A Hot Day In Florida

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Authors note: The following story is a continuation of a story previously posted in the lesbian file called A Hot Day In Camp. You can enjoy this story without the previous one, however my suggestion is to read the other one first. Feedback on the first story was so positive that I felt a sort of second chapter might be fun. Hope you enjoy it.

I hadn’t seen Karen for seven months and so I was surprised when she called one day in March and invited me down to Florida to spend spring break with her. We had met at camp the previous summer where she was taking some college prep courses and I was teaching basic computer skills. One hot summer day I had discovered her and another girl engaged in some nasty sexual activity and in accordance with my role as a camp advisor and teacher had immediately joined in . What the hell…who could resist those two horny sluts?

The last week of camp we had gone at each other at every opportunity. The sex had been unbelievable and Karen and Gina had absolutely no hesitation in performing the most wonderful and degrading acts upon each other and me. God my pussy gets wet just thinking about it.

After camp ended we had sent e-mails back and forth but nothing more than that. Suddenly one night in March Karen called me and invited me to join her at her parents home in Ft. Lauderdale. She was on spring break and apparently had the place to herself.

“Come on, baby, bring that beautiful ass of yours down here and lets have some fun. My parents are still in Europe and we’ll have the run of the fucking place.”

Who could resist a classy invitation like that? And so I found myself in the Ft. Lauderdale airport walking through the last of the security checkpoints and looking around for Karen. I retrieved my suitcase and turned around and immediately picked her out. She was walking through the concourse and seemed to be oblivious to the stir she was causing. You see Karen was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on with long blond hair, incredible blue eyes and a body to die for. In the months back in Florida she had tanned darkly and the contrast with her blond hair was stunning. She was wearing a light blue minidress with a low cut top that left little to the imagination. Heads turned as she walked along and I knew there were a lot of hard cocks in the airport that day. Not to mention more than a few wet, dripping pussies of which mine was one the moment I saw her. Karen knew exactly what effect she had on people and loved it. I knew too that she wouldn’t be wearing panties as this excited her. Hell, it excited me and I couldn’t wait to get her alone.

Finally spotting me she bounded over to me and embraced me tightly making me the envy of half of the airport. I swear her tongue lightly grazed my earlobe as she hugged me and whispered in my ear, “ hi Cindy baby, great to see you. Let’s get the hell out of here but keep hugging me for a minute will you, I want to give those two girls over there a good look at my ass.” And in fact as I looked over her shoulder there were indeed two college age girls who looked as if they were about to have an orgasm as their eyes swept over Karen’s legs and bottom. This was typical Karen and I was glad to play along.

Finally she had enough of showing off her ample gifts and we headed out of the airport. She was driving a new BMW and I was reminded that her parents were loaded. This house was just their winter home and Karen was staying there while she attended college. Her parents wouldn’t be home from Europe for weeks, …blah blah blah. I wasn’t all that interested in the details she was in the process of explaining to me because frankly I was more interested in her long tan legs that were exposed to me as she drove the car back to her home. Sitting in the car had caused her skirt to ride up almost to her hips and I was enthralled with her gorgeous thighs and what must certainly be her bare pussy just out of my eyesight. I longed to reach out and slide my fingers softly up and down those firm thighs and softly scrape my fingernails up and down their length until I felt her legs part and then I would…

BEEP BEEP! The sounds of Karen’s horn brought me suddenly back to reality.

“These assholes can’t drive down here at all” she said to me as she swerved around some jerk who had stopped for no apparent reason at all. I was still partially in my fantasy and didn’t offer up any answer. In truth it had been a while since I had been with Karen and I felt a little hesitant about being too bold with her. She seemed suddenly to sense my mood and saw me staring at her legs. A smile slowly appeared and she looked over at me and said, “what’s the matter baby, are you shy or something?” She reached out and took my hand and placed it right on her upper thigh and whispered “help yourself baby, you look like you could use a little snack.”

I moved my hand slowly over her leg feeling it’s firmness and silky texture. She moaned softly and spread her legs bahis firmaları as far as apart as she could considering she was driving. I wanted to slowly work my way up to her dripping slit but Karen being Karen couldn’t wait for that. She reached down between her own legs and her fingers disappeared from view. “Oh God I’m so wet already,” she said. Pulling her fingers out of her wet pussy she held them up for me to see and sure enough they were coated with her delicious juice.

