A Loving Gran and Mum Ch. 03

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Groping Breasts

Gran was sound asleep when Jack got to the bedroom. He was asleep within minutes. He had set his alarm for seven, but gran had woken him at six. She was sucking his cock; this was what had woken him up. Jack had thought what a beautiful way to be woken up. They had made love; it was so good, in foreplay, Jack had slipped a finger up gran’s ass. She loved it; he had ass fucked her with two fingers, gran had a small orgasm with this. Jack had done her in the missionary position but knew tonight that he would ass fuck her. Jack showered as gran, made breakfast for him. Over breakfast, Jack said, “Gran, I love this, what about you? The big question is, what will we do when mum gets home? I’ll be able to see you during the day, but sleepovers are going to be difficult.”

“Jack, I was thinking the same thing, we must be so discreet, I’m sure that we can work something out. I’ve never discussed sex with your mum. She was taught all the facts of life at school; then she did medicine. Helen was one of your mum’s teachers; they got on very well together. Helen is one of my lovers; I know that since your dad died, Helen has given your mum some relief but your mum has never discussed that with me. Overnights will be difficult, but if I can see you say three times a week, then I’ll be happy with that.”

“Gran, what’s Helen like in bed?”

“She is amazing, very affectionate, gives wonderful oral, she would love your cock. She’s a very sexy woman, she’s coming here on Friday night for dinner so you’ll see her then, but you already know her, did she not teach you?”

“She did, she’s an excellent teacher, she was a great listener, she helped a lot of people. I loved her in her habit. I thought that she was very sexy when I was younger, she wasn’t like the other nuns. She was always happy and smiling.”

“She likes to be fucked in her habit; she’ll hear your confession then ask you if you have any impure thoughts, and do you lust after her body? She knows your family history; I know that she was seeing your mum once or twice a week, but your mum has never said a word to me about it.”

Jack then left as he had a train to catch, it was faster and cheaper to travel by train, it also gave himself half an hour to compose himself for the day. He checked his mail, he had a message and a picture of his mum’s Camel’s Toe, she had a long and perfect sex slit, it looked longer than gran’s but her slit and swollen pussy lips were perfect.

Her message read, “Jack, you’re a devil, I didn’t know what a Camel’s Toe was, I had to Google it to find out, I laughed when I saw the pictures then knew what you were on about. I hope that you like the picture, I have a pair of leggings with me, the ones in the boutique are far better, I’ll buy several pairs as I will enjoy wearing them bahis firmaları around the house. You can see I have a long Camel’s Toe, in the picture, I’m not wearing any panties, I keep my pussy smooth as it’s more sensitive after I shave. Let me know what you think and when you have time what lingerie you would like me to order. Love mum xx.”

Jack replied, “Mum, it’s beautiful, you have got a magnificent sex slit, leggings in the house would be perfect. I like the crotchless Basques and bodysuits; some crotchless panties would also be nice. I’m a University all day today, write and I’ll answer at my breaks. I love you, Jack xx.”

Jack’s morning flew in; it was a good morning; he was very alert; he was absorbing everything. He didn’t know whether it was because of gran or the thought of mum going around the house in crotchless lingerie, but he was happy. He also thought of Helen, she was a tall attractive woman, but he had only seen her in her nun’s habit. He wondered about Helen and his mum, he thought would his mum tell him or not.

Just after two Jack got a message from his mum, she wasn’t happy, the message read, “Jack, I’m so fucking angry, Jean’s just told me that she’s going out for dinner with a salesman from a pharmaceutical company, he must be fifteen years younger than her. It really annoys me. We have been friends since University, we shared a flat together. We have kept in touch all these years; now she’s fucking anything that moves. I’ve checked the flights; I can be home on Friday arriving just after four in the afternoon. Is that good for you? I just don’t want to spend any time with her. She told me that the old doctor had eaten her pussy last night, she came twice in his mouth because even with Viagra he couldn’t get it up.”

“On a happier note, I spent some time in the boutique, I’ve bought a lot of lingerie and sexy outfits. I’ve bought so much that I’ve sent a big package to the Clinic with UPS, they’ll have it tomorrow or the next day, and we can pick it up from the Clinic on the way home from the Airport. If Friday is good for you then I want you to invite me out for dinner on Friday night. I have bought several outfits with mini-skirts, I have also self-supporting stocking and several three inch heels which I can wear when we go out. Let me know about Friday then I can book the flight. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack thought immediately that was Friday night with Helen scuppered; he would rather be with mum. He knew from the message that the argument with Jean was important to mum, he wanted mum to tell him if Jean and she were lovers, his reply read, “Mum, I feel for you, of course, I’ll be there for you. My last lecture finishes at two so four at the Airport is not a problem. You’ve known Jean a long time; I think she has turned into kaçak iddaa a nymphomaniac, does she sleep with women too? Where would you like to eat on Friday so that I can book a table? Must go, my next lecture is starting. I love you, Jack xx.”

