A Game of Basketball

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Walking into school for the first time since summer started, well… that’s not true. I’ve been here several times to play basketball in the gym over the summer.

Walking into school for the first time “as a student” after a long summer break it… It feels good to be back. I’ve got my backpack slung over my shoulder and a basketball under my arm where it should be.

Taking it all in again…

Ahhh… The first day of school…

You know what this means?

It’s just one more day closer our very first basketball game of the new school year. And that means…

“Hey, Dave! Just the person I was looking for.” Down the hall packed full of students is Anna! I can’t lie, she’s looking good! Wearing that tight skirt and blouse combo. Wow… The way her breast bob up and down as she makes her way over to me has me feeling as if I’m about to play the Santa Barbara Dons for the State Title again. My mind has literally gone blank.


Those soft mountains of supple tenderness…

“Dave!” I blink a couple of times as if this is all just a dream. Looking up, two piercing, steely blue eyes cut right through me. I swallow my nerves and try to gather some composure. “Sorry, didn’t mean to stare.”

“Awe, it’s fine, everybody knows that boys at your age are all full of testosterone. And besides, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” Her soft sunkissed skin glowed with a hint of pink as she gives me the most flirtatious smile anyone has ever seen. She definitely wants something…

“Okay… What is it this time?”

“Oh don’t be like that, I just wanted to see if my favorite basketball player was finally willing to take me out to dinner!”

I almost snorted laughing so hard. “See ya around Anna, I’ve got English to learn!”

“Awww… Come on Dave, I just want one quote for the yearbook on how you’re going to win the state championship this year… Just one!” She squishes her lips together, giving me the pouty face.

“Dave! You missed it!” Donny! The wildest, craziest little perv I know.

“You want a quote, Anna? State championships are won by teams, not individuals.” I wrapped my arm around Donny, my best friend since I moved here, and gave Anna a wink. “Why don’t you ask Donny how we’re going to win the state championship.”

“Anna, I’ll give you the quote of your life! How about we sit down this weekend at Jeremy’s party and chat in private? You can ask me anything you like!” Laughing my ass off, I just about piss my pants.

“Ewww! I’ll take a hard pass on that, thank you very much.” She turned to me, placing her hand on my arm. “Are you going to be at Jeremy’s party? I could get that quote from you then after we have a couple of drinks of course.”

She gave me another wink, implying subtle implications of her intentions. “Anna, as delightful as that sounds, I’ll won’t be there. I have a date with Spalding.”

“Who’s Spalding?” You know that look someone has when they’re feeling a mixture of jealousy and curiosity? Anna has that on full display. I can’t help but laugh as I hold up my basketball with the word Spalding writing on it.

Her expression falls flat when she realizes Spalding wasn’t a person. “I swear you were born with a basketball in your hands. Don’t you want to take a break and have some fun? Besides… Basketball season hasn’t even started yet!”

“Are you implying basketball isn’t fun!?” I laugh as I watch the frustration in her expression mixed with disappointment at not getting what she wants. “Anna, I live, breathe, and eat basketball! Basketball season is every day for me!”

“He’s not kidding,” Donny says. “I literally saw him try to eat a basketball once. Wait a sec… You’re not going to Jeremy’s party!? His parents are going to be gone all weekend!”

“Come on Donny, as I said, Spalding and I have a date on the basketball court.” He breaks away and gives me the pouty face also. “We’re winning the state championship this year and I’m going to spend every second making that a certainty.”

“But… But… Didn’t you hear me!?” Donny gives me a blank stare as if I’m committing some cardinal sin. “Jeremy’s throwing a party! There’s going to be booze! Weed! Girls! Lots of girls! Anna’s going to be there!”

“Well… I’m only going to go if you are, Dave…” Anna says once more giving me the pouty face as she presses her breasts together. Those soft melons of joy. How could I refuse them? Snap out of it Dave! It’s a trap!

“Sorry guys, not going to win a championship spending my free time drinking booze.”

“You’re such a buzzkill!” Donny says.

“For once we can agree on something,” Anna huffs. She leans up to me, bringing those soft luscious lips closer to my ear. “I hope you reconsider, I was planning on letting you take my virginity.”

My stomach just dropped into my testicles as I try to swallow down the thought of her naked on a bed waiting for me to pop that cherry.

“That… That… What?!” I stammer and stutter.

“Just think about it, Dave…” She says, giving me a wink and strutting off with those hips, making that thick butt bounce with every step.

“Please tell me you’re going to hit that! Because if you don’t I will!” Donny says as I finally pull myself together.

“Dave! Totally going to win state this year!” Some blonde hair kid shouts as we make our way down the hall to class. No idea who that is.

“Hey, Dave!” Once again a voice I don’t recognize says my name. I look over to see a hot redhead in yoga pants smiling at me with a face full of freckles. God, I love yoga pants.

“Hey, just the girl I was looking for!” I give her a wink as I rest my arm up against the locker next to her.

“You were!?” Her eyes go wide with shock and her face burns the same color as her hair. Still, have no idea who she is, but she’s gorgeous.

“Yeah of course!” I give her a wink.

“But we’ve never actually met before…”

“We haven’t?”

“Well not really, we had math class together last year, but we never actually spoke.”

“Right… Well, maybe we should speak more often.” Once again her face burns bright.


Suddenly a rush of students start heading to class at the sound of the bell. I give the redhead another wink as I head off to English with Donny.

“Anyways, as I was saying earlier, you totally missed it. We were shotgunning beers before class!” Donny says as we walk into English. Class is packed and only two seats are available, which oddly happen to be right next to each other.

Donny and I take them. A girl in sweats and a hoodie walks in behind us and stands awkwardly at the door looking for a seat. She’s got the sleeves torn off showing off her slightly ripped arms, not ripped in a bulky way but an athletic kind of ripped. She’s actually not bad looking, kind of hot in a tomboyish way. Her short dark brown hair is buzzed on one side, giving her that steampunk kind of look. Looks good on her.

She scans the room looking for an available seat until her eyes meet mine. Her eyes go wide as she recognizes me, then quickly looks away as her dark caramel colored face glows with a red hue. She looks familiar. Really familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.

“Anyways, we’re going to do it again tomorrow morning! Who am I kidding, we’ll probably do it tonight too,” Donny continues, but I don’t even remember what we were talking about. Her bright green eyes flick back up to mine and quickly dart away as she shifts uncomfortably.


“Ah, shit!” Donny says after hearing the sound of the second bell and quickly gets up. “I’m late for math class!”

The class erupts into laughter as Donny rushes out of class. The brown-haired tomboy quickly grabs the seat next to me as a sense of relief takes over her.

She glances back at me and I offer her a smile. “Hey, you must be new here, I’m…”

“Dave Marshall… I know who you are…” she says rather coldly as she looks away.

“Ouch… I guess my reputation precedes me.” Who is this girl?! “I didn’t quite catch your name?”

“I didn’t give it…”

Wow… What crawled up her ass?

It doesn’t matter, I can’t get distracted by girls anyways.

“Huhhh… Mr. Marshall, are you going to take that thing everywhere?” That sexy voice that sounds like she wants to punish you with a good slap on the ass, but also has a hint of sultry could only belong to Miss Crandell, well with me it’s definitely more than a hint. And yes… I do mean Miss.

“Why of course, Missss… Crandell… It’s my baby, I’ve got to take care of him.” Notice how I emphasized the miss? Haha, I can tell she just got flustered by the sudden pink in her cheeks. She gives me such a flirtatious smile. She is one hell of an English teacher. My god, I just want to shove my face in those giant breasts. I can only imagine of soft they are! And supple!

“Oh, Dave… You’ve got quite the humor!” She says with the most gentle smile. The way her breasts jiggle as she walked into the class had the blood rushing to my dick. “Want to take home that state championship, don’t we?” She gives me a devilish grin, but my eyes still sink down to those mountains of soft, supple, tenderness.

No Dave!

Don’t get lost in the thought of soft and supple breasts… Firm ones aren’t bad either, though it’s much easier to bury your face in soft ones. But that’s beside the point.

She’s just a giant distraction!

Breasts aren’t going to win us the state championship. Get your head out of the gutter and think basketball!

I hear a rather obnoxious huff from miss stick up her ass sitting next to me. Miss, I’m too good to talk to all state basketball players. I see her cross her arms, which squeezes her boobs together, as she looks out the window. She’s got a decent rack. Definitely the firm type.

She takes another glance over to me and I quickly look away. Crap… I think she caught me staring at her breasts. Why do breasts always make me feel like a puppy who just found a bone? Like all I want to do is play with them all day. Dribble them as if they were basketballs.

Miss Crandell goes on with her lecture as I continue to think about steampunk’s breasts. Too bad she has that sweatshirt covering them up…I swear after we win that state championship, I’m definitely letting loose.

Anna already offered her v card. But I can’t seem to get the girl sitting next to me out of my mind. I’ve never met a girl who can resist my charm. I honestly didn’t even think I had charm, but it seems like every girl but her seems to fawn over me. What’s with this girl?

The bell rings and everyone rushes out of class including steampunk. I guess that’s just what I’m going to have to call her until I figure out her name. I can’t help but stare at her bubble butt as she walks out. Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ass like that. So round, so perfect…

Classes dragged on forever. Math class especially. It’s not that I’m bad at math, it’s just the first day is always boring. Lunch finally arrived. I was literally the first one in line to get into the cafeteria. For the last hour, all I could think about was food. Well food and steampunk’s ass. Her boobs also had a place in my mind.

As I filled up my tray with carbs, I notice steampunk checking out. She’s almost got as much food on her tray as I do. And yet it doesn’t look as if she has an ounce of fat on her. It must all go to her ass. That must be why I want to shove my face in between those cheeks. God Dave… Get your head straight. What’s with me?

After I check out, I hear my name being called. Following the direction it came from, I’m not surprised to see Donny and Jeremy already at our lunch table. “What’s up, guys.”

“What’s good, Dave?” Jeremy asks, sitting there chill as if he’s got nothing to worry about. Probably because he’s loaded.

“Not much, I’m about to pound some food though!” The tray of food in front of me is piled high with a chicken basket, spaghetti, and a salad. Oh, and I can’t forget my chocolate pudding. I’m going to devour this!

“Dude! Did you see the way Miss Crandell was looking this morning?!” Donny asks.

“She was looking fine, wasn’t she?” Now that I remember it, those soft, pillowy breasts were calling my name. My stomach lurches. Why am I thinking of boobs when there’s a giant plate of food in front of me? Time to dig in, I’m a start going to town on this food.

“Wow… This chicken is still fresh! It almost tastes like KFC!” Donny looks up at me as if I was offering some. “Fine, have a taste.”

Jason, Brock, and Caleb pop a squat as Donny takes one of my tender crispy chicken of mouth-watering, orgasmic flavor! How could I give up these nuggets of golden flaky batter?

“What’s up, guys?” Caleb asks, his big curly hair has grown even wilder since summer started. I give him a salute as I bite into another precious chicken tender. Oh, it’s literally heaven in my mouth.

“What do you say we cut lunch a little short and go out to the baseball dugouts and smoke the joint I rolled up this morning?” Brock asks.

I almost choke on my chicken laughing. Brock hasn’t changed one bit since last year.

“Dude! Did you just literally read my mind!?” Donny says with excitement. “I was just thinking how good life would be if I was as high as a kite for science.”

“I think I’m going to nail Miss Crandell this year,” Jason says. “She was looking awfully fine today.”

“I know, right?!” I add.

The table starts to fill with more people. Even though most of them are on the basketball team, there are some that aren’t. Eventually, it’s packed.

“Alright dicklick! Get your ass out of my seat! NOW!” Finn tells some sophomore sitting at our table as he approaches. Finn’s pretty much the “alpha” male of the group, or at least he thinks so. Although if you’ve ever heard him scream, you’d think he was a girl. At least by the pitch of his voice. But he definitely doesn’t look like a girl. He’s more ripped than wrapping paper on Christmas. And of course, Josh is right behind him. His little butt buddy.

