A Gifted Young Man

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I awoke slowly and stretched luxuriously, pleased with the knowledge that school had closed for the summer months and there would be no need to hurry about getting out of bed. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. As luck would have it, with no real reason to be awake, I was unable to resume the elusive sleep state I was hoping for. I opened my eyes to look at my bedside clock and noted it was only six a.m. I tried to put off the inevitable but finally decided I had better get into the bathroom and piss. As was the case so often of late, I was sporting a tremendous erection that was tenting the front of my bikini briefs, my concession to the need for sleepwear. Thinking, incorrectly, as it turned out, that no one else would be up and about at that early hour, I got out of bed and headed for my bedroom door and the hallway beyond without bothering to don a robe or anything else. My dick was so hard, a couple of inches protruded above the elastic waistband and I tried, unsuccessfully, to tuck myself back in as I hurried toward the bathroom. My thoughts were not focused on my attire or on my exposed condition as I hurried along the hallway toward the bathroom. I could hear sounds from the kitchen and assumed it would be my mother getting breakfast for she and dad. I guess I let my thoughts dwell on mom working in the kitchen and didn’t pay attention to the fact the bathroom door while not fully open, was not closed and latched either.

I pushed the waistband of my briefs down as I approached the bathroom door and had my dick firmly in hand as I elbowed my way through the door and started toward the commode before I noticed that Sue, my sister, was standing at the sink brushing her teeth. She was only wearing a pair of panties and her tee shirt was lying carelessly over the top of the clothes hamper. Embarrassed, I tried to back from the room saying, “Sorry Sue, I didn’t realize you were in here.” She spit out most of the toothpaste, looked pointedly at my erect cock still grasped in my hand and said, “It’s OK Steve, from the looks of things I think you have to pee really badly, or—. Better get in here and do it before you have an accident.”

Hesitantly, I continued into the bathroom, made my way to the commode, lifted the lid and tried to direct my dick toward the pot. Problem was, I was so hard I had to bend my knees and sort of squat in order to bend my cock enough to direct the stream into the bowl. Naturally, Sue watched my agonized maneuvering with bright eyed interest as I went through the contortions necessary to avoid pissing all over the wall and floor. I nearly did that anyhow as my attentions were focused more on Sue’s chest than on what I was doing. Sue giggled and said, “Better pay attention to what you are doing; you can look at my tits after you shake it.” Without pause, she said, “My, you certainly have a nice boner Steve, can I touch it when you finish?” Boldly, I said, “Sure, I guess but you will have to let me feel your tits as well.” She sucked her tummy in, thrust her perky breasts at me and said, “Oh, you like my tits, huh?”

“Like ’em? Holy shit Sue, those are the nicest tits I have ever seen.” Grinning widely, Sue said, “Yeah, well…” Giggling, she added, “I had no idea that you guys have to squat when you pee.” Grinning foolishly, I said, “Good idea when we are so hard it would break off trying to hit the pot if we didn’t,” and finished pissing. I said, “Mom and dad haven’t left for work yet so we better hold off on the touchy-feely stuff,” and returned to my room where I slipped into a pair of cut off shorts and a tee shirt before descending to the kitchen and mom.

Dad was sitting at the table glancing through the morning paper and looked up to say, “Good morning Steve, you OK, your face looks flushed.” I walked over to mom and gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “It probably is, I accidentally walked in on Sue in the bathroom. She wasn’t quite ready for visitors!” Then I said, “Good morning Mom, Dad.” Dryly, Mom spoke up, saying, “My how embarrassing. For both of you!” She changed the subject and said, “I didn’t really expect you to be out of bed this early and didn’t cook enough bacon or eggs for you Steve. Want me to fix some for you?” I replied, “No. I think I will just have some toast and cold cereal. You go ahead and finish what you were doing. I know you have to get ready for work.

Sue joined us about then and said, “I heard, and like Steve, I think I will just have toast and cereal this morning.” Dad asked, “So what do you kids have planned for today since school is out and you have lots of free time on your hands?” I replied, “Oh, I don’t know. Probably chill out and relax. Maybe mow the lawn a little later and that will most likely be it.” Mom said, “Well, don’t wait too long to start the lawn. I think it is going to be very hot today.” Sue interjected with, “I think I will help Steve out and do the edging and trimming so it won’t take him so long. Then I guess I will just chill out too.”

