A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 25

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The next day I was out sunning on the dock in my underwear again when Lee and her two girls paddled by in their kayaks. I greeted them and the girls hovered about fifteen feet off the dock while Lee paddled over and grabbed onto a cleat right at my feet.

“You really should buy a proper bathing suit young man,” she said with a smile. “Don’t you love it when a holiday weekend is this beautiful?”

“It’s awesome,” I said. “What a way to start the summer. Hey, I talked to my friend Ally last night. She and another friend of mine are gonna be here Wednesday around noon to see the new place and work on their tans. Stop over if you want to meet them.”

“MOM?!” Emma said from her kayak, sounding concerned.

“They’re just friends honey,” Lee said to her. “Nothing to worry about.” She turned to me and whispered, “They’re still worried about you,” and she winked at me. “Who’s her friend?” she asked.

“She’s a dear friend of both of ours named Chrissy,” I said.

“See girls, just a couple women working on their tans,” Lee said to them. They both stared at me silently. “So Wednesday then. That’s good, I’ve got the day off.”

“What do you do for work?” I asked.

“I’m an E.R. nurse,” she said. “That’s why this place is so good for me — nice and peaceful after all that craziness. See ya Steve.” She pushed off and they paddled away.

“Goodbye girls,” I said. There was no reply.


I had a small job to do Wednesday morning, and pulled my truck into the driveway just as Chrissy and Ally drove down the road in Chrissy’s silver Mercedes two-seater, with the top down and the radio blaring. They parked behind me and jumped out, all smiles and arms waving.

“Hi Steve!” Ally said. “This place is fantastic!”

“We’re so sorry we couldn’t make it to your party Friday,” Chrissy said as she kissed me on the cheek. “How was it?”

“Pretty wild,” I said. “Maybe a little too wild. I’ve gotta remember to keep the neighbors in mind here. It’s not like Penny’s place.”

“Uh oh! Did you get in trouble?” Ally asked.

“Sort of,” I said, “but she turned out to be really nice. I think she’s gonna stop by today to meet you guys.”

“I know that look in your eye,” Ally said with a chuckle. “You fucked her already didn’t you.”

“Ha!” Chrissy said. “That’s one way to smooth ruffled feathers.”

“No, it wasn’t like that at all,” I said. “The next day she invited me kayaking, and… well…”

“Yeah, you don’t have to tell us,” Ally said. “We know all about how irresistible you are.” She gave my cock a squeeze through my shorts.

I walked them to the door and they saw the CAMP SILVER BEAVER sign. I explained how it was a tribute to Connie, who they hadn’t met yet, and her lovely grey pubic hair.

“Oh my God!” Ally laughed. “Only you could pull something like this off and make it touching. I love it!”

They were blown away by the whole place, especially Carol’s artwork on the porch and the naked lady totem poles out there.

“It’s perfect Steve,” Chrissy said, “you’re gonna love it here.”

“I already do,” I said.

We walked down to the water and got cushions out of the gazebo for the lounge chairs.

“So, we drinkin’ beer today, or somethin’ fancy?” I asked.

“Beer sounds good,” Ally said, and the two of them stripped off their shorts and shirts, revealing super hot bikinis.

“Oh my God!” I said.

“Nice huh?” Ally said. “We bought ’em special for ya. Chrissy’s is ridiculous isn’t it? You shoulda seen the people in the store when she came out to model it for me,” she giggled.

They both looked stunning, but Ally was right, Chrissy looked unbelievable. The lavender bikini fit her petite voluptuousness perfectly, and the material was so thin — not see through at all, but every goosebump on her lovely olive skin was plain to see, and her nipples… bahis firmaları oh my!

“Jesus, how am I supposed to maintain my sanity with you guys around,” I said, shaking my head.

I went and got a cooler with a twelve pack of beer, and we settled in for some sun worshiping.

“So Ally, my friend next door — her name’s Lee — she’s got two daughters about Nicki’s age,” I said.

“Oh baby, here we go,” Ally said. “It’s either gonna be fun or it’s gonna be trouble.”

“Yeah, it’s playing out sorta oddly so far. They were here for the long weekend, and Lee caught ’em in the woods over there Friday night watchin’ Penny and Mary get their brains fucked out. Mary was out here in the gazebo with Penny’s friend Ron, and Penny was on the porch with my friends Mark and Carol. They were all lit up bright with twinkle lights — Lee said it was like watchin’ animals fuck in a cage.”

“Holy shit!” Chrissy said.

“As you can imagine, Lee was kinda pissed at me,” I said. “We got off to a rocky start. It’s cool now between us, but it’s a different story with the girls. They don’t like their mother associating with the ‘crazy sex maniac’ next door. Can’t say I blame ’em. I think they’re gradually coming around though.”

