A Mother , Son Story Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


This story involves a wife’s infidelity – with her son. Without any repercussions or negative consequences. If you do not like these types of stories… please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you appreciate – realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy – please enjoy.

Being a mother and son, it is also a diversion from my usual incest-based theme. But when the concept hit me, I had to see if I could do it justice. I hope I did.


“You have to understand, Honey. That was a different time… a different age,” Missy Smith sighed.

“Yea, but Mom. There it is,” her son, Jason, retorted.

“Well, I certainly never thought it’d end up on the internet. Hell, it was 1986… we didn’t even know there’d be an internet someday.”

“So what were you thinking?”

“I just thought it’d be somethin’ fun to do with my boyfriend. Frank’s father had just gotten the camcorder and we were… well, we were young… and dumb.”

“So what’d you think he’d do with it?”

“To be honest, I’d forgotten about it. Like I said, it was 22 years ago… there wasn’t anything like the internet back then.”

“Well he obviously didn’t forget about it. Not if he took the time to get it digitized so he could post it on-line.”

The pair were quiet for a minute and Missy stared awkwardly at the paused image on the laptop’s screen. There could be no doubt it was her, at eighteen, her face contorted in ecstasy while being fucked by her boyfriend at the time.

“Come to think of it… How did you even find it?” she asked, the thought suddenly occurring to her. “What are you doin’ lookin’ at porn?”

“Duh, Mom. I’m eighteen and in the middle of nowhere, what do you think I was doing?”

“I don’t even want to think about it,” she said, raising a hand to ward off the image suddenly flashing in her mind.

“It’s not my fault you and Dad decided to bring me here, miles away from my girlfriend… from any girl my age.”

“Yea well, shut it down. I don’t want to look at it anymore.” She declared, then turned and walked out of the bedroom. Back in the living she dropped down in front of the TV and tried to focus on the movie, but her mind kept scrolling back over what had just happened.

She’d been enjoying her evening wine when she’d suddenly heard Jason calling for her and she’d gone to his room. Well, technically his father’s old room. They were staying at her in-laws’, working through probate. Her widower father-in-law had passed away six months earlier and named her and Tom as executors in his will. They had an estate auction scheduled for the following weekend but Tom had had to go back home for work, leaving her to finish things up. They’d made Jason stay with her, mainly just so she wouldn’t be in the house alone.

When he’d called for her, she’d set her wine glass down and hurried into the bedroom thinking something was wrong. While she’d thought of a hundred different possibilities on her way, none of them had anything to do with the reality. When she’d entered she’d found Jason standing beside his bed facing the door, his computer setting on the bed with its back to her, his shocked expression making her freeze and ask him what was wrong. For several moments he just stood there, his eyes darting between her and the computer screen.

Then he’d turned the computer around.

Missy’s heart nearly pounded its way out of her chest as she looked at the image, immediately realizing what it was.

After they’d looked at one another in silence for a moment he’d asked her how it could be and she’d answered the best way she could think of.

Now she was back in front of the TV, her mind reeling as she refilled her wine glass. She didn’t know which worried her the most; her son finding that video, or the chances of her husband learning about it. While Jason finding it was done and there was nothing she could do about it, Tom finding out about it could have serious ramifications on her marriage.

The video was a fairly tame indiscretion at that time in her life and shortly after making it she had a scare that made her rethink the course her life was on. To help her make the changes she needed she moved in with her grandparents halfway across the country. They were regular church goers and she tagged along. That was where she met Tom. At the time he’d been serious about religion and she was trying to be. They’d been married within a year. Why she’d initially lied and told him she was a virgin she still didn’t know, but she had, and since he was a virgin he’d never suspected anything different. Not at far as she knew at least. And even though their church going had fallen to the wayside, the lie still stood. So if he learned about the video, he’d know she’d been lying to him for years and, while she had no way of truly knowing how he’d react, she didn’t care to find out.

I’ll just have to talk to Jason bakırköy escort in the morning, she told herself. Make sure he has no intentions of telling his father about it.