Dad looked at his watch bahis firmaları and said, “OK. Sounds like a plan. Now I better be on my way to the puzzle palace,” and left. Mom said, “Guess I better get it in gear and be off to work as well. You kids take care and don’t get too hot working in the yard.” I told mom to leave the kitchen cleanup to me and watched as she went up the stairs to dress for work. I whistled softly when mom loosed the belt on her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders as she ascended the stairway. She presented a fleeting glimpse of tits and pubic bush as she rounded the newel post at the top of the stairway. Shaking my head in amazement, I got two bowls out for Sue and I to use for our cereal while she put bread in the toaster and asked, “peanut butter or jam?” I replied, “Think I’ll just have butter this time,” and she responded, “Sounds good to me.” A moment later, she asked what the whistle was all about. Hesitantly, I said, “Sue, you won’t believe this, but mom was removing her robe as she went up the stairs.” Sue nodded and said, “See anything interesting?” I grinned and said, “Just her tits and pussy is all.” Sue grinned and said, “My, this IS your lucky day, isn’t it?”

We were just finishing the last crumbs of toast and eating the last of our cereal when mom came down and said, “Would one of you kids zip me up please?” I was closest and said, “Sure Mom,” took the zipper pull-tab and finished fastening her dress for her. Sue giggled and mom asked, “What’s so funny, Sue?” Sue, choking with mirth said, “Mom you should have seen Steve’s face when he was doing your zipper.” Mom looked at me, shook her head and said, “Now, don’t you kids get too hot working in the yard. I mean it now,” and left the house.

As soon as we had the kitchen cleaned, I said, “Think I will take mom’s advice and get the lawn work taken care of now.” Sue said, “OK. I’m game,” and we went outside and started work in the yard.

Sue and I have not always been so civil with one another. There have been times when our parents were fearful about leaving the two of us alone together. Our relationship has smoothed considerably over the past few years and we no longer go looking for occasions to snipe at one another. I’m not certain what caused Sue to mellow, but somehow, I figured out that if I were ever going to fulfill any of my fantasies and see her naked, I would have to change my attitude and be nice to her. The change worked out pretty well as our meeting in the bathroom earlier would never have happened when we were busy looking for ways to be mean toward one another. It’s amazing how much nicer she has become now that I don’t pick on her constantly. Both mom and dad have commented about how much more peaceful it is now that we have decided to behave like civilized human beings.

We started with the front of the house and when that was finished, opened the gate and went around back to finish. The sun was doing its thing and it was becoming uncomfortably warm by the time we got to the backyard and I removed my tee shirt before getting started back there. Sue saw what I had done and said, “Well shit smarty, you guys think you have it so good,” tugged her shirt off and removed her bra and we finished our work, topless from the waist up.

Ours was not a large yard, so we were finished with all we were going to do by ten o’clock. We cleaned up the tools we had been using and went to relax on the patio in the shade under the canopy where it was much cooler than out in the direct sunshine. Neither bothered to put clothing back on and we sat down to relax. Sue jumped up, ran inside and returned carrying two cans of pop. She handed one can to me, then sat beside me and sighed.

We sat in comfortable silence for a time then Sue said, “Looks like it might be a rather boring day. Think I’ll go up and take a shower.” I grinned and said, “Oh good, mind if I come along and watch?”

“Watch, hell. You’re there, the least you could do is scrub my back,” she replied. Her smile gave clear indication that she was being dead serious and we went inside, Sue to her room and I to mine. I stripped off my sweaty clothes and was fully aroused by the time I reached the bathroom. Didn’t bother wearing a robe or to take along clean clothes to wear after showering either. Sue reached the bathroom before I did and was just about to step into the shower by the time I arrived. I saw at a glance that she, too, must have left her room naked, as there was no sign of a robe or clean clothing to wear after showering.

I guess I should tell a little about our family. Dad’s name is Tom Martin and he is an engineer with a small, growing firm and is 39 years old. Dad is just over six two and has worn his hair in a crew cut for as long as I can remember. Mom name is Lillian and she works with a real estate sales company. She is 37, has a terrific body and is, I think, a natural blonde, least her hair does not go through cycles when the roots are darker than the rest of her hair. Mom must be kaçak iddaa all of five six or seven has legs I often see in my fantasies and has a bust measurement that enters into my thoughts whenever I dream about her terrific long legs.

