A Gourmet Meal

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I had found the right spot, just under the nub of her clit. I could stay there all day just teasing that area, with an occasional long lick at her labia, and Emily would never push my face away. But she was so close now. I had been fortunate enough to bring her to the point I’d been seeking.

The spot tasted almost metallic, her intimate flesh so swollen with desire that the blood was just barely concealed under the glistening surface of her pussy flesh. Overlaid was the taste of her lubrication, thick yet light on my tongue as her pelvis arched out at me and her fingers curled into the flesh of my scalp. My chin was soaking wet. The base of my nose made love to her covered pearl as it protruded ever-so-slightly from its hooded covering.

I brought her closer and closer to her climax, the same way that Emily had coaxed me into coming not minutes ago: by taking care to hit the right spots. As my cock had erupted into her mouth with strong spasms of ejaculation, so too would her internal muscles reach the point of no return and send her sensitive cunt lips running over my face, lips, and internet casino tongue, in an urgent quest for release, her vagina seeming to cling and suck to my flesh in its need.

For now she was only gasping in a rhythmic pattern and pulling my head closer. My lips brushed over her heated pinkness as I darted my tongue into her moist hole and urged her pussy walls to engulf it. And all the while, that glorious, tasty juice flowed.

My hands were cupped under her taut cheeks as she rode my face. I gently squeezed her to me, bringing her haunches off the base of the bed so that I could help her move against my face. Emily sucked in air as my fingers delved gently into the division between her cheeks to get an even better hold. Her heels dug into my back.

My mouth was now buried in her cunt, her velvety lips spread across my lower face, my tongue alternating between that spot just under her clitoris and the warmth of her pliant channel, as my nose now rubbed freely above her opening. My lips worked her slit with sucking caresses, resulting in obscenely loud sounds that only canlı poker oyna seemed to add to the feeling of urgency.

As her thrusts against my face increased in speed I gave it my all, planting my mouth over her labia in its entirety and concentrating on that one spot, under her clit, with my active tongue. At the same time my fingers worked the division between her ass cheeks, gently probing the sensitive tissue there and forcing her entire lower body to plaster itself against me. I held her tight and would not let go. Her haunch muscles felt so powerful in my hands.

Emily’s breath came hot and loud through her nose. She was lost to the physical world at that moment, I could feel it. It was that exquisite time that we all know, between urgency to culminate and reluctance for it all to end. It is beyond the real, past any thoughts of morality or aftermath. It is coming, and coming is all.

My satisfaction was realized even as hers burst upon me. I fought to keep my head in place as the warm flood of Emily’s orgasm washed over me and the sounds of near-agony poured poker oyna from her throat. Again and again her muscles crushed her pelvis against my mouth and tongue, her thighs reflexively gripping my head. I heard her call out my name as though from a distance as I busied myself with lapping at any of her exposed flesh I could find, any that would stay in place long enough to be worked.

Then came that all-important super-spasm, the one that makes it all worthwhile, the one that reaches the heights that only the best of narcotics can touch. Her lower body was glued to me at that moment, her cunt gushing in a flood of release. I imbedded my tongue as far up her channel as it could reach. The rains came.

And then, abruptly, I sensed that it would be too much to continue, that her climax was receding and her flesh was now so ultra-sensitive as to be barely touchable. I gently drew my face away and gave only a tentative lick to her spread-open cunt lips to test my theory. Emily practically jumped with electric shock even as her body sagged back against the bed.

The scent of satisfaction was deep in my nostrils. I stole a moment to lap at her rear hole as her legs opened in total surrender, knowing that she’d hardly notice my touch during such a moment.

I guess I loved every bit of her.

I realized I was hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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