A Maternal Affair

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My lifelong attraction for her was ignited in one instant. I came home early from school and was going upstairs to change. I passed by my mother’s room and she was standing in front of the mirror in her room with the door open. She was naked from the waist up. When she saw me all she did was sort of bring her arm across and say, “Hi sweetie, how come you’re home so early?” I stammered something about the special clerical day and she said, “Oh” and I went on my way.

I was amazed. This was not an everyday thing; my mother didn’t walk around half naked all the time. The most I’d ever seen was her thighs when she put stockings on. I’d looked at her full breasts and big pinkish nipples and she’d acted as if it was the most natural thing in the world. For a moment I thought that perhaps she didn’t realize…but how crazy is that? A person knows when their clothes are off don’t they?

Mom and I lived alone in a fairly large house that was paid for with insurance money we got after my father died. I never really knew him. Mom worked four to five days a week and didn’t go out much. We always had a great relationship and I told her everything…except about how I started to feel about her after that day.

My nightly fantasies, both wet and dry, progressed from my seeing those beautiful boobs to my imagining I was touching them and then every other part of her. She was a pretty woman then and still is; it always amazed me that a body that well formed was hidden under the plain clothes she wore. It never really impacted on me that it was my mother that was the object of my sexual desires. She was just the woman I wanted. I watched every undulation of her ass and every movement of her breasts when she wasn’t looking.

I had one recurring fantasy that stayed with me for years. On many agitated nights I used it to bring me closer to sleep. I would walk in to the house and hear my mother in the den on the phone. I could see her through the slight opening of the door but she didn’t know I was there. In my imaginings she’d wear a white nylon negligee through which I could make out the outline of her breasts and nipples. Her hand is between her legs and she slowly rubs as she talks.

My mother says into the phone, “…I don’t care Gina…I’ve lived with this for a long time and I’m ready to say it and I’m ready to do it…. I want Robby…He’s always been the one I wanted and now I admit it. I want him to make love to me…I want him in my pussy, in my mouth…oh God, Yes I know…but I don’t care and I’m not ashamed…oh Gina I’m aching…I’m aching all over and all I can do is touch myself and think of him…” She says her goodbyes and hangs up. My mother closes her eyes and continues rubbing her pussy; she’s whispering my name. I walk in and go over to her. I kiss her and slide my hand over her fleshy breast to her swollen nipple. She looks up at me and says, “Oh my baby…momma’s been waiting for you.” We make love on the floor many times. At the end of each fantasy I come in my mother’s mouth.

It wasn’t until I was in college that anything actually happened between us. It began when my grades started to slip. I couldn’t concentrate and didn’t care. I was getting depressed. I came home on weekends and just hung around the house. My problems in general weren’t different from most guys my age. I wanted a woman. Specifically, it was a lot different. I was thinking about my mother more and more.

I wasn’t bad looking but I was painfully shy. I wouldn’t have even gone to my high school prom if mom didn’t coach me on what to do and say with Karla. It was just the hardest thing for me to even talk to girls that were in my classes.

When mom saw my grades she flipped. “How could you go from A’s to C’s and D’s?” I told her how I couldn’t concentrate, especially with girls on my mind. She said, “Oh honey, that’s nothing I’ll help you and we’ll fix it.” First she got me a tutor, a junior named Brian. He helped a little mostly because he became a friend that I could talk to. Mom encouraged my non-existent ‘love-life’ with advice and attempts to fix me up. My grades still stunk.

After a semester of exasperation she said, “Robby, what’s going to be? I hate to see you throw your future away…I’m worried…who can I get to help you?”

“Sharon” I said.

“Sharon who…me?” “Yes mom, Sharon you”

“Of course baby…you know I would do…”

“No mom you wouldn’t and I wouldn’t expect you to…I just can’t keep it in any more so I’m going to tell you…I love you…no mom don’t say it… I know you love me but I love you differently…I want you…I want you sexually. I’m sorry mom…but it’s true.

I’ll never forget her kindness at that moment. I expected blows to rain down on my head or at least a screaming diatribe but all I got was her soft hand on my cheek when she said, “Let’s talk about this Robby…let’s think about it together.”

