A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 09

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“Well little kitten, are you sure you are going to be able to handle me being home all the time now?”

I could hear her contented purr as she smiled up at me, and detect the faint smell of my semen on her breath as her tongue snaked out to lick her juices off my face. It was probably not the best thing to bring up right after we had just finished orally pleasuring each other, but I still had my concerns.

Not that she had every given me any reason to be concerned. In the three weeks since Amanda and Elizabeth had gone home, everything had been perfect. Sonia had been more than happy to take over providing kitten’s care during the day. Felicia had told me she planned to seduce Sonia after the second day, so I was unsurprised when I came home the next afternoon to find them naked on my bed, locked in a passionate sixty-nine.

Sonia had been a bit embarrassed at being caught in the act, until I assured her that her and her husband were free to play with Felicia as long as Felicia agreed to it. My only concern was I did not want my kitten being punished the same way Elizabeth had been when they played with her.

She was quick to reassure me that Bernardo was past his urge to discipline anyone. Apparently, he had gotten into it while he was spanking Elizabeth, but had felt horribly guilty about it the next day and admitted to Sonia that he did not want to try it again. He had enjoyed watching his wife with women however, and was hoping to repeat that part of their encounter in the future. She informed me they were still working out what they were allowed to do, but her playing with other women, even alone, was already allowed.

The past three weeks at work had been a different experience. The Monday after the girls left, I had a meeting with my CEO. I told him I wanted him to handle everything, but I would be in my office until noon if he actually needed me. He was more than capable, and outside of updating me on resolved problems, I did not see him at all. I told him this morning that I would not be in next week, or any time after that unless he called. I would still be available if he needed me, but I was retiring.

This leaves me where I am now, lying naked in bed petting my kitten, contemplating what to do with our time now as she gently strokes my slowly reviving cock. Our vacation to the island was only two weeks away, and we would not even have to worry about the airfare to get there. Julien had a new acquisition for his Aviary coming out of Rome, and had scheduled her pickup to coincide with our departure.

Felicia had been happy to hear that part. She had not worn any clothing in the past couple months, other than for a few hours at Christmas when her grandson had come to visit, and Julien’s people were comfortable with casual nudity. The only concession she had to make was draping a cloak over her shoulders to walk from the car to the plane.

My thoughts were interrupted by a quiet knock at the bedroom door before Sonia slipped in and closed it behind her. Kitten snuggled in closer to keep me from moving, and I glanced down to see a devilish smirk on her face before looking back up at Sonia and gasping in surprise. I had caught a glimpse of the thin robe she was wearing as she stepped into the room, but it was now laying on the floor at her feet.

“Excuse me for interrupting your time with your kitten, but she said this would be the best way to keep you from objecting,” she said nervously. “Bernardo and I have finally finished our agreement. I have permission to play with other women alone as long as I tell him about it. For any other partners we both need to be there, with one exception for each of us. As you have already offered to let us play with your new pony girl, Bernardo will be allowed to play with her even if I am not there. Felicia told me you were allowing her to pick the girl, and she let me make a couple suggestions.”

I watched as she walked over and knelt on the bed next to me. “I want you to be my exception. I know you watched me grow up, and still see me as a little girl sometimes, but I am a fully-grown woman who was in love with you long before my breasts started to grow. When you caught Talia cheating on you and divorced her, I wanted to crawl into your bed and show you there was someone who loved you for who you are instead of for your money. I started to dress more provocatively, and even became a cheerleader so I would have an excuse to run around in skimpy outfits in front of you.”

“I wanted you to see me as a woman, but you could not get past seeing the little girl you watched grow up. Eventually I met my husband and fell in love with him, but I never stopped loving you as well. I had given up on ever being with you until I admitted my feelings to Felicia and she convinced me to try,” she explained as Felicia crawled over and put her arms around her. “I am not asking you to love me the same way I love you. I know you love me in your own way, and I hope it’s enough bahis firmaları to allow me to become your lover the same way you have allowed your pets to become our lovers.”

