A Mother’s Dozen Ch. 02

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Cindy drove into her driveway and parked. She looked around at the other cars and saw that all the men were in the house now: Jim, Adam, Jeff and Johnny. All her men were eating dinner, winding down from the day, probably thinking about sex. She knew she was, only this time she thought about having sex with them.

Cindy knew that she wanted to fuck them but she was worried. What if they were disgusted? What if they left and never spoke to her again? What if they laughed at her? Would they really wanna fuck their own mother?

“Okay Cindy, get in there and act normal,” she reassured herself.

“Just because some boy on the street wanted to have sex with you, doesn’t mean your own children would!”

Cindy started hyperventilating as she closed the car door and walked over to the house. She turned the key into the lock. Cindy had opened this lock for the past 18 years, only the house she had always entered would never be the same.

“Hey mom!” Jeff greeted.

Cindy looked at her 20 year old son. So muscular he was, way more than her husband was when he was 20. He was smiling too and his dimples were showing. Cindy started to feel sweaty as she hugged her son. She put her keys on the table nearest to the door.

She looked inside the living room and saw Jim watching TV on the recliner.

“Jim honey, I hope you didn’t eat the fried rice. I made a special rice with your name on it,” Cindy suggested.

“I ate the fried rice. Don’t worry about me okay, I’ll survive. I never smoked, I never did drugs, so I’ll survive.” Jim sternly explained.

Cindy walked away furiously from her husband and went up the stairs. Jeff looked down in disappointment and went into the kitchen; he could tell his mother was upset. Cindy went into Adam’s room to say hello and ask him to talk some sense into his father, since he was a paralegal, but he wasn’t there. His car was still here so he must’ve been jogging.

She closed the door and walked down the hall. She entered her room and changed out of her clothes and put on a silky red night gown that her boys thought looked like a dress their girlfriends would wear to a prom. She left her room and was about to go down the hall, but she could hear noises coming from the bathroom. It was her youngest son Johnny. She moved over to the door and could hear splashing noises and water running. Cindy leaned in and pressed her ear against the door.

She started picturing Johnny in her mind, him entering the bathroom in a towel and taking it off to go in the shower. She could see steam everywhere and Johnny scrubbing himself all over his body. She then pictured his hand moving down and lathering soap on his cock. Cindy started to feel wet and quickly flashed back to reality.

She looked back across the hall to see if anyone had spotted her eavesdropping on her son having a shower. She heard someone leaving the kitchen and thought that they may come upstairs so she ran all the way across the hall to Johnny’s room. If she went to her room someone might’ve come and bugged her and right now she was all hot and heavy and didn’t want to be bugged. The only guy in the house that she knew wouldn’t come to his room for a long time would be Johnny because he always took ages in the shower.

Cindy opened the door and turned on the light. She saw paper all over the place. She knew Johnny still hadn’t cleaned up his schoolwork after graduating. A few clothes were thrown on the ground so she walked over to them to pick them up.

She folded her son’s jumper and placed it in the closet. She reached for his jeans and saw that his underwear was still in them. She took the briefs out and stared at them. She thought about Johnny putting them on.

“I am holding my son’s underwear…and I’m wet thinking about it. What am I doing here?!?” Cindy panicked.

“Just put the underwear away and you won’t cross the line. Just put it away…”

Cindy folded them but as she did she felt a strange feeling in the middle. It felt like something sticky had been there and it dried up. Cindy opened it out and realised that her son had pre-cum in this underwear.

She reached to the grey spot and started rubbing it with her fingers.

“Ooooooh my god,” Cindy whispered.

Cindy started rubbing the underwear up and down, imagining it was her son’s cock. She started to shake and she felt her pulse running wild. She pulled the underwear to her nose and smelt it. When she smelt that scent she was trying to find she could feel her heart beat a mile a minute.

She stuck her tongue out and moved in to the spot. She started to lick the spot, picturing her son on his bed in front of her lying down while she licked his cock. She then remembered something, halkalı escort 20 years ago when Adam was 2 and when she was pregnant with Jeff, her husband said that he preferred to stand up while she sat down and blew him. That was the last time she gave him a blowjob.

