A Hard Day’s Night Pt. 03

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A black 18-wheeler truck parked outside the gym, on its side was the logo Paola disliked: “Futa-Cab.” This is going to cost her a fortune, but she had no choice, she ordered the deluxe package. Just as Paola approached the container it opened and white light rushed out flooding the street, Paola had to close her eyes for a moment to get used to the new brightness.

She saw a lift waiting for her at street level, it had an X marking on the floor of the lift with something written below, “Please stand here.” Paola dragged her tremendous balls along the pavement, ‘Just don’t cum when you feel the cold metal of the lift, just don’t cum.’ She thought to herself.

When she reached the platform she was surprised to learn that the metal has been heated up to feel inviting, the new texture felt great against her balls. She positioned herself over the X and looked around to find a tablet flashing her name. She touched the screen and it woke up.

“Welcome Paola and thank you for choosing Futa-Cab.”

‘A really easy choice, go out in my home or at the gym in front of everyone there.’ Paola said sarcastically.

“Are you a grower?” The terminal asked, Paola clicked no.

“Are you a big cumer? (over 3 gallons).” Paola looked back at her balls, ‘they have a little over 3 gallons.’ By little she was being sarcastic again, she had gallons upon gallons in them. Paola took a deep breath and clicked yes. “Please enter weight of balls.” The console demanded.

“Mierda! Why the hell would I know that? I’ll just punch in the maximum.” Paola protested and entered 320 pounds. A moment later the tablet flashed, “overweight detected, current weight 450 pounds, recalibrating lift.” And with that the lift started moving to line up with the truck. Once the lift stopped the tablet flashed again, “We know you had a hard day, interested in stress management? Now only 19 dollars per ride.” Paola was amazed with herself, she was thinking about taking Futa-Cab’s offer, she was going to pay over a hundred bucks for this ride, might as well add make it 119 and ride in comfort.

Paola clicked yes and the tablet changed, “Please walk inside.” She started dragging her huge sack behind her and cleared the lift, the moment she did, the door closed and the truck started moving. A woman’s voice sounded inside the cabin, “Welcome to Futa-Cab Paola, Initiating stress management. Please don’t be alarmed” The room started vibrating, it was strange, not hard enough for Paola to lose her balance but strong enough to notice. Paola’s balls started wobbling in response, at first she was sure this was some trick to make her cum, to her surprise, the vibrations felt nice but didn’t arouse her one bit. Turns out Futa-Cab knew what they were doing, soon enough Paola’s massive shaft rested limply against her unnaturally bloated ball sack.

‘Lucky me,’ Paola thought to herself, ‘looks like I’m out of the cum-zone thanks to the vibrations.’ She took a few deep breaths and tried to come to terms with what happened in the gym, it was too close for Paola. She tried to imagine what would have happened if she went off in there.

Soon enough the voice in the cabin woke Paola from her thoughts, “We are approaching your destination.” She understood the truck was slowing down to a stop, Futa-Cab really did think about everything, had the voice not told her they were stopping she wouldn’t have guessed, her balls didn’t even jiggle a bit.

The door started opening and the air rushed in, Paola closed her eyes and took a deep breath… Her eyes opened wide, this was clearly not the smell of her neighborhood, she smelled something she didn’t smell in years, the sea… As the doors fully opened and the lift waited, the voice spoke one last time. “We have arrived at The White Wave – water park, thank you for choosing Futa-Cab.”

“The White Wave?” Paola immediately understood what happened, “I asked for The White Block!” she looked at her phone, and came to term with what happened, in her rush to escape the gym she searched for her address – The White Block – but she clicked a sponsored link and got to The White Wave. The screen flashed announcing her mistake earned her one half priced ticket.

With a fearful first step Paola made her way to the door, she could have sworn her balls felt super heavy, heavier than when she boarded the truck. The bright outside was lovely and had Paola been there under different circumstances she would have been thrilled. She reached the platform, the lift confirmed her feeling and as she reached it the screen read 500 pounds. Paola knew her body but never imagined she could be this prolific, she knew her empty sack weighed about a 100 pounds, which means she is dragging 400 pounds of cum behind her.

