A Long Wait

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Big Tits

There was a knock on the door of the motel room. Peeking through the curtain, I see you, and rush to open the door. There is no hello, no how are you, no words exchanged at all. I pull you into the room, push you up against the door, close it, and put my lips on yours. Your arms go around me, holding me to you. I can already feel you through our clothes. My tongue traces your lips, before slipping inside, teeth meeting in the frenzied kiss. My legs are wobbly when you move your lips to the sensitive spot under my ear. I run my hands over your sleek head, down your back, until I have both hands gripping your ass. I squeeze when you lightly suck on my neck, sending shivers down my body. You pull your head back and look me in the eye.

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” I tell you.

“So have I, Baby, so have I.”

Lifting your shirt over your head, I tell you, “You know I love it when you call me baby.”

I run my hands over the new skin I exposed. You’re so strong, everything on your body fits perfectly. I run my finger nails down your chest, scrapping over you nipples. They stand out, and I run my tongue over them. My hands circle your waist, loving the smooth feel of your skin under my fingers. Your hands squeeze my tits when I slide mine inside your pants. The muscles in your ass clench when I rub my palms across them. Around your hips, fingers teasing the crease where your thigh meets your pelvis. Pulling my hands out, I reach to undo them. You stop me. You slowly start unbuttoning my shirt, kissing each spot that is revealed. On the third button, my tits are exposed. I wore no bra. You stare at them, before lifting them in your hands, feeling their weight. istanbul escort You lower your head running your tongue around my nipple, without touching it. Then you grab it with your teeth. I can’t hold in the moan that comes from deep inside me. My hand finds the back of your head, urging you closer. You hold it with your teeth, and run your tongue over and over it. You pull and tug on the other one with your thumb and first finger. I hold them up, and you unbutton the rest of the buttons. The shirt slides off my shoulders, I let go of my tits so I can take it the rest of the way off. We move to the bed, laying side by side, your leg between mine, kissing and touching.

Again I reach for your pants, wanting to feel what I have already seen. This time you don’t stop me. Pushing you over onto your back, I finish undressing you. When you are completely naked, I sit, just looking.

“Perfect,” I tell you. “You are absolutely perfect.”

That little smile I love so much lights up on your face, making me warm and so happy. Starting at your ankles, I rub my hands up your legs. I love feeling your muscles jump at my touch. I kiss your stomach, just above the head of your cock, flicking my tongue out to touch it. When you moan, I wrap my fingers around you, lifting you to my lips. Wetting you down with my tongue, I slip my lips over the head, and suck in, pulling you inside my hot mouth, keeping pressure on you with my hand. Slowly, I lift and lower my head, taking you inside my mouth, tongue drawing circles on your skin. I can’t believe you are getting longer and harder than you are. Your stomach is quivering avcılar escort when you pull my head off you.

“Undress for me, baby.”

I stand up and finish taking off what is left of my clothes. Even though I’m insecure, there’s nothing I won’t do for you. The look on your face makes my fears disappear. You sit on the edge of the bed, and draw me to you. Kissing right underneath my tits, your finger slides between my lips. I’m already wet, and part my legs to allow you better access. You run your finger up and down my hot wet slit, easing just the tip inside. My head rolls back, and I grip your shoulders to keep my balance. Keeping your finger inside me, you stand up, and turn us around so that I can lie back on the bed. Your finger goes deeper when you settle on the mattress with me. My hips arch up when you add a second finger inside me. You kiss me, your tongue darting in and out of my mouth, your fingers matching the rhythm inside me.

“I want you so bad. I want your big hard cock in my tight wet pussy. Make my dreams come true,” I tell you.

“Baby, I’ve waited so long for this. This is my fantasy too.”

Two pillows underneath me, my knees on the bed, head down, I feel your hand pushing on my lower back. The other hand eases up to my shoulders, pulling back, curving my back. I can feel your cock brushing against my pussy. I wiggle my hips, trying to get more. With a small laugh, you pull your hips away. Grabbing my ass with one hand, you use the other to rub your cock over me, using my juices to coat you. You ease just the tip into me, no further than the head. You’re stretching me, it feels so good. I try şirinevler escort to push against you, but your hand stops me. You slip another inch inside. I want all of you inside me, now, and I tell you that. You thrust hard, burying yourself in me. I cry out, I can feel you all the way inside me. You stay like that for a second, moving your hands around to grab my nipples. Tugging on them, pulling them outward, you pull outward, until only the tip is still inside me. You slam back into me, wrap your arm around my waist, grinding against me. I feel you throbbing, my muscles answering with squeezes. You moan and start thrusting and withdrawing, completely every time. Your fingers skim down over my stomach, reaching under to get a hold of my clit. Alternating pulling and rubbing, I bury my face in the blanket and let out a yell.

“That’s it baby, let go. Cum for me baby, I want to feel it,” you tell me.

You use your first two fingers, rubbing hard circles over my clit, slamming into me as hard as you can. Totally inside me, you pause, keeping only your fingers moving, then start small thrusts, only pulling out a little, and sliding back in.

“Oh God, I’m cumming baby, your big hard sweet cock is making me cum!”

As my body slows down, legs shaking, you pull out. I turn around, and take you in my mouth. Hands on the sides of my head, you give me all I can take. I taste you and me.

“Damn baby, here it comes. Suck my cock, taste my cum,” you moan.

Your words excite me. With your head buried in my throat, I gently cup your balls, using light pressure.

I feel them throb and your hot cum starts shooting down my throat. I swallow it all, not wanting to lose any of it. I let you slip out of my lips, and kiss the very end. Laying back on the bed, still breathing hard, you lay down beside me. You wrap your arm around me, kiss my lips.

“That was worth the drive, and the wait,” I say.

“That was just round one,” you tell me, giving me that smile again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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