Josh tries to get one of the other people not on the team to move, but no one listens to him. It’s kind of funny in a completely pathetic way. Out of the corner of my eye, I see steampunk sitting at the freakshow table. Why is she sitting next to those punks? The goths and other freaks. Such a waste of potential.

“Hey by the way,” Jeremy says. “Parents are going to be gone all weekend long! Party at my house!”

“Hell yeah!” Finn practically shouts. The entire cafeteria almost goes silent, looking over at us. Well at him. He’s always making a scene. “What the fuck are you all looking at?”

Ha, everyone immediately looks away. It’s funny how everyone’s afraid of him. I’m mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason he’s our starting power forward. He’s a big guy. All muscle, literally not an ounce of fat on him. But deep down he can be such a pussy. But he’s my teammate and I still consider him my friend.

When lunch finally ends, the rest of the day goes rather quickly. It feels like every student and teacher feels the need to say something to me about winning the state championship this year as if they can win it with words.

After school ends, I hit the gym. Once I change into my gym clothes, I start my 4-mile jog to get warmed up while the volleyball team takes the court. Out of the corner of my eye, I see steampunk enter the gym. She’s already in her gym clothes and joins me on the track. I’ve already got a few laps on her. She’s on the other side of the court. I try to catch up to her to talk, but as I speed up, she starts speeding up. My light jog has turned into a run.

She’s now running as well. Soon I’m practically in an all-out sprint, trying to catch up to her. But I haven’t even closed the distance. I’m running almost as fast as I can to only match her speed. Damn! She’s fast! I don’t think I can go much farther at this pace. Finally, I stop to catch my breath as she continues to run and eventually passes me, before stopping to catch her breath. She slowly makes her way downstairs to the weight room and I pull myself together to catch up to her.

As I enter the weight room, she’s already made her way over the deadlift and has almost 300 pounds racked on it. Damn! She’s a beast. Now’s my chance.

Walking up to her, this will be a perfect opportunity to get her name. “Need a spot?”

She looks up at me from the mirror and finally turns to me and takes out her wireless earbuds. Didn’t even notice she had them in. “What?”

“I was just asking if you needed a spot?”

“No, I’m fine…” Without another word, she puts her earbuds back in and does 10 reps. Fuck… I can’t tear my eyes away from that ass of hers. Imagine the perfect bubble butt, that wouldn’t even come close to describe her ass.

Come on Dave, you’re looking like a creep. Back the fuck up and get on with your workout. Besides, I can’t afford distractions.

I head over to the squat bar and load 320 lbs on it. A good warm-up weight. After 10 reps, I add 50 pounds. Now we’re talking. Nowhere near my max, but without a spotter, it’s better to play it safe.

After 10 more reps, I rack it. I notice steampunk heading over to the bench out of the corner of my eye. My eyes also notice that butt sway as she struts. I head over to the dumbbells and grab the 50 lb and start doing more squats. My legs are going to be jelly tomorrow. After 3 sets of 10 reps, it’s time for deadlifts. Luckily she’s already got it all set up for me. Once get the belt on, I hit up 2 sets of 10 reps on the deadlift. My legs and glutes are feeling it now. Time for a good ole core workout. Heading back upstairs to the track, there’s a nice open space behind the larger set of bleachers.

After doing 50 situps and pushups, I hit the planks hard. Then two sets of burpees. By the time I’m down with my core workout, the basketball court frees up. Luckily only the varsity team practices on the basketball court. The JV and Freshman practice in the old gym court. This school is so well funded it’s got a two seperate gyms.

Hitting the court, I start warming up my shot by shooting around the free throw box until I can’t miss, then I hit the midrange jumpers and by the time I’m shooting threes steampunk hits the court. She starts out shooting threes. Her shot is a little off. She’s leaning too far forward and her arms are spread too far apart.

“Hey!” I shout as I dribble over to her. She looks at me as if I’m a bug she wants to squash.

“What now?” she asks.

“I was just going to point out, your leaning too far forward and your arms are too spread apart. If you bring your elbows in and bend your knees more, you’ll get a better shot.” She gives me a glare that would make a bear shit himself.

“Are you going to point out everything I’m doing wrong? What’s next? Does my dribble need work too?”

“You don’t have to take it personal, I’m just trying to help.”

“I never asked for your help!”

“What’s your deal? I’m just trying to be nice and you’re being such a…”

“A what!? A bitch!? A cunt!? Like I haven’t heard that before…”

“Well, maybe if you try being a little friendly, people wouldn’t call you that.”

“Maybe if people like you would just leave me alone I wouldn’t have to.”

“Whatever.” God, what is her problem? I’m just trying to be a nice guy and she has to be such a bitch. Screw her, I should be solely focusing on basketball anyways…

I spend the next two hours working on perfecting my shot and doing various dribbling drills. Miss stick-up-her-ass hasn’t left yet either. I see that she did take my advice and move her elbows closer together and started to bend her knees more. I just don’t understand why she had to make such a big deal over it. Girls…

I finally call it quits and head into the locker room while steampunk stays behind, she finally switched over to dribbling drills. After I shower and change, I head out to my moped and drive home. Yeah, I know… What’s the most popular kid in school driving a moped around? Well unfortunately just because I’m popular doesn’t make me rich.

Pulling up to our small house with a broken garage door and a shabby yard with mom’s beat up Toyota Camry parked in the driveway, is this what the American dream is? Mom must have just got done with her shift. She must be exhausted after a 12 hour day at the hospital. After I park my moped, I head inside to find her preparing dinner.

“Hey, hun! So… How was the first day of school? Spill the beans!” She’s still wearing her scrubs with her dirty blonde hair matted up in a bun.

“It was good, classes went smoothly. Apparently, Jeremy’s throwing a party this weekend. Got a good workout in along with a few hours of practice. Haven’t missed a step since summer league.”

“That’s great, honey! I’m glad. I have all your game recordings out if you still want to watch them,” she says as she pulls the premade lasagna out of the oven.

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“I set the jump drive down over by the TV.”

“Thanks, mom.” Just like she said, there’s a jump drive sitting right next to the TV. I plug it in and turn the TV on. After browsing through the games, I select the only game we lost and hit play, while mom brings both of our plates to the table.

I take my seat and dig in while watching the game.

“You’re really favoriting your right side when you drive the lane and they’re picking up on it. Remember, it’s all about deception. Prime the defense to think you’re strong on one side so you can catch them with their guard down by crossing over to the left,” she explains. My mom was all-state back in the day, but more impressively is the way she thinks. It’s all a game of tactics and strategy. Even though she’s made a good point, she’s gone over this several times.

“K, I’ll work on it tomorrow. Thanks, mom.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.” She gives me a kiss on the forehead as she grabs our dirty dishes and puts them in the dishwasher. “I’m going to hit the hay, it’s been a long day.”

“Alright, good night mom, I love you.”

“Love you too sweetie.”

Might as well hit the sheets also. After I brush my teeth, I practically tug my clothes off and fall into bed, falling asleep as my head hits the sheets.

Another world destroyed by demonic flames, no signs of life left. The world soul is dead. Consumed by the queen of demons. The Demons will stop at nothing to burn all life to ashes. Hell will burn everything until there’s nothing left. She must be stopped. Her armies are vast, her power seems to be limitless. But we must carry on. You must rally your brothers and sisters to rise up against her before another realm gets burnt to ashes by her crusade. They seek access to our realm. They seek to destroy the world you hold so dear. If they can’t be stopped, the planet will burn.

You… my son will lead my armies against her demon horde. You are my champion. It is your destiny to lead us to victory. Just speak your name and claim your power, my child.

I wake up drenched in sweat. My mind is racing from the dream I had. It was so vivid as if it was real. A burning planet, every inch of land lit up in demonic flames. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten dreams like this. All similar a guy that looks a lot like me, fighting demons or whatever. And that saying, speak your name and claim your power… My name is Dave…

Next Day

The next day in English class, once again I’m sitting next to steampunk. Although her mood seems to have improved somewhat. She actually looked at me instead of completely ignoring me and pretending that I don’t exist. I guess that’s an improvement! Besides, she looks really good in her ripped up jeans and a dark charcoal grey sleeveless hoodie.

Although, class dragged on forever, but I did enjoy the eye candy that Miss Crandell provided. God that ass is amazing! I just want to stick my dick in it… So round and thick. It was made to be fucked.

I was totally lost in Miss Crandell’s ass when the bell finally rang. I couldn’t tell you what she lectured about. But I can tell you she looked fine in that tight grey skirt and white blouse.

Anyways, walking out of class I hear someone call my name. Turning around, I find steampunk walking up to me. “Oh… So now you want to talk to me?”

“Obviously, that’s why I said your name,” she says in a rather annoyed tone. “Anyways… I just wanted to apologize… I was kind of a…”

“A bitch?” I add.

She looks at me almost shocked that I would say that. “Hey, it was your words, not mine.”

A smile appears on her face. Am I seeing this right? “Are you actually smiling?”

“I guess there’s a first for everything,” she says. “But again, I was a jerk and I’m sorry. It’s just hard being the new kid.”

“I get that, I used to be the new kid,” I tell her. I can totally relate, when my parents divorced and my mother and I moved here, it was a bit frustrating. “So… Are you going to hit the gym again after school today?”

“Obviously! I can’t let anyone get better than me,” she says.

Wow… Finally, someone understands! “And here I thought I was the only one who thinks like that.”

“Well… I guess you finally have some competition,” she smiles once again. I got to say, she has one hell of a beautiful smile. Too bad it doesn’t come often.

“Wait… Really!? Who?” I shoot her the famous Dave Marshall smile that has won the hearts of many women.

She punches me in the shoulder. Which honestly kind of hurt, but she gives me a grin afterward.

“You’re soooo funny…” She says sarcastically.

We walk up to her next class. “So, I guess I’ll see you after class?” I ask.

“Yeah, I guess you will when I lap you on the track like I did yesterday,” she laughs.

“Ha, well… I wasn’t actually trying to race you, I just wanted to catch up to you and talk.”

“Excuses… Excuses… “ she gives me a smile before walking into class. Wait a sec… I still haven’t got her name!

At lunch, I meet up with Donny and the rest of the team. “There’s going to be a keg for this weekend, right?” Donny asks.

“No, we’re going to do jungle juice,” Jeremy says.

“Ah… Booze is booze, am I right!?” Donny says excitedly. “Oh! We should doze gummy bears in vodka! I saw a video on the internet where they did that and got hammered drunk!”

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll bring the weed,” Brock says. “I can also get some acid if anyone’s down to enter the twilight zone.”

“Hell yeah!” Donny shouts loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear. He doesn’t care if he makes a scene. Donny’s never cared what people think about him. I think that’s why I’ve always admired him. Short and skinny, but never afraid to speak his mind. I’ve never seen him afraid of anything. He’s literally fearless. And always the first to try something new.

“You guys!” Finn slams his hand down on the table. “I’ve got a great idea! Let’s play drug roulette!”

Brock’s eyes light up as if it were Christmas. It’s like Finn uttered the magical words. “I can definitely hook us up!”

Finn starts clapping his hands together like a little girl getting a pony on her birthday. “Yes! It’ll be a great team bonding opportunity!”

“I’ll get acid, Ecstasy, Molly, Maryjane, Rohypnol, Coke, Poppers, Special K, Diablo, Adderall, Xanax, Quaaludes, and just about anything else you can think of,” Brock states as he lists them on his fingers.

“Holly shit! Dude… Why the fuck do you have Roofies?!” Jason asks.

“You’ve seen The Hangover?! I’ve always wanted to live that. Also, my escorts in london dad has someone who buys a lot of it.”

