A Mother’s Love For Her Son

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And last but not least Butt Plug.

Well I think I am all prepared for tonight’s games with my son Mark.

I think he really needs to learn how his mother’s lessons can benefit him for later in life. After all he has reached legal age and has shown a few little hints of being interested in the finer qualities of what his mother has to offer. We have dallied before, A look, a subtle gesture, a brush of bodies when in passing. He is a big boy for his age and I am sure he will surpass all my expectations.

I usually do not wear much during the day but today I thought I would treat my son, a black lace thong under a red satin robe. I hope it makes him hard. Very Hard! He is home. As he walks in the room he see’s my attire and smiles, he has brought a friend home with him. I know this boy; he has given me “those” looks before so I can imagine a very entertaining afternoon. As I approach my son, Pete steps in my way and takes hold of my arms, he is very forceful but I like that.

He slides my robe off of my body and I glance at my son Mark, he is smiling, my eyes slowly move down to his groin and his bedava bahis cock is a protruding bulge that I am itching to get my mouth on. Oh, it is so big! He grabs my belt and fixes it around my neck. I cannot move.

My clit is throbbing and I need to be touched.

I want to suck both of them, suck them dry, but first I have to get out of Pete’s hold and that might prove to be difficult as he is now pushing me onto my knees. His cock is in my face,


It is huge, red, bulbous purple tip is seeping cum that I want to taste. I want to run my tongue over that tip and explore the tiny little slit that looks so inviting.

My son has come up behind me and is slowly rubbing his hands between my legs. Where did he learn this? Maybe Pete has instructed him on what to do, but whoever did, it feels so good. I am wet in anticipation of what is to come.

Pete asks me what toy I would like first. I say that I want to use them all on them, not just myself and they both grin.

I can feel Mark spreading my butt cheeks and I know what toy he has chosen. The feel of him probing my arse is exquisite, but he is not gentle. He bedava bonus rams that plug in as far as it will go and then whispers in my ear “payback time mummy, for all the years you played with me in the bath, now it is my turn!”

My cunt clenches and weeps.

They tie my wrists, so tight, it hurts and Pete spreads my legs. Mark is sitting on the sofa stroking himself so I move to him as best as I can and crawl up his body. I have to get that cock inside my cunt.

Oh god! I slide down on it as Mark positions himself under me; I am so wet it just slides in deep as deep as it will go. I can feel Pete behind me and he is smearing something on my cunt from behind.

The honey, he is going to eat me, Oh I cannot stop myself from cumming.

Marks says he can feel my cunt muscles clench his big cock and he moves in deeper groaning in ecstasy. I can feel Pete getting into position and then he bites my lips from behind. He is not gentle and it startles me, he is gripping my thighs as he probes my arse with his tongue. I am all sticky and Pete is making a meal of me. He must love honey so much!

I need to move, fast, I begin deneme bonusu to ride my son but Pete stops me. He grabs the belt around my neck so tightly I begin to choke and he moves to my front and lowers himself over Marks face but his cock is at the perfect position for me to suck. As I ride Mark Pete starts to fuck my face. He still has a tight holds on the belt and I gag. I can’t help it. I just know Mark squeezing friends balls and it is driving me insane.

My cunt is dripping.

Mark slows as he reaches behind me and pulls out the Butt Plug, he has my huge Vibrator in his hand and he makes me still as he slides it in my arse and turns it on. He has smeared cream all over it and now he is moving it in and out and as he pumps his cock in my cunt. The feel of all my holes being used is just too much to bear..

I am in Heaven.

I force myself to try to swallow Pete’s cock. It is so big it literally rams the back of my throat, I don’t know if I can do this. I have left it too late as Pete slides his cock from my mouth and groans loudly as he cums all over my face. He forces my head back as he rubs his cock over me while Mark is getting up so he can fuck my mouth as well.

Mark cums so quickly and so much and I swallow all of him.

I will always love my son. In any way he wants me too.

I thought I was going to teach him today but it is me who has learnt what a son really means to his mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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