A Fun Day At Astroworld

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The roller coaster caught the chain and started moving out of the loading station. As soon the train of small cars begin it’s slow rattling trip toward the top of the first hill, Dave twisted around in the seat and worked his way down under the safety bar.

“What are you doing,” Karen hissed as she leaned over the safety bar, “you’ll kill yourself?”

They were in the last seat, in the last car, of the Texas Cyclone roller coaster. No one could see them unless they raised up and turned around. Besides, Judy and Sarah were in the seat in front of them and they had all been friends since starting high school.

“OK,” Sarah whispered, are we going to show them that there’s more to loving then just kissing and hugging when we go to Astroworld tonight?

“As soon as we get a chance.” Judy said. “I’ll volunteer to teach Dave a few things myself and maybe you can give Karen a lesson in loosing up a little.

Karen had already decided to let Dave have his way with her tonight. They had been dating off and on since high school and she figured it was time to take it to the next stage. She had wanted to give in Saturday night two weeks ago. After a few deep kisses and some crotch tingling breast fondling her body was more then ready, but she still thought maybe Dave would give in and propose if she kept being a “nice girl.” After all everyone says guys have fun with girls that will and marry those who won’t..

Tonight would be a different story however. She had decided that if she gave in, and gave him a sample, maybe he would love it so much, he would want to get married. Tonight she was wearing her pink fuzzy sweater without a bra and she was sure that Dave already knew she wasn’t wearing panties. She could tell by the way his hand made a kind of double take when he rubbed her rear through the tight thin skirt.

I promised you that tonight the Cyclone would be a thrill ride that you’d never forget, don’t you remember?” He told her as he moved over between her knees, kneeling on the floor..

“Dave, what will anyone think if they look back. Get back up here, we’re almost to the top.”

Dave güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had been trying to get into Karen’s pants every since he met her when they were freshmen and getting to play with her titties and some hot kissing wasn’t enough. Tonight was going to be the night. It was time to pull out the big guns and use plan B. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he had discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties when he rubbed her butt through the tight skirt. Now she was going to be in a place where she couldn’t back away.

“D A V E, what are you doing.” She scolded loudly enough to make the two girls in front of them giggle out loud when he slipped his arms under her thighs and pulled her bottom forward in the seat. Karen’s skirt slipped higher as her body moved forward, exposing her crotch.

Sarah spoke out in a very loud voice. “Doesn’t it just piss you off when a girl puts on a weakling act to impress a stupid boy?”

“It sure does Sarah, especially when she’ll probably be comforting him before we get to the end of the ride.” Sarah giggled in answer as her hand slipped under her Judy’s sweater to find a bare tit..

As they approached the crest of the hill Dave’s head suddenly ducked and buried itself deep between her thighs. Karen’s body froze when she felt his tongue against her vagina and all she could do was grip the safety bar.

“Oh Dave-e-e-e-e-e-e-e” She screamed all the way down the first hill. “Oh Dave, oh shit Dave I can’t stand it. By now his tongue was whipping back and forth across her clit and her whole lower body was vibrating as the overpowering waves of pleasure swept upward warming her body as they grew stronger.

Sarah and Judy were laughing now. “Some girls will do any thing to get a little attention from a boy,” one said, “even pretend to be scared and act like a wimp. What a show, huh sweety?”

“Oh-oh-oh-oh,” Karen whimpered up the next hill as Dave’s hands and arms, still under her thighs had slipped up under her sweater and each hand was pinching a swollen nipple as his tongue continued to torment her clit.

“Ahhhhh ahhh güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ahhhh” she screamed with her head thrown back. She continued screaming and moaning all the way down and up over the next hill. Her eyes were closed and her hips were bucking as the orgasm shook her body. Neither one of them saw the small mirror rise above the Judy’s shoulder in front of them.

“Shit, no wonder she’s raising so much fuss.” Judy said.

“Why.” The other ask.

“Well she’s…, she looks really scared.” Judy said, as she watched Dave’s head bobbing up and down

Hey Dave,” Judy said as they got out of the roller coaster car “let’s all ride again and this time I’ll ride with you and your Karen can ride with Sarah.”

“Ahh. . . I don’t know. What do you think Karen. Do you want to ride again with Sarah?”

“I guess so and we can ride together later.” She said, not wanting to seem to possessive.

As soon as the cars started moving, Judy turned and caught Dave’s head and clamped her mouth on his. Her tongue danced an ancient dance as it explored his mouth. Her other hand groped between his legs and found his hardening dick. She unzipped his fly and had his dick in her hand by the time the car was halfway to the top. By the time they got to the top and started down the first hill, she had it in her mouth. She jacked the shaft while her tongue and lips tormented the head. He uttered a couple of loud moans and was cuming before they reached the midway point of the ride.

Being otherwise occupied they didn’t notice that only one head was showing in the seat in front of them. Sarah had Karen’s sweater up and had a mouthful of titty while her hand was working magic in Karen’s already wet pussy.

“I feel kinda sick,” Karen said after they were on the ground again, “Dave would you take me out to the car so I can lay back a few minutes and get over it.”

“Hey, we can all go back for with you for awhile.” Judy suggested.

“Oh no,” Karen quickly answered, “you girls go on and enjoy the rides. I’ll be OK after I lay down a few minutes.”

“If you güvenilir bahis şirketleri don’t mind I’m going to lay back on the back seat a few minutes where it’s dark, Karen said as she opened the back door and started in.

Dave waited by the door as she got in. It was dark in that corner parking lot, but there was enough reflected light that he could still make out her body. “Don’t make the dome light come on Dave or I’ll be embarrassed. It’s so darn hot, I’m burning up.” she added as she pulled her sweater off and lay back. Dave couldn’t believe his eyes as her pure white titties seemed to glow in the dim light. One leg hung off the seat when she raised the other knee, pulling the skirt up to expose the shadowy valley between her legs. Dave was on his knees on the floorboard and had his face was buried between her legs before she could have stopped him, if she had wanted to.

In minutes she was experiencing the second orgasm of the evening. “Oh. . . Dave,” she got out between whimpers, “I… have to… have you… inside me.”

Dave nuzzled her lower belly, then above her waist, before he attacked the hard nipples. After a minute he stopped her whimpers with his mouth on hers and pressed his dick against the overheated tight opening. It was still full of juices from the recent activity on the roller coaster and he slipped in with very little pressure after the hymen gave way. She felt the sting when it tore, but it was quickly forgotten as every slow stroke forward bumped his tight pad of hair against her swollen clit. They both had an orgasm and Dave was still slowly pumping into her, enjoying the sensations as his dick began to soften when they were blinded by a couple of bright flashes of light.

“Did you all have fun?” Judy ask, from beside the car as Dave raised up and another flash caught them, full face. “We decided we were tired too and wanted to rest a little while with you and Karen.

You uhhh… you wouldn’t want to let us have those pictures you just took, would you?” Dave ask.

“Well; I think we can work something out.” Judy answered as she pulled her skirt up, exposing her long white legs and the dark bush, neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart, where the legs joined. “Here’s a good place to start and if your tongue can make me feel as rested as it did Karen awhile ago we’re half way there. Then if Karen is able to make Sarah feel that good, the pictures are yours.


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