A Forbidden Love Ch. 01

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Chapter One: A Night to Remember

The years passed and the bond between Rene and me appeared to slow erode as we started living separate lives. The codes and signals of affection turned to relics of children. Our nighttime comforting came to an end, becoming an almost forgotten tradition. Our parents were pleased by the strange turn of events, not sure what’d happened, but pleased nonetheless.

She indeed turned into a woman, in less time than the other girls I knew. She developed a nice hourglass body as her hips filled out, with large, firm breasts and as desirable as any guy could want when they jiggled or bounced. The rear rounded and firmed, tightening with age until it’s seductive swishing hypnotized most of the guys in school. She had let her wavy hair grow until the long, silky, auburn strands reached her firm behind, and flowed about her angelic face in the most beautiful way. The delicate, heart-shaped face softened in time with a more angelic look, as her eyes grew long lashes to bat at men, to further entice them with her sky blue eyes, and her lips grew more dangerous to look at, becoming full and naturally pouty. The legs that had helped in little league way back when grew longer yet, but now they curved in a way they never did before and held not an ounce of fat in the toned, well shaped length.

With her turning into a woman, I’d hoped early on that the stimulus to my erections would go away, but instead the desire for her only became more intense. We kept pretty much out of each other’s way now, even had separate friends as our childhood group fractured as the heart of it separated. It would only make matters worse if we spent more time together than needed. Somehow, though, it felt like she mirrored my own mournful feelings of the loss between us.

The two of us began dating and going out to parties and things like that. At sixteen, I got my license and a job at a nearby mall. I’d turned into an average teenager, involved with the baseball team and with schoolwork, in addition to my social activities. For awhile, I did have a steady girlfriend, but when I wouldn’t go all the way with her, she dumped me and started going out with a football player.

Funny, it’s supposed to be the girl who doesn’t want to have sex, but something in me wouldn’t do anything. She asked me repeatedly if it was her, and of course, I told her it wasn’t, it was me. Eventually the excuse didn’t hold water, so in that I don’t blame her. A year after she dumped me, she got pregnant and rumor had it her new boyfriend, her fifth or sixth after we broke up, got her knocked up. Still, I wanted that very first time to be special, I just wasn’t sure why it had to be. Sure, I was as horny as any other guy in school, even masturbated to help ease the tension, but when it stood before me, I couldn’t step up to the plate.

A lot of girls wanted to go out with me, and after that one steady girlfriend spread around the truth of our breakup, not painting a very good picture for herself in the process, I found even more girls looking at me, definitely hoping I’d asked them out. People called me “the Nice Guy”, the one you could take home to meet the parents, just because of that one little thing.

And Rene didn’t slump in the dating. She shot down enough guys who asked her out that she earned her own reputation, “the Gunner”. No, she preferred the nice guys, only once they got her alone, most lost the nice exterior to show a raving horn dog. Her legs remained tightly locked together the entire time and when it seemed she had a steady boyfriend, fate conspired against our parents’ warnings.

Something happened one November day that sent our parents out to California. On Wednesday night, my mother’s only sister got into a car accident with her husband and kids, and only my aunt and cousins survived, so mom and dad immediately took emergency leave from their jobs and prepared to fly out on Thursday. As the man of the house, dad told me take care of my sister and watch over the house, they’d let us know when they’d be home, stuff like that. All fine and dandy. It seemed so easy and I figured that by now, Rene and I could deal with each other without any strangeness, so easy.

That night, I drove them to the airport in Hartford and then drove home alone. Rene had stayed home on the pretense of preparing for a test the next day, but secretly I knew that as soon as mom and dad left, she’d have Will over to make out. The drive back took forever. Pulling into the driveway, only mom’s car sat near dad’s barn, no company from Will’s red pickup. Maybe she did have a test after all, I thought even as I got out, snow crunching under my foot and made my way from the Explorer to the house, coming in the kitchen door.