“Well if I know nineteen-year-old hormones, they’ll be literally coming around before long,” Ally said with a sly grin.

“See, this is why I invited Lee over today. She can use somebody who knows what she’s going through to talk to.”

“Are you sure?” Ally said. “I mean Nicki and I share sex partners, that’s not exactly normal.”

“But it works for you guys, right?” I said. “You’ve got a fantastic relationship. Anyway, it’s up to you what you want to tell her. She could just use a little guidance from a peer. And I might have slipped up and gave her an inkling of you and Nicki’s sexual, ah, connection.”

“You what!?!” Ally exclaimed.

“I’m sorry Ally,” I said. “I was trying to NOT say anything, and somehow I did. Just a hint though. I told her you should be the one to talk to her.”

“Don’t worry,” Lee said, walking up silently behind us in bare feet. “He didn’t say much. Hi I’m Lee.” She greeted us with a big smile.

I jumped up and gave her a little hug. “Lee, these are two of my best friends, Chrissy and Ally.”

“Wow,” Lee said. “I can see I’m gonna have to go bikini shopping with you guys in the neighborhood.”

The girls all hit it off wonderfully, and Lee and Ally shared war stories of raising teenage daughters. When they got to their third beer, the topic was mostly teenagers and sex.

“I’m a little uncomfortable hearing all about my hot teen neighbor’s sex lives,” I said. “Chrissy, you want to help me rustle up some lunch?”

We left Lee and Ally and went in and started putting together some sandwiches, but there was no way in hell I was going to be able to keep my hands off Chrissy in that bikini. She was bent over the kitchen counter and I was giving it to her good with my shorts around my ankles when Ally and Lee walked in.

“I told you that was a ‘fuck me now’ bikini, didn’t I?” Ally said to Chrissy. Lee looked a bit stunned and like she didn’t think she should be there. “Whaddya think Lee, a little four-way action today? I know Steve can handle it.”

“I…uh…I don’t uh…” Lee said.

“Sorry Lee, I got kinda carried away,” I said as I pulled up my shorts with my back to her. Chrissy looked embarrassed and straightened her bikini.

“No, it’s OK you guys. Maybe I’ll just go,” Lee said.

“You will not!” Ally said. “Let’s get this lunch together and we’ll all go outside and continue where we left off.”

“I’m the one that’s sorry,” Lee said. “You guys are all so free and open with your sexuality… I just wasn’t brought up that way. This is kind of a leap for me. I’d like to get there though…”

“See?” Ally said. “That’s exactly kaçak iddaa the point I was gonna try to make about raising our girls, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get there tactfully. If my mother had been freer sexually with me when I was eighteen or nineteen, my life would have been so much better. I went through twenty years of stifled, uncreative, boring sex with a guy who didn’t have a clue. I’m still married to him by the way. It’s just a marriage of ‘financial convenience’ at this point. Actually, he has affairs, so it was probably me that was sexually boring. That’s not what I want for my Nicki. I want her to have a rich, full sex life, and to spend her time on this earth with a man who knows how to give it to her. Pun intended,” she giggled.

We all laughed, and the awkwardness from being caught with my cock in Chrissy was gone.

“I haven’t raised any kids,” Chrissy said, “but I was one, and I’ve been in a nearly sexless marriage for thirty-five years. Never had an orgasm until last summer with Steve. My life’s changed so drastically since then, completely and totally for the better. There’s not one single down side. When I think of how much living I missed out on, it makes me so sad.” She paused a moment and added, “They should have a course in college that teaches free sex and orgies. Would have changed my life for the better, that’s for sure.”

“Wow,” Lee said. ”I’m beginning to understand where you’re all coming from. It’s still a big leap for me though. And my girls… that’s a whole ‘nother story. I can’t imagine… and yet I understand what you’re saying.”

“My Nicki, she and her boyfriend joined us at an… well, I guess orgy’s the word, but it sounds bad. Lets call it a sexual celebration… that sounds better. Anyway, it was an amazing experience for me, and for her. She was nineteen at the time, and our relationship before that was OK — very old fashioned ‘mother/daughter’ — but now it’s just so much better. I still play the roll of counselor, as every mother should, but we’re so much closer now. We can talk about anything and everything, and it’s really wonderful.”

“Wow,” Lee said, shaking her head. “This is blowing my mind.”

“It’s to much to take in all at once sweetheart,” Chrissy said. “Let’s have lunch. Remember, just ’cause it works for us doesn’t mean it’s right for you.”

We went back out to the dock with our lunch and a fresh twelve pack. We told jokes and laughed, and Ally flashed her tits at a fisherman who was lurking across the river. He had been there for almost an hour, surreptitiously keeping an eye on the girls. We finished eating and the girls went back to suntanning.