“ Lick my cunt juice off my fingers, will you Cindy honey, I know you must be hungry.” She thrust her hand right in front of my face and I slid two of her fingers into my mouth. Oh God did that taste good! Sucking noisily, not wanting to miss a drop I slurped all her juices off her fingers.

“ Now feed me some of you,” she said with a sly look on her face. That wouldn’t be hard as my pussy was dripping by this time. Reaching down between my legs I ran my fingers over the entrance of my moist pussy and inserted two fingers into my open slit. Oh, that felt so good and I worked them in and out momentarily forgetting about Karen.

“Cindy,” Karen laughed, “stop finger fucking yourself and feed me some pussy will you.”

“Sorry,” I said and reached over and began rubbing my dripping fingers over the outside of Karen’s mouth and lips. Karen had the most extraordinary, full lips and I had learned in camp how she loved to lick my juices off of her lips with her long wet tongue. The sight of her slowly licking my cunt juice off of those bee-stung lips of hers drove me crazy and she knew it. She savored every drop and then licked my fingers clean.

“ Oh yummy that is so good,” she said just as she pulled into the long driveway of her home. I had to stop and catch my breath before I could get out of the car. Karen however opened the drivers door stepped out, turned her back to me and bent over from the waist and said to me, “oh Cindy.” I looked over and Karen grinned over her shoulder and pulled her short skirt up for just a moment and flashed her asshole to me. Oh God I wanted to throw her down on the ground right there and bury my face in that glorious ass that I had come to know so well last summer. Karen had other ideas unfortunately and headed to the house.

I grabbed my suitcase but Karen told me to just leave it and that the maid would get it. The Maid? Right on cue a women in her mid twenties or so came out of the door. Wearing a uniform of some type or other that was as short as Karen’s miniskirt, she had long raven black hair tied back in a pigtail, beautiful long legs and breasts that threatened to burst out of her uniform top. If this was really a maid it was one envisioned in countless wet dreams of young horny teens. Looking me right in the eyes she told me to go right on in and she would take care of everything. Oh and I bet she could take care of anything I thought. Maybe she could start by lapping up the cunt juice that was running down my leg ,I silently wondered. Saying nothing however I walked into the house.

I won’t go on and on about Karen’s house but let’s just say it was large, beautiful and richly appointed. Well beyond anything I had ever been in and this was just their winter home? Karen appeared on the top of their massive staircase and said “Come on up there’s something I want to ask you.” I quickly climbed the steps thinking that Karen was about to ask me to lick her hot asshole or something like that but she stopped me in the guest room and told me that there was something that she wanted to do that she needed my help with. She got this sexy gleam in her eyes as she explained her idea and I eagerly agreed to go along.

So it was that after a quick shower I found myself reclining on Karen’s massive bed all alone. Karen had dressed me in a low cut skintight t-shirt and one of her extra short tennis skirts. Dressed all in white I was lying with my long legs spread wide apart and only a pair of white silk panties between my pussy and the world. Well that wasn’t really accurate because following Karen’s instructions to a tee the moment I heard Karen ‘s voice in the hallway I raised my knees up and reached down with my left hand and pulled my panties to the side. My right hand slid down and slowly began stroking my pussy lips. I cupped my pussy in my hand and lightly began rubbing the swollen lips with my middle finger. I felt so nasty knowing what was about to happen.

The door opened and Karen walked in holding the hand of another girl. She was about Karen’s height but had short, light brown hair. She was in her early twenties and her postal uniform could not hide her lovely figure. Perfectly proportioned legs tanned as brown as Karen’s by the Florida sun, Her breasts strained against her government issue shirt and cried out to be released. I’d like to say that she was gorgeous with beautiful green eyes but at this point I couldn’t tell for sure because Karen had tied some type of cloth or other over her eyes. She kaçak iddaa was blindfolded and didn’t know I was even there.

“Jesus Karen I know you were out of town at Christmas but if you want to give me a late Christmas gift I don’t know why I have to wear this blindfold.”