Both mom and dad work out at least three times a week at a fitness center in town and they are quite socially active. They have a lot of friends in their age group and so they party quite often. Usually they party with their friends at someone’s home about once a month or so.

Sue is eighteen and is, I think, more mature than I. Like mom, and I know this for a fact because of the color and sparseness of her pubic hair, she is a natural blonde. I did not know that before we became comfortable enough with one another to use the bathroom together, but I do know it now.

I am nineteen and quite large. At least I am larger than other boys my age, probably a result of lifting weights the way I do. For some reason, I have been blessed with a penis that when fully erect is close to seven and a half inches long and at least two and a half inches thick when fully erect. I have had numerous opportunities to observe other guys in the showers in gym class and know that none of them are as well endowed as me.

We live in a rural small town about ten miles from the larger town my parents work in. Our economy is agricultural and homes are mostly arranged along either side of winding rural lanes rather than in developments, as is the general rule, I think. Our street parallels a rail line and has no housing on the side next to the railroad. Across from the road and rails is a large wooded area. Fact is, the wooded area extends for several miles to the town adjoining us. Both Sue and I have always enjoyed walks in the woods and have often taken soft drinks and a sandwich and had our own private picnic while walking on trails that meander through the wooded area. It has been several years since last we took the time to go walking in the woods. Got too old for that sort of thing, I guess.

Up ’til now, our familiarity had not progressed beyond admiring one another’s unclothed bodies when we happen to be in the bathroom together. Nothing has ever been said about looking but not touching, we just haven’t bothered to push things any further. I’m sure our parents know that we no longer make an effort to avoid using the bathroom when the other is present but neither mom nor dad has ever said a word. Maybe they think that staying silent and ignoring the situation is the best way to handle things. Whatever.

Anyhow, avoiding bodily contact while in the bathroom together changed when Sue said, “It’s about time you got in here. I had about decided you didn’t want to shower with your sister,” as I entered into the bathroom. “Well, I did try to be neat and not leave my clothes strewn all over the place,” I replied, besides, I didn’t think there was any need to hurry. I figured I would let you use the shower first and I would just sit here and watch.”

“Well hurry up and get in here with me so I can see that terrific cock better and you won’t have to peek through the steamy glass,” she giggled.

I quickly stepped into the shower, closed the sliding door, took the soap in my hand and told her to turn around so I could soap her back. She quickly handed me a face cloth and faced away from me and I began scrubbing her back. “Enough. Enough,” she laughed. “Save some skin for another time.” Boldly, I took the soap bar and began to wash her neck, shoulders and the rest of her backside all the way down to her ankles. I said, “Lift your foot and I will get your feet clean if you’d like.”

“Ok, but are you going to stop there? I know I can do the front but you look as if you are having so much fun, maybe you would like to finish washing the rest of me.” Enjoying myself thoroughly, I finished her feet and asked her to turn so I could continue. I was kneeling so that her pubic mound was about an inch in front of my nose. Without thinking, I kissed her on the tummy and put more soap on the cloth before continuing to wash her legs from foot to crotch. I paused and then thought, ‘Go for it dummy,’ and began to wash her pubic mound. It was clear that she wanted her pussy washed as without hesitation, she spread her legs invitingly giving me free access to her entire pelvic area.

I soaped my hand and began to rub her pubis, her labia and on down and around until my fingers brushed across her anus. Being all soapy, I had no trouble letting my fingers slide between her labial lips and up to her clit. A bit breathlessly my sister said, “Careful Bro, we don’t want to break anything in there now do we? At least not right now or like this.” Reluctantly, I removed my fingers from her pussy and moved on up with the cloth to wash her abdomen and, finally, on up to her tits. I guess I thought breasts were a bit more sensitive to touch than they are as she said, “It’s OK to be a little more forceful when you wash them Steve. You know, I do enjoy being fondled kaçak bahis when you wash them.”