Cindy sat down on the bed, as she did she could feel her underwear sticking to her. She was really wet. She started licking the underwear again. She pictured Johnny whimpering and his cock jumping as she licked his tip. She then took the underwear and wrapped it around her middle finger, with the grey spot at the top. She pushed the grey spot into her mouth, all the way to her throat. She pictured Johnny crying out as she began sucking his cock. She moved her finger up and down , simulating what she remembered a blowjob was 20 years ago. Cindy started screaming in her mouth as she could feel herself close to cumming. Suddenly the door slammed open.

Cindy’s mind suddenly blacked out as she lost all control of her hands and arms. she was frozen. Her heart was racing and the underwear was still in her mouth. The boy in front of her had opened the door and had stopped dead in his tracks. He had dropped his towel in shock. His eyes were fixated on the woman in front of him, particularly on the underwear she was shoving in her mouth.

Cindy slowly looked into the boy’s eyes. The two dark brown pupils were more dilated than she had ever seen them. She could see the hair on his arms and legs rising and most importantly she could sense the absolute shock in his mind.

The two just stood there for a minute, not moving an inch, Johnny with his towel on the ground and Cindy with the underwear still in her mouth. Suddenly Johnny raised his hands. Cindy looked over to his hands in terror. What was he going to do?

Johnny moved his hands to the door. He closed it then turned the lock. He then turned off the lights and kicked the towel over to the window.

Cindy jumped up and the underwear fell on the ground and started to think about what she was going to say to explain herself. What could she possibly say? That she was choking and she thought her son’s underwear would clear it up? There was absolutely nothing she could do to hide what she had done, she knew Johnny knew what she wanted.

Johnny walked over to his mother in the dark and looked her right in the eye. He reached down for his mother’s legs and started to massage his way up from the knees. Cindy watched his eyes in fear and looked down at his penis and saw it rising. She felt his hair; it was all wet, all that gel to make it spike up was washed out and she liked the wet feeling.

Johnny moved his hand closer to her snatch as he moved up her dress. Cindy tensed up as Johnny reached for her underwear. Johnny slowly grabbed the elastic and pulled it down to the bottom of her legs. Cindy closed her eyes and started to breathe faster.

Johnny pushed his mother onto the bed and reached for her sweet spot while she let out a yelp. Cindy started to hyperventilate as she watched her son’s finger edge closer to her pussy. This was it, she realised. There was no turning back. This is what she wanted. This is what he wanted. They were both adults now.

Johnny stared into his mother’s eyes and opened his mouth as his fingernail reached into her opening. Cindy screamed out and then covered her mouth to make sure the others wouldn’t hear. Her husband and her other children were downstairs. Johnny could see how much his mother wanted him to finger her.

Johnny moved his finger slowly further and further until he was deep inside his mother’s opening. He could feel how wet she was and all her juices. He could smell it too. Johnny moved his finger back down and then moved it back in, and started a motion. Cindy removed her hair tie and fell down onto the bed and reached for the window sill and started to buck her hips up and down.

Johnny moaned and started to furiously finger his mother as he watched her covering her mouth screaming, her shoulder-length hair fully panned out and her dress riding above her stomach.

Johnny could feel the juices starting to drench his finger and move down to his hand and onto the bed. He looked at his mother’s vagina and could see how hairless it was and looked down her legs and saw the same thing and groaned. He took his finger out and quickly shoved two fingers and started slamming his mother’s pussy again. Cindy couldn’t control her screams as she closed her eyes and thought about how close she was to cumming.

Cindy moved her other hand to the top of her gown and lowered it so she could feel her breasts and massage them. Johnny looked up taksim escort and saw his mom rubbing her breasts and covering her mouth and stopped fingering. Cindy opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling while she could see her son in the bottom of her eye take his finger out of her pussy and move onto the bed. She felt his knees touch her feet. She could feel how sweaty he was.