While Missy was in the living room figuring out what she needed to do, Jason was in his room fretting over his own reactions to the video. He couldn’t believe his mother would have done that, even in her youth. She acted so puritanical.

But what surprised him even more was his response to the video itself – or more precisely, how it was affecting him now that he knew it was her. When he’d first started watching it, he’d been excited by the image of the girl made up like she was in in an 80s music video dancing to some popular rock ballad. Wearing bright red lipstick and smoky eyeshadow, her long brunette hair was all puffed up and she wore an outfit that left very little to the imagination. The short, denim jacket hung open so her ample breasts were clearly defined beneath the tight t-shirt that had the bottom section torn off, exposing her midriff. She’d also worn a mid-thigh length skirt that was so tight it looked like it’d been painted on her round little ass and delicate hips. Dancing in a pair of fuck-me heels, she’d moved in ways that made her body tantalize while occasionally running her hands over her sensual curves.

Outside of the camera’s view the guy – his mother had said his name was Frank – could be heard encouraging her to strip. Which she soon did. First peeling off the jacket then the t-shirt, she revealed that she didn’t wear a bra. Her luscious breasts were fronted by dark nipples that were already partially swollen, and as she continued to gyrate they stiffened into hard spikes.

The camera that’d been used was clearly high quality. When it zoomed in on her breasts for a minute the auto-focus kept them from growing blurry even momentarily and their warm flesh seemed to resonate through the screen. Also Frank had obviously spared little expense in getting the film digitized, since throughout the remaining film other aspects were zoomed in on even though the camera was clearly set up on some kind of stand, probably a tripod. Either Frank had edited in these highlights, or he’d paid someone to do it…

Or there’d been no tripod and a third person had actually been manning the camera.

No way! Jason told himself, denying the possibility. No. No way would Mom have…

Snapping open his computer he searched out the clip, putting in his earbuds and turning the volume up so he could listen for telltale sounds that would out a third party. This time, knowing who it was, he wondered how he’d missed it the first time as the 18-year-old version of his mother smiled into the camera. But then his gaze crawled downward and he knew how he’d missed it . . . her face hadn’t been his main focus. When Frank started encouraging her to undress, Jason concentrated on the sound of his voice, trying to discern if there was another voice coaxing her on as well. He didn’t hear any and soon he was gazing at her luscious breasts again, transfixed by their smooth curves and the dark, erect nipples. Rewinding and replaying this portion he felt confident the zooming in on her breasts was done with the camera at the time and its steady framework definitely suggested some kind of stand.

He was also certain that he was getting excited watching it.

Even with his focus on so many minute details, his cock was pulsing within his clothes. And it pulsed harder as the young version of his mother drew the skirt’s zipper down and let it fall into a puddle around her feet. Now all she wore were the heels and a pair of peach colored panties with thin straps that rode high on her slim hips to dive down in a sharp vee over her crotch. Turning around she displayed her round little ass to the camera, the peach panties running midway across her fleshy asscheeks. Just like earlier, here was where Jason slipped his own clothing off, releasing his semi-hard cock. Taking himself in hand he watched her dance and gyrate for a couple more minutes, then she approached Frank and knelt down in front of him.

Still at least partially focused on figuring out if there was a third party, Jason again rewound and replayed this part a few times. Deciding that the camera’s change in angle was most likely done using a control stick attached to it, he listened to Frank urging her to suck his cock. And again, he didn’t hear any other voices.

For the next few minutes he watched his mother pleasure the guy with her mouth; her elegant lips sliding up and down on his rigid shaft . . . her fingers wrapped around its base and tugging. Now he was certain that the only sounds he heard were Frank’s groans encouraging her and his mother mewling as she gave one of the most sensational, enthusiastic blow-jobs Jason had ever seen. He loved the way she kept her lips locked tightly around the thick shaft, never removing it from her mouth, and the way she stared up through the tops of her eyes at Frank, beşiktaş escort ignoring the camera as if it wasn’t even there.

Of course, this was also when he’d first had a suspicion that the girl looked familiar, something about those eyes had triggered a tiny thread of recognition.