Everything seemed quiet and I heard the television on in the living room, not up too loud but loud enough that I knew Rene’s location. While I went about the kitchen making something to eat, something told me she had come in behind me, and sure enough, looking over my shoulder, there sarıyer escort she stood in the door frame, but holding herself tight and eyes ringed in red with signs of crying. A thought stirred, only taking a moment until a full blown thought, and reaction borne of instinct, took hold. I slammed down the butter knife on the counter in rage, but seeing my sister, the need to comfort her took priority.

Without any words, she lurched towards me and I strode to her. Her body went almost limp in my arms. One of her arms swung up under mine and clutched at my back, the other circled my neck, all the while her head dug deep into my heavy coat and chest, sobbing frantically. After I let her cry awhile, I guided her to the table and sat her down, sitting myself in another chair in front of her. It took her awhile before I thought she could talk, and a thought kept me from pushing her into confirming my suspicions.

See, from the moment I’d met him, Will seemed too nice, with a sterling reputation better than mine. But guys notice little things about each other and know more than girls do, so we’d like to think. He just always had a bad feel about him, and I warned him more than once if he hurt her, I’d personally hurt him more. Never once would I put it past him to try and rape a girl, and a brother’s still a brother. Even after all that happened between us, I’d kept protecting her in secret.

Finally, she could talk through the sobs, so I looked at her with a stern expression, locking my eyes on her. I’d learned that doing that would get more from a woman, like the eyes of a woman held the depths of her soul. But when she spoke, she tried to look away, and almost immediately I felt I knew what she wanted to say, all without a single look or word from her.

“Will didn’t do that, Rick.” Her strained voice bore further shame and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why. “He… He tried to get me to do that, but when I didn’t, he said he couldn’t take it anymore and tried to, but I hit him, then kicked him, and kept hitting him and kicking him and he tried to force me down and fuck me still. Then I… Then I smashed grandma’s vase over his head and threw him out.”

I took her hand, drawing a look puzzling look from her. Maybe if I’d been thinking more clearly, I’d have seen the warning sign, but as incensed as I was, no part of my brain could see it. “He still tried, and I’m gonna see that he pays for it. No one does that to you, no one!”

But her other hand touched my chest gently to try and calm me down and her eyes pleaded with me to let her speak. “Please, God, no. I-I-I don’t want you to confront him or anything.”

“And why the hell not?!” I shouted in fury, with no clue why she didn’t let me go after him, after what he’d done to her. I could even see the rips in her skirt and missing buttons on her pink blouse. “Give me one good reason, Rene, because what he did wasn’t just wrong, it’s GODDAMN ILLEGAL!”

Before I could stop her, she placed her hand on my cheek, her other hand holding mine tight, despite the trembling. “Because, if you go, I’m afraid of what he’ll tell you.” As quickly as she said that, her head dipped and averted my eyes.

Still riding the raging emotion, I just stared blankly at her through slitted eyes, all hot and blood running to every muscle and boiling hotter than I’d thought possible. “What could he possibly tell me you didn’t tell me already? He tried to rape you! And you’re just going to let him get away with it, no punishment?”

“Rick,” she whispered, almost too low to catch, and almost to the point it didn’t even come out, instead nearly catching in her throat. She pulled her hands away and took off for the stairs.

I followed, now wanting to know just what did transpire so I could use it against Will when I kicked the crap out of him. Mounting the stairs, an image of using my brand new bat on his head, seeing him in more pain than he’d caused her. But when I found her bedroom door locked, I went into my room, eyes falling on the new bat on the bed as I walked into the closet. Finding the hidden switch, the secret door opened and I stepped into her closet and bedroom. She sat on her bed, rocking herself back and forth. When she saw me step out, she sighed mournfully, and again I felt the old, familiar connection between us, the unsaid feeling of our loss.

“I’m not going to leave you here, if that’s what you’re afraid of,” I comforted. “Now, will you tell me just exactly what you’re afraid to tell me?”

Looking back on things now, I wonder still at what happened next that night. She moved faster than I could react, rushing into me and letting loose a passionate kiss I’d never thought to get from her. When she broke the kiss, leaving me standing completely in shock, she turned her back on me and whispered, “Because he figured out he couldn’t be you.”

