A Mom’s Metamorphosis Ch. 01a

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Everything had gone fine for Caroline save those 2 sad years, when her husband John, 32 years old, had been pulled overseas on Oil business, leaving her alone to take care of Billy and Emily, their twins, both 9 years old at the time.

Caroline was only 29 then and felt really alone; not that her children didn’t show affection and unusual understanding for their age, but she missed physical and sexual contact a lot more than she expected and these were things her children could not do much about, save sleeping with her to keep her company, filling the emptiness of her king size bed for the time being, giving her the warmth she needed so much.

Save a couple of weeks off home once a year, John’s long absence had ended only two years later, in 1993.

Things had resumed much as in the past, apparently no major changes with their family, standard mid american family’s routine. John’s naturally poor social attitude had grown worse though; his major interest was for his job, but Caroline’s good nature accepted that and she was not going to push on him.

Years passed steady this way until 2001.

At 39, with a 42 years old husband, a son, Billy, and a daughter, Emily, both 19 now, Caroline already felt like a mid age housekeeper and family caretaker.

Life was mainly routine and her emotional and sexual needs were resting in peace, John mainly taken by his job and one or two recreational activities that kept him out hunting or fishing with his old buddies on Saturdays and once in a while on Sundays too.

So, this was the situation when something bahis firmaları happened that changed Caroline’s world and points of view on many things.

The discovery

In the first days of January 2001 Caroline discovered that her son Billy was using her under garments as a stimulant for his masturbation sessions during the night time.

One day in the morning, while doing the laundry, she had found her lingerie coated with dry sperm and there were just two men in the house that could have possibly done that: her husband and her son.

Certainly, John wasn’t the masturbation kind and in any case he had no need of masturbating himself whatsoever; once or twice a week John and Caroline were having sex, nothing to get crazy about, but since she wasn’t the lustful or insatiable kind nor a nymphomaniac, she was not in the need to seek help outside her home door.

Having read by chance something about “sexual fetishes” in a health magazine, she guessed it had to be a pretty common behaviour among teenagers picking up the first available female’s undergarments to discharge their heats.

Beside the staining on her perfectly good bras and panties, she hadn’t gotten upset nor had she mentioned it to anyone else, even less her husband.

During the next few days though, she also found that Billy was using just her lingerie this way, leaving alone his sister’s clothes; therefore, she started questioning herself, doubting and even fearing that this could hide something deeper than normal masturbation routine, like a mother desire, which anyway did not exclude the kaçak iddaa possibility that Emily too could become a target of Billy’s sexual advances.

What was she to do?!

Whom could she ask?!

She did not feel like asking Billy himself!

If she asked him, what were his responses most likely to be?!

She feared he might feel like being a pervert or such and overreact!

Could her daughter Emily be in real danger of becoming target of Billy’s sexual advances?!

She was not sure she would be able to handle that!

Now Caroline was not certainly a prude and, as a responsible mother, she could not effort to be blind sided.

Unwilling to bring this issue before anybody around, not even before her doctor, she decided to go on the net and try and find some answers there.

Google-searching “fetish” and “incest” and following the returned links, discarded the general references for they were of no use to her, she found herself into the homepage of an incest site.

She registered to it and innocently posted her problem openly, in the hope that she could get some answers from people in that kind of community.

She felt safe doing this in first place because after all it had to be a very common issue and secondly because anyone who saw her post had to be there for a similar or even worse reason, and she got lots of post-replies and private messages very soon indeed, some of them very provoking, others by people who just wanted to vent their own sexual fantasies.

She felt disappointed and helpless.

Days passed with no significant kaçak bahis changes.

House routine was much the same everyday, between the house, the school, John’s work and the weekends, when John used to go fishing, her daughter shopping or partying, being Billy mostly at home, taken by his school errands, some TV and his computer.

Yet, during the weekends, she started to feel uncomfortable and even spied on.

Was it possible that she really be part of some Billy’s incest fantasy?!

Maybe that was why Billy was spending so much time at home rather than going out with his father or some of his school buddies.

On a Saturday morning, around 11 a.m., she found still wet sperm in under garments she had put in the hamper less then 1 hour earlier.

It was clear that they had been taken out, used and placed back again.

Since her husband wasn’t home it was finally certain it had been the only other male living in her home to do it and this led her to the conclusion that there could be definitely more to the story than she might have realized at first.

Billy was somehow targeting his own mother sexually. Why otherwise do such a thing during the day with only the two of them in the house?!

There was still no evidence on Emily’s lingerie, so she was 100% sure now that Billy had no interest in his sister.

She began to be concerned as to what might happen if any of the other family members faced such a revelation.

John might react very badly and even throw his son out of the door.

She was almost desperate, when, on a Saturday afternoon, March 24th 2001, she got her first useful message.

In fact, checking her mailbox, aside the usual bunch of useless messages from idiots and time wasters, she found a private email note from that incest site.

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