I finished washing Sue and it was her turn to wash me. She took the cloth and soap and started with the back of my neck and shoulders before moving on down to wash my back and butt. Then she moved on down to wash my legs and feet before having me turn so she might wash the front of my legs. When Sue my groin, she said, “Think I will save this puppy for last,” and brushed past my cock to wash my abdomen, chest and upper torso. At last she said with a giggle, “Now for the best part and began to rub my dick with the soapy cloth.

She quickly dropped the cloth and began the familiar hand job stroking. Finally, she turned me so the water spray would rinse all the soap off me and once again, knelt in front and took my cock in hand, saying, “I have only seen this once in an ‘X’ rated video, so tell me if I don’t do it properly,” and took the head of my dick into her mouth.

My cock had been painfully erect since the moment I stepped into the shower and my sister, being the first person ever, other than myself, to touch my cock so surprised me I was only able to moan my appreciation. Sue dipped her head and began to kiss and lick the purplish head of my dick a moaned, “Oh God Sue, that feels terrific, fantastic,” from me as I tried my best to not cum in her mouth.

Grinning up at me, she bobbed her head and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth and throat. Once she had consumed the entire length of my cock, she began pumping her head back and forth while continuing to jack the loose skin at the base of my dick with her hand. It only took a few moments to bring me to the edge of orgasm, so I warned her that I couldn’t hold off much longer and was going to explode and blow cum all over her. She took her mouth away from me just long enough to say, “That’s OK Bro I want you to cum in my mouth. The girls in school say a guy’s cum tastes really great.”

With that, she encircled my waist with her arms, plunged her mouth back down onto me, gave a few more strokes with her hand and it was all over. I came inside her mouth and throat blowing the biggest load of my life. ‘Oh my God,’ I thought, what a fantastic sensation. Better than any jack off session I had ever experienced. With knees trembling weakly, I said, Jesus Sue, you didn’t need to do that. It was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me and I really appreciate that you did it, but isn’t cum kind of icky?” Grinning broadly, Sue said, “Hell no it isn’t ‘icky’ and even if it was I don’t think I’ll ever forget how good your cock feels when I suck on it.” She grinned, squeezed my deflating cock and said; “Soon as we can get this thing hard again, I’ll show you how icky I think it is when you blow your load down my throat.”

We finished with the shower, dried up the water we spilled, hung the damp towels on the rack and headed back toward our rooms. I followed Sue into her room and said, “From everything I have ever read or heard, most women like to have their pussies kissed and licked. I can’t wait to see what you taste like. I sure as hell hope you won’t mind if I go down on you now. May I?”

“Oh Jesus, yes Steve, please do me with your mouth. Just about everyone I know says that being eaten is the next best thing to fucking.” She giggled and added, “Hell some of the girls say they would rather have their boyfriend go down on them than fuck. They say that no one has ever gotten pregnant from blow jobs.”

I had her sit on the edge of her bed and knelt between her thighs and tried to kiss her pussy but the position was so awkward I was only able to just lick the very top of her slit. I asked her to lay back, lifted her legs over my shoulders, spread her labia with my thumbs and began to lick and kiss my sister’s pussy. I no sooner started than I felt her begin to tense up in orgasm and she exclaimed, “Oh my God Steve, I’m going to come, I’m going to explode in your mouth.”

I wanted desperately to taste my sister’s cum and quickly covered as much of the opening to her vagina as possible with my mouth and was just in time to catch a small spurt of cum. I swallowed, murmured, “Mmmm,” and continued to lick and suck Sue’s delightful pussy. Sue bucked and humped against my mouth much as I did when she had my cock deep inside her mouth. Sue moaned, “Oh God Steve, that feels so damn good, don’t let up, I’m going to cum again. Keep on doing that just the way you are, it feels so fucking good. Oh yes, yes, Oh Jesus yes,” and climaxed again, depositing another small stream of cum into my eagerly sucking mouth. I continued licking, kissing and sucking for a short time longer. Long enough for her to experience one more orgasm before I simply had to stop and come up for air.

I crawled onto the bed beside Sue, stretched out alongside her and we hugged and kissed one another. My cock was fully erect again by that time and I said, “Oh God Sue, I want to fuck you so damn badly.” She sobbed, “I know Steve, and I want you inside my pussy just as much but we can’t, we can’t. I would just die if I ever got pregnant.” She giggled and said, “You can just about bet that mom would kill me if I up and died with a little baby in me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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