A Libertine Woman: Lady Baincourt

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Madame de Baincourt: A Libertine Woman during the Reign of Louis XIV

Madame de Baincourt by romane and Translate by Solitary Dreamer.

It may so come to pass that in this story there will be contradictions with regards to certain things of the era in which the story takes place. Things pertaining to the style of the period: Stockings, a bustier or teddy, a garter belt, latex, etc.

That is the advantage of fantasies. One can transport anything across time as one so desires.

Thank you, gentle reader, for your understanding and good humor.

Now, to you, Stephanie . . . .


I am called Madame de Baincourt. I am a sort of libertine, even though others choose to call me a courtesan. I pay no heed to such things. As for me, all that interests me is pleasure: The pleasures of the flesh, the pleasure of wine, the pleasure of fine words, the pleasure of sex.

I am the protégée of a landed gentleman, whose name I have concealed, who has arranged a superb residence for me in the country. I am sufficiently close to Paris to return there by means of a horse-drawn carriage.

The parties that I arrange are very well attended. Who has not, one day, desired to drink champagne from a glass molded in the form of one of my breasts.

My gentleman attends admirably well to me, and I want for nothing. However, I think that our days are numbered. The people are rumbling more and more against the king. This remains the least of my concerns at the moment.

I also possess numerous servants and chambermaids. Since my gentleman rarely pays a visit, I took a young peasant under my roof, and personally attended to his education. He was an intelligent young man, and I know that he will go far.

I likewise took under my wing a young woman who had been entrusted to me by her father after the death of her mother. I also attend to her education.

An intendant comes two times per week to teach the young man, as well as the young woman, mathematics, the sciences, reading, and writing.

My sort of education is an entirely other thing. I teach them the pleasure of sex. I had the young woman deflowered by the son of the stablehand. She now knows how to set herself to the task with the masculine sex. When with the young man, I teach him to honor a woman, and the chap sets about it quite well.

At nightfall, I lit a fire in the small bedroom. I settled down on the sofa in order to enjoy some sweets. Chocolate soon made its appearance. My young peasant came to join me, and, without demanding it, he slid underneath my skirt and teased my pussy with his tongue, as he knows how to do quite well. I offered him my juices in order to express my appreciation. He divinely sucked me, causing me to moan with pleasure.

“Continue. I am proud of you.”

I continued to eat my sweets while he made my pussy shiny with its juices.

I recall a time when we were interrupted by Juliet, my young protégée.

She had fallen asleep near the bank of a river in the forest. When she had awakened, it was the darkest hour of the night. She had managed to find her way, but was afraid of the beasts of the night. The poor thing was trembling from head to toe.

I was preparing, on my turn, to suck the shaft of my young peasant when she knocked on the door of the bedroom. I rearranged my clothes, grumbling at the person who had been so able to disturb us at such a time.

I discovered Juliet trembling. I took her in my arms, and led her to the sofa near the fire. I made a sign to my young peasant to take his place in an armchair. I had not finished with him.

I settled down on the sofa, holding Juliet against my bosom. She was sobbing.

I knew how to console her. I rested her head on the hollow of my shoulder, and placed sweet kisses on her neck, all before using my tongue to lick her neck and ear. I felt her begin to relax. My tongue’s caress on her neck had its desired effect.

She raised her head from my shoulder, and looked at me.

“Are you feeling better, my beauty.”

“Kiss me, Madame.”

Our lips touched. We gave each other sweet kisses, licking with our tongues, our lips touching, before kissing more intensely. The young man did not miss a crumb. Even better, he was going to contribute even more.

The beauty kissed well, and I could not wait any longer. I then unfastened her corset in order to free her young breasts. I caressed them while she unfastened my corset. I gave her a hand, and then offered my ample breasts to receive her sweet caresses.

I removed my corset, and the beauty alternated with lashes of her tongue on my breasts and my mouth. It was delicious! I offered her the same homage. From time to time, we kissed with a great flickering of our tongues. We both became feverish.

We then removed our long skirts and slips in order to be more at ease. I moved her from the hollow of my shoulder, and slid my hand toward her young bush. She groaned when my fingers gathered the dew of her excitement from her wet lips.

“Continue, Madame. It’s too good!”

I teased her clit while güvenilir bahis our lips joined again for another delicious kiss.