Just after three Jack had a message from gran, it read, “I’m so looking forward to tonight, I so enjoyed it when you teased my butt with your fingers. I was shopping, I got two beautiful steaks for dinner. I met Helen; she can’t make it on Friday. I’ve invited her for tomorrow if that’s good for you? I bought a leg of lamb for tomorrow. Please let me know if you would like Helen to join us for the lamb? I have some lube in the house, would you like me to lube my ass, so it’s ready for you when you get home? Let me know when you’ll be home so that I’m ready for you. Love, gran xx.”

Jack was happy with gran’s message; at least he would see Helen this week. Jack replied, “Gran, thanks for the message. I’ll be home around six. Mum is coming home on Friday; I’ll pick her up at four on Friday afternoon so tomorrow would be good for Helen. Yes, lube your ass, don’t be wearing a lot as I will be hungry for you when I get home. Will Helen wear her habit tomorrow? It would bring back a lot of memories for me if she did. I’ve had a good day. See you at six. Love Jack xx.”

Jack had one last lecture; he went to the cafeteria and had a coffee. His phone beeped, he had a message from mum, it read, “Thanks for being so understanding, Jean is bisexual, when we shared the flat at University, we were lovers. I want to be honest with you darling, I’m bisexual too, how do you feel about that? Over the years, after we were married, we still met and had our fun. I am now not interested in seeing Jean anymore. I tried to speak with her this afternoon, but she knows best, she can go her own way now.”

“Since your father died, I haven’t been with any men, to be honest, I’m not interested. I have you and my work, that’s all that matters to me. I do see an older woman. I’ve known her for years. When I have my urges, she gives me relief. Jack, it’s also important for you to know, I have urges often. I was nervous as I wrote this to you, but now I’ve written it to you, I feel better. I’m looking forward to Friday. I hope that you can understand what and why I’ve written to you. Write when you can, I’m thinking of you. Love mum xx.”

Jack was so happy when he read mum’s message; she was honest with him, that was so important. Jack knew that when the time came and mum asked him what he was doing, he would be honest with her. He knew mum’s older friend was Helen. Jack replied, “Mum, thank you for your honesty. I don’t have a problem with you being bi; I think you should now keep your distance from Jean. I’m looking forward to Friday, you haven’t kaçak bahis told me where you want to eat, let me know, and I’ll book it. I love you. Jack xx.”

Jack had a reply from gran saying that Helen would bring her habit tomorrow night, she wouldn’t wear it as she now wore regular street clothes, but she would put it on when she got to grans. Mum also replied, saying the Italian restaurant.

Jack arrived at grans just before six. Gran was in the lounge having a glass of wine, she was naked, and she was hot. They kissed and touched for several minutes. Then Jack noticed gran had a butt plug up her ass; Jack said, “What’s that for?”

Gran replied, “I’ve lubed my ass, I’m ready for you. I put a butt plug in so my lube doesn’t drip out after you ass fuck me, I’ll put it back in as it’s nice to have a butt plug in when you’re fucking my pussy.”

Gran then lubed Jack’s erect cock; she was so hot. Jack spread her on all fours on the carpet. He then slid his cock inside her ass doggy style; she was so well lubed she took his full length quickly. She was tight, it felt good. He was rubbing her clit as he rode her. Gran said, “The head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, it’s amazing. I’m going to cum soon.”

Jack moved up a gear; gran had her first vaginal orgasm two minutes later. Jack didn’t stop; he kept pounding her ass, soon gran had her second vaginal orgasm; this one was a lot stronger. Gran loved it, she was purring with pleasure as Jack continued. Gran’s tits were bouncing everywhere; this aroused Jack, he loved to watch bouncing tits. He couldn’t remember how big Helen’s were as he had only seen her in her habit; he imagined they were big. As he rode gran’s ass, Jack said, “Gran, has Helen big tits? I can’t remember, but I think they’re quite big.”

“Jack, they’re big, not as big as mine, they are beautiful, they don’t sag, and they are very sensitive. She can cum if you play with her tits. We will have fun tomorrow. This is wonderful; I’ve had two of the strongest orgasms of my life, I’ll be wanting ass fucked a lot in the future.”

Jack kept pounding away, a few minutes later, gran had her third and strongest orgasms; her whole body was shaking. After she composed herself, gran said, “Thank you for doing that Jack, it was amazing, that last orgasm was something else. Helen has ass fucked me with a strap on, but it didn’t compare with your magnificent cock.”

Jack then pulled out; gran slid the butt plug inside her ass then Jack went up gran’s pussy doggy style. Doggy style was becoming gran’s favourite position as Jack could go so deep, gran loved it deep and hard. Twenty minutes later, gran climaxed, Jack came a few seconds later, the timing was right. Jack turned gran around; they kissed lovingly then gran said, “I loved that Jack, I felt you squirt inside me, I love it when you do that. I may buy some new lingerie tomorrow, is there anything that you’d like me to buy?”

“Gran, I trust your judgement, but you know that I love you naked.”

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