A Good Morning Ravishing

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It must have been about 9 am when I awoke to the sun blazing in through your bedroom window, we had been out clubbing the night before and I was still feeling dizzy, and horny!

I rolled over and started to stroke you’re back lightly, using just the tips of my nails; Goosebumps appeared behind the lines my fingers were tracing across your hot skin.

I heard a small grunt come from you a small good morning gesture I suppose and carried on caressing your body, I knew you would be hung over, we both had quite a bit to drink and I knew you wouldn’t complain to being ravished.

My hands move across your body and down towards your firm ass, my fingers moving gently and softly down your thighs and back up the front of your leg.

I stroke my way up to where I hope a nice hard cock is going to be waiting for me, but to my surprise, its not hard at all, “well i will have to do something about this” I giggle!

All I get from you is a half groan half moan and a “my head is bloody killing me”

I ignore your complaining and get to work on your placid cock.

Gently taking it in my hand I start by slowly squeezing it and caressing it in my palm, I feel it start to grow and work harder, moving up and down on your now half erect cock, the blood starts to flow into it and it soon begins to get hot, moving my soft hands over your cock and balls I move over to gently nibble on your left nipple, my hands must feel good on you as your cock is now rock hard and small sighs are escaping you every now and then.

You roll over so your completely on your back and rest your hands behind your head, “Take me babe, I’m all yours” you joke, and I smile up at halkalı escort you with the sweetest smile I can manage this early in the morning. I leave your nipple and start to slowly kiss my down to where your cock is standing upright, slowly I kiss all around it, over your balls and down your thighs, back up to your cock, small butterfly kisses I plant over the thick length of your tool, all the way to the tip and back down again, using my tongue to massage your balls I start stroking you once more, harder this time!

“Don’t be such a tease” u almost hiss at me! I know your feeling sexy but I just cant help but tease you, running my tongue back up to your cock head, I sink my mouth down onto you, all the way so that half of your cock is now resting in my throat, I can feel the hairs around the base of your cock tickling my nose, and I move my mouth back up on you sucking hard as I do so. The heat of your cock in my mouth is delicious and I can’t stay at a slow rhythm for long, my mouth starts moving up and down on you fast, while my hands gently caress your hard balls beneath.

I move up onto my knees and rest my hands on the other side of you, so I can take you deeper into my warm mouth, concentrating on making sure the whole of you is taken in each time, suddenly I feel your hands behind me searching for the treasure between my legs, I slide my legs apart for you so you have easy access and your fingers find my hot wet pussy below. Your fingers explore me and your thumb finds my clit and starts to rub slowly as your fingers delve into the wetness and into my tight sex.

I şişli escort moan loudly as your fingers hit my G spot, and the sucking on your cock muffles my pleasure, I wiggle back against your fingers urging you to start penetrating me, and u eagerly respond to me actions. Your fingers feel so good in me, I know it wont be long before I’m coming all over them, but I don’t want you to come yet, I want to feel that huge hard cock inside me first, I slow down my action on you to prevent you from coming and your hips buck up as to make me take you deeper, I withdraw my mouth and concentrate on working you with my hand,

As the pleasure inside me mounts, the tightness of my pussy increases, I can feel my muscles squeezing around your fingers, and the stroking of my clit is getting more sensitive with each move of your thumb, I start to rock back on your hand forcing you to move your fingers inside me, the waves of pleasure are so great I have to cover my mouth with my hand as a body shattering orgasm rips through me for fear of waking the others.

After the shivers of lust had died down, I took back to concentrating on your gorgeous hard cock, I could see in your face that u were ready to cum right there and then, but I thought I would make you wait a bit longer before letting you fill my beautiful pussy with your hot seed, I sat up and moved up to your face, kissing you passionately I slipped on leg over your body and sank straight down on your hard manhood,

I was so wet from my orgasm that you sank right into me effortlessly.

Still kissing you, exploring you with my tongue, I started to move on you slowly. Moving sarıyer escort my pussy so that just the tip of you was inside me then sinking down hard on you, filling me up. The muscles inside me were clamping your cock into me as if trying to milk you of your load. I knew you wanted it hard and fast, so I was going as slow as I could, making sure each time I rose up on your cock it almost came out of me. You grabbed my hips and started to move me faster on you, I tutt and moved your hands away telling you to be good or you would get nothing, I don’t know why but I was in an extraordinarily teasing mood that morning.

I reached behind me to fondle your balls with one had while the other found its way to my sensitive clit, I knew you liked to watch me play with myself and I immediately felt your balls tighten when I started to stroke the small bud that was gagging for more attention. I sped up the thrusting on you slightly, keeping in time with the stroking of my clit and the squeezing of your now rock hard balls, it wasn’t long before you were going to shoot your load, but I wanted you to last forever, I wanted to feel that hardness inside me for a lot longer.

I could feel another orgasm approaching, and that made me speed up, my soft wet pussy lips clinging to your tool each time I moved up on you, your balls hardened even more and I felt your cock start to jerk inside me just as my orgasm was upon me,

You bucked your hips upwards and grabbed onto my thighs pulling me down onto you, your cock pulsed and filled me your sticky cream.

As I recovered from the second orgasm of the morning, I rested on your chest while you stroked my hair, I could feel the juice inside me starting to cool down and dribble out of my now exhausted pussy, we both laughed as it started to collect on your leg, I quickly pulled myself off of you, your semi erect cock and balls where covered in cum and it was starting to dribble down your leg, I looked at you and said with a smirk “Now I know why I like going on top so much!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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