“Shit I’m down! What’re the rules?” Of course, Donny is down.

“We put all the drugs in a hat and each one of us picks one out at a time, all randomly obviously,” Finn explains.

“Let’s do it!” Donny says.

“Ehhh, I can’t do that guys… I’ve got to keep my mind focused on basketball,” I try to tell them.

Finn once again slams his fist on the table. “Bullshit! This is a team event, everyone is required to participate! Especially team captains, which includes you, Mr. MVP.”

“Come on, Dave! It’ll be so much fun!” Donny says.

“Yeah, stop being a such a party pooper!”

“It’s all good guy’s, I won’t be able to get most of the drugs this weekend anyways, so we’ll do it another weekend when Dave’s free…” Brock says.

I see steampunk sitting at the same table of losers. The way her hair comes down on the one side getting in the way of her right eye, makes me want to take my finger and tuck it back behind her ear. I also just want to kiss every inch of her soft caramel colored skin. And that face! That face is so familiar… I know I’ve seen it before yesterday! But it’s beautiful nonetheless. She’s got dark eyebrows that thicken near the nose and thin out towards the ears. Really makes her face a sharper angular edge. Like one of those elves from whatever that game those nerds always play. I think it’s called Aratheon? I don’t know. But what I do know is that steampunks lips are ones I want to kiss. They’re so luscious. And that little cute nose just gives her entire face a very adorably feminine look. She’s definitely got a little hint of some kind of Asian ancestry. I can see it those beautiful eyes of hers.

With her sleeveless hoodie, I can’t help but look at those toned arms. She’s got more definition than Donny! For some reason, I find that very sexy. A girl with some muscle. I mean, it’s not in any way a manly bulky type of muscle. It’s like an athletic type of muscle. And her ass… Probably the best ass I’ve ever seen. One that makes you want to stick your dick in it. Hell, I’d even love to stuff my face in it. I wonder if she’s ever stuffed anything up her ass? Just the thought of stuffing that ass with a buttplug makes my dick jump… Screw Anna… I really want to smash this new girl.

What am I thinking… It’s definitely not basketball! Come on Dave, get your head out of steampunks ass! I need to think about Santa Barbara and beating those shit heads. Even though their best player graduated, James Valler… That doesn’t mean they won’t have the team to beat. They still have Chris Smith and Steven Ban. Hell, Chris Smith alone is enough to handle. That guy is a lot like me in a way. Knows how to manipulate defenses. And then there’s fucking Brett. If anyone knows how to get under my skin, it’s my brother… Sometimes I just want to bash his arrogant face in. And let’s not forget last year’s fifth man off the bench. That faggot Kevin Williams. The one who hit the game-winning shot last year… This year he’s not going to get the same chance. I’m going to make sure we shut his ass down.

“Earth to Dave! Dave!” I pull my gaze over to Donny. “You’re still not thinking of skipping the party this weekend, are you?”

“Yeah, come on man! All team captains have to be present at all team functions including parties!” Jason says.

“I’ll think about it. But you know while we’re all partying, those fucks at Santa Barbara like Chris Smith are all probably practicing, getting ready for our rematch.”

“Fuck Santa Barbara, they aren’t shit without Valler. And they’re down a coach. Valler’s dad,” Finn says.

“I heard he murdered his wife and disappeared,” says Brock.

“No fucking way!” Finn shouts.

“It was in the paper,” Brock retorts.

“Since when do you read the paper?” Austin asks.

“It makes for good fire starter,” Brock says.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” says Jason.

“Either way, they still have Chris Smith, Steven Ban, my brother, and Kevin Williams,” I add.

“Fuck Kevin Williams, that homo got lucky to hit the game-winning shot…” Finn says.

“Dude, he was 7 for 8 in three-pointers. He can shoot,” I inform him. “87% from the three-point line isn’t luck.”

“It doesn’t matter, he’s so short Jeremy will be able to shut him down, am I right?” Finn asks.

“Hell yeah! That queer isn’t getting a shot off all game,” Jeremy confirms.

“That still leaves Chris, Steven, and my brother.”

“I’ll shut your brother up,” Finn says. “He’s got nothing on me.”

“You can take Chris, he’s not that good,” Donny says.

“Not that good? He got on the all-state honorable mention as a sophomore last year,” I mention. “Along with Steven Ban.”

“That means this year they’re definitely going to be all-state,” I add.

“Two all-state players and along with Brett and Kevin and a wide bench, they’re still going to be fucking hard to beat. We need to bring our A game just to compete. And that means we need to put in work now!” These guys act like victory is assured… None of them take it seriously. Steampunk outworks all of them and she’s not even going to be on the team! After that little rant, I take care of my tray and leave the cafeteria.

The rest of school goes by well enough. Can’t go down the hall without 20 random people calling out my name, but I’ve gotten used to it already. Anna tries to convince me once again to go out with her. Maybe after basketball season.

After school, I’m back at it in the gym. After getting in a good stretch I head up to the track upstairs to find steampunk getting ready for a jog. “Hey!”

Her face lights up when she sees me. “Hey, Dave!”

“You know… I still haven’t gotten your name!”

“I kind of like it that way.” She gives me a devious smile. “It’s Nicole.”

“Finally! I thought I was going to have to call you steampunk forever,” I admit.

“Steampunk!?” she asks.

“Yeah… You have that steampunk kind of style going for you. I like it,” I add. Her face burns bright red as she tears her gaze from mine. Did I make her blush?! “Sooo… down to go for a run?”

“Sure… “ she says rather bashfully.

We get on the track and start out at a slow pace. I’m just glad she finally took the stick out of her ass. Wouldn’t mind putting my own in it…

Dave! Get those perverted thoughts out of your mind!

Maybe she likes anal?

We’ve gone a few laps in complete silence. Neither of us has said a word.

I wonder if I should say something.

What should I say? The silence is kind of awkward. You know… Come to think of it, I really don’t know a whole lot about this girl…

Where is she from? What kind of music does she like? Is she planning on going out for the girl’s team? Does she have a date to the homecoming dance? Does she party?

Maybe I should be asking her these questions.

“So… Nicole… Where ya from?”

She looks over at me, she seems surprised I asked.

“I’m from Santa Barbara…”

“No way! That’s why you look so familiar! Have we met before? I’m originally from Santa Barbara too!”

Her eyes go wide.

“Ahh… I… No… I don’t think we met…” she stumbles. This is the first time I’ve seen her flustered.

“Then how did you know my name?”

“The state championship…” she says.

“Oh… right! Duh…”

She gives me an awkward smile. “Did you play basketball back in Santa Barbara?”

“Yeah…” she mumbles.

“Really!? Didn’t the girl’s team win state as well? I heard Lashun Valler is just as good as her older brother!”

“Listen… I don’t really want to talk about Santa Barbara,” she says rather bluntly.

“Oh… Okay… Sorry… It just even though I’ve got some bad blood with Brett and what not, I still miss the place. But I’ll stop… But I got to ask… Did you not get along with people from Santa Barbara?”

“As I said, I don’t want to talk about it!”

“Fine… sorry I brought it up.”

We continued to jog in silence until we both decided to hit the weight room. Now I am really curious about what happened to her at Santa Barbara!

As we walk down the stairs to the court and weight room, I hear my name called out from a familiar voice. Looking up, I see Anna strolling over in a very sexy volleyball practice outfit. God, why does Volleyball have to wear such skimpy shorts?! They’re practically underwear! Just looking at Anna’s legs on full display from those spandex panties makes my dick want to break out of my shorts. “So… please tell me you’ve reconsidered going to Jeremy’s party!”

“Come on Anna… You have to know by now that nothing gets in between me and basketball.”

“Clearly…” she says laying on the R for added effect as she rolls her eyes on to Nicole. “I don’t believe we’ve met… I’m Anna.”

“Oh this is Nicole, she’s new here.” I introduce her.

“She seems to be fitting in just fine…” The look on Anna’s face as she eyes Nicole could scare the devil…

“I’d hope so… I mean it does say on the website that we’re a school that is very welcoming..”

“And I take it you’re the welcoming committee?” Is Anna jealous? This is priceless!

“Why yes… I am! And I was just making sure Nicole felt very welcomed.” The look on Anna’s face brings me so much satisfaction. Like it just rained on her parade.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Anna… But not anything more than a friend. However, I do love teasing her. It’s not that I’m not attracted to her. I think she’s drop-dead gorgeous. But other than her looks, I just don’t think we’re compatible.

“I’ve got to get back to practice…” She huffs and storms off. Although… I wouldn’t mind spending just one night with her and that butt of hers. The way it barely fits in that spandex underwear makes my cock hurt.

“Soo… You two aren’t dating?” Nicole asks.

“Me and Anna? No! Definitely not.”

“Why not? She’s beautiful.”

“She’s is… but she’s just not my type.”

“What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Cool… I mean that sucks… I guess?” Why does this girl have me so tongue-tied? Anna never had this effect on me.

“It’s whatever,” she says as we walk into the weight room. “Well, I’m going to work on my arms, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Hey! Wait, do you want to shoot hoops after?”

“Sure…” she says before putting in her earbuds and strolling over to the dumbbells. That ass swaying in those shorts of hers. Ummmm I could just… You don’t want me to fill in the rest of that sentence.

I guess I should probably work my arms out as well…

After ripping my arms and shoulders apart with a grueling workout, I head out to the gym and see that Varsity Volleyball is all down with practice. Grabbing my ball I start warming up.

Shortly after, Nicole came out. I pass her the ball and she looks up at me with the deer in the headlights look after she catches it. “Game of pig?”

“S… Sure.” It’s weird to see her stutter. Although, she’s probably nervous… Not every day you get to play against an all American point guard like myself.

“You can go first.”

She takes a step forward and awkwardly shoots it as if she touched a basketball for the first time and bricks it. Like as if the girl who was slinging them threes all day after she finally took my advice yesterday never showed up.

She throws me the ball, nearly tripping over her feet. I toss up a three and sink it. She gets the rebound and hustles over to where I made it. She gets into her stance and I can clearly see she’s sticking her elbow out again. She’s going to lose all the power behind her shut if she doesn’t get her elbow under her shooting hand…

She takes a couple of breaths and carefully pulls the trigger.


In her defense, I’m already warmed up.

“P…” I tease her.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” She says as I grab the ball and make my way to the corner pocket of the court. I’ve mastered this shot and used it in many buzzer beaters.

Getting in my stance, I get my elbow under my shooting hand and bend my knees to put that spring in my jump. Without even thinking or looking, I pull up and shoot.

Nothing but net…

The frustration on Nicole’s face puts a smile on mine.

She jogs over to the corner and tries to calm herself, putting the ball to a dribble before going through her shot routine. Once again her elbow’s out. I can already tell her shots off as soon as it leaves her hand.


“That’s an i. By the way, you know your elbow’s out again. You’re losing all of your power when it’s not under your shooting hand.” Her face smoldered bright red.

“That’s because I didn’t get a chance to warm up as you did!” She snaps at me as I grab the ball.

“Ookaaay…” Is that stick back up her ass?

“I’m sorry… It’s just..” She looks up to my eyes and hesitates.

“Just what?” I ask.

“Nothing…” She tares her eyes from mine.

I pull up at the NBA 3 point line and sink it. She looks at me with either shock, anger or nervousness. Maybe all three. She grabs the rebound and then hustles over to where I was standing.

She takes her time before, making sure her elbow is under her shooting hand before she finally pulls up. I thought it was going in for sure, but it rims out. “I guess that’s pig,” she mumbles as I grab the rebound and toss it to her.

She looks up at me. “Why don’t you warm up and we’ll go again. I’ll even get the rebounds for you.”

“Don’t you have your own drills to work on?”

“Yeah… But I could really use someone to practice with. After you get warmed up we can do some drills if you want.”

