A Favor For A Friend

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Returning from my Thursday afternoon class, I saw the fresh sticky note on my college dormitory room door.

“Dan. Call your aunt. Today before five if possible.”

The message, taken by another dorm resident, sounded innocent enough to the casual reader, except I have no aunt. The message was from Eileen Hamilton, a 44-year young farm wife from my home town, a very small farming community. I chronicled my first sexual encounter with her in an earlier story, “Harvest’s Over”. The message she left was coded to help conceal our ongoing, though from my perspective too infrequent, sexual relationship. In fact, only twice in the ten months since our first meeting by the river near her home had we been able to meet at a motel near my college. Her husband rarely left home for more than an hour or two to go into town. The message she left suggested that he would very likely be away until the weekend. Reading the message caused my mind to recall our earlier meetings and my cock to harden in anticipation.

I went into my dorm room, took my cell phone from my belt, and dialed Eileen’s telephone number from memory, 555-6935.


“Hello, is this 555-7935?” My inquiry with the incorrect telephone number was to give her a discrete opportunity to tell me she could not talk if her husband, her son, or her daughter were in hearing range.

“Hello, Dan. I’m glad you could call back so quickly.” She was obviously free to talk.

“You know me, Eileen…always eager when you’re involved.”

“Oh, how well I know. But I can’t talk very long. Tom will be back from town before dinner.” Her comment was odd; she usually didn’t call at all unless she was going to be available for one or two days.

“So, what’s up then?” I asked with noticeable disappointment in my voice.

“Well, an old friend of mine has been visiting with us for that past two days, and she had planned to be here all next week. Tom’s going to be gone to the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I planned to bring her over so the three of us might visit together.”

A threesome? I’d never even considered that, but to a twenty-year old male with thermonuclear hormones, it was worth thinking about.

“But…,” she continued.

Uh-oh. There are very few positive outcomes when that word pops up.

“…she has her own interior design business, and her office manager called today to tell her she needs to return over the weekend to revise a proposal that must be back to her client by Monday.”

“So, what does your friend’s schedule change have to do with me?” I asked with just a hint of impatience.

“Well, Dan, I’ve told Barbara about you and me and the visits we’ve had. I hope you don’t mind my telling her, by the way, but she and I really are close friends. Very close. Anyway, she had very high hopes of meeting you. So, it ooccurred to me that even though she has a flight out tomorrow night, you might be available tomorrow afternoon.”

“But what about Tom? How are you going to explain being gone?” I asked.

“Well, see, that’s the thing. I can’t come. I was hoping that you might be willing to meet with Barbara alone and help her enjoy her last few hours of visiting. Look, I know it’s a lot to ask, particularly since you’ve never met her, but believe me, you won’t be sorry. In fact, I’m a little concerned that once you’ve gotten to know her, you’ll forget about me.”

It was difficult to tell if Eileen’s last comment was serious or not, so I decided to test her.

“Why would you be concerned about that? What does Barbara have that you don’t?”

She laughed easily.

“Well, if you’re hoping for some 20-year-old screamer with big boobs, forget it. Barbara and I are the same age. But, she certainly has a nice figure. Very sensitive to touches, I might add. And yes, she does have those extra special somethings you and I both find highly arousing…she is a natural woman and very vocal.”

If there had been any reservations about my willingness to meet Barbara, they were erased with that last enticing dialogue. I prefer women who are unashamed to retain their body hair. Their hairy pits, pubes, legs, and arms add fuel to my sexual fires. And my partner’s sounds during sex drive me wild, absolutely wild. Eileen, who is bisexual, appreciates both qualities in her partners as well.

“All right, Eileen. You’ve convinced me. Where and what time shall I meet her tomorrow?”

“Thank you, Dan. You won’t be sorry, I promise. And since you’re doing me such a big favor by helping out a friend, I promise that I’ll make it up to you next time we’re together…if you have regained your strength by then.” She laughed again. “Anyway, Barbara will try and get a room at the Hilltop tomorrow. If you don’t mind, I’ll have her leave a message for you at your dorm. It’ll just say “Your family is flying in on Alaska Airlines flight number so-and-so at such-and-such a time. The flight number will be the room number and the time will be the time. Is that okay?”

“Sure, that’ll be fine.”

“And I’d suggest you wear tight jeans and a tight bahis firmaları tee-shirt, you know, just like you do for me.”

