A Marriage That Evolved

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If you critique this story, please tell me what you think is wrong, I would like to improve.


They were married eight years, it was a great marriage, she adored him, he was a great provider. She was glad he took charge and kept their marriage interesting. Kim was a great wife, she didn’t have to work, her husband was perfectly happy with her maintaining the house. She did volunteer work, it kept her connected with the outside world.

Kim made sure they had diner every night, she tried to eat healthy, but sometimes her husband would bring pizza or subs.

Kim was petite, 5′ 2″ and always bubbly, her husband was very normal and was into her, he rarely went out without her. They had date night a couple of times a month, usually a movie and a few drinks, or diner and a few drinks. Usually he would have a few drinks too many and get a little frisky. He like to squeeze her ass in the restaurant, or wherever they were. He like to make out in the car, sometimes they would have sex, she was small, they could fuck anywhere.

Last date they were in a in a bar, he started talking to another guy and brought him back to the table. He was younger, Will was his name, he seemed to be a normal, except he wasn’t drinking. After a few drinks her husband started getting frisky, he kissed her and was fondling a breast, Kim wasn’t shy, she enjoyed the attention from her husband, she even placed a hand in his lap and rubbed his cock.

They continued to talk, Will still wasn’t drinking, he enjoyed the conversation with Kim. It was time to leave, it wasn’t that late, but her husband was drunk, Kim knew she had to drive home. Will walked out with them, he helped them to their car, they loaded her husband into the back seat. Will opened the door for Kim, she asked him if he had a ride home, after a little coaxing he agreed to let her drive him to his house.

She adjusted the seat, her skirt was hiked up, she saw Will staring, it didn’t bother her, she even opened her legs, she liked being a tease. They sat and talked, she learned a lot about him, her husband was asleep in the back seat.

Will was nice looking, he had the all American look. She started the car, she punched his address in the GPS, and followed the directions. They talked, he was enjoying the view, he complimented her on her legs and her tight body, she soaked it up.

They arrived, she turned towards him and gave him a great shot of her legs and crotch, he stared and the looked up at her face, those are nice legs, he reached for her knee, she smiled and leaned back.

“Are you a tease?” he asked.

Kim replied, “I’m married and I’ve never cheated on my husband, I have a great marriage and would never do anything to jeopardize it, I love him too much.”

He moved his hand up her thigh, she was smiling, “you have large hands. I think we are at a good stopping point, I’m not drunk enough to let you do anything more, sorry if I was teasing you.”

Will pulled his hand back, “it is getting late,” he opened the door and walked around to her side, she rolled down the window, he bent down for a kiss, she put her hand on his and moved it to her breast. She said, “a kiss is not a good idea, but I did enjoy the conversation and your company.” She squeezed his hand, he felt her firm breast, maybe you’ll call, she gave him her husband’s business card. He removed his hand and stood up, she drove home.

They arrived at the house, she parked and opened the back door, she kissed him on his cheek, “honey can you make it into the house?” He smiled, she kissed him, “can you get up?”

“Of course I can, but first,” he leaned back on the seat and started fumbling with his belt and pants. Kim watched for a minute and then helped him, his pants and shorts were down and his dick was exposed.

“What do you want?” Kim leaned into the car opened her mouth and sucked his dick into her mouth, she swirled it with her tongue, she lifted her head up and let his dick plop out. “Well, do you want me to suck your dick?”

He lifted his head up and said, “yes”

Kim wasn’t sure if she could get him hard, she licked and sucked him, he did get half hard and she sucked him for awhile, she gave up. She pulled him out of the car and he stood him up. She pulled up his shorts and pants, they walked into the house, she walked him straight to the bed.

He laid down and she stripped him, she kissed his dick, it was still half hard, it felt good in her mouth. She got off the bed and stripped. She looked at his cock, was it hard enough for her to sit on?

She knelt on the bed and straddled him, she reached kadıköy escort down and guided his dick between her legs, she was wet from Will’s attempts. It slid in her, she felt him in her and started rocking on him, she reached down and started rubbing her clit, she knew she could cum.

