A Hole In One!

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Hi there! Just a few words before we go any further to say that I hope that you enjoy reading my stories and that I welcome all feedback – positive and negative – to my e-mail address. I may not be able to reply to you all, buy I do value your comments!

With regard to the content of my stories, although there are certain aspects of truth woven throughout what I write, ALL of my stories (unless otherwise stated) are works of fiction.

Finally, may I state that I do not condone any form of illegal act – sexual or otherwise – and that any reference that I may make to the above in my stories, is purely there for the sake of the story!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this particular offering

Best wishes

Zeldas Slave.

I didn’t start playing golf until I’d turned 50, but if I’d known as a kid that you could have this much fun out on a golf course, man – I’d have started bloody years ago! Let me explain.

I was just turned 50 as I said, when my lady-friend at the time said to me that I should stop sitting around watching t.v. all the time; that I was becoming a couch potato and that I should – to use her words – ‘Get a bloody hobby!’. (Truth be known, I think she resented me being under her feet all day, but having taken early retirement – and with time to kill – what else could I do!). Anyway, to keep the peace I began looking around for something to do.

As luck would have it, an old friend of mine phoned me that same day for a chat and during our conversation, he mentioned he was ‘going down the range’ that night. I asked him what that meant and he told me he was going to practice at our local golf range and then, out of the blue, he asked me whether I would like to go with him and then have a couple of beers afterwards. I thought about it for a few moments and, never being one to turn down the chance of a couple of pints, I said, ‘Yeah, why not – sounds like fun.’

We chatted some more and as we were about to close our conversation I reminded him that as I’d never even held a golf club before – much less used one – he’d have to be gentle with me. We both chuckled at my weak humour (friends do that for you, don’t they!) and arranged for him to pick me up at around 7pm. So that was that.

To cut a long story short I hit a fair few balls that night, enjoyed the feeling, enjoyed the beers afterwards even more and decided that I could really get into this game.

So the very next day, I went to our local range again, collared the ‘Pro’ and an hour or so later, I left with a new set of golf clubs and assorted kit and a large dent in my credit card!

Over the next few weeks I took several lessons with that same golf Pro and I must have had some kind of aptitude for the game because after only a few lessons – and numerous sessions of practice on the range – I was hitting the ball quite long and straight and indeed it was the Pro who suggested that I go and book a game and see how I got on out on a course.

As it turned out, my girlfriend was going away to see her mother the following weekend and, as the old dear and I didn’t exactly see eye to eye, (she hated me in fact!) I decided to book a round of golf and see how things went on.

My girlfriend made no fuss about my decision and in fact seemed to welcome the fact that I wasn’t trotting out the usual excuses for not wanting to spend time with her mother (actually, we broke up a few weeks later – but that’s another story) so she went off to her mother’s and I went off to play golf.

Near to where I live we have what they call a municipal course. That is, a golf course operated by the local council and on which anyone can just turn up, pay their money and go and play a round.

Looking back now, I have to say that the general standard of the course was actually quite good and that in fact, it was better than some ‘proper’ courses that I have played since! But to return to my story………

It was a Saturday afternoon, around 2o-clock, when I arrived at the course. I’d been warned-off the weekend mornings as apparently, they could be really busy and I was told that if I turned up then I may well be paired up with two or three other players who would be much more advanced than I was. This, they told me over the phone, would not only spoil the other player’s game, but would probably put me off golf for life! So, heeding the given advice, I arrived at about 2.

As I walked into the pro-shop to pay, I noticed that, apart from the pro himself, the only other person there was a youngish woman who I guessed was around 30 years of age. She was dressed smartly in golfing slacks, a nice pink golf sweater, which clung tightly to what looked like being a nice firm pair of breasts and she had on a short sleeved golfing blouse and a shiny pair of pink and white golf shoes. She had shoulder length dark hair, which was held off her face in a nice tight ponytail and she looked every inch the golfer!

‘Ah, Tom’ said the pro when he noticed me ‘I hope you won’t mind, but I’ve paired bahis firmaları you up for a round with Lisa here. She plays off a low handicap I know – 4 I believe – but her partner hasn’t turned up and she’s agreed to play with you, if you’re amenable and in any case’ He said grinning ‘at the very worst you’ll get a free lesson. Are you okay with that?’

