A Lift Home

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One night a couple years ago I found myself at the bar across the street from my office. Nothing unusual about my being there except that usually when I’m there, it’s for a quick one with friends after work on Thursday or Friday. This was around eleven on a Saturday and the crowd was a quite different one than I usually encountered. The place was packed and I was very lucky to have scored a stool right at the bar, but I was feeling older and older by the minute as the place filled up.

To my left a young couple had been starry-eyed all over each other the entire time I’d been sipping my drink. She had poured her voluptuous young body into a very stretchy and skimpy mocha colored dress that was ruched in the back but quite plain in the front which exhibited her headlights nicely and they were on high beam that night. He was practically drooling in her lap and there could be no doubt where things were headed.

Just as I was polishing off my drink they headed out. No sooner had they disappeared than the stool was claimed by a little blonde hottie in a short short short (did I mention short?) skirt and camisole top. She couldn’t have been more than a hundred pounds and had great legs. When she ordered a cosmo, Alicia the bartender proofed her and much to my surprise she passed scrutiny.

The drink arrived and she started fumbling in her purse as Alicia waited impatiently with raised eyebrows. I knew I was being played, but figured what the hell, ordered myself another martini and indicated to Alicia that I was going to cover Ms. Hottie”s too.

Hottie smiled at me and said “Thanks!”

It took a minute or two but when my drink arrived, we clinked glasses. “I’m Kara.”

“Dave.” I responded. “A pleasure.”

We chatted and the place continued to fill up. By the time we both had empty glasses in front of us I’d found out that she was twenty two, a college student studying nursing, and that she was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri working for the summer as a lifeguard at an amusement park nearby. I envisioned her sleek little body wrapped in a Baywatch style swimsuit with high cut leg openings and little halter straps, probably sporting a nice cameltoe and headlights shining.

She asked if I had a car nearby and when I explained that it was parked right across the street she then asked if she could get a ride home. It seemed that she had arrived with a friend who had taken off immediately with a boyfriend when he appeared and it might be hours before she saw her again. I squared up with Alicia and we headed downstairs and out to my car.

Her high heels made a clicketty sound as we crossed the street and I got an even better view of her great tanned legs. Her breasts were small and firm and her shoulder length blonde hair straight and styled. I opened the passenger side door for her and as she slid in I was treated to a glimpse of white lace clad crotch. She caught me and smiled coyly as she pulled her skirt down and settled into place.

We ended up at a house in the suburbs that must have been built in the fifties. It was a smallish ranch style and there were a couple lights on inside as we approached. Kara led me in through the side door which opened into the kitchen. As soon as I latched the door behind me she kicked off her heels and then immediately wriggled both the skirt and camisole off her delicious little body. The white lace that I’d gotten a glimpse of earlier turned out to be a skimpy little g-string, what I refer to as a “crotch wrapper”, just enough to cover up the naughty bits as long as the wearer is well groomed. Her breasts were smallish, more like swells on her delicate frame and her nipples tiny little buds. A tan line roughly corresponding to the “Baywatch” suit I’d envisioned earlier was evident.

As güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I stood there with my mouth ajar drinking in the exquisiteness of this fine little piece of eye candy another woman entered the kitchen. She too was petite and blonde, but older and dressed in denim daisy dukes and a matching vest that was unbuttoned halfway down.

“Hi Mom.” Kara piped.

“Hi honey. Who’s your friend?”

I was in a total state of shock. Here I was standing in this woman’s kitchen with her nearly naked daughter and she seemed to have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the situation.

“Dave, this is Kim, my mom.”

We smiled at each other and I mumbled my way through a reply.

Kara took me by the hand and as she led me out of the room said “We’ll be in my room.”

My head was reeling as she closed the door behind once we were inside. I noticed it didn’t latch but was much more focused on this stupendous little hottie as she proceeded to slide the g-string off her hips and to the floor. Her snatch was hairless, a sweet little slit in clear view. She started to undress me and I reached for her and touched her soft perfect skin, running my fingers over her shoulders and then the hard little buttons of her nipples. Once I was totally naked she sank to her knees and kissed the head of my cock then explored the shaft of it with her tongue as her fingers played with my balls. Then she slowly took my entire length into her mouth and sucked and swirled away.

This continued for quite some time until I felt the presence of someone else in the room. Glancing to my left I saw Kim standing there. Her clothes were gone now as well. She was just as stunning as her daughter and built very similarly but her nipples were far more pronounced and she sported a thin landing strip of pussy hair. She sidled over next to me and placing her right hand over my right shoulder she güvenilir bahis şirketleri proceeded to drape herself over my left shoulder watching her daughter’s oral ministrations on my swollen member. I could feel her the hard nipple of her right breast graze and then press firmly against the left side of my back.

Kara was an expert cocksucker, bringing me to the verge several times before backing off. She played with my balls with one hand while the other stroked my shaft. At times she took the entire length, the head deep down her throat. Occasionally she licked the length and kissed my shaven balls. Kim looked on attentively the entire time.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly take any more, Kim peeled herself away and moved to the bed. She lay down on her back with her ass parked right at the edge and proceeded to spread her legs wide, lewdly displaying her puffy swollen labia and juicy fuckhole. Kara rose to her feet then led me over to Kim, her hand wrapped around my shaft. A few inches from her mom’s quim she released me.

I needed no instruction at that point. Moving in closer I rested the fat mushroom head at the entrance to Kim’s love tunnel then slowly forced it between her cuntlips and buried the entire length of my shaft deep inside her. It was tight, hot, and juicy in there and I started to fuck her like I was a machine built expressly for that and nothing else. I grabbed her by the ankles and held her legs splayed wide apart in the air as I thrusted in and out then doubled them up with her knees at her chin which forced her ass up and allowed for even deeper penetration. I could feel her cervix with every deep satisfying thrust.

Kara sat back in a chair to the side, her own legs spread widely as she rubbed her clit and watched me ram away at her mother. Kim made wild animal-like sounds and when she clenched me tightly and I could feel her cunt throbbing I exploded, blasting my load deep inside her.

I stopped thrusting and we relaxed exhausted on the bed. Kara disappeared then returned with washcloths for both of us to mop up with. Eventually Kim suggested we go to her room which held a king size bed. We all three crawled in and I found myself falling asleep with one on each side of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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