“Just a minute more Julie,” Karen said. “ I know you’re just gonna love this!” Winking at me she told Julie to just kneel down at the side of the bed where she had arranged soft pillows for her knees. Julie was facing the bed and right in front of her face were my long legs. I slid a finger into my pussy and got it good and wet.

“ I wanted to get you something special Julie baby,” Karen purred. “Something I know you’ll love.”

Karen nodded to me and I pulled my dripping finger out of my cunt and slowly pushed it between Julie’s lips and into her mouth. Her lips tightened around my finger and her tongue tasted my offering. It took about five seconds before she seemed to realize what she was tasting and then she sat straight up in surprise and Karen pulled the blindfold from her eyes. There I was stretched out in front of her with my legs spread and my hand holding my panties to the side affording her a direct view of my pussy. Following Karen’s script I smiled at her and in my sexiest voice said, “ Merry Christmas baby, how’d you like to lick my hot cunt for me?”

Julie literally flinched in surprise and for just a moment I thought she would jump to her feet and run from the room. Karen however would have none of that and she kneeled behind Julie , reached around her and began massaging her breasts through the uniform shirt.

“Oh Julie honey look at that beautiful pussy right there in front of your face. Doesn’t it look goood enough to eat? Come on honey, take a taste of that cunt.” Julie was falling victim to the massage Karen was giving her breasts. I could tell her temperature was rising fast. She groaned softly and when Karen’s hands left her breasts and guided her head between my parted legs, all the resistance was gone.

Her lips started slowly licking the inside of my firm thighs and I spread my legs even wider. Karen began working on the buttons of her postal shirt and soon her beautiful breasts popped right out. Julie’s tongue had reached that area where my thigh ended and my crotch began and I couldn’t wait for her tongue to reach my wet hole. Karen was whispering in Julie’s ear about how hard her nipples were getting when her tongue finally made direct contact with my wetness. Her tongue flicked out and licked the full length of my cunt and then withdrew into her mouth to enjoy the taste of me.

“ Oh Karen what a wonderful gift” she managed to get out before burying her tongue deep inside me for the first time. The feeling was electric and I arched my hips toward her so as to make it easier for her to tongue fuck me. Her tongue began fucking in and out and I began to rock my hips back and forth in an attempt to keep time with her thrusts.

Karen was watching her every move and gave her verbal encouragement while still rubbing Julie’s swollen nipples.

“That’s it you slut. Lick that pussy! Put your tongue deep inside her. You like that cuntjuice don’t you you fucking cuntsucker!”

I could tell that Julie loved Karen’s dirty talk because the dirtier Karen talked to her ,the faster her tongue would ride in and out of my pussy. I didn’t want to cum so soon so I pulled her face away from my dripping slit. I could see that her face and lips were coated with my juice so Karen and I made her lie down on the bed while we licked every drop off of her face. Oh yum it was good..

“ Help me get her fucking shorts off” Karen said to me as we shared the last drops of cuntjuice. Julie raised her hips to help and Karen and I slid her shorts slowly down her long legs. She was wearing yellow silk panties that I could see were soaked with her wonderful juice. Karen slid them off of Julie and buried her face in them enjoying the smell and taste of her womanhood.

“Julie honey, turn over on your stomach will you baby and get up on your knees,” Karen instructed. Julie never hesitated and soon there she was all spread open to us. We knelt down behind her and stared at her dripping pussy and cute asshole. Karen grinned and said to me “ well you’re the guest here so I guess you get to go first.” She reached forward and slowly spread Julie’s ass cheeks apart for me and said “ Let’s see if you remember what Gina and I taught you at camp.”

How could I have forgotten? Sliding as close to her as I could I bent forward and slowly ran my tongue gently along the full length of her asshole. Julie’s whole body jerked with pleasure and surprise. I repeated the motion two or three more times before licking every square inch of the inside of those beautiful cheeks. Gina had taught me well about not rushing too fast to the ultimate goal. Lightly I licked every square inch I could reach. Julie was moaning now and Karen began sliding her fingers kaçak bahis slowly in and out of her pussy.

