A Middle Aged Woman

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A Middle Aged Woman – Her Daughter Fixed Her Up

It was a warm sunny morning and Anna was sipping coffee on the back patio. The automated pool cleaner was snuffling around nearby, trailing its hose. Made her think of energetic sperms and she laughed.

She had been having a lot of erotic thoughts lately. Couldn’t understand it really. Her husband, Arthur, was a frequent and affectionate lover. Still remembered birthdays and anniversaries and had a good pile of money in their retirement account, even though they weren’t yet fifty.

Maybe I’m starting the change, she thought, as another of those strange warm waves came up from between her legs. She just had her thin silk bathrobe on, knowing it didn’t matter in their private backyard. Clara, getting ready for her first year of college, had shown her an article in a woman’s magazine last week about commando being the new female fashion. She had wrapped her arms around her daughter and said, “You do that and your clothes are going to get all funky.”

“That’s the idea, Mom, so guys will notice.” On a whim, she had pinched Clara’s nipple and gotten a loud “Oww” and a startled glance.

“As if you need more attention than you’ve got. I suppose now that I’ve stumbled into you and Jeff getting it on, I have to make appointments to come home early?”

Clara had an amazing body and Anna remembered the sight of Jeff fully buried in her and both of them making a lot of noise when she had come home two weeks ago for a swim and found them right in the family room, fucking away. She was about to make a big fuss when she remembered they were almost in college, and would have sex whenever they wanted, regardless of what she thought.

She stood there, appreciating the show of raw sensuality until Clara looked over and saw her mother in the doorway. She jerked violently and Jeff almost came out. “What’s the matter?” he said.

Clara relaxed and said, “Guess who is getting a show?”

Anna remembered how hot the whole scene made her. She had finally spoken, “I’m sorry, I should have said something. I’ll go out back and let you finish. I remember how it feels to be interrupted. Used to happen to your dad and me. His brothers were cruel.”

Clara’s hands beat on Jeff’s ass. “Stay there, we are almost done.”

She watched Clara’s loud, vigorous orgasm and found her hand rubbing herself on the front of the dress. Jeff pulled out and stood with his large wilting cock dripping on the floor. She had walked over and kissed him, standing clear of the slimy penis. “You are good for Clara. I appreciate that.”

Sitting next to the pool in warm sun, the erotic images flashed in front of her eyes, as others had recently. She dropped the robe and dove into the water, seeking diversion from the naughty thoughts that she tried to resist, but couldn’t.

After washing chlorine off in the outside shower, she grabbed the sunscreen and lay down on a towel covered lounger. Dozing, she realized the sun and the oil and her nakedness were going to send her back to the fantasies in her mind.

A soft voice said, “Hi, you sure you aren’t getting too much sun?”

Clara was leaning over her, wearing the ridiculous itty-bity bikini Jeff had bought her as a joke, and offering a drink of soda.

“Hi, yourself. I fell asleep. Are you done for the day?” She raised the back of the lounger and put her dark glasses on.

“Yes. She is really hard on us, but said it was too hot for double workouts.”

Her nickname for Clara was “The Body.” They kidded about it, and Clara always told Anna what a fantastic figure she had for a wife and mother. Her daughter was hoping to play field hockey at university, and worked out with her high school team and coach in summer training. She wasn’t overly tall at 5-9, but had long legs for a woman. They propelled her all over the field and she lead in goals last year.

Anna reached out and stroked the hard thigh muscles. “Need me to rub some lotion into you?”

“Would you? The calisthenics were tough today. I’ll have to run harder.”

“Yes, perhaps more vertical exercise than horizontal?”

“Mother! That’s gross.” Since the Jeff episode, their conversation about sex was a lot easier. Six months ago, Clara had warned her that she and her boyfriend were going to do it after their birthdays, but was otherwise tight-lipped about that subject. Now, you could see in her movements and her womanly poise that she was getting a lot of experience. Anna wondered what would happen to the romance in the fall when they would be hundreds of miles apart in different schools.

“Yes, that is gross. I’m not supposed to be prying into your love life. Lie down here. Slip off the suit so I don’t get goo on it.”

Clara was bronzed and didn’t have much in the way of tan lines, but Anna worked the lotion in as hard as she could. The body was tough, but different from her husband’s. Both sexy, but made differently, she thought, wondering whether Clara’s teammates were into girl sex.