I could see the pleading look in Felicia’s eyes as I looked at the two of them. “You don’t think I was expecting anything in return when I gave Felicia and the girls’ permission to play with you? That was never my intention. I simply wanted them to have the freedom to enjoy themselves, even if I was not available.”

“No,” Sonia said as she shook her head. “You are too good a man to expect anything in return, and that is another reason I love you. I am here because I want to be, you allowing us to play with your girls just gave me an opportunity.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to my dear,” I told her. “You are a beautiful and desirable young woman. I have thought so for years and that is the main reason I stopped letting you sit in my lap once you started budding. Your father is my best friend, and your grandmother is my cook. What would they say; if they found out I was sleeping with you? I can’t do that to them.”

Sonia laughed as she leaned in and put her hand on my chest. “They would say it’s about fucking time I stopped being afraid and told you how I feel. They have both known how I felt since I was sixteen and grandma caught me masturbating in your bed while you were at work. It was not the first time, but she finished early and decided to come help me with your room. I was embarrassed, but she just smiled and told me to come talk to her in the kitchen when I was done cleaning.”

The flush of her embarrassment was creeping down her lovely chest, but she continued the story. “I jumped out of bed and finished cleaning before rushing downstairs to find her and father siting at the table. I thought I was going to die from the humiliation, but they told me I had nothing to be ashamed of. It was the most embarrassing conversation of my life, admitting to them how much I loved you, but they promised not to say anything while giving their approval if I decided to pursue you.”

“I could never work up the courage to tell you how I felt, but now that I know you find me desirable I can finally do this,” she said as she leaned down and kissed me. It was a quick kiss, but full of the promise for more. “I was hoping you would let me stay the night. My husband knows and fully supports my decision. Your kitten was more than happy to agree because she wants to see you happy and loved. You have helped us all see that there is nothing wrong with sharing our love, and now we want you to be part of it.”

I pulled her down and kissed her again in response. Our mouths opened and our tongues met as the kiss grew deeper. She moved to straddle my hips and mashed her full breasts into my chest as she moaned into my mouth. My hands explored her lush body as she ground her pussy against my cock.

It had been over ten years since I last held her in my arms, consoling a grief stricken fourteen-year-old girl after the death of her mother. That coltish, gangly teenager had just started on her path to becoming a woman, and the voluptuous body in my arms was the result of that transformation.

I felt Sonia’s hand grasp my cock as she broke our kiss, pulled back and smiled down at me. “Are you sure you want to do this,” I asked her in a final moment of hesitation. “You don’t have to have sex with me for me to know you love me.”

She just smiled and shook her head as she lined the head of my cock up with her opening. As she slid down my shaft, she moaned and looked into my eyes. “I have been sure I wanted to do this since I was a fifteen year old virgin masturbating in your bed so I could smell your scent on the pillowcases as I climaxed. If it were just sex, I would not be here tonight. You were the first man I ever had a sexual yearning for, and tonight I finally get to make love to you.”

As she pulled my hands up to caress her full breasts, she started a slow sensuous grind on my cock and I saw Felicia reach over to stroke Sonia’s arm. “Sorry sweetie, I got lost in the moment. I know you are waiting for me to finish.”

“Your kitten wants to join in, but promised to let me finish what I had to tell you first,” she said as she moved my hands down to her stomach. “For years I wanted this baby growing inside of me to be yours, and I was jealous when you brought Amanda and Elizabeth here to bear your children. I got over it fairly quickly because they are both such wonderful people, and when we found out you could never have children, I had a long talk with my husband.”

“I actually had permission to make love to you two weeks ago, but I held off as we worked through my other ideas. You have always been there for my family when we needed help, and I know you would be there for my children if they needed you. I would like to bring you and Felicia more into my family by asking you to be my children’s godparents,” she told me as her and Felicia gave me kaçak iddaa a pleading look. “I know it’s not the same as having your own children, but you basically helped raise me. We want you to think of our children as your grandchildren.”