Suddenly, I remembered the presence of the young man. I looked in his direction and smiled. He had not missed a minute of our play, and was masturbating sweetly.

I showed him to Juliet with a movement of my head. She smiled in turn, after seeing him. He smiled from his side, in heaven having seen two women give each other pleasure in front of his eyes.

I then looked at Juliet. She understood what I wanted to do.

We both rose and went to kneel next to the young man. I took his superb penis from between his fingers, and swallowed it. I lavished his cock with superb fellatio, right before Juliet’s eyes. I did not take my eyes off of her the whole time.

I then gave his penis to her to suck. I watched her do it. She had been to a good school! She finished by popping it out of her mouth, and then we both slid our tongues along its shaft and head.

I was envious of her at that moment. Our tongues intertwined again.

I rose and went to stretch out on the sofa. She came to settle down on top of me, to kiss me, and to suck my breasts. The young man rejoined us on the sofa. I felt him slide his hand over my pussy and penetrate me with his fingers. He also lapped up Juliet’s juices. I then pushed Juliet back in order that she could attend to my pussy. Both the beauty and the young man then sucked my pussy. He fingered Juliet with one hand, and stroked his penis with the other. He growled and ejaculated on his stomach. I came in turn under the care of Juliet’s mouth.

When she was about to offer me a taste of my juices, the result of her work, the young man quickly and hungrily slid his fingers in me in order have them all to himself, which would have happened if Juliet had not intervened on my behalf.

On a certain evening, the oral fondling of my young students was not sufficient to calm my fervent desires. I went to bed all the same, but my body, being prey to its sweet urges, offered me no respite.

I drew back the sheets and masturbated. I was given to fantasizing about the young peasant, about my young protégée, and about the young man who had taken away her virginity.

That very night, I paid a visit to the stables in order to ask the stablehand if I could borrow his son one evening. The stablehand was a handsome man, muscular and tall. I had already seen his son make love with one of my servants, and, if the father were as well equipped as his son, he would certainly make for a sight.

His wife was a servant at the main residence of my gentleman, and came but rarely to see her husband and son. The poor man! Solitude must really weigh upon him.

I rarely visited him because his gaze disturbed me to the core of my being.

“My son will be at your service, Madame. Say the hour and he will be at your residence.”

“Thanks. For 10 o’clock in the evening then.”

“He will be there, Madame.”

I took my leave of him, still deeply distressed by his penetrating gaze.

An hour before the arrival of the young man, I had Juliet come into my room. She was surprised by the fact that I had her come at such a late hour. I received her, dressed only in a pair of stockings and a garter belt.

“Madame has need of my services?”

“Yes, my beautiful Juliet. Madame de Porterie let me in on a particular subject that I would like, in turn, to put into practice. Only, I need help with its preparation.”

I sat down in a chair, near a basin filled with lather, in which rested a razor. I then spread my legs.

“Ravishing Juliet, could you come over her and moisten my pussy. I need abundant saliva for my project.”

The beauty took her place without flinching, and her naughty tongue was put to work. It was delightful! I let her lick me for a moment, enjoying the pleasure, then I spread my legs delicately.

I then applied the lather to my pubic hairs and moist lips. I spread it before Juliet’s watchful eyes, always only a few inches away. I extended a finger, and, despite the lather, she sucked it avidly.

My juices and her saliva fulfilled their duty. I grabbed the razor and shaved my pussy.

“Madame, you are mad!”

“No, my tender Juliet. I would like to experience the sensations of masturbating my naked pussy for the first time.”

I made a clean sweep and found myself as naked as I had described. I rinsed, gave Juliet a cloth in order to wipe me, and went to stretch out on the bed. I signaled for her to join me.

We kissed tenderly.

“Could you help me experience the sensations that this can now produce?”

She resumed her place between my thighs and caressed me. I moaned, trembling so very much because the sensation was so delightful. Her tongue had a completely different effect upon my pussy.

Just a little more than fifteen minutes before the arrival of the young stallion.

“Hold on a moment, my beauty, so that I may thank you for your assistance.”

I wedged her between the cushions, all the while devouring her with türkçe bahis kisses. I raised the bottom of her robe, and went to honor her tight pussy, already wet. I made her abundantly juicier and wetter in preparation for what was to follow.