Eileen’s last suggestion was a reference to a preference of her’s. She’s turned on very quickly by a full erection causing a bulge in my jeans when I meet her. Consequently, I’ll sit in my car and stroke myself to a diamond-cutter erection just before knocking on the motel room door.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” I said. “At least, I hope so.”

“Oh, it will. I promise. Just don’t wear yourself out. Remember, Tom is going to be gone for a couple days next week. But given your stamina, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble being ready by then. And…” She paused, apparently uncertain whether to continue.

“What?” I asked.

“Well…” she hesitated, the twinge of indecision still in her voice. “Barbara’s married, too.”

“Yeah? So…?” I interrupted her. Surely she had to know that was of no concern to me.

“Well, she and her husband have a son that’s your age.” She hesitated, her conflict more apparent.

“Okay, Eileen. What is it?”

“Look, Dan, you’ve got to promise me something. You’ve got to promise that you’ll never tell Barbara that I’ve told you what I’m going to tell you. She revealed something to me in the strictest confidence. Promise?”

“Is it something that could get me in trouble?”


“Okay then. What?”

“Barbara has a fantasy. And that’s all it is – a fantasy. She’d never try to fulfill it.”

She paused again, and this time I just waited for her to continue. It was a long and very uncomfortable pause.

“She has a fantasy about having sex with her own son.”

“That’s it? That’s what all this secrecy stuff is about? Good grief, Eileen.”

“Well, I just wanted you to know. Just in case something happens to slip out while you two are together tomorrow.”

“C’mon, Eileen. It’s not like she’s an axe murderer or anything. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with fantasies. I’ve even thought about being with my own mom, and I’ll bet you’ve even jilled yourself more than once thinking about your own son.”

Her silence was my answer, so I went on.

“Let me ask you this: What would happen tomorrow if I were to make Barbara think that when I was with her, I was actually fantasizing about being with my mother?”

After another long pause, Eileen said, “You probably wouldn’t have your strength back by the time we meet next week!”

And so, a plot was formed.

The following day, Friday, I had only morning classes. After the last one, I returned to my dormitory, walked down the hall to one of the two shower rooms on the floor, and showered and shaved. When I returned to my room, there was a note on my door.

“Dan. Your family is on Alaska Airlines flight 349 arriving at 1:30 p.m.”

Good. That gave me a little over an hour to finish dressing and get to the motel.

The Hilltop Suites Motel is an upscale motel, not your usual cheap dump. The university uses it to put up visiting dignitaries, so it has quite a few amenities one would not expect to find in a college-town motel. Most rooms have a living room with bar, writing desk, and television in addition to a large master bedroom that also has a television and a desk.

At 1:25 p.m. I pulled into the motel parking lot and drove around the building until I found room 149. It was in back, and there was only one other car in the parking lot. I looked upward two floors, and there was room 349. Following Eileen’s request, I began to get into my “sexed up” mode. Imagining what Barbara would look like, I began to rub my hand over my jeans. My cock began to swell dramatically. Two minutes later, I was walking up the stairs. Promptly at 1:30 p.m. I knocked on the door to room 349.

“Who is it?” a woman’s voice from inside asked.

“Dan,” I called out.

The door opened a crack, the useless door chain still engaged. I saw part of a face looking back at me.

“Just a sec…”

The door closed briefly, the sliding chain sound followed by the door opening.

“Hi, I’m Dan,” I said not too cleverly. I had a look of surprise on my face, feigned for her consumption.

“Hello, Dan. I’m Barbara. Please, come in,” she extended her hand and I took it as I entered. Her grip was warm, confident. Her eyes quickly appraised my form, stalling only briefly but noticeably on the bulge so evident in my jeans.

“This is a little awkward, isn’t it?” she asked lightly.

I smiled and nodded in agreement, all the while looking straight at her.

“Is something wrong, Dan? You looked at me strangely when I opened the door, and now you’re staring at me. Do I have a piece of lettuce in my teeth or something?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that you really remind me of someone,” I said, letting my voice trail off.

“Well. Listen, would you like something to drink? I’m sure we can find something in this minibar here.” She pulled open the door on the mini-fridge, breaking the green seal.

“I see a wine cooler in there. That would be nice,” I said.

“That kaçak iddaa works for me, too,” she answered.

She poured our respective coolers into the standard motel water glasses.

