A First Time to Remember Ch. 02

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(Thanks to “larryinseattle” for taking time from his vacation to edit this story and make it so much better)


Steven stood at the side of the bed staring down at the beauty laying in front of him, her legs spread wide and her arms open invitingly. “Who would ever believe this?” he mused.

And ‘Who would ever believe this?’ To answer that you’d have to go back over 20 years. Steven’s mother was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 13 and for the next three years she ‘fought the good fight’. Unfortunately, she lost her battle when he was 16. His father was seldom around, though Steven would never understand until recently why.

Two weeks before his 17th birthday, his father returned from one of those trips with his new ‘trophy wife’, Cassandra. He had instantly fallen for her, or at least for her body. Only 6 years older than him, she was 5-foot, 5-inches tall though she was almost always wearing high-heels so she was closer to 5 – 8. Her hair that was so blonde is almost looked white. Her skin was the color of cream and her eyes were hazel with flecks of gold that shimmered when she laughed or was excited. Yet it was her 34FF-25-36 figure that immediately caught everyone’s attention, including his.

When she had caught him staring she laughed rather than being mad and explained that it happened all the time. A fact which was proven over and over again as he watched men stare and ogle her beauty while women varied between looks of lust and envy.

When he graduated from high school, his father had sent to Europe to a very prestigious university. His years there had been uneventful, with the exception of the cards and calls that he routinely got from Cassandra. After graduation, he’d stayed in Europe where he and a classmate had started their own computer software company specializing in accounting.

That was ten years ago. The two of them were in almost constant contact and nothing was ‘off limits’ during those conversations except sex. That had changed six months earlier when she shared how frustrated she was with her and his father’s sex life.

He’d replied that he thought his father was a fool and that if she were his he’d make love to her every chance he had.

The silence that had followed felt as vast as space and seemed to last forever until she’d replied, “Then come back home and prove it.”

It had taken him awhile to arrange things with his partner but he’d finally arrived home less then 48 hours ago. Cassandra had met him in the bar of the hotel where he was staying the next night and hey hadn’t left his room since. They’d ravished each other, loved each other and fucked each other, each time leaving a load of his cum deep inside her.

Afterwards, they had talked about a future together and he had been surprised when she told him that she was already taking steps to divorce his father because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him … if he wanted her.

Of course he wanted her. “Only an idiot wouldn’t want to spend a lifetime with this gorgeous, loving and extremely seductive woman,” he’d thought.

Together they’d called his father and explained how and what had happened. Surprisingly, he wasn’t mad or upset. Instead, he’d explained that he’d made a mistake marrying Cassie in an attempt to fill the void caused by the loss of his one true love, Steven’s mom. He’d wished them the very best and the call was done.

Now, standing beside the bed he stared in amazement at her beauty. Her hair was fanned out encircling her head, her eyes sparkled even in the dim lighting of the bedside lamp. Her skin, while still cream-colored, showed distinct tan-lines which highlighted the more intimate areas. Her breasts lay proudly on her chest, proving what she’d once said about them being ‘all natural’ and her nipples, surrounded by slightly darker areola, stood out like pebbles on a white sand beach. Small love-bites and bruises were scattered across the globes. Her long, toned legs were spread revealing the blonde fur surrounding her womanhood and the coating of fluids on her inner thighs. The outer lips of her pussy were reddened and puffy from her arousal while a trail of their combined cum leaked from the base of it, occasionally dripping onto the sheets.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he sighed.

A smile instantly covered her face.

“In fact, you’re so beautiful I’m surprised you didn’t try working as a model or something,” he stated off-handedly.

Her eyes suddenly clouded over and her legs pulled together as she whispered, “I did.”

Seeing the change in her, he stretched out on the bed next to her. “You did?”

Rolling onto her side, supporting her head with her elbow she looked at him. “Yes. I … mmmmm … it’s not … ahhhhhhh,” she stammered.

Gently reaching out to her, he stroked her arm as he spoke gently. “Whatever it is, I promise it won’t affect us.”