At 10 o’clock, someone knocked on the door. What a punctual young man! I raised my head, all the while massaging Juliet’s wet sex. I looked at her. I saw her panicking when I told the person to enter.

The handsome young man appeared. Juliet blushed with shame.

“Undress, my fine man! Our friend is ready to receive you.”

Juliet stared at me with a look full of questions. I smiled at her, and returned to my “dinner” without stopping the young man’s undressing. O what a magnificent cock! With a glance, I let Juliet know that she should look in the direction of the young man. She did and blushed yet again.

He polished his member, already fully erect. Without leaving Juliet’s juicy and tight pussy, I signaled to the young man to join us. He immediately set to it.

I felt his hands on my ass. I stopped dining on Juliet’s pussy.

“No, fine young man, you are not here for me, even though that disappoints me a little.”

I looked at Juliet.

“It is for her that I have sought your services.”

I took the hands of the young man, and placed them on Juliet. He undressed her. She was trembling with fear and desire, I suppose.

“Be gentle. The petals of this young flower have not been completely opened. She has need of the fertilizer that you offer in abundance.”

He approached her, and kissed her sweetly. She let him do it, and responded favorably. He then caressed her sweetly with his hands, with his mouth, and with his tongue. Her body began to arch.

I moved aside, enjoying the role of spectator. My choice of leading man had been judicious. His mouth was placed right where mine had been only moments ago. He drank her juices.

“Go now, take her!”

He settled down between Juliet’s thighs. I approached her, holding her against me.

“Go! It’s now or never.”

His sex was placed at the entry of her vulva. I felt her tremble. He pushed himself gently into her. I embraced Juliet, wiping up her tears with lashes of my tongue. I felt her body shake when he deflowered her.

“It hurts!,” she said to me.

“Shh, shh, that will pass. This will soon be but a long-forgotten memory.”

The young man began his work as a piston, with all sweetness. Juliet began to moan. At the end of a few minutes, she seemed to be feeling better, moaning not on account of pain, but on account of pleasure.

“How are you, Juliet?”

“O yes, Madame, it’s very good!”

“Do you want me to ask him to stop?”

“No, not at all!”

“Go on, young man, she is all yours now.”

He accelerated his rhythm. Juliet howled. I sat on the corner of the bed and watched, all the while masturbating. The sight pleased me, but I wanted something else, a beautiful cock in my wet pussy.

I then thought of the father of the young man. He had not failed to notice my charms.

I rose from the bed and slipped into a long cloak, remaining naked underneath. It was sex that I wanted, and not small talk. I took a lantern and left.

The coolness of the night felt good to me. I then directed myself to the stablehand’s house.

I became hornier and hornier the closer I came to approaching his house. The cape unveiled my nakedness with each of my steps. I was just asking to be ravished.

I entered the house without knocking, just as the stablehand was in the midst of washing, dressed only in his pants. He smiled upon seeing me, as though he had been expecting me. His smile made my pussy become a little wetter. I took off the cloak, offering him my nakedness. The cape had caressed my breasts on its course to the ground, and my breasts were already proud with lust.

Trembling with desire, I pressed myself into his wet back. I then caressed his muscular body.

He turned around, always with that enigmatic smile, and he finally placed his hands on me. They were large and very rough. My body trembled a little a their touch. He stroked my breasts, hips, and ass. I became as wet as a virgin.

He then moved me toward the bed. I stretched out on my back, spreading my thighs, offering him my shaven sex as a present. The sight of it seemed to please him. He pinched my breasts, causing me to groan in pain, all before his hand began to descend toward my femininity.

I moaned again when his fingers touched my lips.

“You’re becoming wet, my slut?,” he asked.

“Yes, I am becoming wet for you.”

He smiled and lowered his face between my thighs. I felt his breath on my pussy, and his tongue began to go in and out of my moist flesh.

He was not as talented as either my young peasant or my Juliet, but it sufficed. I was too horny to be disappointed with him.

“I want your cock!,” I said to him with a lustful glare.

I helped to relieve him of his pants, and then laid him down on my spot of the bed. As I had guessed, he was as well endowed as güvenilir bahis siteleri his son. I took his cock delicately in my hand and stroked it, all the while offering him my mouth and breasts to lick. His hand caressed my “intimacy.” I then licked his chest while moaning in pleasure.