Her hands were on his chest and she rocked on him, it would have been better if he was hard, she kept rocking.

It didn’t take long, she had a wonderful little orgasm, she moaned and fell forward, she kissed him. she whispered in his ear “Do you want to kiss my pussy,”?

He didn’t respond, Kim turned and positioned her crotch over his mouth and lowered it. She rubbed her lips on his mouth, she was juicy from riding him, he wasn’t responding, after a minute she smiled and lifted off his face.

She fell asleep next to her husband.

She woke up, she kissed his face, it still smelled like her pussy, she smiled. Coffee and breakfast was on her agenda, she jumped out of bed and started breakfast.

She woke him up, he wasn’t hung over and was ready for breakfast. They ate and talked, Kim was curious about Will, she wondered how long they knew each other. Her husband answered, they met six months ago. Kim smiled, “he seems like a great guy, why did you want him to meet me?” He laughed, ‘I just thought we could get a little closer.”

Kim smiled, she knew her husband enjoyed watching videos of them having sex, she was wondering what else he wanted to watch. Will called, her husband invited him for diner, Kim was nominated to provide the diner.

Kim returned from shopping and started preparing diner, she asked her husband what she should wear, he answered, “just a skirt.”

She thought, “does that mean no top and no underwear?”

She showered and changed. The skirt she initially chose was too short, she would have to wear underwear with it, she chose a longer skirt and no underwear.

Will arrived, Kim had about 20 minutes before diner was ready, she brought in wine, Will had a glass. She sat across from him in a chair, her husband sat with Will on the couch. Kim knew she looked enticing, her husband commented on her legs. Their conversation continued, her husband asked for another drink, she didn’t mind taking care of him. She brought the drink, with one hand he took the drink, the other he slid up her leg.

Kim was not surprised, her husband wanted to put her on display, he wanted to let Will know that Kim never said no to him. He squeezed her thigh and commented on how firm they felt, Kim opened her legs, she invited Will feel her other leg, “I think I’m a little soft, what do you think Will?”

He reached out and wrapped his hand around the back of her thigh. Kim said, “I think my ass is firm, but my legs need more work.” Will’s hand moved upward, “sorry, my skirts tight, excuse me, I have to serve diner.” Will kept his hand moving upward until he felt her pussy.

Kim looked at him, “surprise.”

Will looked up at her, “a very nice surprise.”

Kim pushed his hand down and went to serve diner.

They talked at the diner table, the wine flowed, Kim wanted to be relaxed and ready for whatever the guys had planned. Her husband started talking about home videos, Kim looked at him, “I thought those were private.”

Her husband answered, “some of them are, we won’t show all of them.” Will chimed in, “I love home movies, especially the candid shots that embarrass everyone.’

Kim laughed, “they are more than candid.”

Kim started for the family room, “let’s go, she brought the wine.” She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, she sat between the guys, her heart was racing. She was hoping her husband and Will had a plan, her husband had been hinting all day.

The movies were on a thumb drive that her husband already had inserted, her husband explained that there were three cameras, each positioned at a different angle. The first one showed Kim doing a slow strip tease, she only had panties on, so it was a quick strip tease. She turned in front of the camera, she had a perfect little ass.

The next clip was her husband naked on the bed, Kim walked in, knelt between his legs, she turned her head and smiled at the camera, her mouth went to his cock, she licked it and teased it with her tongue. Her hand wrapped around the base, it stood straight up, it slipped into her mouth.

Her husband put his hand on Kim’s thigh, her legs opened, Will felt her legs open, he looked down, he was hesitant, her husband talked about the three of üsküdar escort them in bed, but he wasn’t sure Kim was ready. He looked down at her, her head was tilted back, he kissed her, a long kiss. Her husband moved his hand up her leg and was cupping her crotch, his finger rubbed her bare slit.