She took a deep breath and began. “You know I come from Europe, technically Eastern Europe. I was born in a little village in the Czech Republic about 50 kilometers … mmmmmm … 30 miles outside of Prague. Life when I was younger was very hard. My family canlı bahis had a small farm but we barely had enough food to keep us going. So, when I was 16, I left. I went to Prague looking for work. The problem was, so was everyone else. The “Iron Curtain” had recently fallen so everything was all mixed up. I stayed with friends of the family for a couple of days but I saw what a drain I was on them so I left them, too. I wandered the streets, sleeping in the subway or bus station. I had already started to ‘develop’ though not as much as I have now,” she indicated as she glanced down at her body.

“During my walks I saw a lot of women working on the street corners as ‘professional women’ or ‘escorts’. The only difference was how much they were paid or whether they had a pimp or not. A couple of times the pimps even approached me asking if I was looking for work. Then one night, I ended up sleeping in an alleyway behind a club. One of the girls came out for a break and saw me. I guess she liked what she saw because she asked if I wanted to come in. I was cold and hungry so I said ‘Yes’. Once inside, I saw it was a “Gentleman’s’ club. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful women dancing, on the stage, on the bar, and in ‘private rooms’. The woman called the owner over and introduced me. We talked and he offered me a job after I lied and told him I was 18. First, he wanted me as a dancer but I said no so he offered me a job working behind the bar.”

Steven nodded that he understood when she paused.

“I worked as a bartender for about a year but noticed that that dancers always seemed to make more money and have better clothes. When I asked one of them about it, she told me that some of the women did very private parties on the side and others had gentlemen friends who ‘took care’ of them, while a third group … those who were especially beautiful … got jobs as models. Then she told me she thought I could easily be one of that special group,” she sighed before continuing.

“Anyway, she called a friend of hers … a photographer … and made arrangements. I met with him a few days later. At first I only did ‘glamour shots’ while my body filled out. The problem was that the longer I worked with him the more I found myself attracted to him. Then one night, just after my 18th birthday, we did a really erotic bikini shoot. I got so turned on by displaying myself to him that afterwards we became lovers. I had never experienced anything like it before and was so exhausted that I fell asleep right there. When I woke up a little while later, I found him standing over the top of me taking pictures. I got really mad but he insisted the pictures were just for him. I was still a bit naive so I didn’t say anything.” She paused, waiting to see his reaction.

Once again, Steven nodded his head but didn’t say a thing, partially because he didn’t want her to stop and partially because he was becoming so intrigued.

“I didn’t hear from him after that, which wasn’t unusual, though I had though it might since we were lovers. Then one of the women from the club came up to me one night and congratulated me on my photo shoot. I didn’t know what she was talking about since the bikini shoot wasn’t due to be made public for another couple of weeks. When I asked, she pulled out a men’s magazine and there I was, front cover and centerfold…naked. I was hurt, embarrassed and furious. I called the distributor, trying to put a stop to the magazine but they said their deal was with photographer and I’d need to get a hold of him. I called continuously for three days before tracking him down. He admitted the pictures were from the night we had made love but also told me that according to the law they were his to do with as he pleased after I told him he could keep them. Needless to say we had a MAJOR fight right then and there.”

“Fucking son-of-a-bitch,” Steven snarled.

“Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. I noticed a decrease in the number of photo jobs I was getting and when I asked one of the photographers, who also happened to be a friend, about it, he told me that the first photographer had ‘black-balled’ me. He also warned me that the bastard had said the worst was yet to come.

I headed home, thinking I could use a break as well as get as far away as possible from whatever ‘the worst’ might be. It just wasn’t far enough. Six weeks later, my father came storming into the house and told me I had to leave. That he wasn’t going to have a tramp living under his roof. When I asked what he was talking about he threw the box cover from a film on the table. My picture on the cover, the title ‘SLUT GIRL’S FIRST TIME’ plastered over the top. So I left.

With nowhere else to go, I went back to Prague. I knew better than to try and stop the distribution of the tape but I called anyway. I talked to a very nice woman who explained the laws regarding the adult film industry … as well as how much it paid. To be honest, I was shocked. I tried to be a ‘good girl’ but after two months, I was broke and on the verge of living on the streets again. Instead, I decided I might as well be exactly what everyone now thought I was. I called bahis siteleri the same woman back at the distribution company. She put me in contact with a ‘director’ and you can guess the rest. I only worked in the industry for a couple of years and used the money I made to live off of and to invest. By the time I quit though, everyone knew me, or should I say recognized my assets,” glancing down at her chest. “Another really crazy thing is that during that time it was a big deal in Prague to have a star or starlet from the adult films as a guest in your home or at a party your were throwing. That’s how I met your dad and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.”