At that time, he’d been enthralled by the scene. But now it was even more captivating as the thought that it was his mother on her knees with that big cock in her mouth kept running through his mind. And the hand stroking his own rigid manhood pumped up and down faster.

As good as her blow-job was, Frank had other ideas for his cock. He pulled her to her feet and the clip’s editing snapped to her laying back on a bed with Frank joining her. Climbing almost on top of her, he played with her breasts for a couple minutes. Again some editing zoomed in on her fleshy mounds as his hands molded and sculpted them, his fingers tweaking her engorged nipples. Then as he lowered his mouth atop one of the nipples, the zoom adjusted to her face, showing her impassioned expression for the next couple moments while Frank was obviously suckling on and molesting her breasts.

Earlier, this had been when the tiny thread of recognition and grown into a thick strand of rope, making Jason’s hand start to stutter in its stroking of his cock. Now though, it sped up as he again thought how it was his mother’s lustful expression he was admiring.

The camera view pulled back to show Frank dragging her panties off her hips and down her legs. As he tossed them aside she wantonly spread her legs and the camera zoomed in on her beautiful pussy momentarily. There was no doubt she was aroused. Her sex mound was swollen and glistened with her juices, droplets shimmering dewlike in a thin layer of brunette hairs. At its center her dark lips were engorged, flowering open in invitation. Then the view pulled back once again and Frank stuffed that beautiful pussy with his big cock, taking a few pumps to get the entire thing inside her.

“Ooh God!” Jason’s mother moaned out.

That was when the recognition had screamed through him.

Until that moment she hadn’t spoken, the only sounds she’d made being mewls, whimpers, and moans; sounds that Jason never heard her make. And if it hadn’t been for the recognition already tingling in him he might not have recognized her voice even then, since it was laden so heavily with lust. But he had. That was when he’d breathed an expletive and quickly jerked his clothes back on before calling for her.

This time he had a completely different reaction.

As he watched Frank wildly fuck the younger version of his mother . . . watched her tits roll and jiggle fluidly upon her chest . . . listened to her moan out in lustful rapture . . . he grabbed a couple tissues from his nightstand and unloaded his semen into them. Then he sat there, his cock withering in his lap, and continued watching the clip . . . watching his mother fuck Frank back, her legs lifting her to meet his primal thrusts. He watched her body writhe and squirm in orgasmic delight . . . twice. Watched her muscles spasm under her flesh . . . her hands grabbing at the sheet under her . . . pulling and tugging at it as her back arched and she crammed herself onto the manhood stuffing her sex. Watched her head snap from side-to-side on her straining neck . . . her puffed out hair swirling with it . . . her eyes closed . . . her mouth open.

He watched the video until its eventual end with Frank unleashing his load inside her, all the while the camera recording his mother’s lustful expressions and erotic moans.

Afterwards he got ready for bed, but as he lay there waiting for sleep a series of confusing thoughts kept it at bay. Still shocked by the video, he was also a little embarrassed. Not only had he just jacked-off to the video of his mother, he’d found it extremely exciting, and he was now having strange, new thoughts about her.

Jason knew his mom was a MILF. All his buddies had the hots for her and would ogle her whenever she was around, especially at the pool when she wore a bikini. Until now he’d never looked at her like that.

Now he couldn’t stop.

At 40, his mother didn’t have the same trim 18-year-old body in the video, but she kept in shape. Her waist was still slim and her round little ass was taut. In fact, the couple of pounds she had gained seemed to have mainly ended up at her breasts, the fleshy mounds being fuller than in the video so that they strained her bikini tops. Her fresh, girl-next-door looks had matured without losing their freshness and her lush, cascading brunette hair still shimmered richly.

Yes, he could now definitely see what his friends did.

In another part of the house Missy also struggled to find sleep, worrying about Jason’s discovery and how she might discuss it with him in the morning. How she might convince him that his father didn’t need to know about it without being too obvious.

Over breakfast beylikdüzü escort she took her shot.

“Honey, I think we need to talk about… Well, about that video,” she started.