“Sure! I would like that.”

As she warmed up and started hitting almost every shot, not only did we become a little more comfortable around each other, she actually started joking around with me.

“So what kind of drills did you want to do?”

“Well, right now I’m just doing basic dribbling drills, working my way up to harder more complex drills.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We start out with simple dribbling drills, knees bent as we both have a ball, facing each other as we work on both power dribbling and control. Eventually moving on to crossovers, behind the back, and between the legs.

Before I know it, it’s getting late. “I should get going, my mom usually likes to have dinner around now. Back at it tomorrow?” I ask.

“Sure! I should probably get going too.”

“Sounds great, I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”


As I get home, my mother already has dinner ready. We watch some more tape before I hit the sheets. I had another strange dream.

I was fighting a demon… I had these incredible powers. I could fly, shoot out blasts of energy along with a bunch of other cool feats. The dream felt so real. As if it was actually happening or at least a recent memory.

The rest of the week fell into a routine. Nicole and I grew closer during our little private practice sessions. Her skills seem to increase exponentially… Or maybe she was always this good and just needed to work out some kinks.

Either way, she was starting to challenge me. Which is a feat in and of itself. She barely misses after she’s all warmed up. Her ball handling skills have almost become on par with my own.

By the time we finished our drills on Friday, we both became quite comfortable around each other. “So I take it you’re going to Jeremy’s party tomorrow?” she asks me as we walk out of the gym.

“You found out about that?” I ask.

“The whole school knows,” she says. “That’s all anyone is talking about.”

“Well, I’m probably going to take a hard pass on that,” I tell her.

She gives me a weird look as if I committed a crime. “Why?”

“Drinking beer isn’t going to help us win the championship…”

“Totally committed to the cause, I totally understand that.” She nudges against me with her shoulder and gives me a smile. “But… If you don’t take time to relax and have a little fun you’re going to be all tensed up when it comes time to perform. You should go to the party and take a little time to enjoy yourself.”

“Are you going to go?” I ask her.

“Possibly, but I don’t really know anyone there.”

“Hmmm, I suppose if I go, you’ll then decide to come?”

“It definitely increases the odds, but I don’t even know where Jeremy’s house is…”

“I could give you a ride on my moped…” I give her a cheese filled smile and do the quick suggestive eyebrow raise I’ve melted so many girls’ hearts with.

“Okay! Yeah, sure… Although riding a moped with you driving frightens me…”

“Hey! I’m a great driver! I’ve only been in like 2 accidents…”

“That really inspires confidence… Please tell me you have an extra helmet!”

“You say that as if you’re expecting me to crash.” She shrugs her shoulders at me.

“So what time should we head over?”

“Uh, how does 7 sound?”

“Perfect! Although I have to warn you, my family is rather large and crazy,” she adds.

“Can’t be any crazier than mine!”

“Ehhh… It’s about equivalent.”

“Ha, well I’ll text you to let you know I’m coming. Wait… What’s your number!?” She hands me this thin glass square with a black button on it. “What am I suppose to do with this?”

“Haven’t you seen the new smartphone. She hits the button and the glass lights up. What the fuck!? “Here give me your number.”

I give her my digits and my phone beeps. A new message. It’s Nicole. My mind is totally blown… How can a thin piece of glass be a phone?

“Wow… that was a lot easier than getting your name.”

“Hey… I like to play hard to get.” She winks at me before heading off to her car… Holy shit! She’s driving a Tesla!

“Maybe you should be the one driving!” I shout and she only sticks her tongue out at me before taking off.

After I get home, mom’s just finishing up dinner. “Hey, mom!” I tell her as I pull her into a hug.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asks.

“Nothing just had a great practice, that’s all. Hey… You don’t mind if I go over to Jeremy’s party tomorrow, do you?” I ask.

“I thought you were going to skip out on it,” she says.

“Well… The plan’s changed.”

“Is it because of some girl?” She raises her right eyebrow at me.

“Well… funny thing I’ve been hanging out with this new girl Nicole, she’s just as obsessed with basketball as I am! Can you believe that!?”

“No… not really. I’ve never met anyone as obsessed with basketball as you, hun. Except… Maybe myself.” She winks at me.

“Maybe you should invite her over for dinner sometime,” she suggests.

“Why would I do that? I don’t want to scare her away with your cooking…” She gives me the pouty face.

“Hey! If I had more time to cook, you’d be blown away.”

“Like last year’s Thanksgiving turkey? It was still frozen!”

“You had to bring that up.” She gives me an exaggerated eye roll.

“I’m sorry mom, you have many talents, unfortunately cooking isn’t one of them.”

“Do you want to start cooking dinner then?”

“Did I say your cooking was awful? What I meant to say is that I LOVE your cooking!”

“Yeah, you better kiss up!”

After we eat my mom’s “amazing” cooking and watch a bit of film from the summer basketball league, I hit the sheets.

The world was burning… Not just any world… My world! Earth!

My school! My friends! They’re all burnt to ashes…

“You can prevent this…” An all too familiar female voice echoes throughout my mind.

“Speak your name and gain your power.”

I tear myself awake from that nightmare, drenched in sweat. That nightmare wasn’t like the others. Usually, it’s of some other world or something, never has it been of my school…

I look at the clock, 5 AM on a Saturday…

Might as well get up and get going. If I’m going to go to the party tonight I might as well get some practice in. After getting my gym clothes and basketball, I’m on my way to school. Normally it’s all locked up at this hour, but fortunately for me, I have a key.

Being the “star player” on the team as well as a person of integrity, it has awarded me with special privileges. Also for the fact that the principle Ms. Heartwell is in love with me. I can’t blame her… and she is rather sexy… Ugghhhhh I would do some dirty things for her if she had me in her office…

I really need to get my head out of the gutter… How is it that every time I think of a girl with a pair of knockers, my mind instantly fills with dirty thoughts?

Time to get serious… Now that I’m here I need to put in some hard work. What my teammates don’t realize is that Championships are won in the offseason. With every sprint, drill, and exercise, I become one step closer to victory. Regardless of whether we’re becoming better basketball players, our opponents are. I can only imagine Chris Smith is practicing right now. Thinking about beating us again and reclaiming that championship title. Brett probably isn’t because Brett is a lazy piece of shit. He may be my brother, but he and I are nothing alike.

After running a quick 5k around the track in under 19 minutes, I take the day of weights and do a full core workout. Planks, Push Ups, Sit-ups, Plank Push Ups, Burpees and the lot. Finally, I’m on the basketball court where I belong.

But I need to earn the right to carry the basketball. And the only way to do that is… Gutbusters!

I run until I can’t run anymore. Seriously! I’m hurting after that. That’s when it’s time to work on developing my shot, dribble and what not. When you’re absolutely beyond exhausted is the best time to develop your skills. Because that’s when it counts. If you can master shooting a three, or the crossover dribble when you’re ready to meet the grim reaper kind of tired, you’re ready.

Because in games when it’s down to the last few seconds of the fourth quarter, only the one who can perform when they’re the kind of exhaustion that only leads you to the grave will win. So only when I’m at a death worthy level of exhaustion do I start working on my skills. Because that’s when it hurts the most. That’s when it’s the hardest.

Now that I’m good and tired, I start doing my shoot until I can’t miss warm-up routine.

Literally shooting until every shot ends up in the net. Making my way farther and farther away from the basket.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to be practicing on Saturday…”

I turn around to find Nicole in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a basketball in her hands. “Wow… You’re drenched! Really putting yourself through the wringer, huh?”

“Ha, well I couldn’t let you beat me now, could I?” A smile appeared on her face.

“If that’s the case, you’re going to need a lot more practice.”

“Ha! Funny…” I try my best to emphasize how not funny I found that…

But deep down I’ll admit seeing her teasing me like that really does turn me on! Or maybe it’s something else? Who can tell at this age… Am I right?

“Why don’t you put let the scoreboard do the talking?” I raise my right eyebrow to give more power behind my words.

“Are you challenging me to a game of 1 on 1?” She also raises her right eyebrow, it’s as if she’s mimicking me! Actually, she’s definitely mimicking me. That smile is way too devious. It’s definitely turning me on… Get your shit together Dave! You’re not about to lose to a girl!

I look up into those sky blue eyes of hers… It’s like staring into an ocean… After all, an ocean is a reflection of the sky! I think… Fuck Dave, stop getting off track! “3 words…” I utter as epically as I can.

“Bring. It. On!” I swear if this was in the middle of a game, the crowd would have gone silent before our fans erupted. But since it’s just the two of us, I give her that woman killer smile. I can see it had some kind of effect on her… She just gave me the deer in the headlight look. It was only a split second, but I saw it. Although, the smile that took over also makes me feel something. I’m not sure if it’s my dick talking or my heart. I’m hoping it’s my heart, but let’s face it… It’s my dick talking. There’s something about her… I’m not sure if it’s the steampunk look she has going for her… For whatever reason, the steampunk look gets me every time. But back to the point. The way she is with me, the hard to get phase and now the banter back and forth. It’s driving me crazy. In a good way. A kind of crazy I’ve never felt before.

I don’t want to waste another moment not feeling it.

I toss my ball over to the side. “You can have the ball first. Play to 11, win by 2!”

“You’re going to wish you never have done that.”

That voice… There’s just something familiar and somewhat sexy about it. You know… Maybe we have met before. We both used to go to Santa Barbara, right? But if we did meet, why hasn’t she said anything?

Yeah, I’m probably just an idiot. Especially for not keeping my head on the game! Especially since she just flew by me and scored.

“That’s definitely not going to happen again.”

“As if…”

She passes me the ball as she heads to the top of the three-point line. “Oh, so we’re playing make it take it now?” I ask intending it to come over obnoxiously.

“You didn’t specify, so shouldn’t the first person to score get to decide?” She raises her eyebrow again… I’ve decided that too drives me crazy.

“Fair enough.” For real… How could I have said no to her? I mean… Come on!? She’s so damn beautiful.

“So than… are you going to give me back the ball?” She stares at me rather blankly. Come on Dave! Get your shit together or your going to lose! I toss her the ball and get ready for her to drive again.

She drives to my right, but I’m ready this time for her! Stepping back, she gets into her shooting stance, which is flawless by the way and pulls up a three. Crap!

You know those moments when time seems to stand still and that’s pretty much when you know you’ve fucked up. And time seemed to stand still right now as I watched the ball travel into the net. She fooled me and manipulated me by doing what I expected her to do only to catch me off guard. Something that my mother always tries to drill in my head. She’s good.

“5 to nothing… Come on Dave, I thought you’d at least be able to give me some competition.”

“Don’t get too excited! I just wanted to give you a head start.” I grab the rebound and toss it to her as she gives me that you’re so full of shit smile. After she checks it in, immediately chucks it up, I watch as it goes sailing over my head and into the basket…

“Not looking good, Dave… 7 to 0. So if I skunk you, don’t you have to run a lap naked?”

“Hah… That’s not going to happen,” I assure her as I grab the ball and toss it back to her.

She checks it in and as soon as she gets it, she goes up to shoot. I immediately jump up to block it…

Ahhh crap! It was just a pump fake!

And there she goes, driving by me with an easy layup.

Was she playing me earlier? Because this isn’t the same ballplayer that couldn’t make a shot when I first met her.

“That’s 8 to nothing… I hope you’re ready to strip naked…” She gives me a wink as I toss her the ball. Time to get serious.

After checking the ball, she goes for the pump fake, I’m not falling for it this time.

She then puts the ball to a dribble and goes to drive it on me. Not a chance. She pulls the step back, but I’m on top of her. No way she’s getting a shot off that Escort in dubai easily.

She crosses over and attempts to drive it in on the opposite side. Not going to happen. Suddenly, she spins, does a jump back and pulls up. I have to admit, that was a good move and on anyone else, it would have worked, but not on me.

