A Hot Photo Shoot

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“Good afternoon, Mr. Dukakis. I’m Caroline Simpson and I will be doing your photo shoot today.”

“Hello, nice to meet you,” Jesse responded, giving her a handshake. “And please, call me Jesse.”

“Are you comfortable with all of this? We’d like to get the best possible shots for you to promote your show in Los Angeles next month.”

“Um, yeah sure, I think. I mean, I just hope I can keep things on a professional level. I’ve never had a beautiful woman take pictures of me, uh, you know, kinda racy before.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve had lots of men experience nervousness during shoots like this. Besides, it makes for a better picture,” Caroline winked.

“Well, okay then. I mean, you know, whatever shit you’re gonna do.”

“Great. I’ll show you the set where we will be working.”

Caroline then led Jesse over to the set, which included a white leather couch. She had planned to photograph Jesse shirtless, along with a leather jacket, pants, and boots.

He was then taken to the dressing room where the stylists and makeup artists waited to perform their magic on him; given his already smoldering magnetism, their work would be easy.

When he was finally ready for the shoot, Caroline could barely contain her composure; she had photographed plenty of gorgeous men in her career, but Jesse was absolutely beautiful.

The first set of poses were of Jesse spread on the couch, the jacket open and showing off his chest. The pants were almost bulging at the seams, and she had caught his eyes perfectly through the lens.

Caroline then instructed Jesse to remove the jacket, then produced a set of handcuffs for a special effect. She then put them his hand before having him slowly pull down the zipper of his pants, while Caroline worked to get the one perfect shot. It was quite a task; it seemed to her that Jesse never took one bad picture.

The hint of eyeliner he had worn for this session was perfect; it would bostancı escort drive any woman with a pulse crazy. Jesse had given her his best pouts, stares, and flips of his hair to the camera. He loved the camera and the camera loved him.

And he was also thinking about getting into the photographer’s panties. She did have some nice tits and he could tell they weren’t fake ones, either. Jesse was even wondering if she gave good head.

Meanwhile, Caroline could no longer contain her professional composure; the guy was too hot for even her. She had never felt like this photographing men before, and it bothered her a little.

“Let’s break for a few, Jesse,” she said, feeling the color rising in her neck.

He picked up on it right away. “I’m getting you going, aren’t I, baby?” he asked.

“It’s a little stuffy in here and I think the air is not working very well,” Caroline replied.

“Oh, my. The professional photographer is having a hard time finishing the shoot. Perhaps we do need that break,” he said, giving her a sly grin. “And for starters, how about we get comfortable with you coming and sitting beside me?” Jesse then patted an empty spot beside him.

“Jesse, really. I don’t think that is very–”

“Come on, baby, I don’t bite, at least not yet. God, you really are beautiful. You should be in front of the camera, not behind it.”

Caroline laughed a little. She was married, but at the same time, she found Jesse exciting. Besides, her own husband hadn’t paid attention to her in God knows how long.

She then went over and sat beside him; they began talking and laughing about many things, when out of the blue, he leaned over and kissed her.

“I have been wanting to do that since I came here today. I want you, Caroline.”

His ‘fuck me’ eyes hypnotizing her, Caroline found it hard to contain herself, but managed to do so.

“You have made this one of the sancaktepe escort most exciting photo sessions of my life. You very beautiful, very sexy and exciting. I gotta have you, baby.”

“But I’m married and–” she began.

“Oh baby, it isn’t like I haven’t fucked married chicks before. Plus you’re a really hot one.”

And all those married chicks that had come to his shows were whores anyway, he thought to himself. They weren’t thinking about hubby when they had Jesse’s cock in their mouths or buried between their legs.

He also knew from how Caroline had been checking him out while taking the pictures that she wasn’t any different from the rest of them.

He then held her close to him, touching her face and kissing her, raping her mouth with his tongue. Caroline tangled her hands in his beautiful hair and kissed him back, licking his neck and his ear and playfully biting his lips.

Their kissing grew intense and Jesse was soon feeling her up, and before she knew it, both were naked and exploring one another on the couch. He took a nipple in his mouth as she cried out, feeling his erection rubbing against her leg and desired to feel him inside her.

“Not yet, baby,” he said, pulling them both up off the couch. “I want you to suck me off first.”

She got up and kneeled between his legs, then licked up his enormous shaft and around the head until he moaned and asked her to suck him.

She took as much of his manhood as she could into mouth and continued to caress his inner thigh at the same time. Caroline proceeded to suck him deeper and faster before she felt his muscles tightening as he was reaching his orgasm.

Jesse then emptied his cock into her mouth, Caroline swallowing every drop of hot cum.

The look on his face said it all; she was such a dirty little whore, photographer or not.

He pulled her to him and lay her back down on the couch, zeytinburnu escort his mouth again raping hers. Jesse then licked and kissed her nipples and stomach until she finally asked him to stop teasing her; Caroline couldn’t take it any longer.

Jesse went down further before he found her clit ready for a tonguing and he sucked and licked her before bringing to the edge and Caroline had cum the hardest that she could remember.

“My hot little photographer slut loved that,” Jesse growled. “And if you thought that was good, I’m not so bad with my cock either.”

“I’m sure,” Caroline said, barely catching her breath.

“Wanna find out how I fuck my ladies?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Before she could respond, Jesse mounted her, ramming his cock inside her. Caroline couldn’t get enough; she couldn’t even remember the last time she had been fucked.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him to her by the hair, hissing at him to give it all to her.

“Oh fuck, your pussy feels so good,” he panted. “You like this, my married filthy whore? Fucking around on your husband… yeah, this is exactly what you wanted the minute I came in here, baby. A slut that needed a good fuck…”

He gripped her ankles hard and pulled her legs onto his shoulders, his throbbing cock fucking her harder and both of them enjoying every minute of it. He played and nipped at her breasts, then felt himself coming to the edge as Caroline screamed in orgasm.

Jesse then pulled out quickly, jerking his cock wildly a few times before he shot ropes of white hot semen all over her breasts. It seemed like he had cum forever; never looking away from Caroline’s eyes until he was done.

“Damn woman, you are one talented piece of ass, you know that?” Jesse asked, collapsing back on the couch and catching his breath.

“Well, you are pretty talented yourself,” she purred. “But we really need to finish this photo session and get the final products ready for printing. I have a deadline to meet, you know.”

“Yes, by all means. I wouldn’t want you to lose your job on my account,” he grinned, then pointed to her cum-stained tits. “But I think we better clean up first to erase the evidence that you just got fucked by your model.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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