I straightened out and positioned myself on top of his superb member. I impaled myself with it. Once my vaginal flesh had become accustomed to his shaft, I launched into a sensual straddle.

“Oh, how your cock is so wonderful! It fills me up so well.”

I straddled him in this way for a moment, before he decided not to take me in the woman-on-top position any longer, in favor of other positions and pleasures. He grabbed me by the hair and by my breasts, delightfully assailing me.

“Yes, fuck me harder!”

This was the most conventional position, that of missionary position. I wrapped my legs around his waist and cried out in pleasure.

I do not know if he always did this, or if I was the cause of it, but he seemed to try other combinations with me.

He rolled me over, stretched me out, slid his hands down my back, and penetrated me from behind.

Then we alternated between the woman-on-top and missionary positions. My body was glistening with sweat when he appropriately teased my clit, and then his thrusts became more intense.

I orgasmed while in his arms, my head tilted behind his head and shoulders. He stopped his cadence from time to time in order to kiss me and lick my breasts, which were as hard as stone. He also whispered sweet words to me.

“You are so good, my slut! I’ve waited for this longer than I could have imagined.”

“Me too. Me too. Now stop talking and fuck me a little harder!”

He began again in the most wonderful manner. He was a very good lover. I came numerous times without him ever stopping. I was in a cocoon-like cloud of pleasure.

His body tensed, he threw his head back, and then spewed streams of sperm in my pussy, on my mound, and on my stomach, all the while moaning with pleasure. I came another time.

I collected a little of his semen in order to taste it. He was staring at me as I did this.

He smiled and rose in order to look for a cloth. With all sweetness, he wiped my body, wet with sweat and sperm.

He then stretched out next to me, and we embraced. Our lips united in a tender kiss.

“Does Madame desire that I accompany her on her way home?”

He had again assumed his rank.

“I am not expected. Your son is attending marvelously to my protégée Juliet.” I held his sex between my fingers. “And perhaps the latter will still want a few of my services.”

“Madame truly is a dirty whore!”

“I like it when people call me that.”

His penis quivered and began to swell under the caress of my fingers.

“You’re not bad, either,” I said to him, smiling.

I dressed, then went to suck his magnificent shaft. I polished it for a long time before he came in my mouth. What joy!

We slept holding each other. He woke me quite early in order that I might return to my residence without arousing any suspicions. He fucked me one last time for the night.

I slept the entire day, my body sore from so many lewd acts. My young Juliet woke me in the afternoon. She undressed and joined me under the sheets. She told me of her night. I let her in on mine. We stayed in bed, caressing each other tenderly, without doing anything more.

Madame de Porterie, the woman who had helped me to discover the joy of a shaven sex, was a woman as libertine as I was. She tasted, as I have, of the joy of tribadism, that glorious cult of Lesbos, or, in simpler terms, lesbianism. But she was above all a dominatrix. I can still recall our first encounter. I have kept a nice souvenir of it!

There was a party organized by her on the occasion of her arrival in the region. The majority of my lovers, male and female, were guests for the soiree. I flitted about from one person to another. There were no secrets between any of us in all of this. I kissed women on the lips, without any embarrassment, right in front of their husbands, husbands who had equally tasted of my charms.

Madame de Porterie observed me during the party. I regularly felt up the asses of the couples with whom I conversed. I even managed to hide myself in a room in order to make a woman’s pussy lips wet and shiny, right before the eyes of her husband.

It was in this room that she found me, as I was regaining my composure. Next to her was standing a man whom I had seen for the first time, dressed in a strange pair of leather pants. She pointed to me with her finger.

“Prepare her for me. I will rejoin you in five minutes,” she said.

He approached and took me by the hand. He led me through the corridors of the manor.

We arrived in a room in the middle of which was arranged a bed. Candelabra in the four corners illuminated the room. We approached the bed, and, once at the foot, the man began to unfasten my corset. I allowed him to do so, enjoying the pleasure of being undressed by such a handsome man. My breasts popped right out my corset, my breasts having been stuffed tightly into the garment. I anticipated the touch of his hand, but he constantly drew it away. My pussy was becoming wet. He then began his attack on my slips.

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