Will’s hand went to her breast, he cupped it and squeezed, Kim was responding to the two men. Kim moved her hand to Will’s crotch, she wasn’t sure what she was squeezing, it was thick. They kissed and the two men fondled her, Kim started reacting, her orgasm was building, “harder,” she moaned into Will’s mouth, she started to cum. Her body tensed and then relaxed.

Will knelt between her legs, he kissed the top of her mound, his mouth opened and he tasted her. His tongue licked between her pussy lips, she tilted her hips to give him better access. Her husband removed his clothes, he knelt on the couch, he pushed his cock into her mouth, she wrapped her arms around his hips

Kim had never been with two men, she enjoyed having her pussy licked, she also liked having a cock in her mouth. Will looked up, he saw Kim sucking her husband’s cock. Kim did not have a chance to think about what was happening, she was enjoying attention. Will stood up, he stripped off his shirt and then his pants, his cock was hard, Kim reached for it, this was a big cock, thick and hard.

Kim leaned forward, she licked her lips, opened wide and slid the big head in. Both of her hands wrapped around the big cock, she tried to force it into throat. Will’s hand went to the back of her head, her mouth was wet and tight, he started fucking her mouth.

Her husband watched, he told Kim to sit on his dick, she stood up and sat on his lap, his dick slid into her. She leaned forward Will’s hard dick was in her face, she took it back into in her mouth. Kim was not thinking, she was doing what they wanted and it felt good, Will had a big dick, she knew he would make her cum.

She felt her husband fucking her, he was cumming, he finished. Kim stood up and bent over facing her husband, she stuck her ass towards Will, “I hope you like sloppy seconds,” she leaned forward and put her head in her husband’s lap.

“Enjoy the view” she said to her husband.

Will was tall, he had to point his cock down, he placed the head between her lips, she moaned in her husband’s lap. She felt the tip push into her, it was huge. Kim wanted to be fucked and she pushed back, her cunt lips stretched, her tunnel felt full.

Will pushed deeper, then he pulled out, Kim groaned, his cock was rubbing her tunnel walls.

Kim said, “wait, get the KY.”

Her husband went to the bedroom, he brought the lube back, Will pulled his cock out, he took the tube and squirted the lube on his cock. Kim reached around her back and stroked the cock, she rubbed the excess lube between her legs, and bent over.

Will grabbed his slippery cock and pushed past her lips, Kim said, “mmm that’s better, I’m ready.”

Will grabbed her hips and pushed into her, he filled her and she groaned, “Hon his dick is huge.” Will had half his cock in her, he pulled back and fucked deep into her.

Kim opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy, her crotch was a slippery mess. Kim started rocking, he was getting deeper, she could feel her orgasm building. Will heard Kim grunting, he started fucking harder, he had a few more inches, he drove into her.

Kim was surprised it hurt, she lunged forward, away from his driving dick. “Ow, you’re too big,” she was kneeling on the couch. Will moved forward and tried to put his dick back in her, Kim reached behind her and guided him in, “not all of it, stop when I tell you to.”

Will smiled and pushed into her, it felt good, Kim smiled, “that’s better.”

Kim’s husband watched, he had forgotten about the cameras in the bedroom. He knew Kim was having the fuck of her life and Will hadn’t cum yet.

Kim reached between her legs and started rubbing again, she wanted to cum.

Will had half of his cock in her and started fucking faster, he didn’t go too deep. He felt Kim’s cunt tighten, she was getting ready to cum. Her hand moved faster and Will was fucking harder, she stiffened and started to cum. When she finished, she rolled to her side and Will’s dick slid out.

Will was standing, his hardon was sticking out, Kim’s husband said, “let’s move to the bedroom.” He pulled Kim up by the hand, she followed them to the bedroom.

“I’m fucked out.” Kim sat on the bed, Will put his dick in her face, Kim smiled and opened her mouth. She tuzla escort put both hands on his cock, guided it to her mouth and started sucking it. Will put one hand on the back of her head and started stroking his cock with the other.

Kim was hoping he would cum soon, she needed to curl up on the bed. She sucked and stroked, she used her tongue and let him fuck her throat. His hand on the back of her head kept his dick deep. Will was stroking hard, he pushed his cock in her throat and started cumming, his load shot down her throat, she pulled back and the second stream filled her mouth. He pushed back into her mouth and kept cumming, cum was running out of her mouth.

