A Family That Plays Ch. 02

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Jamie awoke to a scent that hadn’t penetrated his senses for so long that it was almost foreign: bacon. Bacon, and… pancakes? Christ, it had been so long since he’d even tasted anything remotely close to bacon and pancakes. He pulled his blanket over his head, but the smell of a home cooked breakfast lingered in his nose, in his mind.

No, he told himself. He had to be strong, resilient. He had to gather what little possessions he had and get the hell out of the Noble household.

Right after he got himself some breakfast.

Sighing, he pulled the covers away and sat up. Rubbing his eyes, he averted a stuporous gaze to the alarm clock sitting atop the cherry wood bedside table. 8:30 A.M., the clock read. Huh, Jamie had gotten himself a good night’s rest, something he couldn’t remember ever experiencing before, even when he had a place to call home. A warm bed and a full stomach will do that, he figured. Too bad he had to leave it all behind…

Images of Don and Olivia and Nina flashed in his mind, imprints of mother and daughter doing things… nasty, despicable things. He could see Don’s shoot lacerated streaks of white cum against his daughter’s creamy skin. He could see Olivia, gorgeous Olivia, drag her long tongue along Nina’s supple, wanting flesh. So wrong…

So hot, a foreign voice noted in his mind. Jamie shook his head, as if to didder away the impure thoughts that had invaded his mind.

Jamie decided to drown his grogginess, along with his thoughts, with a hot shower before bothering to head downstairs to satiate his desire for a real breakfast. He brushed his teeth with a brand new toothbrush someone had left on the bathroom counter for him labeled “JAMIE!” (Nina, he’d guessed). Afterward he slipped back into the tee shirt and sweatpants Ryan had given him, and stepped his clean, white-socked feet into his old, worn out sneakers. All set. His big brown eyes observed the bedroom, the bedroom that he could have called his own. It was well furnished, but lacked personality—a soul. It was a guest room, after all. It could have been Jamie’s, he could have made this room his own. He could have become a Noble. Too bad. Too fucking bad. He shook his head, and exited the room, flipping the light-switch off as he left.

Through the living room and into the kitchen, he found Ryan sitting alone at the breakfast table, digging into a plate of bacon, pancakes, and eggs. Across from him was a steaming plate of the same thing, untouched—Jamie’s plate. Strangely, the rest of the family was nowhere to be found. “Probably out being…nasty,” Jamie thought aloud.

“Say somethin’, bro?” Ryan garbled, his cheeks full of food.

“Oh, no…” Jamie lied.

Ryan managed to swallow a bit of the food he’d stuffed into his face. “Sit down, have some breakfast, dude!”

“Sure! Uh… where’s the rest of the family?” Jamie slid in the chair across from Ryan and snagged the bottle of maple syrup from the center of the table, drowning his pancakes.

“Ah, well, dad left for work a couple of hours ago, and Nina’s spending her first day of Christmas break at her friend’s house.” Ryan lifted a strip of bacon with his hand and devoured it before continuing, “Mom had to make a quick run to the store while you were in the shower.”

“Oh…” Jamie swallowed a bit of pancake, and just stared at his food, trying to muster up the courage to tell Ryan what was on his mind.

Ryan looked up from his plate, fixing a quizzical gaze upon Jamie’s awkward expression. “Somethin’ botherin’ you, dude?”

“Ryan,” Jamie said, sighing, “I have to tell you something…”

One of Ryan’s brows shot up, and he gently lay his fork on his plate. “What’s on your mind?”

God, he’s just like his dad… Jamie, thought, and suddenly felt uneasy about telling him about the things he’d seen last night. But the young man steeled his resolve, took a deep breath, and decided to just come out with it.

“I saw your parents…and Nina, last night…doing… Wait, what is it?” Jamie was thrown off completely by Ryan’s smile, and even more so once he’d begun snickering.

“So, you saw them playing together, huh?” Ryan said. There wasn’t a tinge of surprise or anger or…anything in his voice. He was so casual about it. Too casual.

Jamie stopped eating, scooting back in his chair a bit. “You mean… you know what they do?”

“Of course I do,” Ryan said, lifting his fork and getting back to his breakfast. “I would have joined in the festivities last night, but I was dead tired from… heh, well, that’s not important.”

“D-Disgusting!” Jamie exclaimed as he shot to his feet. The backs of his knees pushed his chair back a foot or so against the smooth, tiled floor.