I reached up to caress her cheek with a smile. “I would be honored to be your children’s godfather. Although I should warn you, I will probably spoil them if you want me to treat them like my grandchildren. I am curious why you felt you had to be riding me when you asked that though.”

“Umm, I didn’t,” she replied as she ground her hips harder into my groin. “I just couldn’t wait to have you inside of me. I already told you I wanted to make love to you long before I lost my virginity, well, most of them anyway. That was the part I had a hard time getting my husband to agree to, but I finally convinced him.”

She saw my confused look and smiled. The exquisite feeling of her slow but steady grind was definitely draining my mental facilities, so I had no idea what she was talking about. “We will get to that part later, but your kitten has been waiting patiently, and I don’t want her to feel left out.”

Despite my curiosity, I had to agree that I did not want my kitten to feel left out and reached over to where she was still kneeling next to Sonia. She smiled and wasted no time crawling up to plant her pussy over my mouth. I loved the sweet yet tangy flavor of her juices, and was more than happy to slide my tongue back inside of her for another taste.

As soon as kitten settled on my face and my tongue slid inside of her, Sonia’s ride became more energetic. The slow grind morphed into a steady bounce, and I moaned into kitten’s pussy as Sonia’s velvety walls gripped my shaft on the way up before she slid back down to bury me in her hot depths.

My tongue started probing kitten’s steamy pussy in the same rhythm as Sonia’s bouncing, and as her hips sped up, so did my tongue. Despite being the last one to join our fun, my multi orgasmic kitten was the first one to climax. I heard her familiar little whimper as a fresh flow of her juices poured over my tongue and into my mouth.

After my kittens second climax, I heard a deep throaty moan from Sonia and felt her pussy convulsing around my cock as she had her first climax of the night. “So much better than I imagined,” she murmured as she started riding me harder.

Having climaxed in my kitten’s hungry little mouth not long before Sonia’s arrival, I was still well away from another one myself. I enjoyed Sonia’s energetic ride as I licked Felicia’s succulent pussy through several climaxes. It was almost twenty minutes after her first climax that she decided she had finally had enough. Pulling herself off my face, she collapsed on the bed next to us as she tried to recover.

Sonia was still bouncing on my cock, mauling her tits as she worked herself up to her third climax of the night when I rolled her onto her back. I could feel my own climax growing close as I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and started driving my cock deep into her pussy on every stroke.

It only took a dozen hard, fast strokes before I slammed my hips into hers and felt the first shots of my climax pumping into her deliciously tight pussy. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned as the feeling of my hot cum splashing against her cervix triggered her own climax.

Her legs slipped off my shoulders and wrapped around my waist as I lay forward across her body, capturing her lips with mine. Our tongues met and we shared a deep, passionate kiss as we rode out our mutual climax.

“God, I can’t believe I waited so long to do this. Can you just hold still for a minute, I want to enjoy the feeling of your cock inside of me a bit longer,” she said as she held me once our orgasms ended. “Thank you for making my dreams about you a reality. I hope this is not a onetime thing, but at least I will always have the memory of tonight.”

I smiled down and lightly kissed her again. “I think I can manage to squeeze you in for a night of play on occasion if you would like to. Now that we are past our worries of it not being appropriate, I see no reason we should not continue to be lovers. Although, if we are going to have these open loving relationships, I would like you and your husband to consider moving back into the main house. We have plenty of room, and it would save you and my pets from having to run back and forth all the time.”

There was a soft “raow” of agreement from kitten as she crawled over so she could touch us both. “I think I can convince my husband to go along with that,” Sonia told me. “Of course, that on occasion better be at least twice a week if we move in. I would have to give him permission to play with Felicia if I am not there, simply because I would like to have time alone with you, if she doesn’t mind.”

Felicia smiled and shook her head as she started typing. “As long as I get to sleep in my Master’s bed at night, I have no objections kaçak bahis to him playing with you alone. You just have to ask me to give you some alone time so I know or I might decide to join you.”