“To friendship,” she toasted.

“To friendship,” I replied.

We both sipped our drinks. I unashamedly looked at her. She was about five-feet-three with shoulder length brown hair and bright white teeth. Her brown eyes were bright and clear and expressive. She wore a sleeveless white blouse that neither fully concealed nor fully revealed her figure. It did, however, enhance my libido by showing off the dark hair on her forearms leading up to the black hair peeking from her underarms. Her white slacks fit her perfectly and told me that she perhaps worked to keep her figure in shape.

“So, Dan. Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, you’re a very attractive woman,” I answered rather stiffly. Though my voice was stiff, it was even harder to conceal the burgeoning stiffness in my pants. My imagination thrilled at what must be beneath her clothing.

She laughed, not mockingly, but a friendly laugh. “Eileen said you would probably be a little be shy…at first. And she was right. She sent something along that may help you relax a bit. Why don’t you have a seat on the couch?” She pointed toward the couch.

I nodded and sat as she moved to the entertainment unit that housed the television. She opened the doors to reveal the television and a DVD player. She used the remote control to turn on the television and the DVD player, then she inserted a DVD she had retrieved from her suitcase.

Barbara joined me on the couch and used the remote control to start the DVD player.

Barbara’s full-length image appeared on the screen, dressed only in a man’s white dress shirt and thigh-high stockings.

Her voice flowed from the speakers on the television. “Hello, Dan. Eileen thought perhaps a short movie might break the ice,” she spoke seductively in a very slight southern drawl. “I hope you like movies.”

I was hypnotized. The ultra-sexual woman on the screen appeared so different from the woman sitting next to me on the couch. The stockings concealed what I hoped would be stimulating leg hair, yet the shirt covered effectively below her waist. Her carefully selected coverings were driving me more insane in anticipation than if she had been fully unclothed.

As I continued to watch, Eileen appeared on the screen and came up behind Barbara. She deftly slipped her right arm around Barbara’s waist and drew herself against Barbara from behind. With her left hand, she pulled Barbara’s flowing brown hair away from the side of Barbara’s face and began kissing her ear and neck. Barbara responded audibly to Eileen’s warm wet tongue and began to grind her ass against Eileen. Barbara’s movements caused the shirt to begin riding up under the pressure of Eileen’s arm, and I began to see just the hair protecting Barbara’s womanhood. It was full, lush, and black. I continued to watch as the two women writhed together, then as Eileen began removing the shirt, exposing Barbara’s breasts, nipples hard and erect. A dark trail of hair ran from Barbara’s navel down to her pubes. I was enthralled.

Both women were now clearly oblivious to the camera and were intensely focused only on their own sexual pleasure.

I continued to stare at the screen, becoming even more aware of my own erection. Barbara had put her right arm around my shoulder and drawn herself closer to me. I felt her left hand begin to stroke my hardness through my jeans, and her hot breath in my ear.

“Mmmm. Eileen said my hairiness would do the trick. You want to do that to me, don’t you, baby?” she whispered, her voice hoarse with lust.

I turned my head to the left to the woman seated next to me on the couch. Her eyes that had been so soft had hardened, fired by her sexual needs. Before I could answer, her sensuous lips engulfed mine, and she plunged her tongue aggressively against mine. I felt her fingernails dig into my neck while her other hand tore furiously at my belt, then at the button and zipper on my jeans.

She thrust her hand inside my undershorts and grasped my thick and hardening shaft.

“Oh…God…baby! Eileen was right! You…do…” Her voice trailed off as our mouths sought each other’s. We kissed as if we could bring each other to oral orgasms with our tongues.

“You’re…huge…!” Her words exploded in my ears, poured fuel on my searing sexual desire for her.

She pulled my now fully erect cock free from my shorts and trousers and began to stroke it furiously while we still tried to consume each other orally. Her hand roamed over my hardness, stroking my sac, and wandering through my own thick pubic hair.

It took all of my will power to carry out the next act in our minidrama, but I pushed her away and stood up, backing slowly away. Though lust still shown in her eyes, she had a stunned look.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she pleaded.

I took a deep breath before answering.

“You remind me too much of…someone…someone I’d very kaçak bahis much like to…to…” I let her mind fill in the unspoken fantasy.