As the life touched down Paola looked around, she heard about The White Wave before, it was a special water park, meant for both regular people as well as futanari like herself. The slowly setting sun was warm and a gentle breeze caressed her skin. At first, she was terrified of not going home çiğli escort but now, with her cock limp and her heart beating slowly she wanted to visit The White Wave as a good way to end her day.

“I know I promised, and you know I keep my word,” Paola said to her cock and balls, “we all had a hard day, We all need some R&R, let me have a few hours of it here and when we get home I’ll let you have it,” Paola paused for a moment before adding “I’ll let you have the Bathroom.” Paola’s rod jumped with excitement. She tried to cum as little as she could in her everyday life, but when she really wanted to let loose she used the bathroom, every inch of it was covered in tiles and it was easy to clean, the bathroom was Paola’s prime choice for opening the floodgates.

With her body’s approval, Paola took an excited breath and started dragging her sack along the pavement to The White Wave. As she came closer and closer to the register she noticed an Asian woman, at first she looked rather nice, her black hair flowing down her neck, her smile calling out to Paola, inviting her to come closer. It was only when Paola reached the desk that she noticed the slim woman’s assets, she had one of the biggest pairs of breasts Paola ever saw, barely covered by a shirt. “Welcome to The White Wave,” she greeted Paola.

“Th… Thank you,” Paola stammered, the woman’s breasts captivated Paola’s mind. The shirt she wore would easily fit Paola and conceal every inch of her own flesh, but even though the girl’s physique was similar her breasts exploded out of the shirt, threatening to rip it open with any hint of a wrong movement. “…you get all that for 5 dollars dear.”

Paola was so focused on the sight before her she didn’t hear the girl talk, just the last bit. She simply opened her wallet and placed a fiver on the counter.

“Thank you, please put on this bracelet, it will give you access to the rides.” Paola did as asked and wrapped the blue ribbon around her left hand. Only one thing was on her mind ‘I have to leave this girl, if I won’t I will cum very soon.’

“Are we done?” Paola hoped for the best.

“Sure, welcome to The White Wave, come right in.” The girl invited her, and Paola started to slowly drag her balls to the entrance. As she turned a corner and validated her ribbon with the guard she entered The White Wave. Surveying the place her eyes went black, it wasn’t just the cashier, every employ, from the girl who cleaned the bins to the operator was a massive breasted woman, as big or even bigger than the cashier. Out of the blue, another girl with a colossal rack approached Paola.

“Welcome, is this your first visit to the white wave?” She asked Paola.

“Yes…” was all Paola could blip out, she was shocked by the size of the girl’s boobs, they were as big as Paola’s sack, only the nipples barely covered by a thin string.

“Great, first I see you have a hefty carry on with you, most be hard dragging them on the floor all day long, do you see the blue pavement?” The girl pointed. Paola noticed it, a walkway colored in blue, something was strange about it though, Paola couldn’t place her finger on it but knew this part of the pavement was different. “This pavement is intended for girls like you,” the woman explained, “it has a stream of water that helps with moving big loads like yours, but you have to be between 100 and 600 pounds to board it. Give it a try, go on…”

Paola walked over to the pavement and situated her sack on the blue trail. She took a step forward, and to her amazement, for the first time in years, found it easy to walk, she didn’t need to work hard, her balls just slide after her.

“WOW,” was all Paola could say. This alone was life changing for her, she felt great being able to walk without straining. She was so happy she took off walking and left the woman behind.

Paola walked around freely, but after a short while a thought popped to her head, she was in a water park, where you get wet… and she had no bathing suit… she will have to buy one. If there was one thing Paola was sure of it was that amusement park knew exactly what you need and have it on property, so you would pay extra for it. It was a fact of life for Paola, and she was in did right, as she made her way back to the entrance she saw what she was looking for, the bathing suit kiosk.

Paola had to get off the blue road to get inside, it was just for a few moments and even though it was a burden, Paola felt good with the weight of her ball sack once again, as if she regained her balance. Inside the store was divided into three parts women, men and futanari. Paola went to her section and started looking around, she decided she wanted something with cool colors and no pattern, she started going over the suits and looking for something she liked but had a hard time doing so, everything was not her size, not her color and a thousand other reasons. Before too long Paola understood she was going to have to do what she least wanted, she will have çiğli escort bayan to talk with the shopkeeper, another woman with tremendous knockers.