He finished, Kim felt his dick getting soft in her mouth, cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin, this was a huge load.

Will said, “Thank you.” Kim fell back on the bed, she was still swallowing cum, her face was a sticky mess. Her husband stepped between her legs, he grabbed them and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, his dick was hard. Kim spread her legs, she never said no.

He pushed into her, Kim smiled, she could barely feel him in her pussy, after a few strokes he pulled out of her and pushed her knees farther back, he aimed at her tiny butt hole. Kim reached down and spread her ass cheeks, he’s had her ass before.

The head pushed in, Kim smiled, “are you going to fuck my ass?” He shoved it in and started fucking her. Kim let out a loud, “oh, come on hon, fuck me.” He was horny from watching Will use his wife, he fucked her hard, Kim groaned, she loved his dick, he came in her ass.

Kim crawled to the middle of the bed and rolled on her stomach. Her face was sticky from Will’s cum, she wiped it on the spread. She closed her eyes, she felt someone get on the bed. .

She looked over her shoulder, it was Will crawling between hers legs, she panicked, “does he want to fuck my ass with his big dick?”

Will leaned forward, she felt his dick between her legs. She reached behind her back, she opened her legs lifted her hips and pulled the head of his dick into her pussy. He pushed into her, he was only half hard but hard enough, she pushed back.

His dick felt like a big hard tongue, she liked it. It was fucking into her, hard and deep. He was pounding her, she was glad all she had to do was lay there and take it. Her husband crawled beside on, he reached down and squeezed her ass cheek, it felt good. His finger rubbed over her butt hole, it felt god.

Will was pounding her, long strokes, he was getting harder. Her husband’s finger pushed into her ass, she looked at him, he was watching her face, she smiled at him. He soon had two fingers in her, she was still smiling. “Ask Will to fuck your ass.”

Kim reached for Wills dick, she grabbed it and pulled it towards her tiny butt hole, “put it in my ass.” Will pulled back, Kim pushed the tip in her ass, Will took his hand and helped.

Kim felt the big head push into her ass, it was half hard, Will pushed forward, he had to use his hand to keep his big cock from bending. Kim looked at her husband, “get the camera,” he rolled off the bed and aimed the camera at Kim’s ass, he zoomed in.

Will forced his dick in Kim’s ass, it slid into her, she moved her hand, Will was in deep.

Will was fucking faster, Kim was enjoying her ass fuck. She laying flat on the bed, was pinned, Will was on her back, she couldn’t move.

He was fucking faster, he couldn’t get any deeper, Will grabbed her shoulders and started pounding her, Kim felt him cumming, she smiled and was grunting. Will shot his load and rolled off her back, her husband filmed the big cock sliding out of his wife’s ass. Kim lay there, spread eagle on the bed, her husband filmed the cum running out of her ass.

Kim rolled over onto her back, “no more dick.” She said while her husband filmed her.

Will moved his crotch upward towards her face, he placed his soft dick across her face, Kim knew the camera was rolling and smiled. Her husband said, “open your mouth,” Kim opened her mouth.

Will put the head in Kim’s open mouth and pushed in, he used his hand to guided it in. Kim turned her body so Will could fuck her mouth, her hand went to his dick and helped guide it in. She knew she was on camera, she sucked it.

Will never got hard, after a few minutes he pulled out of her mouth and rolled on his back. Kim kept her hand on the big cock, she smiled for the camera, “I drained all the cocks.”

Kim pulled her knees to her chest, her husband filmed her, she was showing her sore butt hole and pussy, they were puffy, red and messy.

She crawled to the head of the bed, pulled up the covers and fell asleep. The two guys gathered their clothes, dressed and sat on the couch. They talked and watched the home movies, Kim was a star.

After an hour Will decided to take off, he wanted to say goodnight to Kim, he walked into the bedroom, she was asleep, he left her alone.

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