I smash that ball out of the air and hustle to get the rebound.

“Not in my house!” I give her that famous Dave smile. “Now it’s my turn.”

After taking it back, I power drive it in and slam the ball down in a power dunk. If I had to guess, she’s only 5’5 maybe 5’6… She’s got no chance defending the lane against me.

“So much for skunking me.” Again, I throw her that lady killer smile. I can see she’s flustered but quickly regains her composure.

“About time you scored… But I’m still going to win.” She throws me a smile and it’s like her own version of the Dave smile. It certainly has an undeniable effect on me.

I check the ball in and she’s immediately on me. Not giving me an inch of space. Her hand’s on my hip while her other hand is mirroring the ball. Can’t deny that her defense is pretty good. But still not good enough against me.

I spin off her hand on my hip and drive to the left. She’s still on me, but I give her a little nudge on the hip with my free hand, no ref is ever going to call that. While her momentum is taking her forward, I step back to the three-point line and pull up.

Nothing but net.

“That makes it 3 to 8… I feel a come back in the making.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. That was a good move, but you’re going to need more than that to beat me.” God, I love her confidence and fighting spirit. It’s a huge turn on. Reminds me of someone.

She passes me the ball and after I check it in, I pull up before she even knows what’s happening. Nothing but net.

“Make that 5 to 8.” I give her a wink with my cock Dave smile.

She gives me a sarcastic looking smile. After I check it in, I pull up a pump fake, but her hand comes down on the ball and knocks it out of my hands.

She’s able to get the loose ball and pulls up at the three-point line. I watch helplessly as it sails in… Shit!

“Uh ooh… 10 to 5 Dave… Game point…” A cocky smile appears on her face as she checks the ball in.

I get up close to her as she pivots away from me, shoving her butt into me. I place my hand on her hip.

She looks up at me with those eyes and we both freeze.

My heart is racing…

I can hear every beat it makes.

I can feel her tense up.

Holy shit! I’ve been holding my breath this entire time!

She leans slightly into me, pressing her butt into my crotch… Oh, fuck! I have a hardon!

Both of our faces go bright red.

Suddenly I back off, trying to hide my erection.

All of a sudden she drives past me and lays the basket in the net.

“That’s Game!” she says. “Well… I got to go. So you’re going to be at my house later tonight?”

Both of us have our backs turned to each other as she quickly grabs her ball and heads towards the door, looking back at me as she waits for my answer.

“Yep!” I yelp, still have a massive boner in my pants. “I’ll be there at 7pm!”

“Awesome, cya then!” she says on her way out.

God… That last play was painfully awkward. I hope she isn’t disgusted with me. She kind of bolted out of here really fast.

I just can’t believe I got a boner from playing her. Urrrgggh! I got to learn to self-control or we’ll never win a championship…

Come on Dave!

Get it together!

She’s just a girl!

But I can’t even deny she’s different from the other girls. I don’t know what it is about her. It’s like we have this connection. I can’t explain it. But I know it’s there.

Once I get home, I hit the showers and then hit the homework hard. Once I finish, I watch some basketball recordings of Michael Jordan. One of the best in his time. Along with Lebron and Kobe. Those were the good days of basketball. Too bad all the best basketball players are all retired.

I hop on my moped and give Nicole a call.

“Hello?” she answers.

“Hey, Nicole… It’s Dave,” I sputter nervously.

“Hey, Dave! How’s it going?” she asks.

“I was just about to head out and pick you up, but then I remembered I don’t know where you live.”

“Haha, yeah… It’d probably help if you had the address. I live on Hastings Ct. up in Moraga.”

No shit! That’s where all the rich people live. Makes sense considering the car she drives. The irony is that she’s literally in walking distance to Jeremy’s house.

“Cool… I’ll be there in a sec.”

“Awesome, cya then.”

She hangs up and I head out. It’s about a twenty-minute drive from my house to hers. As I pull up, she’s waiting for me in the turnaround. Wow… She looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s got on a really sexy black pair of tight pants, a black shirt and a short mini leather jacket over it. With those pants, it’s not hard to imagine what that bubble butt looks like. Her legs are a work of art. They’re lean, but not too muscular. I park it next to her.

“Jeremy’s house is literally a 5-minute walk from here, can I just park my moped at your house and we could walk there.”

“Nah… Why walk when we can ride there in this stylish wantabee motorcycle.”

Before I can even answer that, she climbs in the back and wraps her arms around my abs. My stomach does a complete backflip. Feeling her arms wrapped around me as she nestles her head into my back drives me into absolute overload.

“Sooo… Are we going to head out to the party?” She asks as she looks back at her house.

“Uhh… Right! The party…” Without wasting another moment, I take off. Takes us literally 2 minutes on the moped to get to his driveway, which is right around the corner. Jeremy’s house is huge! I mean, I’ve been here many times, but it still amazes me. I mean, Jeremy is an only child and his house could easily fit an orphanage.

We’re probably a bit early, only a few cars are in the driveway. I park the moped off to the side of his massive driveway. I already hear music blaring California Love from the house. Nicole climbs off and I get a nice view of that ass of hers as she makes her way up to the house. Fuck me! Those squats are really paying off because that butt is perfectly sculpted. I just want to stuff my face in it.

“Dave, are you coming?” she asks, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Huh? Yeah!” I nearly trip over my feet catching up to her. “You look… really nice by the way.”

Her face turns the same color of the roses planted in Jeremy’s mom’s garden. “Thanks… You don’t look half bad yourself.”

I give her that charming smile of mine, which only deepens her already vibrant red cheeks. “I hope your friends don’t mind if I come…”

“Are you kidding me? You’d think they’d be upset if a beautiful girl like you showed up to the party?”

Once again her face turns matches the color of the sky as the sun descends into the horizon giving it a mixture of red, pink and orange. She tears her gaze away from me and I can see her chest swell as she takes in a deep breath. Speaking of her chest, that’s another thing that I want to stuff my face into.

I grab the door for her, obviously because I’m a gentleman and that’s what gentleman do. Walking inside Jeremy’s house is like walking into a 5-star lodge. It’s covered in expensive paintings and priceless vases. A majestic wood flooring covers the house along with walls so white, they practically make you go blind. It’s got a fireplace. Who has a fucking fireplace in California? Check that… It’s got two fireplaces!

“Holy shit!!!! Dave’s here!” That voice could only belong to Donny.

“Fuck! Let’s do shots! More shots!” I can already tell it’s two shades to the wind. “Oh shit… who’s this? Dave’s got a hot friend! Have you been holding out on us?”

If Nicole blushing already, she sure is now. “Chill Donny, this is Nicole. She’s the new kid. And unlike you all, she’s on the court putting in work.”

“Oh snap! Is she going to finally lead the girl’s team to state?” Donny asks.

“Hahahaha, yeah right!” A high pitch voice… Could only be Finn. “Not even Dave could do that, the girl’s team is hopeless!”

“I don’t know… Nicole’s got game. She can give any of you a run for your money,” I inform them.

“Pfff… As if! No girl can beat me!” Finn declares.

“She beat me…” Donny, Finn and even Nicole stare at me in disbelief. “I mean, she caught me by surprise, but don’t get me wrong. She’s one of the best players I’ve faced in a long time. Definitely better than the chumps in the summer leagues.”

“Really… You’re being way too kind,” Nicole says. “Although he wasn’t lying, I did kick his ass in a game of 1 on 1 earlier today.”

“Ha… I wouldn’t go that far… It wasn’t an ass-kicking. She just surprised me.”

“I nearly skunked you!”

“But ya didn’t, I almost came back!”

“Ha, Dave got beat by a girl!” Finn shouts out.

“You can beat my ass any day!” Donny says with an extra emphasis on ass as he gives her a wink.

I wrap my arm around Nicole’s waist. “What do ya say, want a drink?”

I can feel her tense up as she looks up into my eyes. “Uh… Yeah, sure!” I swear, she sure blushes a lot. It’s rather cute.

“As I was saying… Let’s do some shots!” Donny says. “Also, since you’re obviously with this chick, does that mean I get to bang Anna?”

“Yeah like you have a chance with Anna!” Finn says and I can’t even help but laugh at that.

“I do have a name by the way… It’s Nicole, remember?” she says.

“Wait a sec, you’re not going to make them work for it as you made me?”

“You already told them my name!”

“Oh… Right…”

We head into the kitchen where Jeremy, Brock, Austin, and Caleb are.

“No shit… Dave actually showed up,” Jeremy says. “And he brought a girl!”

“Another round of shots! I’ll pour them up!” Donny announces as he grabs a fifth of whiskey.

“I thought this was going to be a party, where is everyone?” I ask.

“Dude… It’s 7 o’clock… The party really doesn’t start until 10…” Jeremy says.

“Where’s Jason?” I ask.

“What kind of question is that? When have you ever seen Jason arrive early to anything, let alone on time…” Caleb asks.

“Good point…” I say.

Donny lines up the shot glasses and fills them up with whiskey. After passing them out, we cheers and then… Bottoms up!

5 shots later, the house is packed. The Blades are blaring on the speakers with their song Back to Dust. I got to say, at first I wasn’t a fan, but the lead singer girl has a good voice.

Jason finally walks through the front door, a girl on each arm. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster started playing. Ah shit! That’s our jam!

“Dave! It’s our jam! Time for Jack and blunts!” Donny blurts out. I don’t know where or how this tradition started. I think it was last year… After we finished the regular season undefeated. This song came on as we each had a blunt and a glass of Gentleman’s Jack. I follow Donny out to the patio, where the rest of the team is waiting, each holding a blunt and a glass of Gentleman’s Jack on the rocks. Donny hands me a glass and a perfectly rolled blunt, which was obviously Brock’s work of art.

I see Nicole watch us in the corner of my eye. “Speech!” Donny roars and the rest of the team starts joins in on a speech chant.

“All right, all right! Here we are… A new year, a new season. And what a season this will be…” I look at each and every one of my teammates. “For a few of us, myself included… This will be our last year here. Our last chance.”

“Fuck yeah!” Donny shouts!

“How do you want this year to go? Are we going to let Santa Barbara take what is rightfully ours!?”

“Hell no!” They all shout in unison.

“Fuck Santa Barbara. This is our year!” I shout.

“It’s time for us to win that state title! It’s time for us to be legendary!” I howl and they all join in. “Now lite your blunts and lets toast.”

Brock sticks a torch in the middle of the circle and we all lean in and ignite our blunts. Once everyone’s blazing, I raise my glass and they all follow suit.

“To being legends!” I holler and the team erupts before we down our drinks and buff our blunts.

Next thing I remember is waking up in a room in nothing but my boxers. My head is pounding… Fuck… What happened?

I roll over and hear someone sigh. Oh shit! Anna’s laying next to me as naked as the day she was born. Woah… That redhead that said hey to me a few days ago is also completely naked all cuddled up with Anna. Damn! That is probably the hottest scene I’ve ever seen!

Two of the sexiest girls ever, completely naked and spooning each other. Anna’s perfectly tan smooth skin completely contrasts the red head’s soft pale freckled covered skin. Anna’s breast pressed up against the other girl’s back as her leg wraps around her. Instant boner.

Wait a sec! Where’s Nicole?

I quickly grab my clothes and throw them on. After several minutes of searching, I finally find my phone, it’s completely dead. I quickly make my way through the house, searching for her. It looks like a fucking tornado went through. People lying naked all over the place. A busted vase here and there, broken glass everywhere. Music is still blaring. Walking into the kitchen, Donny is butt fucking naked sprawled over the kitchen counter covered in what I hope is chocolate syrup and of course an empty bottle of Tequila is in his hand. Do I even want to know what the fuck happened to him?

Walking outside to the patio, Finn is passed out on the lawn, also butt naked.

Jason’s passed out in the hot tub with a bunch of girls and none of them are the ones he came with.