I’d explained over the phone when I booked that this was my first round ever on a golf course and that I’d really like to go out alone to practice – and now, here I was, going to go out with an ace…….I shook inwardly

I looked closer at the young woman, taking in the fact that there seemed to be not an ounce of fat on her lithe body (me, I have the regulation middle-age-spread and a pair of ‘love-handles to go with it) and the fact that she looked every inch an ‘ace’ and for a few moments I was unsure what to say. She had lovely warm, brown eyes and when she smiled – as she did as the Pro was introducing her, I saw the most perfect set of teeth this side of Hollywood.

For sure this young woman would be able to teach me a few things – but would she, in her turn, have her game spoiled by a complete novice such as I? My heart sank.

I was just about to reach into my store of useful excuses for a reason why I perhaps shouldn’t go out on the course with her, when she thrust out her petite though muscular right hand and said ‘Lisa, Lisa Jones – pleased to meet you – I hope we have a good round.’

My excuses died still-born on my lips at that and I found myself fumbling to get my right hand out of my pocket, rubbing it self consciously on my golfing trousers to remove the sweat that bathed it and shaking her proffered hand. I introduced myself in return and a few minutes later we were approaching the first tee………

Lisa, as is the way with golfers all over I guess, gave me the privilege of teeing off first (the ‘Honour’ they call it) and, trying to remember how I’d done it in my lessons and at the driving range, I tee’d the ball up, took a few practice swings and ‘whack!’ smacked my ball forward about 70 yards and then it swung sharp right and into the trees that lined the first tee. I cursed under my breath……….

‘Oh, bad luck!’ said Lisa. ‘You certainly sliced that one. Still, we’ve all done it, so don’t let it worry you! We should be able to find it anyway as it wasn’t going too fast.’.

We walked down to the lady’s tee which was a few yards further up the course and then, when she stepped up to the tee herself (and after asking me to stand in front of her or well behind- but not the side – so that she couldn’t see me and wouldn’t be put off by my presence), she proceeded to hit the ball so hard and far that I lost sight of it!

‘Blast!’ I heard her say ‘I miss-hit that one……..must be ‘first tee’ nerves!’ She turned to me, smiling ‘See Tom, we can all make mistakes’ she continued. Yeah, right I thought. Here’s me, stuffed into a bloody tree about 40 yards past where we were now standing and there’s her ball – to my eyes at least – out of sight! A real bad shot…….

We walked off down the course in silence and after about 50 yards we turned off to the right and into the small wood where my ball had gone. After a couple of minutes we found my ball – well to be more accurate, Lisa found it (I was looking in quite the wrong place!) It was lying, half-hidden in long grass, beneath the large tree that had finally stopped it.

I confidently selected a 9 iron from my bag and after a couple of desperate swings with which I missed it completely, I managed to get it out and back on to the fairway – albeit only a few yards further on – but at least I could see it now. I felt quite embarrassed and could feel the sweat on my brow and on my palms, but Lisa was great! She didn’t criticise my playing at all and in fact she offered me some tips and encouragement so that my next shot actually travelled in the right direction and for a reasonable distance and finished up close to Lisa’s own ball.

Continuing on down the course, presently we arrived at where our ball’s had come to rest.. I had taken some 6 shots to reach where she had got with her first, but she was calm and polite and, having hit her second shot, which I saw land on the green, she advised me to play a 6 iron and just try to gain a little distance and not try to emulate her shot. Yeah, right!

My male hormones kicked in and I hit quite the wrong club and in quite the wrong direction!

Lisa just smiled – though I reckon she would have preferred to have laughed! – and told me to put another ball down and try again, but this time doing as she had said! I did and the ball went straight(ish) and finished up quite close to the green. I was mortified! This girl knew her stuff alright – and she also was 100% sure that I didn’t!