“Excuse me mam?” Paola called her, she had the smallest rack so far, but she was still much bigger than anything Paola saw before, “Do you have normal bathing suits here?”

The woman left the counter and started walking over to Paola, lucky she was fully dressed. “I see, we have normal clothing here darling, but you are in no way normal, you are a magnificent marvel, we are going to have to split your swimming suit.” Paola wasn’t sure what the woman wanted, “First you pick a top from the women’s section, then we’ll deal with your assets in the men’s department.” The woman returned to the counter.

Paola dragged her sack over to the racks and almost knocked one over on the way. It took her only a few moments to find a purple bikini top that matched her wishes, being flat chested does have its benefits. Next Paola made her way to the seller who waited for her in the men’s department.

“Excuse the directness,” said the big breasted vixen, “are you a grower or do you stay as big as you are now?”

Paola was slightly taken back by the question, “I… I get to about a foot and a half…”

The vixen browsed through the hangers until she came to a purple piece which she handed Paola, “our changing booth is over there.” She pointed to the back of the store. It was a tiny compartment and Paola knew there was no way she was going to fit inside with her balls. Still she dragged herself and did her best to close the curtain as much as she could, her sack outside the both. First, she took off her top and placed the bikini top, that was easy, it was a perfect fit.

Now came the challenge, she had 4 sets of underwear the clerk picked, two purple, one blue and one black. She went for the blue one first, secretly she wanted it not to work, she didn’t like the way it looked in contrast with her bikini. She got her wish, just sliding her legs in and pulling the bottom to her thigh made it clear, this was at least two sizes too small for her petite figure, she tossed them aside and moved on to the purple pair, both also a failure. One was just too small for her cock, it just wouldn’t fit, extruding absently from the waist band. The other was too big… way too big. Sadly, Paola was left with the last, black bikini. She hoped this was going to work. Slowly and deliberately she pulled it past her thigh, it was working. Paola placed her limp pole into the small pocket in the front, it was smooth and welcoming, next came her balls, that is when she understood she was doing it wrong.

This bottom had another hole in it for her balls, she took the whole thing off and tested the hole, she wanted to see how flexible the thing is. It was, she could easily pull on it and it didn’t seem to strain at all. She pulled as wide as she could and started moving her balls through the hole, it was no easy task, but Paola was used to this kind of things. She expertly started relocating her cum filled sack through the hole one bit at a time, first it was just flesh and cum, that was easy, but soon Paola felt it was time for her to try something bigger. She grabbed one of her nuts, the orb felt to be the size of a watermelon, and a giant one at that. It went to the other side of the hole and she moved on to her other nut, after about 15 minutes the whole sack was through and she was wearing the bottom, she liked the color but the ‘balls out’ thing was totally embarrassing and the color didn’t match her top.

“Do you have anything with balls covered?” Paola shot at the clerk.

“No,” the vixen answered, “But this really compliments your frame dear, maybe we should consider changing the top color though.”

Paola was frustrated and embarrassed, she picked another black bikini top but the whole idea of everyone seeing her sack was unsettling. What choice did she have? Going home is not an option, she already payed the admission and was here. ‘Better look at the filled half of the glass, right?’ She thought to herself as she paid the bill and started dragging her sack back to the blue road of wonders.

“Okay, back on the road, what ride do I want to try first?” She wondered as she walked through the park, Paola knew roller coasters are out of the question with her size, so were most locomotive games. She crossed a house titled “R&R, the ride.” She walked closer to read the rules, it was not the general legal text she looked for, Paola wanted to see the size and weight limit, the ride had none of those, she decided to try it. With a steady step she made the way inside.

It looked like a spa, but something was off, the room had a pool in it and there was no way around it. The water inside was green and bubbling, the thing looked like someone took a swamp and placed it inside the spa. “welcome to R&R, please come in. Our cleaning pool is waiting just for you.” A female voice came over the speakers. Paola took a moment escort çiğli to consider if she was doing the right thing going into this bog. “What’s the matter?” The voice teased her, “afraid of a little acid?”