It was the best day I’d had in years. What a relief; everything was out in the open and we talked about it all. When we had both said everything we possibly could and she had told me how lovely it was to be wanted but how crazy it was and all the reasons we shouldn’t, I said, “Ok, you’re right mom…but I’m still bakırköy escort going to want you forever.”

My mother looked at me for the longest time and said, “All right baby…I’ll try…I’ll love you that way if that’s what you need…but listen to me honey – it has to be my way and Robby…you have to keep your grades up and you have to promise me that when I say it’s over…it’s over.” We shared our first kiss and I was pleased by the unexpected entry of her tongue into my mouth. She unbuttoned her blouse but left it on. Her sheer white bra lifted easily over her ample breasts and I almost froze not knowing how and when to touch them. I was emboldened when I finally stroked them and she moved sinuously with a soft murmur. Her voice came out in breathy whispers when she said, “Oh God…I can’t believe I’m doing this with my own son.”

I’d like to say what a wonderful lover I was that first night but that would be far from the truth. We kissed for a long time and we were both a bit shy. When I had mom’s panties off she looked at me, a bit unsure of herself and said, “Do I look all right or are you disappointed?” I could hardly speak because she looked so good to me. I told her what a wonderful body she had; my stiffness was ample evidence of what she did to me. Up close her full breasts looked as beautiful as they did in my dreams; I loved that they were big and translucent so that just a hint of fine blue-green traced through them and across her round puffy nipples. Her pussy was well trimmed and I could see the swollen lips that my hard cock had spread only in my fantasies; they were a bit shiny from the fluid around them. I kissed and sucked on them without really knowing what I was doing but my mother was moaning and that made me feel good. She tasted like something I could never eat enough of.

Mother went down on her knees. She said, “You have a lovely cock Robby” and took it into her mouth. I watched myself pass her lips and felt her tongue press along the underside of my fully expanded shaft. She hardly began sucking on it before I was grabbing her head and a torrent of cum exploded out of me. My mom was sucking my dick better than in my wild imaginings and that was just too much to control. I watched as the shaft, shiny with cum, went in and out of my mother’s mouth. After leaving every drop either on or in her mouth, I started to apologize and said, “Oh mom…I’m sorry I came in your mouth…I couldn’t help it.”

My sweet mother stood up and kissed me and said, “It’s all right love; you’re supposed to come in my mouth.” She then sent me off and told me I should go back to school the next day and not come home until I had an ‘A’ on an exam or a paper.

Picturing my mother waiting for me at home, open and willing, turned me into a demon at school. You can imagine how hard I studied after that and you can imagine how hard I was when two weeks later I came home with my first ‘A’. That was a weekend of firsts. I was almost twenty but it was the first time I would be inside a woman. I was as nervous and excited as I could be thinking that my mother would be my first.

Mother attempted some foreplay with kisses and touches but I only had one thing on my mind. Mom gave a little laugh when she realized it was hopeless and took her panties off. She opened her legs and used her fingers to show me the pink. She said, “Come my love.”

The first penetration into my mother’s pussy was exquisite. As my cock found it’s way into her, I told her that it was all I ever wanted. Her wet vagina squeezed my stiff cock as I pushed up into her belly. There was no better feeling. I was fucking my mother and she was smiling up at me. I didn’t know much more than to do what came naturally as I pressed in and out of my mother’s hot wet opening. I made up with enthusiasm what I lacked in experience and in the morning mom laughed and said, “I certainly didn’t expect to be your first Robby but it was quite a surprise when I turned out to be your second, third, and fourth during the same night.” She got serious then and kissed me softly on the lips and said, “I’m proud that you wanted it to be me baby.”

I know she didn’t have an orgasm that night but she told me how good it felt to have me in her and how she loved the way I filled her up. It didn’t take too many weekends before she was coming as much as I did.

I learned; I had help. In addition to being the sexiest woman I knew, she was a great teacher. Over the next months she taught me how to be a lover and how to pleasure and satisfy her. She didn’t have to teach me how to love her.

She never let me get ‘excessive’; we had plenty of oral and straight sex but she always put me off when I suggested anything adventurous. I knew where her limits were and I wasn’t complaining. She always downplayed the affair and kidded that I’d soon tire of the ‘old lady’. I never did and those days were just the best.