Anyway, we finally finished that first hole – she with a respectable 4 and me with an embarrassing 10! I vowed to do better on the next. But sadly, it didn’t happen………

And so it went on, kaçak iddaa we played the first 9 holes in what seemed to be no time. As we walked round we talked and amongst other things, I asked her whether she had ever got a hole in one. She said yes, a couple in fact. I told her that I’d like to get one myself and she – knowing just how hard the game of golf is to play that well – gave me a knowing smile. I was impressed by this young lady – and it showed!

As we stood on the 10th tee I checked the scorecard and noted that Lisa had taken 38 shots (2 over Par) and that I was showing a score of 72 – which was the actual par score for the full 18 holes! I nearly gave up then – but I’m glad I didn’t……………..

On the 10th Lisa hit another blinder – arrow straight and some 220 yards. I hit it straight and this time it seemed to go quite a way. (Later, I realised that the actual tee was elevated, that is, some way above the hole) but at the time it felt great! Lisa applauded my effort and said to me ‘That’s the way to go , Tom. Just relax and give it your best shot each time…….don’t try to over hit the shot or swing too quickly and it’ll be fine.’

I smiled, thanked her for her kind words – and proceeded to hit my second shot into the trees again! And so it went on. And then we came to the 14th……………

The 14th on this particular course was what they call a dog-leg left. That is, the hole is actually off to the left by some 70 degrees or so from the tee and to reach it you can either hit the ball straight and go the long way or send the ball left – over the trees – and cut the corner. Lisa chose the latter with a perfect result and I tried to copy her and my ball dropped into a thick stand of trees. Sod it!

We walked down to the trees and left our golf carts just inside the outermost trees where they would be out of the way and proceeded to look for this latest wayward ball of mine.

‘I’ll go and look over here.’ Said Lisa, indicating an area off to her left. ‘You try over there’ She pointed off to her right and with a closing wave we separated and began looking.

You are only allowed by the rules of golf to spend 5 minutes looking for a lost golf ball. If there is another game close behind you that you are going to hold up, then you must allow them to overtake you and continue on their way. Its known in the golfing world as ‘calling them through’ and is one of the points of etiquette that seems to litter the game. We were lucky though – or at least I was – because there were no games behind us as far as I could see, so we could afford to spend a bit more time searching.

I had been wandering around for couple of minutes in the seemingly ever thickening trees, not paying much attention to my direction – my eyes glued to the ground – when something made me look up and for a moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A little further into the wood there was a small clearing and as I looked up I could see two people, seemingly having sex!

It looked like he was going at her from the rear – she being bent over a fallen tree trunk and as luck would have it, they had their backs towards me. My eyes snapped wide open and I felt my cock twitch in my pants. I crept closer – being careful not to step on any dried twigs (though thankfully, there weren’t many about anyway) and within a few moments I was kneeling behind a large tree which had some fallen branches and leaves and rubbish off to one side and through which I could now see this couple more clearly.

I felt a bit guilty about what I was doing and had half a mind to leave them to it, but then the couple must have decided to change position and as they disengaged I knew I would have to stay put or betray my prescence.

The young man – for they were both quite young as far as I could see – eased his penis out of his partner and stood to one side to allow her to stand up. From where I was standing, I could see that he had quite a large cock. He wanked it a few times – to keep it hard I guess – and gazed down on his lovers naked backside. He looked a bit odd with his jeans and shorts around his ankles and I had to smile as I watched him look furtively around the clearing once or twice, nervously making sure that they were all alone. Satisfied, he continued to enjoy his masturbation and went back to looking at his young ladies firm round bum.

The young woman then stood up and turned to face me and as she did so I instinctively flinched and crouched lower – but I needn’t have worried as she wasn’t in the slightest interested in anything other than her lovers hard cock. She wrapped her right hand around it and worked the foreskin backwards and forwards for him. I heard him moan a couple of times then draw in his breath sharply as she suddenly bent over and proceeded to suck on his throbbing manhood! I could see that she still had on her top – though her over jacket was unzipped – and that her skirt must have been lifted up as she lay across the tree trunk so that he could gain access to her pussy kaçak bahis from the rear. Doubtless, they had decided to remain nearly fully clothed due to the possibility that they may need to leg-it in a hurry should they be discovered.