Paola knew this was a game, she was in no danger. She noticed a ramp was leading into the pool and took it. The water smelled nice, a hint of vinegar and apples. The temperature was nice and welcoming. Once the water started covering her midsection Paola noticed the bottom of the pool was filled with very fine sand. It dawned on her, this was a pilling pool, she was getting a pilling treatment.

The water around her started bubbling as she went deeper and deeper, soon she was neck deep and felt the sand and water cleaning her body. “Why don’t you wash your face with some acid?” The voice tempted again. Paola giggled as she cupped her hands and filled them with green water which she rubbed against her face. This alone was rejuvenating for Paola, soon the voice spoke once more.

“Come out of the acid, before your bones will show, we have more experiments for you.” The door at the other end of the pool opened and Paola made her way up the ramp and onto the next room.

The room was completely white and the pool in it was clear, so clear Paola thought it was empty. “Please walk into our Zero G pool, we have imported a chunk of outer space just for this experiment. Paola giggled and walked in, curious what was in this pool. The water was again warm, she didn’t smell anything special as she made her way deeper. Once her midsection was fully submerged and her balls underwater she noticed the pool wonders. She was weightless, her balls felt like they were gone, with each step forward she felt herself leaping. It took Paola a moment to understand what was going on, it was salt water, just like the dead sea. She walked circles around the pool, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. “Time for our final experiment, move on to the final room please.” The voice encouraged, and Paola reluctantly agreed, felling the immense weight of her balls as she got out of the water.

The last room didn’t have a pool, instead it had a computer, the screen flashed.

“Please choose your scent for today.” The voice instructed. Paola made her way to the screen, it had icons of every fruit Paola could think of, she browsed around a little and settled on peached, she clicked the icon. The computer descended into the floor and the voice sounded one final time. “Thank you for using R&R, please close your eyes and count to ten.”

Paola did as she was told, she silently counted to ten. She felt something spray her body and the vibrant smell of peached filled her nose, fresh, ripe peaches. When she reached ten she slowly opened her eyes, the door outside opened.

Paola walked outside and located her blue pavement, it was love at first sight. She wondered the park some more when she found something she never imagined, a rollercoaster sign which clearly read: “No weight limit.” It was something Paola wanted to try since she was little, her balls always made her overweight even though she was skinny.

She looked for one of the super busty workers and asked her the million-dollar question, “Can I ride this coaster?” Paola’s eyes gleaming with eagerness.

“The Hopping Bunny was made especially for futanari like you dear, you should give it a shot.” The woman confirmed and was on her way, leaving Paola behind.

It took Paola a few moments to snap out and understand what she heard, for the first time in her life she was going to ride a rollercoaster. With a hesitant step she started making her way to the ride, the line wasn’t too long and most of the girls in it looked rather plain, none of them had balls as big as Paola’s, the biggest sack was about the size of a watermelon. Each of Paola’s nuts was bigger than the futa’s whole sack. She approached the railing, it was clear whoever designed this ride had girls like Paola in mind, the rails were wide apart and she could easily make her way through. She hated the usual railing, the feel of freezing steal against her skin was not nice at all.

once the coaster arrived at the station a worker directed Paola to the first sit, it was unlike the others, it had a huge bowl attached between it and the other carts. “Please place your sack in the bowl and strap yourself in.” The operator instructed. Paola did just that, she noticed her balls nearly filled the whole bowl. “Please watch your balls,” to operator went on and another bowl descended from the ceiling, it matched with the one Pala’s balls were on and she heard the two parts lock. Next she heard a machine buzzing and felt an air bag inflating against her nuts, making sure they won’t move in the sphere. “Are you comfortable?” The operator checked one final time and started the ride.

The train came out of the station and started climbing up the steep hill. Then it reached the top and froze for a moment. Paola saw the size of her mistake, the ride had everything she could think of, loops, corkscrew, helixes and what not. Abruptly, the train plummeted down to the ground, it looped and for a moment Paola understood she was upside down but didn’t have time to dwell on it before the cart moved to the next thing. Paola’s heart was racing, a smile on her face, she waited so long for this.

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