“Wow. So you were a big name in the ‘industry’ in Europe?”

“Well, I don’t know about a ‘big name’ but I was pretty well known. That’s also where I learned some of the things we enjoyed together tonight and to talk the way I do at times. After all, a ‘good girl’ would never be caught talking like that,” she winked.

“I’m surprised I didn’t see one of your films while I was at school. Some of the guys had pretty extensive libraries of that kind of movie.”

Blushing, she replied, “I’m glad you didn’t. I’m not sure what you might have thought of me or how things might have worked out.”

“Ya, you’re probably right,” he said, soothingly. “But I just thought of something …”


“Did my father know?”

Cassie’s face beamed as she laughed. “Oh ya. He knew alright. Why do you think he called me his ‘perfect woman’ at times?”

Thinking back, he vaguely recalled his father once telling him that the ‘perfect woman’ was a perfect lady out of bed and a perfect slut in bed. Laughing, he answered her question, “I guess he got that right at least.”

“At least …?”

“He did let you go,” he whispered as he leaned over placing his lips lightly on hers.

All the hesitation, concern, and fear that she had felt about telling him about her past evaporated in the one brief moment. “So, you’re not upset?”

“Nope. In fact, if I could I’d thank each and every one of those people. It’s because of them that you are the person you are … the person I love.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she rolled over so she was laying on top of him; her lips pressed against his, her breasts squashed between them, her right leg laying over the top of his body, gently rubbing against his growing cock. “I’m glad to hear that … VERY glad.”

Instantly, his cock began to harden, partially from the feel of her soft, smooth skin and partially from the motion of her leg as it rubbed against it. A low, guttural rumble voiced his pleasure as he returned her kiss.

“Would you like me to show you something else I learned while I was in the ‘industry’?” she whispered seductively.


Sliding down the length of his body, her nipples tantalized his flesh as they slid across it with the lightness of a feather. Gently, she pressed his legs apart settling between them with her buttocks on her ankles. Her massive breasts now lay on each side of his stiffened member. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have my tits wrapped around your cock?” she inquired seductively.

“I’d be a liar if I said no,” he replied.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to make you a liar,” she teased as she used her hands to press the globes together, trapping his cock between them.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, soft and warm,” he sighed.

Slowly, she began to rock back and forth, sliding his cock into and out of her breast tunnel. “How about that, lover?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like it before.”

Snickering, she answered, “And the best is yet to come,” as she released saliva to drip down between her breasts lubricating his shaft as it slid through the valley.

“Ohhhhhhhh. It almost feels like … I’m not sure how to describe it,” he groaned. “it’s not nearly as tight and wet as your pussy yet …,” it was only then that he realized that she was putting pressure on her tits that kept the nerves under the head of his cock in a state of constant contact with her skin. “Aaarrgghhh, you’re such a vixen.”

“Thank you, lover, but there’s still one more thing to do,” she said as she tucked her chin bringing her lips directly in line with his cock as it exited the top of her cleavage. Leaning forward, she lightly licked the head of his cock each time it popped into view.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck,” he growled. It was as if someone had hooked him up to a high voltage power line and thrown the switch. Almost instantly, he felt like he was going to explode.

Teasingly, she licked, once, twice, and on the third time, she released her tit-grip on him, opened her mouth, and took the glistening head into it. Slowly, her lips slid down the length of his shaft, her tongue caressing every inch along the way. She pulled back and kissed the head, allowing the tip of her tongue to slither into the opening. Using her hand, she pumped up and down his cock. Within moments he felt the cum within his balls begin to boil.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop,” he gasped.

“Not yet, baby,” she murmured as she bahis şirketleri kissed the outside of his shaft alternating with her tongue licking up and down as if devouring an ice cream cone.

“Too much … can’t hold back …,” he rasped.

“Mmmmmmm, I had forgotten how good this tastes,” she replied, “… but I have other plans for this beauty.”