No sign of Nicole.

Walking back into the house, Jeremy walks in with two girls. I think those are the same girls Jason came in with, I don’t know… The last thing I remember was jack and blunts. He gives me a wink as he walks the girls out.

I see a phone charger plugged into the wall and I plug my phone in. After a few minutes, it finally turns on. Holy shit! I have over 20 messages. A few of them are from Nicole. The most recent one reads. It looks like you’re having fun with Anna, I’m going home.


I hope she didn’t get the wrong impression! I didn’t come to the party to get with Anna!

Fuck me…

I quick give her call but it goes to voicemail. Shit!

Should I go over to her house? What if I run into her family? God, I really screwed it up. Good going, Dave!


I’m just going to go home… I screwed up real bad.

Walking into school the following Monday, I’m super nervous to talk to Nicole. How am I going to explain things when I don’t even know what happened.

As soon as I walk in, the hall goes silent and all of a sudden an explosion of chatter fills the air. I can only imagine what kind of rumors are being spread.

Ahhhh why me…

“Dave! My man! I see you had a good time the other night! Wink. Wink.” Donny says as he catches up to me.

“Honestly, I don’t even know what happened that night. All I remember is doing jack and blunts and the rest is a blur.”

“Let me fill you in… You plus Anna plus Jessica equals bone town! Lucky dog!” Donny elbows me and out of the corner of my eye, I see Nicole rush by. Fuck…

“Nicole!” I shout after her, rushing to catch up.

“What do you want?!” she’s pissed.

“I just wanted to talk.”

“Now you want to talk? What about last night?”

“I don’t even remember last night, honestly the entire night was a blur.”

“Why don’t you have Anna and that redhead fill in the gaps for you…”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“Relax… It’s not like we’re dating or anything. You can bone whoever you want… I don’t care.” It doesn’t look that way. I can tell she’s hurt as she continues down the hall with her hood on.

I head back to my locker feeling terrible and grab my shit for class. Once I arrive, Nicole’s sitting on the opposite end, not even acknowledging me and the only open seat is as far away from her as possible.

“Yeah, Dave! I saw you had a good time this weekend! Anna and Jess! Nice!” shouted some dude I don’t even know.

Nicole gives me a glare that could put out the sun…

After taking a seat, the final bell rings. Nicole ignores me for the entire class.

She won’t even look at me…

I’ll do whatever it takes to turn this around. I know we had something between us. Something I’ve never felt before. What kills me is that I hurt her this way. How could I get so drunk? I came with Nicole. It should’ve been her I woke up with…

When class finally ends, I rush up to her. “Hey…”

“Dave, I think we should stop this…”

“Stop what?”

“Whatever this is… Between us. It’s obvious you have something going on with Anna…” She can’t even look at me. I can see the pain in her face.

“There’s nothing going on between Anna and me.”

“If that were true, then why did you hook up with her?”

“I…” She didn’t even give me a chance, she was gone before I could complete whatever bullshit I was going to say.

“I’m sorry…”

Lunch was brutally painful. The guys wouldn’t stop going on and on about the party. The worst part was that Nicole was sitting close enough to hear it all. All about how I was the man, nailing both Anna and Jess. I didn’t feel like the man. I’m not sure that even happened.

After school, Nicole was nowhere to be found. I took out my anger and frustration on my workout. Exerting myself well past my limits. But no matter how many sprints I ran or shots I took. I just couldn’t get over it.

A couple of weeks went by without even a word being said between Nicole and I. I skipped out on Homecoming. The only good thing to come out of this was all the practice I put in. It was the only thing that kept me sane. I spent so much time in the gym, I practically lived there.

It’s only a couple of weeks before tryouts and conditioning starts. Not that I needed to worry about either. I was in the best shape of my life. And honestly, it was all thanks to Nicole. If it wasn’t for how shitty I felt, I wouldn’t have ever pushed myself this far. I went after my workouts with reckless abandonment.

Even though I was able to re-consume myself with basketball again, Nicole still had a place in the back of my mind.

Today’s the day… The first day of basketball! Tryouts were tonight. Not that anyone took them seriously. We didn’t have enough people to cut anyone.

Before I arrived at Miramonte High School, basketball wasn’t even a thing.

After we made it to state, now Basketball is the talk of the school.

Deep down, I’m also looking forward to seeing Nicole play on the girl’s team. I know she can turn the team around.

Even though we haven’t talked in weeks, I still can’t get her out of my head. Now that school is finally over, I really need to focus on basketball.

“Hey, Dave!”

Turning around I see Anna with the redhead we shared a bed with. I think her name’s Jess.


“What’s going on with you?” she asks.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you’ve been avoiding me for weeks and you really haven’t been yourself. Even Donny’s concerned.”

“I’ve just been focusing on basketball that’s all.”

“Oh… I was afraid with all the rumors going on that you were upset with us.”

“About that… What actually happened that night? I can’t remember a thing. Did we actually… “

“Don’t worry… Nothing happened between us.” She moves her finger between the two of us.

“Really? Then how come I woke up in the same bed with the both of you?”

“That’s because you were blackout drunk and passed out on the bed. But Jess and I had a good time while you slept. Didn’t we Jess?” Jess’s face turns as red as her hair color.

“So nothing happened?” I ask for reassurance.

“A lot happened! I found out Jess’s rug matches the drapes and I might be gay… or at least bi…” She pulls the beat red Jess into one of the sexiest kisses I’ve ever seen. Insta boner!

That’s a relief. Nothing happened. I need to tell Nicole all this, maybe she’ll actually start acknowledging my existence.

Maybe tomorrow I can talk to her in class, for now, it’s time to get ready for the first day of basketball! Normally I’d be excited about this, but my mind is elsewhere.

After changing into my practice scrubs, I get a few laps in before tryouts begin.

Seeing my teammates start to gather for practice, I join them.

“Dave!” Donny shouts.

Coach Brooks enters the gym, she’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. She’s got the body of an athlete and the boobs of a centerfold. Oh and let’s not forget that ass. It’s an ass of an island girl. And the way she has that dark brown hair in a ponytail kind of turns me on for some odd reason. It’s weird having a woman as a coach, not that I have anything against it. Regardless, she’s my coach and she’s someone I trust.

“Heeey, coach. Looking good!” Donny says. I’ve got to admire Donny’s perseverance and fearlessness. No matter what, he never quits.

“Thanks, Donny… I see you haven’t changed over the offseason.”

“Come on coach, I’m as steadfast as a… As the wind!”

“Donny… the wind changes all the time. They’ve even made an expression on it.” I inform him.

“Really? Well shit… “

Nicole? I almost didn’t even notice her walk in behind coach. What is she doing here?

“Alright, guys, time to get your shit together. The first day of conditioning and of course… Tryouts. No one’s spot is certain, so work your asses off,” coach says.

“Why is there a girl on our court!?!” Finn asks as if he owns the place.

“She’s come here to try out for the team. Everybody this is Nicole,” she says.

“But she’s a girl! Why isn’t she trying out for the girl’s team!?” Finn questions. “Girls aren’t allowed on the men’s team!!”

His voice reaches an unbearable pitch.

“I can’t try out for the girl’s team… I have a dick okay!” Nicole butts in.

Wait a sec… Did I just hear her right? Did she just say what I think she said? I try to look into her eyes, but she won’t look at me.

“What!? You’re a dude? No fucking way!” Finn says.

“I’m not a dude… I’m transgender… Got it?” she or he says. I don’t even know anymore. My mind is completely blown.

“So wait a sec… Do I call you a girl or a boy? I’m so confused,” Donny states.

“I’m a girl, got it!?” she says and I can see the embarrassment and humiliation on her face. I want to say something, but I don’t know what to say.

“Then why don’t you try out for the girl’s team?” Finn asks.

“Because under the rules and regulations, I’m still considered a boy by the state of California.”

“So that means you’re a boy!” Finn exclaims.

“Let’s not talk about whether she’s a boy or a girl. Here on the court, she’s a basketball player,” Coach interrupts.

“But I don’t want to play with a… a… whatever heshe is… What about the lockers coach? I mean, boy or girl, what if she or he tries to come onto me or something?” Finn asks. What a fucking idiot.

“There’s no way in hell I’d ever be attracted to you,” Nicole points out.

“But…” Finn starts.

“Just give her a chance guys. I bet she could take you on, Finn…” I interrupt. Nicole’s eyes shoot up at me. I can see the blush on her face as clear as day.

“Yeah right!” Finn laughs. “Besides… Weren’t you banging her? You didn’t mention she was a dude.”

“Fuck you, Finn! Nothing ever happened between us.”

“That’s because he was too busy banging Anna and Jess!” Donny butts in.

“Dude! Come on! Nothing actually happened that night,” I try to explain. Once again, Nicole glances my way

“That’s not what I heard,” Jeremy says. “I heard moaning coming from the room you went into all night long.”

“That was Anna and Jessica, they did it while I passed out!” I explain.

A loud whistle went off. “That’s enough, everybody on the line. Gutbusters,” coach says.

We run gutbusters and more gutbusters and more gutbusters. Of course, I’m always the first to finish by a long shot and Nicole isn’t that far behind me.

By the time we’re finished running gutbusters, half the team is ready to pass out. And that’s why we lost the state championship last year… Nicole’s ready to go, though. Unlike the rest of the team, she put in hard work in the offseason.

“Alright peons, line up,” coach says.

“More sprints!?” Donny asks. God, he fucking looks like he’s on the verge of passing out.

“Oh don’t worry, Donny. We’re definitely not finished doing sprints tonight. But right now, we’re going to be doing a little friendly competition. Now on the line. Losers will be running.”

Coach counts us off into two teams. Which by the way, we literally only have 10 players, barely enough for two teams.

Fuck! Nicole’s not on my team. And fucking Finn is on my team… At least I’ve got Jeremy.

“Hell yeah, Dave! We’re on the same team!” Fuck… Donny’s on my team. Arguably the worst player ever to step on a basketball court.

Fuck! Austin’s on their team! And we’ve got Caleb. Even though he’s slow and overweight, with him on our team we’ve got 2 out of the 3 power forwards and centers. That gives us the advantage. Which means Nicole’s team’s going to have a mismatch. Ha, they’ve either got to put Brock or Josh in the paint.

We all get into position, while coach brings the ball into the middle of the court where Finn and Austin are ready to face off for the tip-off.

As the ball leaves coach’s fingers into the air, Austin’s a second faster than Finn and the ball goes sailing into Nicole’s hands. She immediately rushes down the court, I get back on defense and protect the paint. She dishes it to Jason, who I’m covering. I close the distance between Jason and me, but he throws it down to Austin, who was able to get a good fitting under Finn. He pivots right and pump fakes. As Finn goes flying into the air, Austin spins the opposite direction and dunks it in.

Jeremy dishes me the inbound. I drive it down the court as Jason tries to keep up. Nicole attempts to double team me, but I fake a spin and drive past her and draw Austin and Josh off their guys before bouncing it to Caleb for the open shot.

All tied up now as Caleb puts it in.

Brock inbounds it to Jason and he pushes it up the court, but I’m on him like flies on shit. He gets startled and dishes the ball to Brock. Brock’s probably high as a kite because he doesn’t know what to do with it so he dishes it to Nicole.

She immediately drives the lane.

Finn attacks her, but she crosses him over and goes up with her left arm and then switches to her right in mid-air as Caleb tries to block it.

The ball rolls off the backboard and in.

That was… impressive.

Finn throws me the inbound and I beat feet down the court, crossing Jason and leaving him in the dust.

Nicole attempts to slow me down and force me to go drive it left. I let her think it’s working before I spin to the right and attack. Austin sees that I’m on my way to the basket and tries to get in my way, but he leaves Finn open and I dish it to him for the easy basket.

It’s now tied up 4 to 4. There’s no way in hell I’m losing.