Ryan didn’t so much as look up, or stop eating for that matter. “Dude,” he said through a mouthful of pancakes, “calm down. It’s not that serious—”

“Not that serious? Not that serious?! Your family is a bunch of disgusting white people that screw each other like…like halkalı escort animals!” Jamie’s heart pounded, and his ire burned even more at Ryan’s aloofness, as if Jamie had been upset at him for riding a bike or shaking hands with someone. Why was he so reserved?

“OK,” Ryan said after finishing the last bit of his food, “how long did you watch?”


“How long did you watch them? My parents and Nina.”

“Uh… I…”

“Did you reel in disgust and immediately run back to your room? Or did you sit and watch them play with each other ’till they finished?”

“I… I…saw—”

“Until they finished, right?”

Jamie looked away, and gave an apprehensive nod. Shame, roiling and acidic, began to swell within him. He watched them, alright. He even…

“Got hard, too, I bet,” Ryan added, his expression hardening a bit, but he looked more sympathetic than anything. “It didn’t even occur to you just how disgusting it was until they finished.”

Jamie said not a word, but his silence spoke volumes.

Ryan’s smile returned. “Yeah… I had the same reaction. It’s not a very pleasant feeling, let me tell you.”

Huh? Just what exactly did he mean just then? Jamie opened his mouth to press the issue, but Ryan interrupted him.

“I’ll tell you some other time, kiddo,” Ryan stood, collected his plate, and made for the kitchen sink.

“But…but this is wrong, Ryan,” Jamie said as Ryan rinsed his plate of maple syrup and stashed it in the dish washer. “You know this.

Ryan lifted the dish washer door shut. He then turned with a smile—his father’s friendly, heart warming smile—and said, “Of course it is, man. Why the hell do you think we do it?”

“Look, dude,” Ryan continued, “I don’t expect you, or anyone else for that matter, to approve of what my family does with each other, so if you wish to leave my folks would understand, trust me.”

“I… I mean, it’s not like your family isn’t really nice, Ryan,” Jamie started, “really, but—”

“You don’t have to explain yourself, man,” Ryan said, laughing. “Tell ya what, though. Stay here a little while, at least until this weather lets up a bit, and I’ll ask my folks to behave, alright? It’s cold as fuck out there, dude. I would feel like a jackass knowing you were out there alone, especially ’round the holidays.”

The older boy approached Jamie and rest a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Cool?” Ryan asked.

Jamie contemplated the idea. This was the worst time of year to be homeless. There was barely a place to get warm, and the shelters kept their doors closed ’till night fell. The streets wouldn’t provide him with home cooked meals and a warm bed, clean clothes, and a peace of mind. He wanted that—needed that, even if it was just temporary.

“Cool,” Jamie agreed, finally.

Ryan beamed and patted Jamie’s shoulder. “Good deal, man.”

Jamie watched him leave, heard his feet carry him up the stairs and into his bedroom, and was left standing in the kitchen, feeling a myriad of emotions, the more prominent one being confusion, festering in his chest like a virus. God… what had he gotten himself into? How would he survive in this house knowing what the terrible (titilating), abominable (arousing) things the Nobles did, and very well may continue to do?

How long would it take for his own body to betray him?

? ? ? ? ? ?

Jamie had spent the rest of the day interacting with the Nobles as little as possible. Don and Olivia had made several futile attempts to find out more about him, attempts that only resulted in half-answers and awkward silences. Ryan had offered him a couple of books, and he kindly accepted them, but didn’t bother cracking a single one open. He opted to lie in his comfy temporary bed, and stare up into the ceiling.

Before he knew it, sleep had taken him, and when he reawakened it was dark outside. Eyes shifted toward the alarm clock; it was 1:07 A.M. Six hours. Another record. He’d missed dinner, apparently, and his stomach was chastising him for it. Hunger suggested he go downstairs and raid the fridge for a bite to eat, but his Sense told him to stay in bed and deal with it like he used to. Besides, this wasn’t his house. He had no right to go raiding their fridge.

Jamie’s stomach whined, and he frowned. OK, maybe just this once.

His traverse to the kitchen downstairs was a clandestine one, or at least it would have been if he hadn’t heard someone talking in the living room. Several people, actually, talking in muted, sober tones. Jamie moved silently in the darkness, easing down the stairs just enough to where he could get a good view of the living room.

In the large, lavishly furnished living room lit only by the 70-or-so-inch HDTV, sat the Nobles. Don and Olivia sat comfortably on the sofa, with Nina in-between them, her slender frame inclined against her father. Ryan sat back in a large armchair that taksim escort seemed to almost swallow him. Don and Ryan were topless, wearing only pajama trousers. Nina sported a pink tee shirt that wasn’t nearly big enough to hide the fact that she wore no panties. A black nighty donned the flame-haired Olivia, and did very little to conceal the curves of her ample breasts and hips. The family appeared to be just talking, and Jamie had to concentrate to hear them above the TV’s volume.