It was whilst she was sucking greedily on his large organ and he was in return kneading her large, pendulous breasts through her blouse – both of them clearly getting closer to their end goal – that I had that feeling that I wasn’t alone.

I whipped around to look behind me and was shocked to see Lisa there – half crouching and obviously trying to see what was holding my interest.

I’d never felt so embarrassed in my whole life! I made to get up, to try to extricate myself from this dilemma, to try to steer Lisa away and back on to the course before she saw what I was looking at. I felt the large bulge in my trousers and half- slumped back down, my mind raced. What would she think……what would she say…….would we be spotted by the couple? I was close to panic. Then it was too late!

Lisa knelt beside me and looked through another gap in the fallen trees and her hand flew up to her now opened mouth and her eyes widened with surprise. I made to whisper in her ear, but she put a finger on my lips and mouthed the word ‘Shush!’ to me.

For a few seconds we remained motionless, watching.

The couple then changed position again and this time, as the girl now lay on her back and her lover pounded into her from above, it was pretty obvious that their climaxes were close.

And indeed, in a few short seconds we saw her legs lock around his lower back and she buried her head into his shoulder as she obviously reached her peak! Thrusting urgently and deeply now, he followed soon after and as he emptied his offering into her heaving pussy I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Lisa beckoning me to follow her. We left the young couple to it………

We never did find that damned ball and when we reached our golf carts we were just in time to see another couple on the tee behind us, and Lisa – as is the etiquette of the game as I said before – called them through. They waved and prepared to tee off. We stood safely to one side and waited for them to go past us and, with a few friendly words, they continued on their way.

I looked at Lisa for the first time since we’d left the young couple to their lovemaking. I ‘d been too embarrassed to make eye-contact earlier and even as I tried to now, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lisa looked back at me, her eyes fixed on mine and then slowly, she walked towards me and when she was only a few feet away, she said quietly ‘Well?’

I was taken off-guard and it was all I could do to croakily reply – for I suddenly realised just how dry my throat felt – ‘Well, what?’ It took me a couple of attempts to get the words out and as I spoke them I looked nervously away from Lisa – scared that she might see how much I’d enjoyed the show.

‘Don’t come that with me Tom!’ she replied ‘I saw how excited you were back there. And even if it didn’t show on your face, I saw other signs that you were enjoying it!’ She gave a broad smile and I knew then that she’d seen my trouser encased hard-on.

‘I’m s-sorry!’ I stammered – like a schoolboy apologising to a teacher for some wrong doing. I felt ashamed! I mean, here I was, a grown man – and she was making me feel so guilty and ashamed!

I was just about to say something stupid and make a complete fool of myself, when Lisa stepped even closer and pressed her full, red lips to mine. I felt her arms go around my shoulders and for a moment she seemed to pause – gauging my reaction I guess – and then, when she felt my arms go over hers and pull her close to me, she relaxed and I felt her small, hot tongue shoot into my mouth! My cock sprang rapidly to attention and Lisa moaned deeply in her throat as she felt its urgency thrusting against her thigh!

Suddenly, we were both pulling our golf carts behind us like racehorses pulling milk wagons! We pulled and lugged them as far in to the small wood as we could manage. We then continued without them and soon we were both a little out of breath as, hand in hand, we searched desperately for somewhere to consummate our lust.

After a short while we found another small clearing. It wasn’t as large as the one where we’d seen the young couple, but it was well guarded on all sides by thick trees and in our urgent state it was good enough.

Pausing only to ensure we didn’t trip over any dead branches or fall over our own feet, we came together in another embrace and our mouths once more locked together – tongues darting, exploring each other’s mouths, as we resumed our foreplay.

Suddenly, I felt Lisa’s right hand sliding around from my flabby bottom – which it had been recently caressing – and then I felt her run her fingers along the hard length of my erect cock, as if measuring its length and girth. I moaned……..

Lisa fumbled for my zip and in a moment, I felt her small hand inside my trousers and the coolness of it as it grasped my large, hot cock. I moaned again, my lust building by the moment and dropped both my hands under her buttocks, lifting her so that she now stood on tip-toe.

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