Suddenly, she moved again. Gliding up over him, she straddled his lap, and positioned the head of his cock at the threshold of her womanly treasure. “Guess what happens now?” she teased as she slowly lowered herself down on it. Inch by inch it disappeared into her core. “Oh honey, you’re so big” she moaned as her pussy enveloped his cock. Mesmerized, his gaze shifted between the sight of his cock entering her pussy, and the look of intense pleasure on her face.

“Sooooo tight. Aaaahhhhh.” It wasn’t as if he hadn’t already known but he’d assumed that she’d be looser after making love three times already and being as wet as she was, instead, it felt like a velvet-lined vise clamping down on him.

“I told you I’d teach you something new,” she whispered. “All those years taught me a lot about how to keep myself tight no matter how big my partner was or how often he fucked me.”

It seemed like an eternity to him as she lowered herself until he felt her public hair brush against his and the tip of his cock press against her cervix once again. She sat there motionless, her head thrown back and her hands resting on his chest, supporting herself. Then almost imperceptibly, he felt the muscles of her pussy begin to expand and contract, giving a rippling feeling from the bottom to the top and back down again. “Tantric sex,” she whispered in his ear as she leaned forward pressing her nipples against his.

He had no option but to bite his lower lip to hold back the growing tension in his balls.

Finally, he felt her lift and shift her weight, rocking back and forth on his cock just a little. Two maybe three inches before she thrust down and back ramming his cock head against her cervix, over and over.

Instinctively, his own hips began to respond as he lifted them to meet her thrusts. Like two lovers who had been together for years rather than days, they developed an easy natural rhythm together. Just before she got to the top, he would start down. Just before she would get to the bottom, he would start to thrust up again. Neither knew nor cared how long they went on like that, slow, relaxed, easy, no urgency at all, both of them challenging the other and themselves to make it last as long as humanly possible.

Ever so slowly, their rhythm began to increase, faster and faster he slid in and out of her slick, warm tunnel, with longer, deeper strokes. She laid down on him, her tits flattened, her nipples drilling into his chest, her mouth finding his, sucking his tongue into her mouth as if trying to devour it. Their strokes became longer and harder, the sound of slapping flesh resounding throughout the room. His cock pulled out almost to the head, then slammed back in, hitting bottom, before withdrawing again. All the while, the muscles of her pussy contracting on the uptake and relaxing on the thrust like a well-oiled machine. He could feel himself coming closer and closer to cumming. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her body tight against his. His lips found her ear lobe, kissing it, sucking on it, tickling it with the tip before slipping in. Gasping for air, he knew he was only moments away from the most powerful orgasm he’d ever experienced yet somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that was one more thing he wanted to do for her. “Almost there … can’t hold back much longer,” he groaned.

“I know, honey, I can feel it. Just hold on for a moment longer, I want us to cum together … just a minute more … I’m almost there, too …”

Knowing now was the time, he seized the moment. He rolled her over so she was under him, his cock still buried deep inside of her and grabbed her legs and threw them over her shoulders as he buried himself deeper and harder than he’d ever done before. “AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH … CCCCCUUUUMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG,” he screamed, not caring who in the hotel might hear him.

She felt his cock pulse inside her, rocketing his cum up his cock and into her. The feel of the lava-hot cum sent her over the edge into the abbess of her own orgasm. “Meeeee, tooooo … Arghhhhhhhhh,” she croaked. The weight of his body bent and flattened her, driving the air from her lungs. “Cum … with … me, … baby. Fill … my … pussy … with … your … man-cream. Ohhhhhhhhh … fuck meeeeeeeee,” she panted as she ground her pussy up against him. Again and again his cock exploded, shooting strand after strand of sticky liquid deep into her body, coating her walls and the entrance to her womb until it dripped from her pussy as she shuddered and quivered from her own orgasm. Neither had ever felt so satisfied or fulfilled as they did at that moment.

Her body continued to slowly rise and fall, trying to drain every drop of seed from his cock. As her orgasm finally began to fade, he released her legs, letting them fall to the bed as he rested his body on hers, supporting his weight with is elbows and knees. Placing a hand on the sides of his face, she lifted upwards, kissing him gently on the lips. “Thank you,” was all she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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