Still in shock, and with part of me wanting to be repulsed by her admittance despite esenyurt escort not being feeling at all, I just took a step back, then another, until finally I just fell on the floor and sat there with a million and one thoughts going through me. “Bu-but you don’t, you can’t. And then there’s what mom and dad-”

“I know, I know,” she whispered, more to herself than her brother. “You think I haven’t tried to stop it, haven’t tried to repress this, this evil desire? Oh, God, on some level, I‘ve always wanted you and wouldn‘t let another boy have me because he just wasn‘t you. I‘ve always wanted you, Rick, and we can‘t because incest is a sin.”

Something welled up inside and brought me to my senses and my feet in short order. Stepping up behind her, I put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. “You’re not the only one feeling that way. Since that last night, when we knew we couldn’t be with each other, I’ve tried to push down my need for you with everything I had. And for awhile, I thought I did a pretty good job…” Something lodged, the final words of the sentence, but with some doing I forced them out, but barely enough for her to catch them, “Until now.”

With a slow start, she turned on me, taking the hand from her shoulder and holding it in both of hers. It took awhile before she could bring herself to look at me but eventually her eyes met mine, an emotion in them I’d not seen in her before but knew immediately without effort: desire. Ever so gradually, our lips locked together, unsure of each other at first, but slowly our kiss took on more passionate undertones, our mouths opening to each other and tongues mingling while dancing from mouth to mouth. Arms wrapped around my chest, her fingers clutching the heavy coat I still wore. With her closeness to me, her lips locked with mine, I realized it was now useless to fight the forbidden desire inside, and plunged myself headlong into what strange road lay ahead of us both.

First, the coat fell to the floor as she pushed it away. My eager hands, wanting to know my sister’s body now more fully, pulled open the now buttonless blouse, exposing the white lace bra filled with my sister’s perfectly formed, firm flesh. She didn’t fight me, instead letting the blouse slide from her shoulders and to the floor behind her. But at that moment, something had taken hold and the fires long cooled erupted into an unheard of blaze of passion in each of them. I took her body in my arms and pressed it to mine, too caught up in the blaze to care about how wrong it was. It might have only made the blaze more intense, as we let ourselves go with the surging mutual desire to have each other.

Soon, my unbuttoned shirt joined the other clothes, but it didn’t end there. Guided by her own hands, I slipped her skirt off, briefly touching the lacy panties she wore before grabbing her hips. As our furious and needy mouths continued kissing, I could feel her hands between us, unbuttoning my pants. With a firm, almost experienced, motion, my pants sagged down to my knees and with a little push from one of her feet, I stepped out of my shoes and my pants. The leg entwined around mine, our bodies now fully pressed against me.

Now, I felt her trembling under me, but not from fear or panic, but from the simple desires we’d long denied ourselves. Reaching between us, I pulled at the bra, feeling the clasp release immediately. At least I’d done that enough times with other girls to know what to do now. Feeling it give, she let it fall on the floor before resuming our embrace, unwilling to break it now as much as I didn’t want to. Within that long kiss, I felt her smile when her tits mashed up against my bare chest, and she only pressed harder into me, driving tingling sensations all over my skin. By this point, my cock had not only stiffened, but I’d swear it grew three times its size, poking into my sister’s navel. She didn’t care at the moment, too involved with my hot tongue, and I with her tongue at the moment.

Eventually, it stood to reason that we’d end up either on her floor or her bed, and after the night she had, the bed was best. I picked her up, her legs wrapping around my waist, and as I stepped closer to her bed, I walked more from memory since parts of me still had other things to take care of, most especially my mouth and everything inside it. As carefully as I could, and feeling very loving at the moment, though not sure why, I laid her down on the bed, only now releasing our lips from the kiss. She tried not to let me go, but when I stood up again, there was a distinctive whimper, silenced only when I looked at her, a secret message from me to her that things were far from over between us. With that, she stretched out, relaxing herself.

There before me lay my sister and suddenly it hit with the force of a thousand boulders that we’d already engaged in something we shouldn’t have and were more than willing to go to the point of no return. While I cleared the bed of all her stuffed animals, I wondered avrupa yakası escort if I should tell her my concerns now. It needed to be said and I felt she needed to decide if she really wanted to continue this or stop now before it was too late. In my parent’s voices, I heard the impassioned cry, “If you two do this, you’ll go to hell,” but now those voices sounded so far away. Every other part of me, however unimportant to this particular moment, knew it wanted this more than anything and was willing to suffer the consequences later.