Turning my full attention to her glorious hole, I began licking more insistently. My tongue began pushing at the entrance to her beautiful ass. Using a trick Karen had taught me I inserted one of my fingers into my own pussy and got it good and wet. Pulling it out I began to lightly rub it around the puckered asshole I so wanted to enter. Gently I pushed the finger against her ass and was soon rewarded as my wet finger slid right into her ass. I thought Julie was going to go right through the roof with pleasure. Slowly I moved my finger in and out of that beautiful ass. Now that it was fully lubed up I knew I would have no problem entering her. Withdrawing my finger I could see that Julie had coated it with a liberal amount of her ass juice. I took the finger into my mouth and tasted it . The combination of pussy and ass juice was delightful and I greedily licked it all off. Now I could get down to some serious asslicking!

Slowly I began pushing my tongue into her ass. Her hole opened easily for me and I slid it in as far as I could. Julie began moaning louder and pushing her hips backward towards me. The taste of her ass was wonderful and I began moving my tongue in and out while pushing against the sides. I could feel her ass coating my tongue with her juices and I was in heaven. Licking, sucking and slurping as best I could I began eating out her asshole with all the knowledge and energy that I had. Karen was watching all of this with great interest.

“That’s it Cindy, lick out that nasty asshole. Oh yeah baby that’s the way! Lick that ass. Suck out those juices. Do it you asslicking whore!” When she couldn’t stand just watching any more she forcefully pulled my head away from Julie’s ass. My tongue popped out of her dripping hole and Karen pushed her lips against mine and thrust her eager tongue into my mouth. She greedily sought out Julie’s ass juice from my mouth, lips and face and when she had gotten all that she could there she immediately buried her face into Julie’s ass. Wasting no time for foreplay her tongue went straight into Julie’s asshole.

Gina had once told me that Karen was the world’s best asslicker and now she proceeded to prove it once again. Her tongue was like a piston reaming that hole and occasionally she would suck out whatever treasure she was finding there. Julie was wiggling around like a madwoman and who could blame her. The master was at work and Julie was the lucky apprentice. Karen’s eyes met mine and I recognized that glazed, dreamy look that told me she was in a world of her own and a willing slave to her own passion. Faster and faster her tongue seemed to go pausing only occasionally to lick the full length of Julie’s asscrack. Then back into her hole and the reaming would continue.

Julie’s moans were more intense now and I knew that her climax was fast approaching. I was reduced to the role of cheerleader and I urged Karen on as best I could.

“ That’s it Karen honey, lick that ass! Fuck it with your tongue. Suck it! Suck out all that assjuice! Oh fuck and suck! Fuck it! Fuck It.!”

Julie’s moans turned into a series of short intense screams and I knew that she was about to cum. She began bucking wildly and with one mighty heave she managed to dislodge Karen’s head from her ass Barely pausing Julie some how managed to flip over unto her back and began climaxing. I could see the cum oozing from her cunt and I buried my face into her pussy. God, the flow of cuntjuice was unbelievable and I licked up and swallowed as much as I could while she continued to thrash her hips and enjoy her intense orgasm. I felt like I must have swallowed a pint of her cum and that was fine with me.

When Julie finally began to regain some control she looked up and saw Karen with a huge grin on her face. She couldn’t help but notice that Karen’s face and beautiful full lips were covered with the tasty juice she had licked out of her ass and Julie suddenly sat up and taking Karen’s head in her hands she began kissing and licking Karen’s face. She would then push her tongue into Karen’s willing mouth and share the taste of that warm, wonderful juice. I sat up to get my fair share and the three of us spent several intimate moments swapping juice and spit back and forth. Yummy!

Julie said that she had to get back to her mail route soon but before she left she made both Karen and I get on our knees. With our asses pointing skyward she began slowly and gently licking both of our assholes, first one and then the other. It really turned me on to think that the tongue that was pushing at my asscrack had just been in Karen’s warm wonderful ass. Karen and I kissed each other lustily while Julie washed our asses with her tongue. It was wonderful!

Unfortunately Julie had to leave and it was with deep regret that I felt her tongue slip out of my ass for the last time. Kissing our asses one last time she crawled around to face us and kissed each of us deeply sharing the taste of our asses with us. I must admit that the taste of two asses on her tongue was a wonderful sensation and I drank deeply of that wet taste.

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