As Jason takes the rebound, I crowd Dubai Escorts his space. He panics and passes it to Nicole.

Somehow Nicole was wide open, come on Donny! Of course, she sinks it…

7 to 4 now…

I take the inbound pass and push it down the court. Both Nicole and Jason try to double team me once more. I stop and let them close in so I can turn around and dribble out of the double team to the opposing side of the court causing them to chase me. Basically doing a full-blown u. That puts them behind me as I drive it up the court, giving me an open lane.

But I stop at the 3-point line and pull up.

Nothing but net.

7 to 7 now.

Jason takes the inbound and passes it down to Brock. Brock doesn’t know what to do with it, so he passes it down to Josh. Josh panics and tosses up a brick.

Luckily I was already sprinting down to defend and put myself in a perfect position to rebound. I chucked the ball down to Caleb who was already down there since he’s a big guy and kind of slow and out of shape. He easily put it up for 2.

Taking the lead! 9 to 7.

Jason takes the ball in and I meet him at half court. He fakes it to Brock and flings it over to Nicole. Once again she’s wide open at the three-point line… What the fuck is Donny doing?

Oh… He’s on the opposite side of the court catching his breath… Come on Donny!

No surprise to me, Nicole sinks another three. Giving them back the lead.

I quickly take the inbound pass and chuck it down to Donny who is right underneath the hoop. Unfortunately, he looks up just in time to take the ball to the face…

I see coach off on the side slapping her forehead. Meanwhile, Nicole’s got the ball and pushing it down the court, while Donny’s off in la-la land.

I yelled out I got ball and rush up to prevent her from increasing the lead.

She crosses over, but that’s not going to work on me.

Then she spins back to the left and stops as my momentum keeps going forward.

At that point, she crosses back over to the right and takes the lane.

Finn goes to deny her as she goes up for the layup.

As Finn goes to block her, she switches the ball to her left and lays it in.

God damn! Even I can admit, that was impressive. I can see coach agrees. That brings the score to 12 to 9.

I take the ball in and fly down the court, leaving both Jason and Nicole in the dust. Austin, Josh, and Brock both look confused and afraid, crowding the lane. Fortunately, that’s not my goal, I pull up at the three-point line and sink it, tying the game.

Jason takes the inbound pass and tosses it back to Nicole. Finally, Donny’s on her. She drives it to the left and crosses him over. Donny goes flying and trips over his feet, while Nicole lays it in for an easy layup.

I’m not going to lose to her a second time…

I take the pass and push it up the court. Jason tries to block my path, I fake the crossover and drive past him. Austin comes up to help, leaving Finn open. I bounce it between his legs to Finn and he dunks it in.

Jason’s got the ball and he’s dribbling it up the court. I forcing to the right side and he passes it up to Brock. Brock tosses up a three and it falls in.


The one and only thing Brock’s good at is shooting three’s.

I grab the inbound and race up the court, Jeremy’s wide open and I toss him the ball and it puts in a three, tying the game up once more.

Only 4 more points to victory. We just need to stop them here.

Jason takes the inbound and I’m on top of him like a politician on a hooker. He’s got nowhere to go, so he tries to pass it up to Nicole, but I manage to tip it out of bounds. Brock takes the ball out of bounds and flings it up to Austin who passes it out to Jason. He flings it down to Nicole who is of course wide open at the three-point line…

I watch in an almost slow motion like moment as the ball sails through the air and into the net…

Fuck me! 20 to 17…

They only need one basket unless we get a three.

Donny passes me the inbound and I push it up. Jason and Nicole double team me. I dish it to Donny who panics and tosses it up.


And of course, it went out of bounds, giving them the ball back. Fuck me!

Jason takes the inbound and tries to toss it up to Nicole, not this time. I intercept the pass and pull up at the three-point line…

Everyone watches as the ball bounces off the backboard and into the net.

Tied up ball game.

Unfortunately, as my team cheered, Jason got the inbound pass and chucked it up to Nicole who laid it in for the easy basket and won…


Not again…

Two losses in a row.

How is that possible!?

Who is this girl!?

“Great job team B, hit the showers. Team A line it up.”

I begrudgingly get behind the line. Not that I wouldn’t have run sprints if I won. Let’s be honest, I would have done anything to become stronger than my opponent. The bad taste in my mouth comes from losing.

I hate it!

I despise it!

It’s not because it’s against Nicole, she’s one of the best opponent’s I’ve ever faced.

I just hate losing…

I take my anger out on the sprints.

I go all out, leaving everyone else in the dust.

After the team leaves, I hit the gym.

As I said, I’d do anything to become stronger than my opponent and I meant that literally. I see Nicole walk by and do a double take.

She walks in, stops and stares at me.

I look up at her and raise my right eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Trying to gain an advantage over me?” she asks.

“Ha, so you’re back to talking to me now?”

“About that… I guess I should’ve known nothing would have happened. Also, I suppose I should have told you about being transgender.” She looks down as she reaches over her shoulder to scratch her back.

“No… you don’t need to explain anything to me. I understand why you didn’t tell me.” I shrug and give her a smile. “And besides, it really wasn’t any of my business…”

A smile accompanied by a blush takes over her expression. She finally looks back up at me as she bites her lip. “I can’t believe you’re so cool about this.”

“Oh come on, give me a break,” I say with a grin. “I may be considered the popular jock, but I’m not a jerk.”

If she was blushing before, she’s on fire now. That smile of hers is going to get me all hot if she keeps it up.

God… The girl I see in front of me is hard to even think she’s anything other than the beautiful girl I see.

It also explains the firm breasts, she must have gotten a tit job…

Wow… A lot of time just went by without either of us talking. I wonder what she’s thinking?

Maybe I should say something?

“You know… I want a rematch.”

She laughs. “Ha… Anytime, anywhere.”

“Well… what about right here, right now?” I give her that sought after Dave smile. The one that’s known to make knees weak.

“Bring it on!”

“How about we up the stakes a little?” I suggest. Her eyes go wide. That really caught her by surprise.

“Like sex?” She blurts out.

“Woah… I was thinking loser would buy dinner or something…” She immediately goes red.

“To be honest, I’ve actually never had sex before…” I tear my gaze away from her, feeling embarrassed at my sudden confession.

“No way!” I look back up at her and she gives me a look of disbelief. “You mean to tell me you haven’t been laid before? I mean… Come on! Every girl wants to be with you.”

“I know… But I just have never actually done the deed. Like at that party… I actually wanted to get with you that night, but I got way too nervous and drank too much.”

“Really!?” she looks shocked. “I bet you’ve changed your mind now that you know what I am…”

“I don’t know… You’re still the same person. Being transgender doesn’t change that.” Her looks as if the sun is about to set inside of her. Her skin is practically glowing.

“You know I have a cock, right?” she asks.

“Yeah, I think you mentioned that at practice,” I add. “Honestly, I don’t know… I not gay, obviously.”

Her eyes sharpen at my comment. “Well good thing I’m not a girl.”

“True… I just… I’ve never thought about another person’s dick… You know?”

“Not really… I think about other people’s dicks all the time.” She gives me a perverted smile. “But in all honesty, I’m more of an ass girl… I prefer to be on top.”

My eyes go wide. “I don’t know about that… I’m the same way. I prefer to be on top.”

“How do you know? You’ve never actually had sex before.”

“You have?”

“Well… I fooled around with a girl at Santa Barbara,” she admits. No way! That’s so hot…

“Really?” I can’t help but smile… “What kind of fooling around did you do?”

“The kind where I put my cock inside her.” I know my mouth is hanging open, but come on! The thought of Nicole pounding some girl is hot, doesn’t matter whether she’s trans or not.

“How about this… We play to 11, the winner gets to fuck the loser…” She gives me a totally sadistic grin.

“I don’t know…” The thought of her fucking me scares the shit out of me… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally fuck her… That ass of hers has totally been the subject of many of my dreams. But the thought of losing and letting her fuck me… That’s a hard pill to swallow.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of losing…” That smirk on her face drives me crazy.

“Hell no! Fine… 1 on 1, the winner gets the losers ass.” No way I’m going to lose a third time.

I grab the ball and meet her on the court.

“This time we shoot for ball,” I tell her.

“By all means, take your shot.” She gives me another wicked smile.

I pull up at the three and of course, I sink it. She throws me the ball and I check it in. Immediately she’s on me like dressing on a salad.

I spin out of her hold, but she’s able to regain her position between me and the basket. I attempt a crossover, but she gets her hand in the way and knocks the ball free.

Since she’s already at the three-point line, there’s nothing in between her and the basket. She drives it in with me on her ass and goes up for the layup. I’m about to block the shit out of it, but she switches hands in mid-air and puts it up on the opposite side, just out of my reach.

Fuck… I gotta get my shit together. I can’t lose this time.

There’s no way I’m going to take a dick up the ass.

I grab the ball and toss it to her. As she checks it in, I get on her ass like a horny dog ready to hump. She steps back and retreats, trying to put space between the two of us. Not going to happen. I’m going to win that ass of hers.

She attempts to spin off of me. Ha, that’s not going to work on me. Just as she finishes her spin, she crosses over, leaving my moment going in the opposite direction as she’s able to get past me and take it to the hoop…

“2 nothing… Better find some lube.” She gives me a wink.

Fuck that… There’s no way I’m losing. She checks the ball in and this time, I back off just a little, but not enough to take a shot. There’s no way I’m going to let her get an open three.

She puts the ball to a dribble and casually starts walking to the right side of the court. In an instant, she crosses over and goes to drive it.

As I get in the way of her and the basket, she does another crossover, but this time steps back to the three-point line and pulls up. I spring up and get a piece of it. No three’s for you.

I grab the rebound and take it back. I can tell she wasn’t expecting that. As she closes the distance between us. I pull up at the three-point line. She attempts to block, but I made sure to put my legs into my jump. Her hand scraps down my abs and rubs up on my dick.

The ball flies through the air and bounces off the rim. I can’t believe she just touched my dick!

She’s able to get the rebound and take it back. I break out of my daze and rush up to guard her, but it’s too late. She throws up a three and sinks it.

“4 to nothing,” she says with a grin.

After she checks it, I give her zero breathing room. She sticks her butt out at me as she pivots away trying to protect the ball. I just want to reach out and grab that ass of hers. Fuck me, it’s perfect!

It’s the kind of butt, you want to shove your face in! What am I saying? Doesn’t she have a cock? I mean technically, she’s a guy… right? I don’t know…

Nothing makes sense anymore…

Before I can pull myself out of the rabbit hole of my thoughts, she leans into me and spins off of me, rushing to the basket. I’m on her heels, but she then stops and steps back and pulls up as my momentum carries me forward.

“5 to nothing. I’m beginning to think you’re not as good as I thought.” She shoots me a wicked smile.

I pass her the ball and she checks it in. “Alright, no more playing around,” I tell her.

She pulls up. Not this time. I go to block, but it was only a pump fake and she’s driving the lane. She thinks she’s got an easy layup. Better think twice because I’m on her ass. A really gorgeous ass, by the way.

As she goes up for the layup I snatch before it has a chance to meet the rim. The look on her face was priceless. “My turn,” I say as I take the ball back to the three-point line.

Time to turn it up. As she comes to defend, I go to crossover only to fake her out as she reaches in. I’m able to sidestep her and drive past her. I slam the ball down in a two-handed dunk. “5 to 1 now.” I give her the smile that melts women’s hearts.

After I check the ball, I pump fake a shot and she easily falls for it. Then I side step as she’s in mid-air, pull up and drop a three-pointer.

“Make that 5 to 3. Come back in the making…” As I said, there is no way I’m losing this time. I’m not about to take a dick up the ass!

She grabs the rebound and tosses it to me. I can see the frustration plain as day on her face as she wipes the soles of her shoes and gets into her stance. Then a smile appears on her face. Why would she be smiling when she’s about to lose?

