A Hard Day at Work

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It had been a long day at work. Meetings had been long and boring, figures hadn’t added up and I was tired after drinking too much red wine the night before. My frustration cranked up another notch when my PA announced another hastily arranged meeting. Now driving home in my car I was cranky, trying to loosen my tie, which doubled as the collar that bound me to my desk.

Pulling into the driveway of our comfortable house I could see lights on inside and my desire grew. Julie and I had been having a rough time recently, my work was keeping me busy and I admitted to the marriage guidance counsellor that I was neglecting my partner’s emotional needs through my commitment to work. I told her that at that moment in time I was too tired for sex and that it wasn’t Julie not doing it for me but that I was exhausted. It irritated me that some middle aged woman who dressed in a bohemian style thought she could solve the problems of our relationship. Julie had cried a lot and I spent most of the sessions inspecting my polished shoes, still listening and feeling guilty about how I had made my partner feel. In the session last night Mrs Boho had suggested that we both make an effort, that I stop shrugging Julie away even if I was tired. That we didn’t need to have full sex but to engage in a session of sensuous massage or just do little favours to make each other feel special.

As I walked through the door I could hear the stereo on, playing soft music and saw a flickering of candle-light from the living room at the back of the house. Placing my briefcase down and taking off my suit jacket which I hung up I followed the sound and walked into the lounge. Julie smiled up at me, looking genuinely delighted to see me arrive home and placed a welcome glass of red wine into my hand. I didn’t want sensuous massage tonight. I was tense from my job and I knew what I wanted to relieve that tension.

Julie looked amazing, her freshly washed hair hung loosely in curls framing her pretty face which didn’t need any make-up to make it attractive. Her robe was a plain white towelling one, but I knew that it was there to make what was underneath more tempting. canlı bahis Taking a long drink of the wine I pulled her close to me. Kissing her hard on the lips, my hands were in her hair, my tongue forced its way into her mouth and she responded with her own, searching my mouth, round my teeth and lips. “Oh man” I whispered, “I have missed this!”

I could feel a familiar stirring in my underwear and I am sure that Julie was not unaware of the hardness poking into her hip. Her hands moved to take off my tie and unbutton my shirt, she hadn’t spoken a word since I came in the house but I knew exactly what she wanted. Her fingers found my nipples and teased them until they stood proud, I moved my mouth from her lips and down to her neck, nibbling and kissing very gently at it, moving up to her earlobe then back down to her collarbone, knowing that this would bring a reaction from her.

Then I pushed her away slightly, my shirt long discarded by her I decided it was time that the robe she was wearing went the same way. Unfastening the belt slowly I gasped at her red lacy bra, pants and suspender belt. The evidence of my desire was now obvious as my cock stood to attention causing the fabric of my pants to rise up. I plunged my head between her breasts, contrasting their warm, softness and the feeling of the lace, my fingers working on her nipples through the fabric, feeling them rise to my touch. The bra came off easily and I gazed at her ripe, round breasts and succulent nipples, now stood to attention. Taking one in my mouth I licked it, marvelling at the ability it had to grow even more, while Julie fondled my cock through the material of my pants causing my desire to grow.

Kicking off my shoes, Julie yanked down my pants and boxers at the same time and stared at my rock hard cock which was already leaking pre-cum from the end. Her hand snaked between my thighs and cupped my heavy sack, playing with my balls, teasing the little hairs and sending rippling feelings through my entire body.

I pulled down her pants leaving the suspender belt where it was, and then pushed her back onto the sofa, my fingers moving from her midriff down bahis siteleri to touch the silky hair between her legs. Julie’s hand was now on my cock, moving up and down while she kissed me, my fingers moved even lower and found the soft, warm, wet area that they were seeking for. I pushed my finger up into her, feeling her move, before adding a second finger. She felt hot and wet as I fucked her with my fingers, her hand moving on my cock in the same rhythm. I took my fingers up to my mouth and licked her juices off them, before moving them down to her clit. With my fingers wet from my mouth I found her hard button and started circling slowly at first. Her hips bucked involuntarily and she absentmindedly let go of my cock to concentrate on her own pleasure, not that I minded though.

Moving myself down so that my head was where my hand had been I pushed through her folds until my tongue found itself against her clit, flicking it slightly before moving along to her warm slit, where it pushed into her. She tasted wonderful, my fingers opened up her lips so that I could getter better access, then my tongue moved back up to where she wanted me to be. Her clit was so hard and I circled it with my tongue while she started to gasp. Her hands were on the back of my head pulling my mouth down onto her. Licking her I could feel her starting to thrust her hips as her breathing became faster, I placed my hands under her ass pulling her up to me as she pushed my head down on her. I could feel that she was close to release as my tongue flicked over her clit, again and again, before I felt her ass clench and she pulled me in tighter, her moans signalling her orgasm. “Adam, Adam, oh god yes!” she yelled as I felt her come hard before she fell back onto the sofa.

Moving so that I was on top of her I positioned my rock hard cock at her soaking lips rubbing it up from her slit to her clit and back before finally pushing into her. She moaned as I penetrated her, and my cock felt enveloped by her familiar warmth. She was tight and for a moment I didn’t move, knowing that she would enjoy the feeling of fullness. Looking into her eyes I caught an almost unperceivable bahis şirketleri nod from Julie and I started to thrust. Her hands were on my ass, pulling me even deeper inside her and I felt as if her cunt was sucking me off. I knew I was going to cum soon and could feel the excitement building up as I tried to get as deep as I could into her. Julie dug her nails into my ass and that was it, my cock exploded inside her, gushing my warm seed into her, my breath coming hard and heavy as I moaned loudly. I collapsed on top of her, my hands reaching to hold her close to me. I had missed the closeness of my partner, had put my job first and would never do that again.

My fingers ran up and down her sides, and I kissed her again. Despite such a short time since cuming I knew that I was up for more. I sat up on the sofa and Julie knelt between my legs. Her tongue ran up the inside of my thighs and my cock began to stir. She slightly brushed my balls with her tongue before going down the other thigh, and I gasped. Her fingers teased between my balls and my ass and my cock hardened up. She took it in her mouth, running her tongue along the top of my foreskin, tracing the head of my cock, as she pulled it back. Her hand then started pumping up and down as she sucked on the head, still running her tongue around the edge of my foreskin. I was panting already, knowing that I was ready to screw her hard.

“Please get on your hands and knees” I begged. I looked at her eager pussy, glistening and positioned my cock at her hole. Grabbing her hips I thrust hard into her, heard her crying out in a mix of pleasure and pain as I rammed fully into her. I could feel my balls hitting against her as I pulled just about all the way out before slamming back into her warm pussy. She was moaning as I kept almost pulling out before pulling her back onto me as I thrust forward hard. “Julie, Julie, oh Julie, I love to fuck you!” I moaned and this tipped her over the edge, I could feel her contract around my cock as she screamed her climax. I knew I wouldn’t be long following her and so continued to slam into her harder and harder before yelling as my orgasm overtook me, and again I shed my load inside the woman I loved. Feeling my cock deflate I pulled the throw off the sofa and laid Julie down on the floor, holding her close to me as we drifted off to a peaceful and contented sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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