“Of course, I prefer to have you join us most of the time anyway. Just as most times you are with my husband, we will be together. There is that one little thing you introduced me to that we can only do if we are together, sometimes we may decide to swap partners for an afternoon though,” Sonia replied as I looked down in confusion. “Your kitten introduced me to cream pies, and my husband went crazy with arousal when he watched me eating his cum out of her pussy. He had just climaxed, but was hard again and sliding into my pussy a minute later.”

“If you are ready to pull out, I would appreciate it if you could sit up at the head of the bed so I can clean you up while Felicia cleans me up,” she told me as her feet went from around my hips back to the bed.

I kissed her again before slowly pulling out and crawling off her. “You really don’t have to do that. I tried to get Amanda and Elizabeth to stop, but they have infected my kitten with the same need to clean me off after sex that they have.”

She patted the bed next to her head until I sat down where she wanted me. “I know I don’t have to, but I want to. You are only the second man whose cock has been in my pussy, and you are about to be the second man who has felt my lips around his cock.”

She leaned over and took my now limp cock in her mouth. From her moans of pleasure, I assumed she enjoyed the slimy mess of our juices that was still coating me. The moans got louder a moment later when Felicia crawled up between her legs and started to lick her clean as well.

I was a bit surprised when she kept sucking on me after a minute. “I didn’t think I was that dirty my dear,” I said as I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair.

She took my cock out of her mouth and turned her head to smile up at me. “You weren’t, but I am enjoying myself, so hush. We need to get you hard again for the last part of my agreement with my husband anyway. Unless you plan on objecting to me giving you a blowjob, I am going to return to what I was doing.”

I was still curious what her agreement with her husband was, but it was clear that she was not going to tell me until she was ready as she turned her head and engulfed my cock again. I had gotten past the sensitive phase while I was still inside of her, so I had no real reason to object, and her lips felt wonderful, even if I was still soft.

My cock slowly revived through several minutes of her sensual oral attentions, and I saw her reach down between her legs to tap Felicia. After my kitten moved out of the way, Sonia shifted until she was on her knees and elbows between my legs as she continued to suck me. Kitten crawled over to the nightstand and got a bottle of lube before crawling up behind Sonia.

When Felicia’s head came down between Sonia full, round cheeks, I finally realized what was going on. “Kitten, what are you doing,” I asked as I tried to confirm my suspicions.

“She is doing the same thing Amanda did for her on her first time, preparing my virgin ass for you,” Sonia told me as she started stroking my cock. “That was the last part of my agreement with my husband. I wanted you to have my last virgin hole, and we had a bit of a disagreement over it. He finally agreed when he realized I was not going to give in and let him have my ass until after you took my anal virginity.”

She laughed at the shocked look on my face. “Why are you so surprised? I wanted to give you my virginity years ago. I can finally fulfill my teenage fantasy of your cock being the first one I experience, although not quite as I imagined it. Felicia told me how long you made her wait because you were afraid of hurting her, but we will not have that problem. I am bigger than she is, and she has been helping me get ready to take your cock in my ass for the past two weeks.”

“If that is what you want, I would love to be your first. I imagine your husband is going to be a bit upset with me though,” I told her as I got up and moved around behind her. “He could not have been very happy with you insisting that I get to be your first.”

“He is actually cheering you on,” she replied as she reached back and spread her cheeks open, exposing her crinkled little asshole to my gaze. “It may have something to do with the fact that I promised him free access to my ass for the rest of the weekend if you took my virginity tonight. He has been trying to get in there for the past six months, ever since he overheard Amanda and Elizabeth talking about Teodoro fucking their asses while he was cleaning the pool.”

“He will probably thank you, at least if you ever get around to fucking my ass,” she said as Felicia lubed my cock up. “Your kitten has me all lubed up and ready for you. Now you just need to shove that beautiful cock into my tight little ass and fuck me.”

I knee walked up behind her, lined the head of my cock up with her pucker and pushed past her sphincter. “Is this what you needed my dear,” I ask in response to her surprised gasp.

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