A Missouri Summer Ch. 04

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Creampie Eating

The events of the rowdy Fourth of July party during which Ryan was involuntarily sexed up by a rich, spoiled bikini model and Kimberly punched out two grown men had blown over and things had pretty much returned to normal. Kimberly and Ryan’s sex life was back on track, and for now, things seemed to be going relatively well for once. Aunt Kimberly was on the hunt for a new job, and the search was turning up fruitful. She had gotten offers from other various modeling companies, as well as a few accounting firms. Apparently, she had done some studying in this field and now, this was her primary option in order to provide for herself and her nephew. Ryan had suggested that he look for a job downtown, but his Aunt refused, saying that she could do it on her own.

Eventually, after a couple of interviews, Kimberly was employed at a major Accounting company and she was happy, for once. Her modeling career paid well and it was easy, but truthfully, she never enjoyed it. Numbers were her true passion, and this was the best thing for her.

Ever since she started working, Ryan was left at home for more and more hours at a time. At one point, Kimberly was working from eight in the morning to ten at night. The only person for her nephew to converse with while she was away was the cleaning lady, Melinda, and before long, they had developed a tight bond. In fact, secretly Ryan wished that Melinda and he would have something a little tighter than a bond.

The cleaning lady was a very sexy woman. She was younger than Aunt Kimberly, probably in her early twenties, and she had an amazing body. She was African-American, with shoulder-length, curly black hair and bright, brown eyes. Her boobs were smaller than his aunt’s, around a small C cup, but Ryan loved them anyway. She had a pair of huge, pink lips and glassy, white teeth that contrasted rather beautifully to her cocoa-brown skin. Ryan had taken an immediate liking to her, after they had talked a few times while she tidied up the house. Melinda had a feisty personality, and she often made Ryan laugh until he cried. In the beginning, she often wore a standard uniform, but after a while, she warmed up to her employers and her outfits became more and more revealing. Once, as a joke, she arrived at Kimberly’s house in a classic, French maid costume, complete with the ultra-short skirt. That day, Ryan sported an obvious boner that he decided not to conceal, perhaps in a suggestive manner. Melinda got the message, and from then on, she finished the day with a quick make-out session on bakırköy escort the couch with Ryan before his aunt came home.

Because she wasn’t his aunt, Ryan felt freer to explore Melinda’s body whenever they kissed. She allowed him to feel up her chest through her shirt, and her average-sized breast were an unusually nice alternative to Kimberly’s gigantic hooters. Melinda’s ass was incredible. She took good care of it, and often, while she lay on the sofa, Ryan enjoyed resting his face on it.

Melinda and Ryan’s conversations were hardly ever related to sex or love. They chatted about music, TV, their experiences, all while Ryan had his face buried in her cleavage. Thankfully, they had never been caught, but then again, they never crossed the line with blowjobs, nakedness, or even sex, so aside from their kissing and groping, they were innocent.

Finally, the inevitable occurred and Melinda gave in to her sexual temptations by giving Ryan one of the best oral experiences he had ever had. It all began with a harmless question as they snuggled in the living room and Ryan gently cupped Melinda’s boob.

“You’ve got a big cock, baby, for a kid.”

Melinda’s gaze turned to her companion’s lap and she rested her hand on the protruding member.

“I had a boyfriend who had one this big,” Melinda cooed as she held the shaft soothingly in her palm, “it felt so good when we fucked.”

Ryan puffed his chest proudly.

“Yep, it’s a nice size.”

She nodded slowly and began to tenderly massage his pole.

“Ooh, do you like that? I love cock.”

Her dirty talk got Ryan very excited, and his dick hardened in her hands.

“Keep doing that…er, please…”

Smiling, Melinda pulled back his boxers and took off her shirt, revealing a pink, silk bra that held two delicious boobs in its cups. She grinned as his jaw dropped and she shook them back and forth.

“I saw your auntie’s titties. Them things are huge! I can’t believe these little ones get you hot.”

Ryan’s gaze remained locked on Melinda’s chest.

“Yeah, Kimberly’s got an awesome rack, but these are just as good.”

Melinda’s jaw dropped.

“What’d you say about your auntie?”

Ryan’s insides churned rather uncomfortably. He had given away the secret.

“You’ve fucked your auntie, haven’t you?”

Ryan sighed.

“We’ve only done oral, handjobs, tittyfucking, and she lets me squeeze her tits. That’s it.”

Melinda stared at Ryan’s cock.

“This beşiktaş escort is weird; all this shit about you and your auntie is turning me on.”

She had a strange look on her face, and her head moved toward Ryan’s knees.

“I’m gonna give you the best damn blowjob you’ve ever had. Hang on, baby.”

