A Little Stock Room Romp

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Female Ejaculation

We had been working together at this little retail store in the mall together for only a couple months. Justin, a college wrestler with short dark hair and a coy smile, and I flirted mercilessly every hour of our shifts. I had given him my number once and he’d called but nothing came of it. Until I got my idea.

One weekend I returned to Pennsylvania for a college break and found that its not too hard to get horny when you have no one there to flirt with. As I lay in my bed, I touched my sensitive folds lightly at first then more harshly. It was unbelievable to me that I was a virgin. I’d had lots of sexual experiences but never done the dead. The whole time I had thought about Justin, what it would be like if it wasn’t my hand but his. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘I’ve gotta fuck this guy soon or I’ll explode!’

My idea was a simple one, but an exciting one. I decided that I would somehow fuck Justin in the store. Even though it might be difficult, I would do it. Justin wouldn’t refuse. I knew that much.

The morning that I would be going to work for the first time after my decision I woke about an hour earlier than I would have normally. In the shower I covered my legs in shave gel and slid the razor over them. Since I had shave that much, I thought, why not just shave a little more? I glided the razor through my pubic hair and watched it circle and exit through the drain hole. Out of the shower I found my raspberry scented moisturizer and spread it around my body. Around my toes up my calves, halkalı escort over my curvaceous hips and waist, I ran my hands. My fingers found my belly button and then circled my firm breasts. I contemplated playing with my already hardened nipples to bring my body to orgasm, but decided it would be sweeter if done by Justin’s warm tongue. I walked naked into my bedroom and opened the closet. Biting my bottom lip, I searched for the most seductive, yet appropriate for the store, outfit I could find. Without much luck I decided to wear a tight white tee with my mid thigh length plaid skirt. My bra, however, remained in its drawer. I would be wearing an apron, no one would see my lack of underwear.

Justin smiled at me as I walked in the entrance. I stuck my tongue out and then smiled at him. ‘If he only knew, ‘I thought.

Everything went along pretty much normal for most of the day. It was time to begin my attack. Justin was leaning over some boxes, completely oblivious to my wandering eye. He reached down to his cock and adjusted it. I’d never seen the thing before but it looked absolutely enormous under his khakis. I walked over quietly and he turned to see my most sexy smile. I leaned to his ear.

“I have some important stuff I need to go over with you. Think you could meet me in the stock room in about 5 minutes?” I bit his earlobe softly before straightening up. He looked at me a bit incredulously before nodding taksim escort and then returning a sexy smile.

I told my manager that I’d need my break soon and he said that would be fine. The stockroom was messy, stuffed animals and dress up clothing was strewn about. I figured it would be soft enough for some important business.

Justin walked into the store room after about five minutes passed.

“So, what can I help you with?” He asked with a knowing look.

“I think we can both help each other with some things'” I answered.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He slid his arms to my waist and then began to untie my apron. I could feel my nipples pressing on the thin white material of my shirt. I lowered the loop from his neck and let the apron fall from his form. My apron hit the floor shortly after. Justin noticed my breasts eagerness and ran his hands along them, then his fingers easily found my nipples. I took my hands to his face and kissed him hard, toying with his tongue. I stopped for a moment and pulled the tight shirt over my head and let it mess my long dirty blonde hair. Justin looked at my large breasts and smiled.

“Damn, how the hell did you hide those from me for so long?”

He kissed my mouth again shortly and then followed a trail down to my breasts. I felt my legs shutter and I knew I should try to speed along the process or I’d come right there.

I pulled at the zipper of his pants and şişli escort he let his khakis fall with the aprons. His shirt followed. Justin stood there in his boxers, already with an enormous erection.

“It looks like we both like plaid,” I made a corny joke. “But I never wear the same thing as someone else at a party.” With that remark I tugged at his boxers and he took the hint. They were gone in seconds.

I pushed Justin onto a swiveling chair and admired his large and ready cock. It wouldn’t have to wait much longer I thought. Then I revealed a surprise. No underwear under my skirt. I sat on his lap, facing him, pressing my lips to his. His dick between my thighs.

“Want to be my first?” I whispered.

With that he smiled and inhaled deeply. I slid onto his cock slowly and gasped.

“oh, GOD!” I muttered.

Justin took hold of my waist and guided me slowly at first up and down over his throbbing cock. I threw my head back and gasped again. He took one hand and fingered my clit quickly. I ran my fingers through my hair and breathed heavily. I quickened my movements, up and down. He released my hip with his hand and took hold of my bouncing breast and leaned in and sucked furiously. My legs quivered and my heart beat raced. I could feel his balls tense up and I knew I was doing my job. He filled my slot with his cream as I came heavily and collapsed into his body.

“Did that help you out?” He asked.

“Fuck, yeah,” I let escape.

He helped me up and dressed me then dressed himself. I was completely spent. He exited the stoke room after kissing me tenderly once more. Seated back down in the swivel chair I thought about the success of my erotic idea. Just then Justin poked his head back into the room.

He stuck his tongue out at me and said, “My break’s in an hour.”

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