Her eyes softened, perhaps feeling some unintended pain. “Oh. Probably your girlfriend,” she sighed. “Well, I can’t blame you for preferring a younger woman to…”

“No,” I interrupted her, “Not a girlfriend. And not a younger woman.” I paused again as she looked at me questioningly. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I have a fantasy, an evil fantasy.” Again I paused for dramatic effect. “You look almost exactly like…”

I let my words hang.

“Like who?” she asked, almost demanded.

“I can’t tell you,” I said. “It’s a sick fantasy, very wrong.”

As my words came out and Barbara recognized that it was not her lack of sexual attractiveness that had caused me to cool slightly, the embers of lust began to again glow in her eyes.

“Tell me, Dan. Tell me.” Her voice had again grown hoarse with sexual anticipation.

“You look exactly like my mother.”

My fictional confession had exactly the desired effect on her.

Barbara exploded from the couch and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my standing torso and her arms around my neck to draw her lips against mine. As I put my arms under her ass to support her weight, she used her remarkably strong legs to grind herself against me.

“Yes, baby, yes,” she cried between deep, probing kisses. “Touch me! Mommy wants you so bad. Mommy wants her young man’s cock. Fuck your Mommy hard!”

We continued to kiss voraciously as I carried her still-clothed body toward the suite’s bedroom, her pussy still thrusting against my belly. I lowered her onto the queen-sized bed, then once again pushed her away. As I did, I began to slowly and seductively take off my clothes, removing first my tee-shirt to expose my torso and arms. I kicked off my topsiders and stood before her, my cock still exposed, hard, erect, and throbbing from her earlier exploration. Her eyes remained riveted on it while I peeled down my jeans and undershorts then kicked them aside. I stood naked only a few feet from her, allowing her eyes to consume my body.

“My God!” she whispered. “She said you were…. You are a hairy stallion.”

“And your hairy stallion wants to fuck his Mommy,” I replied.

Her fantasy, and perhaps mine, was set to be fulfilled. Her visage changed, our fantasy transformations complete. She was no longer Barbara, she was my mother, and I was her son. Our feelings and emotions exposed, we cast aside our inhibitions and reservations, both now to soon be engulfed by our forbidden fantasy.

“Strip for me, Mommy,” I urged as I stood commandingly in front of her.

“No, baby,” she whispered. “This is wrong. If baby wants Mommy, you’ll have to force me.” Her breathing was hard and ragged with the expectation of what would come. Her words were my release, my permission.

She had begun to lay back on the bed, expecting me to cover her quickly. Instead, I grabbed her by her wrists and pulled her to her feet, her body crashing against mine violently.

She cried out in surprise as my hands grasped the front panels of her blouse and pulled it open sending buttons flying across the room. I stared briefly at her lovely breasts, nipples erect and exposed, begging for my lips.

Barbara put her arms around my neck and pulled my eager lips to her breast. I felt the nipple harden and lengthen between my lips. My tongue flicked quickly across its tip several times, each pass causing her to thrust her breast toward my face in eager fulfillment. Her breathing quickened as the sexual lightening bolts coursed throughout her body.

My hardened cock pressed against the front of her white slacks. She involuntarily began to ride up and down against it, perhaps hoping it would slice through the layers of fabric between by naked manhood and her shielded womanhood.

My arms wrapped around her back, my hands struggling to pull the loosened blouse from her body. I began to kiss outward from her nipple, over her breast, licking, kissing, upward to her shoulder and the side of her neck. I found a deliciously warm spot at the base of her neck and began suckling and licking it. Her sexual sensitivity there became instantly obvious. She began gasping for breath, her breaths interspersed with moans and sighs.

I felt her fingernails digging and scratching into my shoulders and back while my mouth sought all of her torso, every delectable sexual and sensual taste. My tongue tweaked every sexual nerve it touched, and she responded both loudly and physically. She was grinding her covered pubes against my naked cock, and I was fearful of cumming too soon. I kissed my way around her breasts, first gently and then more forcefully taking each hardened nipple between my teeth and pulling. The pain only heightened her lustful desire. I kissed my way down her belly, using my tongue to paint around her navel, then plunge my tongue into it, perhaps sending a subliminal message of my intentions. I felt the rippling spasm of her abdominal muscles in response, and I began to fell and smell her womanly musk coming closer to me. Her scent inflamed me. I kissed and licked the hairy trail from her navel downward. My rough tongue felt the spasms of desire in her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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