She sat back on her haunches, rubbing sarıyer escort an oily finger in her cleft. Clara opened her eyes and noticed. “You all hot about something?”

“I was looking at your hopelessly sexy body and wondering whether the field hockey team is playing around a little on away trips.” She went back to working Clara’s legs.

“Mom, you are into sex a lot these days. Is Dad not giving you enough?”

Anna leaned over and kissed the nearest buttock. “He is a fine lover. The problem is, being around you and Jeff, all your hormones seem to have torched me off. I feel as horny as I did when I was in college.”

“Well, the answer to your question is yes, some of the girls get it on. I can take it or leave it. When it is a home game, Jeff gives me what I need afterwards. On the road, I’ve had Amy and Joan in bed with me a couple of times, but we are usually too tired for much fooling around. I suppose you want to know whether they ever get me off?”

She turned over and gazed up at Anna with a hot, lusty look. “You know who turns me on more than anyone?” Her fingers found their way to Anna’s hairy muff. “You do. Give me a kiss.”

It wasn’t an ordinary mother-daughter kiss. Tongues roamed and fought with each other. The lip syncing went on for a long time. Clara stood and took Anna’s hand. “I have an idea, come inside.”

Anna was in the grip of the heat in her body. Her impulse to challenge Clara’s instructions died in her throat. The naked daughter pushed her down on the bed and told her to stay there.

She returned in a minute or two with a drink in her hand, and shaving gear in her other hand. “Drink this, close your eyes, and relax. No talking.”

Her legs were opened wide and she felt the cool shaving cream being rubbed sensuously into her pussy. “Hold still, now.”

In a few quick minutes, Clara was done and mopping up with a warm wet towel. Anna opened her eyes to see an intent daughter checking for stray hair. “Just a sec and I’ll be finished.”

Clara took a bottle she hadn’t seen off the floor and squirted a liberal amount between her legs. “Hold still again and don’t talk. This won’t take long.”

She didn’t really expect what happened, even though they had been talking about girl-girl sex. Her thoughts were clouded and the sensations in her crotch were overwhelming.

Clara bent her legs way up and buried her face in Anna’s newly clean shaven sex. Anna was about to cry out when she remembered the instructions. This was strange, letting her daughter tell her what to do.

The sensations in her body were wildly stimulating. She tried to remember the last time she had oral sex. Years and years, she couldn’t even recall who or when.

Her hands involuntarily reached out for Clara’s head. “Oh my god, you are killing me.”

The athletic daughter with the superfirm small tits just kept going. Anna’s orgasm was not long in coming. She froze in a total body spasm and wailed.

Clara moved next to her, smiling in triumph. “I thought that might fix you up. Now you know what college girls can get up to.”

Another long, hot kiss. Clara whispered, “I’m bringing back memories, aren’t I? I’ll bet you got eaten in school.”

Anna rolled on her daughter. “If you are not careful, I’m going to start wearing your clothes and chasing Jeff. After you get me off, of course.”

Clara was still whispering, “You know what, we are buying identical outfits and going looking for action. You will be my older sister, still in grad school.” Clara was rubbing her mound on Anna and they were both breathing heavily.

“You can’t! Acting out my cheap fantasies. I must be going into menopause early. Maybe the doctor can prescribe something to cool me down.”

“Nothing doing. You are hot as a pistol and I’m not letting you turn it off. There is plenty of sex action left. I could share Jeff with you, but maybe I’ll introduce you to his cousin Jim, who is big and handsome and doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. You are starting at the gym tomorrow, and running with me in the morning.”

“Clara! I can’t cheat on your dad!”

“I have some ideas about that. Right now, you are to concentrate on looking and acting like a woman twenty years younger. We will go out and renovate your wardrobe. By the way, you are to fuck Arthur every day without fail. Maybe twice if he is interested and able.”

It took about a week for the makeover to start showing a difference. Clara told her that she should fuck Arthur in the morning to give both of them a good start to the day. And after that, put on one of the new dresses and set something up with her women friends for lunch.

Anna’s body hurt like hell for the first few days from all the exercise. Arthur was giving her his best missionary action one morning when she remembered her snide comment to Clara about horizontal exercise and laughed out loud. Her husband looked hurt and asked, “Am I that bad?”

“No, no, no. Keep going, I’ll tell you esenyurt escort in a minute.”

After he had an uncharacteristic big come in her and on her, they lay side by side, smiling and holding each other. She said, “I was talking to Clara last week about her workouts and made a nasty crack about horizontal exercise. I was just thinking about what a good job you do on me.”