“It’s a shame that he caught us,” Don said, sounding a bit dispirited.

“Yeah,” Ryan said, “he’s really confused about it, I think. He had the same reaction I did three years ago.”

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” Olivia asked in a worried voice.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Ryan assured his mother.

“I would have enjoyed having a big, black…um, brother,” Nina said, and bit down on her lower lip.

Jamie swallowed hard at that remark, heat rushing to his cheeks.

“No kidding,” Ryan said with a smile. “But I think we should just…lay off each other, ’till he’s ready to move on.”

“Or comes around…” Olivia said sinisterly. Her perfect mouth curved up into a devilish grin that got Jamie’s heart pounding, and made his pants a little tighter.

“Heh, well, how about we play one last time, then?” Don suggested as he caressed Nina’s thigh, her body starting at his touch. Jamie couldn’t help but be amazed at the affects the Nobles had on one another. He hadn’t seen that kind of chemistry between a happily married couple.

“Only if you promise to be quieter than you were last night. Don’t want to wake up Jamie again, now do we?” With that, Ryan slipped from his seat, and onto his hands and knees, crawling toward his sister. She parted her thighs, primly lifting the hem of her tee shirt. A gasp escaped her as Ryan’s mouth pressed against her sex. Jamie watched Ryan’s tongue slither past his lips and nestle betwixt his sister’s moistening folds, licking slowly, steadily.

As big brother feasted, both parents lifted their daughter’s shirt over her head and flung it elsewhere. Olivia cupped Nina’s right breast, flicking the tip of her long tongue against her daughter’s nipple. Don followed suit, though he preferred suckling to licking. Nina whined sweet little sounds, squirming beneath her family’s attention,

Why am I watching this? Jamie thought. The better part of him proposed he take his leave, right then and there. He had almost rose to do just that, but carnal fascination had cemented him to that staircase. Not to mention he was hard, rock hard. He could feel the head of his cock, moist with warm, sticky pre-cum, shift wetly against his thigh whenever he moved. Disgusting, he told himself. But the tone in which the voice in his mind spoke did not quite match the meaning of the word. It appeared to be enjoying this. Jamie was enjoying this.

Don parted his mouth from Nina’s breast, and sat up, his knee digging into the sofa cushions. He pulled his girthsome cock through the slit of his pajamas, wagging its tip in his daughter’s pleasure-stricken face. Nina gladly—hungrily—took it into her mouth, damn-near to the hilt, and stared up into her smiling daddy’s eyes.

Ryan’s head rose, and latched his mouth onto his sister’s neglected breast. His middle and ring fingers entered her, pumping in and out of her, hard and fast. Nina moaned around her father’s shaft, breathing raggedly through her nose.

Olivia gave her daughter’s breast one good suck before peeling away with a hollow pop. She sat back and draped her stunning leg across Nina’s lap, motioning Ryan over with an index finger, a sultry curve in her smile. “Come here and lick your mommy’s pussy,” she said, and lifted her gown to expose her glistening cunt, plump and bare, glittering magnificently in the dull-lit living room. It was gorgeous.

Not a flinch in his movement, Ryan re-situated himself so that he could polish his mother’s beautiful pussy, while using his right hand to finger fuck his cock-sucking little sister. Olivia pursed her lips, flinging her head back as her son went to work on her pussy, and Jamie found himself wishing that was him down there pleasing Olivia…

“I think you should join him,” Don suggested to Nina, whisking a few strands of crimson-dyed hair from her pretty face. He reeled his hips a bit, his cock popping out of his daughter’s gorgeous mouth.

Nina said nothing, only smiled and nodded. She slipped her brother’s working fingers from her pussy, and sucked her juices from his fingers before slipping onto the carpeted floor beside him. Ryan shifted over a bit, giving his sister ample room to join in him his feast. And the two went at it. Ryan positioned himself a little higher so that he could work on his mother’s clit, while Nina’s tongue prodded at her hole.

Olivia gnawed at her bottom lip, shaking her head furiously, the pleasure overwhelming her. She tried to wriggle free, but Ryan held şişli escort her down, keeping her in place. Don leaned over to kiss his wife deeply, fondling her creamy breasts through her gown.

