A Farmer’s Offerings

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You’re quite a bit older than me. I’m not sure how much older, but I’d guess by about twenty years. You’re very handsome. It’s hard for me to believe that you’re single as most women find you very attractive. Your body is in great shape from working outdoors. You’re very kind and always willing to help others.

I first noticed your easy smile and sense of humor. However, when you’re not talking directly to someone, I’ve noticed the sadness in your eyes. You look…..lonely when you think no one’s looking. It’s that emotion that has drawn me in the most. I almost feel a kinship with you. I’ve flirted with you a few times when I’ve seen you around town. You’re always very sweet, but I don’t think you see me in that way.

I decide to head to the grocery store. I’m dying to try some new recipes and want to see which vegetables are fresh. I look around for a while, but pickins are slim. It’s between seasons right now so the summer vegetables are starting to look rough and the winter vegetables are still a little too ripe. I’m standing there deep in thought, trying to figure out which course of action I’d like to take, when you come up behind me.

“Afternoon,” you say.

I’m jolted out of my thoughts and say, “Geez! You scared me! Good afternoon to you too.”

“I see that. I apologize, I didn’t mean to startle you. What are you thinking so hard about?” you ask.

“Well, I’m wanting to try out some new recipes, but these vegetables just aren’t calling to me.” I reply.

“That’s because we just started harvesting, so the new ones are still being shipped,” you say.

“I know, it’s quite depressing. I was hoping there’d be some butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. Have a good one!” I say as I start to walk away.

“Wait, actually I’ve got some in my garden at home if you’d like to pick some up?” you ask.

“Really? Are you sure?” I ask.

“Sure, come out to my place when you’re done, and you can pick what you’d like.” you say with a smile.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a bit,” I respond.

I finish grabbing the rest of my groceries and go home to put everything away. I check myself in the mirror to make sure I look ok. I’ve never gone over to his place before. I keep telling myself he’s just being a nice man, but I can’t help the hope that floods my system.

Once I’m sure I look alright, I get in my pickup and head out to your house. You live about 20 minutes outside of town. It’s a beautiful drive. It seems like the trees get taller and fuller, the further out I get. I pull onto your road and head down towards the house. You have a beautiful log cabin style home. I immediately see you coming outside to meet me. I’m excited even though I know I shouldn’t be. I park and get out.

“Thank you SO much for letting me do this!” I say.

“It’s no problem at all. Let me show you around and you can take your pick.” you reply.

You lead me around to the back of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your house. I stop and stare in awe. You have these gorgeous tall plants like elephant ears. Everywhere I look, there are more beautiful plants. I feel like I’ve stepped into a story book. My head is on a swivel, trying to look at everything. You look over at me and chuckle.

“This is absolutely gorgeous!” I exclaim.

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it. The garden is over here.” you say.

I don’t stop to look at where you’re pointing, so you grab my hand and lead me over to the garden. Your garden contains a lot of different plants.

“Help yourself,” you say.

I take a few minutes to look over everything you have. I pick out a butternut squash, a few sweet potatoes, a few carrots, and an onion. The rest I was able to get at the store. This is going to make a fantastic Italian stew.

“Thank you so much! This is just wonderful! I’ll bring you some of whatever I choose to make!” I say as I give you a big hug in excitement. You hug me back and say, “That’d be great,” in a low, gruff voice. As we separate, our gazes lock. I try to swallow, but my mouth is suddenly dry. I feel I should say something, but I have no idea what. You gently pull me back and brush your lips over mine. It’s featherlight, barely a touch of lips. You push away and apologize, “I’m sorry, that was out of line.”

I stare at you for a second and pull you back. At my response, your mouth comes down onto mine more forcefully. At first, it’s just a pressing of lips. Then, you lick at my lips. I open to you and our tongues tangle in a delicious, erotic display. You explore my mouth, tasting and plundering, mimicking what I wish our bodies would do. You’re an excellent kisser. I can only imagine what the tongue would do on my most private areas.

My arms move on their own accord and circle your neck. One of your hands is on my waist while the other tangles in my hair, angling my face for better access. We make out like teenagers in the middle of your garden. I feel wetness gathering in my panties. You hold me tight and I feel your hardness against my lower belly. I’m very aroused and wishing for more.

You break the kiss and look down at me and say, “This is wrong, you’re so much younger than me.”

“I don’t care. It feels right. I’ve had a crush on you for a while. Besides, last I checked there’s not an age limit on sex.” I reply.

You bust out in laugher, “I guess not. You caught my eye a while back as well. Are you sure about this?”

I give you a light kiss in response. You grab my hand and lead me into the house. I expect you to immediately make a move. Instead, place my picked vegetables on the counter and asked if I’d like a drink. “Sure,” I say. While you go to get a glass of water, I take a moment to look around. Your cabin is beautiful and homey. The furnishings are all in a dark chocolate brown which looks wonderful with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the redwood walls. You have small flashes of maroons and navy in places. It’s a masculine home, but very well done.