He kissed her. “I don’t know what has lit your fire, but I sure appreciate the loving.”

She hadn’t told him about the Clara-Jeff event in the family room, and said, “Maybe it is our hot daughter. I came home a couple of weeks ago and they were going at it in the family room. It was beautiful. I said I was sorry and would leave, but they said no and finished right in front of me. You should see that daughter of ours having a major orgasm on the end of Jeff’s cock. I guess I am still turned on.” She reached for him, and was surprised to find it hard as a rock.

“You are going to be late for work today. Give me this again.”

Two days later, on Sunday morning, Clara brought them breakfast on a tray, as she frequently did. Only she was still dripping from the pool and gloriously naked. They sipped their juice and Clara toweled her long hair, standing in the sunlight in the middle of the bedroom. Her shaved bottom caught her father’s eye.

“Are you responsible for Anna’s being shaved down there?”

“Yes, do you like it? Have you licked it? Jeff likes mine a lot.”

Arthur looked at Anna accusingly, “Have you talked to her about what we used to do?”

“Er, we were just having girl talk.”

“Dad, she is a new woman, sexually. She wanted to know about lesbian sex between female athletes. Isn’t that nasty?”

Arthur was giving her a terrible lusty look and setting the tray to one side. “Is it true? You are mysteriously turned on all the time?”

Clara was laughing and pulling down the bed covers. She said to her dad, “Watch this,” and dove between Anna’s legs. “No, no, you are awful.” But Art was kissing her with a lot of tongue and the strange hot waves were after her again. The moans were muffled by his lips but she was there already, humping at her daughter and shuddering in orgasm.

Clara lay back, laughing and pulling her legs up so that her sex was fully revealed. “Ok, Dad, get busy and give me the same treat I gave Mom.”

Anna was unbelieving, but still caught up in her climax, panting for breath. Arthur didn’t even give her a look before lowering his head to their daughter. Clara giggled loudly and wailed, “Yes, yes, that’s the best.”

She came as violently as the last time Anna watched. But there was more. Before her father knew what was happening, he was back against the headboard and his daughter’s tight wet cunt was sliding right down a big, hard cock.

His hands tried to get her off. “Stop that, Daddy. This is part of my sex education. A woman needs experience with more than one partner. So she knows how to please a man.”

Arthur collapsed and Clara posted merrily on him, making a lot of squishing noises and saying, “Now I know why Anna loves your cock. Don’t tell Jeff, but this is good. Very good. We have to make a deal to give me more treatments like this.”

Anna was caught up in the moment and reached over to tweak Clara’s clit. A blush was spreading over the young nymph’s chest and her noises became wails. Arthur recovered and got a glint in his eye. Over they went, his cock never stopping its hard thrusts. Anna reached out and squeezed his scrotum. He yelled and came, sending Clara over the top as well.

Clara, leaking cum everywhere, climbed on top of her mom. “That was so hot. Anna, are you ok?”

Before the confused mom could answer, Arthur was spreading two sets of legs and spearing into her. “Ohh. This is terrible. God, you feel good in there. Clara, you are not supposed to be around when your parents are having sex!”

Clara rolled off, laughing hard. “Anna, look at you, fucking back at him just like college. My plan for you is working. Working just fine.”

Arthur wasn’t in a hurry anymore and couldn’t understand how his prick was performing so well. He worked Anna’s cunt for all he was worth and the incredible scene drove his wife and lover to orgasm after orgasm.

Clara pushed a towel between her legs and watched, loving every bit of action. After Mom and Dad came, with a lot of shouting, she said, “I sure hope I can make love like that when I am your age.”

She handed them some coffee and said she would be right back after she washed that horrible stuff out of her. There were giggles as she waddled to the shower.

Anna’s eyes were dilated and she felt all over tingling with desire for more. When Clara came back, her mom was splayed across Arthur’s legs, slurping on the messy cock. She turned around and disappeared again. This time, she had a large pink dildo in her hand and her eyes smiled at her father as she approached and kneeled behind her mother. Arthur put a gentle arm across Anna’s shoulder avrupa yakası escort to keep her working on him. The loving wife jerked as she felt Clara’s fingers exploring her dripping pussy. A few seconds later, the dildo drove all the way home with a wet noise. Clara worked it vigorously, enjoying all the muffled moans Anna made.