The concerns wrestled inside me until she finally grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit next to her almost nude body. The smile didn’t carry a hint of lust at the moment, instead one of loving concern. “What’s wrong, Rick? Tell me, please, it looks important.”

Looking at her and putting on my concerned smile, I said softly, “Are you absolutely, positively sure you want to go all the way through with this?” She looked at me in disbelief, the smile fading away. “Before you get the idea I don’t want this, you’re wrong. And while I have the feeling you want to go all the way now, finish this act, I just want to know, need to know, if you really are willing to accept the consequences of what we do?”

Her smile returned and she pat my hand in reassurance. “We were once closer than any other two people could be, even a husband and wife, but because we denied then these wants and needs, it hurt us in other ways. I dunno, maybe someone mixed things up and when we each should’ve gone to different mothers, we went into the same mother. Or, maybe it’s not as wrong as everyone says. Why, in ancient Egypt, brothers and sisters married all the time, so who says it’s wrong?”

“But, there’ll be consequences. You could get pregnant, for one. That’s a major one, because dad’ll flip and demand to know who the baby’s father is. Could you possibly say it was any boy you’ve dated?”

When she giggled, I took notice. “Silly, I know my schedule and it’s more regular than any girl or woman I know. I get my period on schedule without fail, at the time I predict.”

“Ok. What about mom and dad, what if they catch us together or somehow find out? What then?”

“Easy. We just have to be careful. Remember when they put us in separate rooms, we still snuck into each other’s rooms at night.” The memory of that time brought back the night that forced us to spend the nights from then until this moment alone. A somber mood suddenly replaced the concern but she continued on. “Rick, I want to do this, and damn the consequences. Will’s attack wasn’t what made me cry, it was what he said. Once he left it dawned on me that he was right. I cried for over an hour before you got home, just lying there. You don’t know how many times over the last few years I’ve wanted to be in your arms and holding you and have you holding me. I wanted then to have you comfort me like back then so badly.”

A loving smile spread my lips as I stroked her hair. “We were so close once and we threw it away. Can we make up for lost time now?”

“If we can’t now, then we’ll have plenty of time ahead of us. Because if we do this, I won’t want to ever stop.” Her hand snaked behind my head and pulled me into her kiss, and I only showed token resistance, only wanting to play with her. Our lips met, something happened, something different. Instead of passionate and furious kissing, we kissed like lovers, only wanting to let it continue. Our lips lightly touching each other and sliding slowly over one another, it felt tender and betrayed our hearts to each other, if we didn’t already know what we wanted.

So, I laid down next to her without ending that soft kissing, moving over her and propping up on an elbow. My free hand stroked her cheek and my thumb traced her jaw, but before long it wanted to go exploring and slid gently down. After feeling up so many girls, I’d learned one secret to turning them on, lightly, almost barely, letting my fingertips, and only my fingertips, glide over her skin, all the way down her soft skin, sending a thousand tingling sensual sensations throughout her body. They reached her panties and slid underneath the thin material, giving me what surely would be new information, because instead of a nice bush, I discovered only baby smooth skin all the way down.

She moaned into my mouth so softly, I only loved her more for it. Up until now, our eyes remained closed long into the kiss, but I opened mine and she opened hers and the sparks between us turned to bolts of electricity.

God, how it felt to have her against my body, quivering with anticipated bliss, and guiding my hand now to her secret treasure that once I glimpsed in our innocence. Now, though, my hand actually touched her wet slit, and it was wetter than any of the girls I’d fondled before. Using that juice from her waiting pussy, my fingers started long and slow circles over her lips, one finger deviating from the rest and sliding through her slit, up and down. Her next moan was louder than the first, and I felt her hand let go of mine and she hugged herself to me, even as my hand and fingers worked her willing mound. Before long, in the way I knew, she started moaning more and more, until finally it all came to an end with her clenching at me through her orgasm, and still we kissed tenderly, just enjoying each other.

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