I put the ball to dribble and put my back to her. I feel her hand grab my ass and I stiffen up in surprise. She knocks the ball loose and grabs it while I’m left in shock. “Cheap trick…”

“Work didn’t it?” She gives me a devious grin.

“If that’s how you want to play…”

She goes for the cross over but I put my hand in the path of the ball, but she fakes me out and side steps pass me. That’s not enough to get by me, but she counters with a spin move, steps back and pulls up.

Once again, I watch as the ball flies through the air and into the basket. To make matters worse, it was a three-pointer.

I grab the ball and throw it to her. After she checks it, she pump fakes. Not going to work this time. Then she drives it to the left and steps back as I block her path. She crosses over and attempts to take it down the right lane only to dribble it behind her back and switches back to the left side but as I back peddle to halt her conquest, she steps back and pulls up.

Nothing but net.

“8 to 3… what were you saying about a comeback?” she says with a cocky smile.

“Games not over yet.” I toss her the ball.

As soon as it touches her hands, she pulls up. I’m a second too late and watch it sink into the basket.

“Make that 10 to 3… game point.”

I grit my teeth. No way am I going to lose to her a third time. After checking it in, she pump fakes. Not going to work. Who would pull up a three when they only need 1 point?

Suddenly she pulls up. As the ball leaves her fingertips I’m able to jump and block it at the last second. She grabs the loose ball and drives it down the lane while I’m still in the air. I watch helplessly as she lays it into the basket…


Not only did I just lose to her in a game of 1 on 1, but I’m also about to lose my virginity to her as well.

“That’s game… Now it’s time to pay up!” She bites her lip as her eyes travel down my body. “A deal’s a deal.”

“Fuck me…” I sigh.

“That’s the idea,” she smirks. “Now why don’t you start stipping?”

“Right now!? Here!?” I look around the gym, trying to see if anyone’s around.

“A bet’s a bet!” she exclaims as she bites her lip.

“But there are cameras around!”

She looks around for a minute. “Let’s go inside the locker room.”

I look at her for a second, she’s serious about this… I didn’t actually think we’d go through with this. I take a big swallow of my pride and nod. She leads the way, swaying that butt of hers as I nervously follow her inside the boy’s locker room.

Once inside she turns to me with that devilish look in her eye. “Now strip, let’s see that ass of yours.”

Hesitantly, I pull off my shirt, showing off my rock hard abs, chiseled pecs and ripped arms. She gives me the turn around motion with her finger.

I do as she says and turn my back to her. I take off my shoes and socks before dropping my shorts to the floor, leaving me in nothing but compression shorts. I turn my head back to her and notice she’s started to strip as she keeps her unwavering attention on me.

After tore off her shoes and socks, dropped her shorts and pulled off her shirt, she’s in nothing but compressions shorts and a sports bra. I can clearly see the straining bulge in her skin tight under armor briefs.

She slowly walks up to me and wraps her arms around my stomach, lightly brushing her fingers against my abs. She lays her lips upon my shoulders. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Her hand slips underneath my own shorts and wraps around my cock, slowly jerking it off as she continues to lay down kisses on my back.

Her other hand grabs the waistband of my skin tight shorts and starts to pull them down. She kisses her way down my back as she slides down my shorts to my ankles.

Her tongue slides down the crack of my ass as her hand continues to bring my own cock to life.

Her free hand gives my ass a playful slap and squeezes it and then spreads it open, allowing her tongue to dive in.

I can’t believe this is happening… And yet… it feels so good!

Her tongue is so warm and it tickles my asshole, gently circling and prodding it.

Suddenly it slips inside my ass. Wow… I’ve never felt anything like it. Especially with the way she continues to rub my cock. Fuck…

Her hand slinks down and pulls each ankle out from my shorts as she continues to rim my asshole.

She gives me one last slap on the ass, before climbing back to her feet. Her hand lets go of my dick, sliding to my hips as her other hand gropes my butt, sliding a finger down the crack of it until it presses up against my tight butthole.

I tense up as she suddenly slips it inside me. I can’t help but let out a groan. She then pushes me forward. “Let’s go into the showers.”

She kisses the back of my neck as she guides me into the empty shower room. Her finger sinks deeper inside my ass.

Another finger joins in, spreading my hole open even more. “Get down on your knees,” she whispers in my ear.

Reluctantly, I slowly drop to my knees as her fingers leave my butthole.

She walks around and faces me. Her spandex shorts are on the brink of tearing open with her dick straining to break free.

Slowly she hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and starts to pull them down. The look on her face is one of pure lust.

All of a sudden her cock springs free of its confines and slaps me in the face. Holy fucking shit! I thought I had a big cock at 8 inches long. Her’s is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s massive even for porn standards.

“Why don’t you wrap those pretty lips of yours around my cock and get it nice and wet,” she says as she brushes her hands up in my hair.

“That wasn’t part of the deal!” I exclaim.

She gives me a sadistic grin. “I know, but do you really want this big dick going up that tight butt of yours without any lube?”

Fuck… She’s got a point. I can’t imagine having that dick up my ass, let alone without any lube. “You know it’ll hurt… But with a little spit, it’ll only hurt for a little bit.”

She’s right… I look up into those wicked eyes of hers. That smile she has on is one of lustful intent and drives me wild. I open my mouth for her.

She smirks as she grabs a handful of hair and slowly pushes the tip past my lips. The texture almost catches me off guard. It’s spongy yet firm. However, it’s the smell and taste that really hits me. Soaked in sweat and full of musk.

“Now why don’t you wrap those lips tightly around my dick and suck,” she moans.

I look up into those eyes of hers… Those possessive eyes that seem to have me ensnared. Without further hesitation, I suck on that fat tip of hers as if it was a popsicle.

“Uhhh, fuck! Just like that!” she moans out, grabbing my hair and thrusting her hips forward, pushing more of that cock inside of my mouth. It brushes up against the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

I grab her smooth, thicc but lean thighs of hers for support as she starts to gyrate her hips back and forth, slowly fucking my mouth, spreading my jaw open as wide as it can go. “Oooh, shit! Don’t forget to use that tongue of yours…”

As she pulls out, I swirl my tongue around the tip, which causes her to quiver. Finally, she pulls out. “I think it’s wet enough, don’t you?”

I gasp for air as she gives my face a light slap. “Now be a good boy and get on all fours.”

I look up at her as she pushes down on my shoulders.

Nervously, I get down on my hands, leaving my ass exposed. She struts around to my behind. “By the way, I was only joking… I wouldn’t of gone in dry,” she laughs as I hear the soap dispenser go off. “But thanks for the BJ. Honestly, you’ve got some natural cock sucking skills.”

I look back at her with embarrassment. “I’m not gay…” I mutter.

“Of course not, I’m a girl. Don’t take it as an insult. I meant it as a compliment. You give good head. Now, I want a piece of that ass.”

She sinks down as her soaped up dick rubs up against my asscrack.

“This is going to hurt just a little,” she says as she lines up her cock against my tied up balloon hole.

Pressure starts to build up against my asshole as she pushes in. Holy fuck! It hurts more than just a little! But I’ll never admit that!

“Urrrggggghhhh!” I growl as the pain becomes excruciating.

“Relax! Just breathe…” she sighs.

I do my best to breathe and all of a sudden her dick pops into my asshole shoving all the air out of my lungs. My ass just got spread wide open. The pain is excruciating. She holds it there for a moment and the pain subsides a little.

“Just breathe, the more you tense up the more it’ll hurt,” she says. I took a deep breath in, trying my best to relax…

But she didn’t give me the luxury of another breath before she started pushing more of that dick inside me. At least she didn’t go hard, just eased that dick in my ass inch by inch.

She rubbed her hand up my back as she paused her forward motion. I gotta admit, the way she touched me, both gentle and rough, made me want more.

Her nails raked down my back, making me gasp. She grabbed both of my hips and suddenly gave me a hard thrust, lodging the rest of her dick inside me.

“Urgggghhhh, Fuuuck!” I grunt out in pain as I felt her balls rest up against mine.

“There, the worst part is over,” she says.

I look back at her as she tears off her sports bra, revealing two firm breasts.

“God this is a dream come true,” Nicole moans as she rubs her own breasts. “Dave, you have no idea how much I have fantasized about fucking you…”

Slowly, she starts gyrating her hips back and forth, bringing that cock in and out of my ass. The pain has subsided some, but she keeps rubbing that dick up against a spot in my ass and I can’t lie… It feels kind of good.

“Urgggh fuck…” I moan as she continues to slowly hump me. Now that my asshole has loosened up some, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Fuck, it’s starting to feel real good. She lays a playful smack on my ass as she continues to massage that spot inside my ass with her shaft.

I feel her breasts against my back as she leans down on top of me, wrapping her tight against my abs. She starts to lay kisses all over my shoulder and back as her hand feels up my chest and stomach. God damn, I can get lost in her touch.

“Fuck, your ass is perfect. Does that feel good, Dave?”

‘Uuuhh, fuck yeah…” I heard myself saying. Did I really just say that? I don’t care anymore. I just want her to keep fucking me. God that feels so good.

“I knew you’d like it,” she says. “Don’t worry, Dave… This will be our little secret.”

“Uhh, fuck…” I moan as she lodges that cock inside me. Leaning back up, she grabs my hips and starts to thrust harder and faster into me.

I moaning like a bitch, completely overcome by the pleasure of her dick pounding my asshole. My own cock is as hard as a diamond, ready to blow. A few more thrusts and…

“Fuuuuck!” I roar as my cock sprays the ground with cum. She continues to pound my butthole like a game of whack a mole. Deep, hard thrusts. My moans fill the room along with the slapping of flesh on flesh.

Clip Clap…

My penis continues to ejaculate. I’m in complete heaven with her slamming into my ass. I’ve never came like this in my life. To be fair, I’ve never had sex before.

This girl has claimed my virginity and my ass.

“Fuck, Dave! I’m going to cum inside you…” She slams deep inside me and all of a sudden I feel a hot liquid fill my insides. “Uuuuhhh, fuck…”

She collapses on top of me with her cock still lodged inside of my ass and I collapse on the cold hard ground, too exhausted to move right now. She kisses my shoulder. “That was… That was amazing,” she sighs. “I can’t believe you came with just my dick fucking your ass. You must have really enjoyed it, huh?”

Finally, she pulls out with an audible pop. I can feel some of her cum ooze out of my ass. I roll over on my back as she climbs to her feet, standing over me. Her cock is still dripping cum. She holds out her hand and helps me to my feet. I’m a bit wobbly and my ass is a little sore.

“Take it easy,” she says, wrapping her arm around my waist.

I look into her eyes. “Please… Please don’t tell anyone about this…”

She sighs. “Fine… only if we can keep doing this! I mean, come on… You enjoyed it didn’t you? You did cum without touching your dick.”

“Huhhh, fine… But seriously… please don’t tell anyone… Promise me.” She looks up at me with those baby blue eyes. I can see a hint of shame in them.

“Fine, I promise I won’t tell anyone… Wouldn’t want your friends to think you were gay or anything. God forbid you hooked up with a trans girl…” she sighs as she breaks off from me and grabs her clothes as she leaves the shower room. I turn on the shower and wash the sex off of me.

The mixture of emotions inside me has me all confused. I can’t deny that I enjoyed it, that’s true. But I also can’t help but feel a little bit humiliated… I’m not gay… Nor have I ever thought about cock before now.

On top of those emotions, I feel a bit guilty. The look on Nicole’s face after I asked if she wouldn’t tell anyone… As if she was some kind of taboo or forbidden secret. I mean… I obviously liked her before I found out she was transgender. I can’t deny we have some kind of connection. But if my friends found out she fucked me in the ass like some kind of slut, it’d be the end of me.

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