“Um, do we really have to?” Jason didn’t want to, fearing that it’d only confuse him further. He was already self-conscious, having spent the last several minutes checking his mother out; admiring the delicate curves to her body, the swell of her breasts under the t-shirt and the delicate shape of her ass in the cotton shorts. And while he kept telling himself he shouldn’t be, he couldn’t help imagining what she’d look like today doing those things from the video.

“I think we do… we should,” she pressed. “You really need to understand that was a whole different time, both in the era and in my life. It was a mistake and I never would have done it if I hadn’t been so immature.”

“Ok. Let’s just forget about it then,” he offered, hoping she’d let it drop as he struggled not to stare across the table at her chest . . . tried not to think about how luscious her tits looked in the bikinis she wore.

“I… I just want to make sure you… um, you…” her words faltered as she tried to think of the right way to say what she needed to, to ensure he kept it a secret from Tom.

In the following silence Jason focused on his food, praying his own refusal to say more would stop her from continuing.

“Look, Honey,” she exhaled, determined to make her case, fearing if she didn’t he might let something slip at some point. “It’s really important that you keep this from your father.”

“Mom, I basically want to just forget I even found it, so there’s no way I’d wanna tell Dad,” he said, exasperated by her thinking he’d do that.

“Good. Good,” she nodded, accepting his rational and deciding to change the subject. “I have to take a few packages for your aunt and uncle to the shipping store this morning, do you wanna go with me?”

“No. I’ll just hang-out here and play my game.”

“Ok. I’ll need your help later getting the rest of the stuff down out of the attic.”

“Yea, sure.”

An hour later Missy was on her way with the packages and Jason was in front of the TV playing his game. He’d been at it for a while when a thought suddenly went ricocheting through his mind, causing him to lose track of where he was in the game.

“Holy shit!” He cursed. “She’s afraid of Dad findin’ out. And not because she doesn’t want him knowing I was lookin’ at porn.”

The single thought rapidly turned into a series of deductions and conclusions, supported by an array of sudden observations he’d somehow failed to piece together until that moment. There was the lack of pictures of his mother during her high school years. Except for a couple prom pics, he’d never seen any photos of her between the ages of 15 or 16 until she’d met his father. And while the prom pics were obviously from the 80s, she wasn’t made up like in the video. That was part of the reason he hadn’t recognized her sooner; he’d never seen her tarted up like that. Then there was his parent’s concerns when they’d suspected him and his girlfriend of being sexually active. They’d both claimed to be virgins…

“That’s why!” He exclaimed, the realization hitting him. “She told Dad she was a virgin… and obviously she wasn’t.”

Jason chastised himself for not putting it together sooner, when they’d been at the breakfast table. Obviously, he’d been too preoccupied with his own confusion at the time – trying not to stare at her tits – to put it together then.

And now that he had . . . he had some things to think about.

Running her errands, Missy tried not to think about the video and whether or not Jason meant it when he said he had no intentions of telling his father about it. She did find some solace in knowing he wouldn’t want Tom knowing that he was looking at porn. But was that enough?

Back at the house, she found him engrossed in his game and left him to play while she took care of a few things before making him help with the attic. Knowing it’d be dusty, she changed into a t-shirt and pair of cotton shorts then pulled her hair back in a tight ponytail.

When it was time to help, Jason put down his game and got started. He was distracted the whole time, torn between trying desperately not to look at his mother in that way while being unable to stop himself. And more than once he had to quickly divert his gaze as she turned around or raised her eyes to his. He just couldn’t help noticing her ass when she bent over right in front of him to pick up a box or how it swayed as she carried it down the stairs ahead of him. Nor could he keep his eyes from grazing over the obvious swells of her breasts under her t-shirt. He also discovered that he loved the way her fresh features shined with a thin coating of sweat and her long ponytail shimmered in the light. He found himself thinking about the video and how she’d looked – how she’d acted – throughout it, as well as . . . other things.

When they finished, they both took showers before dinner.

In the shower, Jason started imaging what his mother must look like these days doing the things she’d done in the video and he soon had an erection. He quickly stroked it off, his mind filling with images of the video and other thoughts about his mother.

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