Once my mother visited me on campus and I took her to a place a bunch of the guys had rented. It wasn’t a fraternity thing, just a room with a T.V. and some weights. I told mom that it was where my friends brought their girls. She beşiktaş escort asked me if that was why I brought her. I just started kissing her and opened her blouse. I had my hand inside her bra when Brian and two other guys walked in. She jumped and practically ran out of the room. I apologized to her but the incident didn’t hurt my reputation. For the next few weeks, guys I hardly knew were asking me about the ‘hot older woman’, especially Brian. Long after the others forgot about it he was still pumping me for details.

It turned out that Brian was very turned on by what he saw because he had a thing for mature women. After long talks on the subject he admitted that he found his mother sexually attractive. I liked Brian and I trusted him. When I finally told him that the woman he saw me with was my mother, he flipped. “How…what…God…” He bombarded me with questions. “You actually had incest with your mother…how did it feel…did she…?” On and on until he got to the real question that was roiling in his brain, “…I wonder if I ever could?”

We talked about it from every angle for weeks until he decided he was going to do something about it. His father was often away for weeks at a time and he was now alone with his mother. He came up with all kinds of wild schemes but finally settled on talking to her about it. After a few tentative starts with hints and innuendo they finally had a conversation about it. He just wasn’t sure what she’d said.

He told me about it the next day. He said, “I asked her about a son having sex with his mother and she told me that it should never happen but that sometimes when people really love each other things could get out of control. Then she said that she thought it could also happen if the son took the mother against her will. Now I’m just not sure if she was telling me…Robby, do you think she…?”

I said, “Whoa man, I’m not getting into that one. You’re going to have to find your own way…just go slow.”

The next time Brian’s father was out of town he told me, “Brian, I found my way.”

I said, “What do you mean…what happened?”

He said, “Late last night I went into my mother’s room and stood by her bed. I could tell she was up by the way she was breathing and moving but she didn’t say a word. She was on her stomach and wearing a short nylon top. She didn’t have panties on and the top wasn’t covering her ass. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see a bit of her pussy. I had brought in some rope with me. I tied her hands to the bed and she never moved. When I finished, she raised herself on her haunches so her ass was in the air and said, ‘Brian, what are you doing? This is wrong…oh God…please don’t fuck me Brian…please don’t …please don’t.’ I told her she had no choice and when I put my hand over her pussy and started rubbing it, she was soaked. I was so hard I didn’t wait for anything. I just put my cock into her and stated fucking. As I gave it to her, one minute she’d say how good it felt and the next she’d say how wrong it was.

I came pretty quickly but I stayed on her and kept touching her. When I got hard again, I put it in her again from behind. Man, she has the most beautiful ass you ever saw. I pushed into her until I was up against it. She was grinding it and yelling into the pillow, calling me a mother-fucking bastard and every other thing until finally she said she was coming. She squeezed every drop of cum out of me until I was drained. I untied her and left. The next morning we didn’t talk about it. All she asked as I left was whether I would be coming home before the weekend. I just smiled and she smiled back.”

I listened to every word of Brian’s story with my mother and me in mind. There was no way I was going to wait until the weekend to go home. I went home that night and told my mother the story. She was as turned on by it as I was. I skipped school and she skipped work the next day.

The next term I graduated and on my last day of school mom said, “Honey, the time is here. Remember your promise. I love you sweetheart and I don’t regret one minute of what we did but we both have to get on with our lives now. Come give your momma a kiss.” I tried to convince her that we could go on the way we had been but she just shook her head ‘no’. She could hardly speak and I could hardly hold back the emotion but I kissed my mother long and hard and moved out of her bedroom that night.

I soon moved out of the house. Mom said I should stay but there were two things I couldn’t do at once: look at her and not touch her. We both resumed what some might call the semblance of a normal life. We spoke often and I put on a good front for her but still took enough opportunities to tell her how much I missed what we had. She always said something to the effect that it was wonderful but we both had to go forward. She told me about the men she saw – thankfully without details. She seemed to fall into a pattern; she’d see someone for a month or two at most and then it would be over. This went on for almost a year until Perry moved in with her. I went out a lot with Karla and the best I could say is that we were both comfortable beylikdüzü escort and it was convenient.