Johnny layed his face on his mother’s breasts stared at them for a minute. Cindy felt his hair again and rubbed down his back.

Johnny then moved his hands over to Cindy’s breasts and started to cup them. He then started rubbing the nipple and massaging around it. Cindy closed her eyes and started to breathe heavily again.

Johnny moved his other hand under his mother to her ass and started to caress her cheeks. Cindy moaned and moved her hand down to her son’s ass and started squeezing him.

Johnny then looked up to his mother at the exact same time she looked down to him and their eyes met. They hadn’t said a word at all this entire time.

“I’m so hot for you Johnny,” Cindy whispered.

Johnny pinched his mother’s ass cheek and pinched her nipple. Cindy yelped.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this…how long I’ve wanted to see you and touch you like this,” Johnny uttered.

Cindy looked down to her son and breathed a sigh of relief knowing he really wanted this.

“How…long…Johnny?” Cindy questioned.

“Ever since that trip to Disneyland and I saw your boobs jiggle up and down on that ride that goes really high, I’ve wanted this.” Johnny explained.

“But, that was 8 years ago. Oh my gosh you were 10 years old!! I was turning on my son when he was 10 years old?!” Cindy shouted.

“Yes mom, but I thought you’d never reciprocate my feelings, so I just tossed off thinking about you. When I was 11 I started, and yeah there have been other girls I thought about, other girls I’ve done, but you were always in my mind at some point.”

Cindy reached her hand down to her son’s nipple and started circling it.

“Johnny I’m not gonna lie. Tonight was the first night I ever thought about you as anything more than my son.”

Johnny kissed her breast and looked up.

“I was hit on outside the park by some kid your age. I don’t want to startle you because you still are my son, but I wanted to give him a handjob.” Cindy hesitantly told Johnny.

“Mom, I’m assuming I’m the first person you’ve ever had a sexual experience with since you married dad, right?” Johhny asked.

Cindy nodded.

“The boys and I have known for ages how bad you and dad are doing. We know you try to take care of him but he doesn’t listen to you, he doesn’t care. Even when I take him to the gym and he starts to give up during exercises, I ask him why he doesn’t want to look good for you. He says he just doesn’t care.” Johnny explained.

“I knew you would have an affair soon enough. I mean look at the guy, he’s fully gone. And look at you…” Johnny said as he played with his mother’s hair.

“So you’re okay with me telling you that I almost gave some boy off the street a handjob?” Cindy questioned.

“The fact that you didn’t and you’re in my bed right now proves how much you care about this family and for that I’ll always love you for it, no matter what you do or who you fuck from now on, as long as you let me fuck you.”

Cindy looked up to the ceiling and sighed. Everything had gone perfectly so far, but there was one thing missing, Cindy had not cum in over a year and she had come close to it several times tonight. She knew what she needed to get over the edge.

Cindy moved her hands down her son’s body. Johnny started to tense and stopped moving as he watched his mother slowly edge her hand down to his cock. Cindy could feel his pubic hair and then she reached his edge. Johnny watched as his cock started to fly into the air. His mother then moved her finger up the cock and to the tip.

Cindy started to bob her finger up and down the tip of her son’s cock. She watched as her son whimpered and moved his hips up and down to feel her finger. Cindy then grabbed the front portion of her son’s cock and squeezed it. Johnny cried out and could feel his penis becoming fully erect. Cindy started to move her hand down her son’s cock and squeezed it even harder.

Johnny then looked up at his mother.

“You have no idea how badly I want to fuck you right now mom,” Johnny declared.

Cindy stared into her son’s eyes.

“Then show me.” Cindy suggested.

Cindy let go of Johnny’s cock and Johnny jumped up and moved to the centre of the bed. Cindy moved back and rested her head on the pillow şişli escort and watched as her son started kissing her along her stomach and up to her mouth.

Johnny moved his mouth onto hers and they kissed like lovers for the first time. Johnny then shifted his whole body weight on top of hers and moved his arms behind his mother’s head.