Ryan had a goofy grin as Melinda’s soft, voluptuous lips enveloped his shaft. Melinda closed her eyes and got on all fours. She slowly moved her head up and down and sucked intensely. Once in awhile, she used her teeth to gently nibble on his head and her tongue to trace down the bottom. Ryan was shaking in pleasure, this was unbelievable. Somehow, Melinda managed to fit almost all of Ryan’s dick in her mouth, and she didn’t show any signs of gagging or discomfort. In fact, throughout the whole process, she maintained a sexy smile. This turned Ryan on and he rubbed her face softly, moaning.

When he was ready to come, Melinda clutched his legs and shoved his entire penis into her warm mouth. He drained his seed into her throat and she happily swallowed it, rubbing her warm tongue all over his balls, in order to devour every bit.

After they had gotten dressed and returned to the couch, they nestled together for a little before Aunt Kimberly returned. This was a good day.

For the next week, a blowjob followed each of Melinda’s cleanings. Ryan looked forward to this more so than he did his daily sex session with Aunt Kimberly, who was beginning to get suspicious. She found one of Melinda’s bras under the couch, and Ryan denied any association with it. Luckily, she believed him, and his oral escapades with the cleaning lady could continue.

One day, everything changed, though. Melinda had just begun her blowjob and they were both nude on the sofa. Ryan was spanking Melinda’s flawless butt while she sucked, and once in a while, he’d cup a titty and pinch it from underneath. Suddenly, a soft voice was heard from the hallway.

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t Ryan and Melinda…”

His heart stopped, Ryan turned to the door to see Aunt Kimberly, in her business suit, crossing her arms and smirking seductively. She walked over, and motioned for Melinda to remove Ryan’s cock from her mouth. She spit it out reluctantly and wiped her mouth, moving closer to Ryan, so Kimberly could sit down beside her. Aunt Kimberly’s eyes narrowed.

“I, for one, cannot believe this.”

Ryan lowered his head and shamefully covered his dripping pole.

“Ryan, beylikdüzü escort I knew that you would pull something like this, but Melinda, I expected better of you! You’re our maid, for Christ’s sake!”

Melinda shielded her naked breasts with her arm and buried her face in her other hand.

“I’m disgusted at both of you. I mean…you didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted to join in.”

Ryan’s head jerked upward and Melinda cocked an eyebrow. Kimberly removed the bun from her hair and shook it out before removing her glasses and quickly seizing one of Melinda’s hanging boobs.

“Oh, these are great. I love naturals.”

Melinda caught on and moved her hand to Kimberly’s chest, feeling her big tit through her suit.

“Me too. Yours are so huge! Doesn’t your back kill you?”

Kimberly nodded and kneaded Melinda’s tits with her fingers.

“It’s okay, though. I love sucking on these babies, it makes up for it.”

Melinda looked up.

“Can I have a try?”

Aunt Kimberly nodded and ripped open her shirt and bra, allowing her enormous jugs to jiggle free. Melinda climbed on top of her and dove her face down, scooping a roll of tit fat into her mouth and sucking it powerfully.

“Oh, fuck, that feels great!” moaned Aunt Kimberly as Melinda started to shove more tit into her dripping mouth.

By now, Ryan had edged nearer and was shyly squeezing one on Melinda’s ass cheeks. Kimberly called him over, and his rock-solid dick hung over her face. Without a word, she took him into her mouth and starting to stroke his sack with her tongue, all while Melinda sucked her chest with vigor. With a mouthful of Kimberly’s boob, she pointed to her asshole and motioned for him to fuck her. Ryan grudgingly pulled away from his aunt’s mouth and moved behind Melinda. With a forceful thrust, he entered her and she groaned into Kimberly’s melons. Pushing in and out and gripping one ass cheek for dear life as he neared orgasm, Ryan moaned loudly and got even more hot as he watched his aunt shove Melinda’s lips onto her erect nipples.

After a few more glorious minutes of fucking and sucking, Ryan shoved his hard dick inside Melinda one final time and almost lost his balance and toppled over as he sprayed cum into the cleaning lady’s hole. He then removed his long, sticky cock and crumpled onto the couch. Kimberly and Melinda sat on either side of him and buried their faces in his lap. While they kissed, they lapped up every drop of cum and took turns slurping his stiff dong until it was limp once again.

With a passionate kiss to both Kimberly and Ryan, Melinda left. Ryan and his aunt went upstairs and took a bath together. Ryan washed Kimberly’s slippery boobies, and she scrubbed his satisfied penis. Today, they agreed as they sloshed around in the soapy water, was a day not to be forgotten.

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