“Anna, you slut,” she sang, “take this. Take it all. I think after Dad is done with you in the morning, there has to be more practice with this. I want you in the harness, doing me too.”

Arthur muttered, “Two sluts in my house? This is too much.” His hands were moving Anna up and down, up and down and the sucking got better and better. As his weapon stiffened, the orgasmic wife knew what was coming and her mouth filled with his stuff. She collapsed to her back, eyes closed and moaning. When she opened them, Clara was back in his lap, the soft prick barely staying inside her.

“Oh Daddy, we’ve worn you out.”

For several days more, Anna couldn’t quite believe the decadence she felt. Arthur’s wakeup erection sent her to a gasping orgasm, even before coffee. When Clara came back from morning workout, she was ordered to be sunning herself and ready for girl-girl action, which Clara delivered with a vengeance. Worst of all, Clara dragged her to the bathroom on Wednesday and filled her ass with warm enema solution and made her walk around until the cramps were so bad she had to dash for the bathroom. After that, Clara rinsed out her insides several times, making a terrible sound in the toilet, and squirted hot oil in her tender anus.

After this warmup, Anna got the same treatment on Thursday. After gently securing her to the bed, face down, Clara spent over an hour abusing her private place with a series of ever larger butt plugs, one of which stayed in place until dinner.

She was in front of the stove, in a nice summer dress with no underwear, when Clara came in and knelt behind her. The voice was sibilant, stressing and dragging out the s’s. “Mommy dear, you are almost ready for the big party this weekend. Sexy Mommy is going to be so, so happy. I’ve been talking to Daddy. Big strong Daddy. We are trying to decide how best to arrange your performance.”

Clara eased the plug out of her parent and found a home for two long fingers in the soft, lubricated rectum. “Oh, this is sooo fine.” Another finger found its way around to the front and caressed the stiff clitoris of her mother. Anna clutched the counter and moaned. “Oh my god, Stop, you are making me come.”

Clara washed her hands and kissed Anna tenderly on her neck. “You are regressing nicely. Soon, we will be just two coeds, ready for anything. Anything tall, handsome and well hung, that is.” She tweaked a mature nipple through the dress and whispered, “You turn me on so much better than Jeff. I can’t keep my hands off you, Anna.” This last was spoken firmly, with an edge. Anna quivered and knew she would follow orders from her wayward slut of a daughter.

There was a dinner dance at the country club Saturday night. Clara asked Anna to invite her and Jeff to come along. There was no resistance.

It was a beautiful night and the club veranda had lanterns gaily hanging from wires. Arthur and Anna were feeling romantic. He got them flutes of champagne and guided her to a spot overlooking the pool and the first tee. “You are very beautiful tonight, Anna.” He kissed her cheek tenderly. She turned his head and kissed him back on the lips. Her tongue pressed for admittance. His arm went around her and held them together.

Clara had found a dress for Anna with a low front and a built in bra. The fabric had a delicate flower pattern and looked lovely. Her firm, tanned breasts were exposed almost down to her nipples. The only thing wrong with this picture, Anna thought, was the plug throbbing in her rear hole. Clara had been brainwashing her for days about the ecstasy of being taken in the ass. She didn’t think so. One of her best friends complained incessantly about her husband’s insatiable demands for butt fucking.

Clara and Jeff came out of the building with drinks and walked over to say hello. Arthur said, “You are ravishing tonight, Clara, who is this young guy who thinks he deserves you?”

He got a chaste kiss on the cheek, and a reproving stare. “Daddy, Jeff and I love each other, so let up on the teasing, ok?” Their arms tightened around each other.

Clara had filled Jeff in on the makeover of Anna. He couldn’t believe the evil laugh Clara had when describing her exploits with her mother. She was lying on him in her briefs, one hand rubbing his hard cock still inside his jeans.

“Lover, we are going to have such fun Saturday night. Have you ever had sex side by side with another couple?”

The buffet dinner was excellent, with lots of rare roast beef. No one asked about their age, and the young couple enjoyed large glasses of merlot. Clara had decided they should sit with some others their age, and the conversation was funny and light. She looked down the table and saw several girls who were going to get laid tonight, just like she was. Their dates had the look that means the girls were not to say no. Hmmm. Could she talk Jeff and Arthur into DPing Anna? A little voice asked how depraved was she going to get. She wondered herself. Mom was having better sex and no one was getting hurt. Go for it!

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