You place our glasses on the dining room table and I join you. We sit and chat about nothing and everything for a while. It’s early evening when we finally look around and notice the shadows are almost gone with the early sunset.

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” you ask.

I think about it for a moment. I know I should leave, but I really don’t want to. I’ve been enjoying this time together. “Yes,” I respond without a second thought.

“Good, do you like spaghetti?” you ask.

“Of course, who doesn’t? Can I help?” I say.

“Sure,” you reply.

We both go into the kitchen. You get out the ingredients while I start browning the hamburger meat. We work easily in tandem. It’s very relaxing as we cook and tease. When everything is ready, we sit together, enjoy a bottle of wine, and eat the delicious meal. After dinner is put away and everything is cleaned up. You invite me to sit in the living room while you start a fire in the fireplace.

Between the wine and the fire, I feel quite toasty. You look so sexy relaxing on the couch. You almost look at peace. We sit next to each other in a comfortable silence. I know I need to leave soon. I turn towards you and say “Well, I should probably be going.” You silently lean forward and kiss me. The kiss goes from soft and gentle, to intense and hot very quickly. Somehow, I end up on my back on the couch with you settled over me. Your hands roam my body, feeling and exploring. I hold you tight, enjoying your weight against me.

Your hands slide under my shirt. You feel up to my breasts, raising my shirt as you go. Once my bra is revealed, you whisk the shirt off over my head. You kiss the swell over the top of the fabric. You remove my bra quickly as I peel your shirt off you. You lick your way to my nipples and suck on them. Each pull of your mouth and sweep of your tongue sends shocks of arousal through my body. You suck until each peak is hardened and glistening.

You slide down my body and unbutton and unzip my jeans. You gently slide them off me, leaving me in my black lace thong. I know they’re soaked. You kiss your way back up my legs. Licking the back of my knee and nibbling on the inside of my thighs. When you reach the apex of my thighs, you rest your shoulders between my legs. You breathe in, smelling my arousal. You leave a kiss over my panties at the top of my pussy. I moan at the intimacy of the moment.

You then slide my thong off and return to your place between my legs. You lick a long trail from my clit down into my pussy. You lap at me, enjoying my taste. It feels wonderful. You take your time, licking, kissing, and sucking on me. You spear your tongue on my clit before taking it into your mouth and sucking. I yell out güvenilir bahis şirketleri at the intense pleasure. You are very good at this. You eat me like I’m the most delicious dessert. I close my eyes and give in to the passion you’re invoking. I scream as the pleasure overtakes me. You continue to suck at my wetness, prolonging my orgasm. Only when I’ve come back down to earth, do you stop.

You gently kiss my most private area. You move up my body, leaving kisses on the way, until you reach my mouth. You kiss me deeply. I taste me on you and your obvious enjoyment of it is a huge turn on. You take a quick second to shuck your jeans and boxers and return to me. I reach down and feel of your hard dick. You shudder as my hands touch and explore. “It’s been too long,” you say as you pull my hands off you. You raise my hands over my head as you lean down and suck on my neck where it meets my shoulders. I groan at the feelings. Every touch heightens my desire.

I wrap my legs around your waist, and you reach down and run your cock through my wetness. The friction is delicious. You then align your cock at my entrance and slowly enter me. You stretch me as you enter. “Ahhh!” you moan out as I surround your dick in my velvety wetness. When you’re fully seated, I feel you pulse. You pull out a little and thrust back in, your cock grazing against my inner walls sending shockwaves through my body. You thrust easily in and out, over and over. I can feel every ridge and vein of you as you throb inside me.

Eventually, you grab me around my shoulders and pull me up with you. I’m now seated on your lap. I rock against you, providing friction against my clit as well as the pleasures you’re emitting from within. You claim my mouth and grab my ass. Pulling me further into you to provide more stimulation. We’re both moaning.

A clap of thunder jolts us out of our intense, erotic display. With the next thunderclap, the electricity goes out. “Are you ok?” you ask. “Yes, I’m good,” I reply. With that, you kiss me again. My arms are wrapped around you, feeling of your strong back muscles and holding onto your neck. You proceed to use one hand on my ass, assisting me in my thrusts and the other goes to my nipple, tweaking it. I inhale sharply and you do it again. I love it. My rocking comes faster and more forceful. You grab my hips to assist.

The pleasure builds and builds. I’m right on the precipice. Our moans are joined by the sound of the rain beating on the roof. My sweat slicked skin gliding effortlessly against yours. You lean down and bite on my nipple, sending me over the edge. I scream in ecstasy as my body comes undone. Bliss rips through me, my whole-body pulsing and milking your cock. I can’t move, my body isn’t working. You flip me over and thrust sharply into me a few more times until you’re joining me. I feel your hot cum shoot deep inside me. I look up and watch you come apart in the firelight. It’s an amazing sight.

When the effects of the orgasm diminish, we lay in each other’s arms. We bask in the afterglow of everything we just experienced. After my heart rate returns to normal, I feel a chill rush over my skin causing goosebumps. You grab a blanket and cover us both. We lie there together until we both fall in a peaceful sleep.

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