Cindy started to stick her tongue into her son’s mouth and he responded by doing the same. Johnny then moved his hips up and positioned his cock right below his mother’s entrance.

Johnny looked into his mother’s eyes and she stared back. Johnny started to push his cock upwards and he felt his mother’s skin as he touched her pussy. Cindy’s eyes started to widen and Johnny moved his eyes closer to his mothers.

Cindy could feel the tip of her son’s cock entering and she opened her mouth in shock and pushed her hips down. Johnny could feel nothing but wet inside her.

He then placed his hands on his mother’s mouth and covered it. Johnny then pushed further so he was mid-way in while his mother started to shout. Johnny gripped his mother’s mouth harder as he pushed further and further until he was nearly all the way in.

Johnny could feel what he had been dreaming about for 8 years. Cindy’s mind flashed back to the car when she thought about this exact moment when Johnny shoved his cock into her.

Johnny then lowered his cock slowly and pulled it out and then pushed it back in. Cindy started to pant and breathe out into her son’s hand as he pushed his cock back in, only faster this time.

Johnny then started a motion and began to fuck his mother. Cindy lowered her hips even further and ensured her son’s cock was all the way in. She realised then and there that he was bigger than his father’s by an inch.

Cindy started to buck her hips and down while her son continued to fuck her like wild. Cindy could feel his cock going further than her husband’s and she could see how energetic and passionate her son was. She hadn’t had sex like this since her husband took her on her honeymoon. But this was better.

Johnny looked away from his mother and looked ahead at the wall as he moved up on her more and pushed even harder. Cindy started to dig her hands into the sheets and continued screaming in her son’s hands.

Johnny raised his hips with every push and started to moan as he started to pre-cum. Johnny then moved his hands off his mother’s mouth and shoved his tongue down her throat and fucked her even harder while Cindy shut her eyes and sucked his tongue back.

Cindy then opened her eyes after a minute and realised she was beginning to cum. Cindy started to scream at the top of her voice and Johnny looked into her eyes and knew she was cumming. Cindy screamed into her son’s mouth and started cumming while Johnny continued to pump in and out of her. Johnny then screamed into her mouth as he felt her juices drain his entire cock and drip down his balls.

Cindy was shrieking so loudly but luckily the others were watching TV and couldn’t hear her. Johnny could feel his mother shaking and trembling under him as he watched her eyes start to roll back after cumming for the first time in over a year.

Johnny then looked up to the ceiling and rolled his eyes back as he realised he was close to cumming. Johnny started to pound his mother’s pussy harder than ever and made sure that his hips were as high as they could possibly be.

Cindy could barely contain herself as she kept on cumming.

Johnny then screamed out as he unleashed a ball of cum into his mother’s sweet spot and shoved his dick right up so he could deposit as much as he could.

Cindy looked up and saw her son shouting and looking at the ceiling and started to shout back while he covered her mouth. Johnny unleashed another string of cum and look down at his mother, while she stared back.

Cindy couldn’t control herself as she she shot up to his mouth and stuck her tongue in it. Johnny removed his cock and shoved his tongue right down his mother’s throat and felt the last remains of cum drop out of his cock, onto the bed.

Cindy then dropped down and whimpered while Johnny dropped to the other side and moaned.

Cindy looked up towards the ceiling and thought about what she had done, in the midst of her aftershocks. Her son had just made her cum. She hadn’t cum in over a year with her husband. She knew that she had done the right thing. Cindy started panting as she thought about fucking him again. Then she started to scream as she thought about fucking the other 2 as well.

Cindy suddenly remembered something Johnny said earlier. He told her how he knew she would have an affair, how happy he was that she stayed in the family. Perhaps the other two had the same feelings? She knew how close the three of them were. What if they all fantasized about her, together?

Cindy could feel the last bit of juices ooze out of her pussy. She smiled. She felt like she had been through a revolution, a sexual awakening. She wasn’t going to stop now. No, this was just the beginning.

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