“Let’s give that guy a little show Chrissy,” Ally said. “Pop those babies loose before you roll over.”

Chrissy sat up facing the fisherman and took off her bikini top before slowly repositioning herself on her stomach. It was quite the sensual display.

“Wow,” I said. “Is there a man alive whose heart rate wouldn’t double watching that?”

“Or a woman,” Ally said. She got off her lounge, straddled Chrissy’s thighs and started applying suntan lotion to her back with a sensual massage. When she was done she said, “Wanna do me Lee?”

Ally took off her top, walked slowly to her lounge and crawled onto it on all fours before lowering herself down flat. Her sweet ass was the last thing do descend.

“That poor man’s gonna have a stroke. You guy’s are too much,” Lee said, laughing. She continued the show by climbing onto Ally and giving her a nice massage with the lotion.

“Wow, you know what you’re doing,” Ally said.

“I’m a nurse. I’ve taken some massage training,” Lee said.

“Holy fuck that feels good!” Ally said as Lee started to really get into it. “You know you’re gonna have to do my front too.”

When Lee finished with Ally’s back Ally stood up, grabbed the cushion off the chaise kaçak bahis lounge, took Lee’s hand and said, “Come with me.” She led Lee into the gazebo next to me and dropped the cushion on the floor. The gazebo was built with a solid knee-wall about two feet high, with screening above it, so when Ally laid down on the floor she couldn’t be seen by the fisherman or any passing boats.

“You two keep it down in there,” I said. “I’ve been warned by the neighbors about loud sex.”

“We’re not doing tha…” Lee said, cut off by a firm pull downward by Ally, who smothered her mouth with a passionate kiss. “What the hell!” she said rather breathlessly, and she looked up at me through the screen with a ‘what’s happening’ look on her face. I smiled peacefully and nodded.

“Have you ever been with a woman sweetheart?” Ally asked her quietly.

“No,” Lee said, “And I don’t think…” Ally put her hand over Lee’s mouth and stopped her.

“That’s right… don’t think,” Ally said. “There’s too much thinking in this messed up world.”

Ally started kissing Lee’s flat belly, and her hands slid up to her tits. She reached one hand behind and popped open Lee’s bikini top and her mouth went quickly to her tits. Lee moaned deeply.

I stood up and took the cushion off my lounge. I brought it into the gazebo and laid it down next to theirs, giving them a nice roomy bed on the floor. “We’ll give you guys some privacy,” I said as I left. I took Chrissy’s hand and we walked across the lawn to the camp, Chrissy’s bare tits jiggling like a playboy video. The fisherman was certainly gonna to have some good stories to tell his buddies.

Chrissy and I were both horny, and we virtually attacked each other. We fucked passionately in the sunlit bedroom for an hour or more, reacquainting ourselves with each others bodies after not seeing each other for a while. I was taking her from behind for the second time when Ally and Lee walked in hand-in-hand.

“Did you save anything for us Stevie?” Ally said. She crawled onto the bed like a cat, and Lee sat down next to us rather tentatively. I slipped my cock out of Chrissy and tackled Lee onto her back. She squealed with delight and I ravaged her with my mouth as she laughed, starting with her tits and ending between her legs. As I licked her clit her laughing turned to crying moans. I stood and forcefully pulled her to the edge of the bed, put her legs in the air and fucked her.

“Oh my God!” she said quietly as I pistoned my full length in and out of her. Chrissy and Ally swooped in around her and kissed her and sucked on her tits, their hands caressing every inch of her. All she could manage were deep whimpering moans as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Her body started trembling violently and she screamed out — a short piercing scream that was startling. She inhaled a long, stuttering, “Oh-ho-ho Fu-uu-uu-kk!” as the big orgasm swept through her. I pulled out at the last second and sprayed my first blast on her stomach, but a quick thinking Ally engulfed me and took the rest in her mouth. It was heavenly.

Lee was flat on her back and motionless, her eyes half shut as Chrissy and Ally gently massaged her limp body. I kneeled on the floor between her legs, gently kissed my way up her inner thighs, and ever so softly licked her pussy and clit. She responded by holding my head in her hands and whispering, “Oh fuck…” as another orgasm swept through her, her stomach muscles rippling like a wave.

“Don’t you want your girls to know it can be that beautiful,” Ally whispered in her ear.


Later on, when we were sitting around the dining table having a snack, the girls realized most of their clothing was out on the dock, so I walked out to get it all. The fisherman was still at it, closer now, about thirty feet off the side of the dock. I picked up various bikini parts and turned towards him.

“Any luck today?” I asked him.

He held up a stringer with a few fish on it to show me. “Not nearly as much as you,” he said as he looked at the ‘catch’ of bikini pieces I had in my hand. All I could do was smile.

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