“…God, yes,” Jamie whispered to himself, “yes, make her cum!” Jamie had his hand stuffed in his pants, jerking his aching cock to the scene playing out before him. He yearned for more nastiness, more debauchery.

Before long, the husband and wife broke their kiss, and the two exchanged silent I love you’s. Don then moved away from the couch, and positioned himself behind his daughter. Jamie’s heart pounded, his pulse thundering in his ears. Was Don going to do what he thought…?

Like a male dog in heat, Don mounted his daughter, guiding his cock into her sopping cunt, driving into her with a hard, quick thrust caused Nina to moan against her mother’s pussy. As her father began drilling into her, Nina reached under her and began playing with her clit, rubbing the throbbing nub in quick, hard circles.

“Mm, fuck her… fuck your slutty little girl, baby,” Olivia cheered in a quiet voice. She had pulled her large, pendulous breasts over her gown’s neckline, pressing them together, and writhing her hips against her children’s mouths.

“Daddy’s so deep in my pussy, mommy,” Nina said in a small voice. Jamie wasn’t sure if it was what she said, or how she said it, but the remark almost made him blow his wad right then and there. Apparently, it had the same affect on Don, who had quickly pulled out of his little girl’s cunt to slap the underside of his cock against her asshole.

“Oh, God, I need you to fuck me, Ryan… please, fuck your mother,” Olivia begged, running her fingers through Ryan’s hair.

Ryan rose with a smile, and sat himself on the couch beside his mother. His cock, too, protruded through the slit of his pajama pants, twitching in anticipation. Olivia, still facing her daughter and husband, moved to straddle her son, sitting herself on his fat cock, letting out quiet ‘wooing’ sounds as her son’s shaft invaded her walls. Nina inched toward them, wrapping her lips around her big brother’s testicles, sucking them into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Jamie heard Ryan say.

Don had slipped himself back into his daughter’s hole, pounding into her good and hard. Jamie got a good look at the girl’s tits swaying heavily with each thrust her father made. Olivia, looking overwhelmed with pleasure, bounced on Ryan’s dick, one hand rubbing at her clit, while the other fondled her breasts. Ryan kept his hands at his mother’s sides, moving his hips ever-so-slightly upward as his mother’s pussy walls came crashing back down around his shaft.

The living room was a symphony of lust, from nasty, soft-spoken murmurs, to the sounds of moist flesh meeting one another that Jamie found both abominable, and beautiful. Jamie’s cock throbbed in his hands, throbbed to the point it literally ached. It cried for the attention Don and Ryan’s cocks were getting, demanded it. And the sensation heightened with every moan, with every slap on the ass, with every dirty little thing uttered.

“Ready to eat some cum, ladies?” Ryan said after a while.

“Oh, I’m ready to cum, too,” Don said, his expression smug.

Olivia quickly dismounted her son, and fell to her knees beside Nina, who had been on her knees as well, shifting excitedly. Father and son stood along side one another, jerking their cocks before eager mouths. Ryan shot off first, and Don soon afterward. Cum splattered beautifully on the women’s faces, and Jamie lost it, unable to hold back any longer. His eyes squeezed shut, his hips moving in quick, spastic motions as an orgasm tore through him, ruining his perfectly good sweat pants. It took a good deal of effort, but he managed to be quiet about it, covering his mouth with his free hand.

Calming down, his eyes returned to the living room, where he found Olivia and Nina’s mouths engaged in a hungry kiss, while Ryan and Don milked what was left in their cocks onto their faces.

“I don’t know how we’ll hold off,” Don said laughingly between breaths, “especially with these gorgeous sluts.”

“Heh, I hear you…” Ryan agreed, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. “I’ll be making some extra trips to Nana’s house, I think.”

“Oooh, greedy boy.” Olivia said, licking up cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“Think we woke up, Jamie?” Nina asked?

“I don’t think so,” Don said, “but I’ll check up on him in a bit.”

Jamie’s heart started, and with silent swiftness he leapt to his feet and scurried back into his bedroom. He didn’t bother closing the door all the way, he was frightened he would alert the others. Instead, he dove right into bed and buried himself in the covers, his pants soaked with cum, sticking uncomfortably to his skin.

“I’m just as insane as they are,” Jamie whispered to himself, still trying to catch his breath. “I’m just as dirty and filthy…”

You’d fit in quite nicely, chimed that bothersome voice of his.

Don eventually peeked his head inside the room, for what seemed like an eternity, before leaving again, and Jamie let out a hard breath. He pulled the covers over his head, and slid out of the sweat pants and boxers he’d ruined. He’d have to find some way to get those cleaned…

“I’m a mess…”

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