I was in.

Amazingly enough, I watched in shock as she picked up one of the panties, folded it nicely, and placed it on the stack of my underwear just as if nothing at all was wrong. Then, she picked up one of my normal pairs, folded it and placed it on the stack. Reaching for the other pair of panties, she finally said something.

“Sweetheart,” she started, “I’m not going to pry or ask a lot of questions about why these were in your drawer. But, I want you to know that if you want to talk to me about it or if you have any questions about sex or girls, or anything….. we can talk about it and we can keep it between us.”

I was frozen with shame and guilt. I didn’t even look up at her when she said it, busying myself with folding my undershirts and sox. She picked through the pile until she found the third pair I had swiped – her panties. As she folded them and placed them on my pile, she paused for a moment and spoke again.

“Listen,” she said, “I just want you to know that I’m not nearly as stupid as you and your sister seem to think I am, and, I know it’s normal for boys your age to be very curious about certain things and I’m not mad at you. Okay?”

When I didn’t look up or answer, she repeated herself saying “Okay?”

I looked up at her, and I could feel myself blushing terribly. My throat was too dry to say anything. I could only nod that I understood. It was the hardest thing I had ever done not to turn and run out of there, but as she folded the last pair of my own underwear and placed in on the pile, she said, “Here you go.”

She picked up the stack and handed it out to me. They way everything was folded and stacked, I couldn’t even tell the panties were in there, but, I knew they were. I couldn’t figure out why she was giving them back to me, but, she was. Reaching out across the table to take them from her, she told me to go put them away in my drawer and then come back to fold some more clothes with her.

Entering the safety of my own room, I looked through the stack just to make sure they were really in there, and of course they were. Putting the stack away in my drawer, I was still trying to figure out why she was giving the panties back to me. She obviously didn’t figure out what I really wanted those panties for. What good were these to me now? They were…. well…. they were clean!

“Shit!” I said to myself, feeling my stiffy coming back. “That’s all I need right now! A hard-on in front of my own Mom.”

I adjusted my cock in my pants and went back down to the laundry room. She was finishing pairing the sox together and moving the stacks of clothes to the side of the table when I came in. “Can you take these up, too?” She asked. Holding my arms out, she gave me the rest of my things and those of my Dad and asked me to take them upstairs. “When you’re done with those,” she told me, “come right back…… It’s time for you to learn how to run the washing machine.”

Her voice seemed normal and she didn’t seem to be mad at me, so, I just accepted the uncomfortable situation, glad that it seemed to be over, and tried to let it go. Having put the clothes on the bed in the bedrooms, I came back to the laundry room. The table had been cleared of the clean clothes and replaced by her and Linda’s dirty lingerie. Seeing all their stuff lying there, I immediately began to panic and I felt my cock pushing against my pants as fear set in.

“Come on,” she said, “I’ll show you how to do our delicates.” She turned to the cabinet and pulled out two mesh bags and tossed them on the table. Pausing for a moment, she looked at me and said “Bobby, I don’t want to embarrass you, but, I feel I need to finish what I started to say a little while ago. I want to get this off my chest before your father and sister get home……”

So, with me standing there knowing full well she was about to lower the boom on me, I listened……

“I…. uh, well….” she started, “I don’t want to have to worry about you doing something stupid with some young girl or with some of your friends. Like I said before, I know it’s normal for you to be interested and curious about sex, but, I would rather we talk about it and work it out at home instead of finding out you’re doing things that could get you arrested or some other kind of trouble that might follow you for the rest of your life.”

My knees were getting weak, and even though I was looking at her, my eyes weren’t focusing very well. I was anticipating her words, but, she didn’t say what I thought she was going to say.

“So,” she continued, “how about this….. First, as long as you promise me there will be no funny business between you and your sister, I’m not gong to make a big deal about you having our panties. From what I can tell you’re using them when you masturbate, and as long as she and your father don’t find out, I won’t say anything. You better be careful, though, because if you get caught, I’m going to play dumb. Is that clear?”

She looked at me waiting for an answer. She raised her eyebrows, trying to tell me she was serious about getting an answer from me. I just wanted to crawl into a hole, but as the seconds clicked away, I knew I better say something but I still couldn’t speak. I could only nod my head that I understood.

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