In the meantime things with Brian and his mother had sorted themselves out after a close call. I spoke to him after it happened and he said he was in the shower with his mother when his father came home unexpectedly. They didn’t hear anything with the water running until he knocked on the bathroom door. Brian said he was actually inside her when it happened. Somehow his mother got his father to go out for something and they were able to get themselves together before he came back. That night she asked him for a divorce. Exactly one week later he was out of the house.

Brian said that the night his father left, his mother almost seemed possessed. He said, “Every time I came, it was only a few minutes later that she was working me up again – not that it took that much. She kept telling me how happy she was now that I could fuck her every night. I’ll tell you man, we wore each other out that night; my cock was sore the whole next day.” Brian said that it wasn’t long after that they made each other promises. They knew they were in love and intended to stay together. I envied him.

I lived about twelve miles from my mom and went over for dinner ever weeks or two so I wasn’t surprised when she invited me one Saturday night but I was concerned when she said we had to talk. I figured maybe it was about her job or Perry or maybe…I didn’t really know what to think or hope for. When I arrived she was dressed in a blue dress I always loved her in.

When I got there it was the worst of the possibilities I had considered. She told me that it was getting serious with Perry and that he was talking about marriage. We talked about all the pros and cons but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her if she loved him enough to spend forever with him. I guessed she loved him enough or we wouldn’t have been talking. As I left that night, my whole body ached and I was moved to kiss her full, the way we used to. I tasted her mouth and inhaled the fragrance of her sweet skin and then I stopped. “Why torture myself?” I thought. I left and said, “I wish you happiness whatever you decide mom and I’m here if you need to talk or anything.”

I went out with Karla that night and I fucked her with a vengeance. I pulled at her and pounded her and almost choked her with my cock. She seemed to enjoy it well enough but I didn’t. I broke it off with her the next time I saw her. It wasn’t what I was looking for and it wasn’t going anywhere.

Over the next few weeks mom called a lot and seemed to be leaning toward marrying Perry. I told her I was happy for her and when she asked about Karla I said that everything was great. She said quietly, “Good honey…good…that’s good.”

The next day she called and said, “Sweetie I’m in the car just driving around…can I come up to you for a bit?” I told her it was fine and when she came in we sat and had some wine. We were talking casually and as we sat across from each other, I watched her eyes fill. “Robby” she said, “I think I made a mistake…and I’m afraid I’m about to make a bigger one. I miss you so much…oh…this is probably the biggest mistake of all…oh honey I don’t love Perry…I’m not telling you this to interfere with you and Karla; I know you love her now and I want you to happy but I had to tell you…”

“Mom, I said, there is no Karla. I don’t love her and I’m not even seeing her anymore…mom, it’s always been you.”

“Oh Robby honey, it’s all so impossible. Whoever I’m with…I’m thinking of you …nobody touches me with love like you…sex isn’t enough…I need what you gave me…but how can we…?”

“Mom, we can because it’s right for both of us…don’t you know…we love each other?”

“Yes but baby I’m eighteen years older than you…by the time I’m…”

“Sweet Sharon…mom…none of that matters. How we got here doesn’t matter. Who knows what crazy thing tomorrow brings let alone years and years into the future? Mom, do you love me?”

“Of course darling…Oh honey…I didn’t even know if you wanted me anymore.”

“I’ve never wanted anything more than you…because I’ve never loved anyone more than you…but I don’t want to just have an affair with you mom, I want us to have something more…something new…I don’t even know what to call it but I’m ready to see where our love will take us…are you mom…without any reservations?”

“Yes baby…I’m ready…no more affairs…I’m ready to start loving you forever…I’m ready to do anything to…be yours…I’m ready to love my beautiful boy.”

We went into my bedroom and undressed each other between long, deep kisses. I’d almost forgotten how silky her skin was, how fully her breasts filled my hand, how wet her pussy could get. I wanted everything at once and my hands roamed all over her. I held my mother’s sopping pussy for a moment in my palm as she inhaled deeply. I felt the puffy circles behind her erect nipples between my fingers as I sucked on the tips. They seemed longer and harder than ever and I was practically chewing on them when mom said she could feel it all the way down to her pussy. She pinched my nipples playfully as she pulled away from me to get to my cock. I could feel her hunger as she filled her mouth with me. Her head bobbed as she frenetically drew back and forth on the shaft. She used her tongue to paint my leathery sack with saliva and then continued to the tip where she sucked out the small amount of white cum that had appeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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