A Family Affair Ch. 06

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((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

Okay, I can’t add up! This is the sixth and second penultimate episode in the series! But this really is the final penultimate episode – honest!!

As always, it is probably best looked at after reading the previous episodes, but for those who can’t wait, here’s a little précis of events so far…

Paolo Wharton has a hot experience that he’d only ever dreamed of whilst on holiday in Italy. It set him thinking about a very strange, and enlightening, week!

He lives on the outskirts of London, a member of a big wide-spread family that stretches throughout Europe. At the end of his first year at University his family had arranged to spend some time at his Aunt’s Villa in Tuscany, but for various reasons the rest of his family had dropped out at the last minute and he’d made the trip alone, but he was looking forward to it still. It was a chance to see Maria, a close childhood friend again.

At Pisa airport, he’d been surprised to find his volatile Sicilian cousin Isobella. ‘Izzy’ had appeared, late as usual, to pick him up and drive him to the Villa where he was surprised to find himself the only male resident after his Uncle Flavio is called away on an urgent business appointment. That leaves him with his cousins Izzy, Ilse, Frieda (all around his own age) and Aunt Luisa, but does that matter? The sun’s out, it’s hot and the girls have organised a tennis party at the family’s cooler Lodge in the mountains, so what could possibly go wrong with that? Except just about everything!

In the evening he has an extremely eye-opening private dinner with his aunt where he finds out some surprising secrets about family history. He’s shocked to find himself surrounded be something of a female secret society whose sole aims seems to be to protect him from ‘unworthy’ women. But, as his Aunt demonstrates later, there are distinct benefits!

The next day is an even bigger surprise! After getting talked into a little pact by his devious cousins, much against his better judgement, they embark on a trip to a nearby Tuscan town where the girls vie for his ‘attentions’ in distinctly risky situations… and then there was that explosive encounter with Rosa at the little cafe that they’d made their base!

I’m always interested in people’s thoughts and comments too if you’d care to leave one, and please vote too. All feedback is useful, and sometimes encouraging!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy …

Duke ))

35. Waiting, Worrying…

Aunt Luisa’s secret little garden behind the villa was a haven of calm and tranquillity. It was enclosed by high, brick walls, and overlooked from the back of the old, red roofed villa by just two rooms. My Aunt’s and mine.

It was really her space, one she’d nurtured with loving care, full of beautiful shrubs and flowers that gave off an almost beguiling fragrance at this time of the year. After numerous family visits over the years, it was a reminder that May was undoubtedly the best time to visit this part of the world.

But it was the peace and solitude that I craved just now, sitting on the lone wooden bench in the corner and sheltered from the hot sun by the gnarled old tree that was the centrepiece of this hidden spot. Even the songbirds seemed to recognise my mood as their chatter had become unusually subdued. Maybe it was also because a cooler breeze was getting up, and clouds had started to roll in from the west Something else that reflected my current inner turmoil.

It was Thursday, just after lunch, and I’d been here since Monday. I’d just finished my first year’s University study back in England, so a week’s holiday here with My Aunt and Uncle should have been just what the doctor ordered! Especially as it would give me the opportunity to see Maria again. Especially as we’d more or less decided to become an item, not just the close friends that had grown up playing together whenever I’d visited.

Our birthdays were just a few days apart, so it had been natural that we’d grow together, even if she was the daughter of Catarina, my Aunt’s devoted housekeeper. We just seemed to have a joint spark of some kind. Our texts and e-mails had gotten hotter and hotter as the day of our meeting again got nearer. On the flight over I’d been so impatient to see her, and then I’d received the bombshell text to say that she’d be delayed getting away from her own University course in Florence, first to yesterday, and then, yesterday I’d received another heartfelt apology to say that she couldn’t get here until today after all.

No explanation. Had she changed her mind? Or, more worryingly, had she heard what I’d been getting up to since I arrived?

And this was the girl that I was now dreading would appear through the little doorway in the brick wall opposite at any moment! And why?

Well, I thought dismally, she was hardly likely canlı bahis to have been happy that I’d woken up in bed with my cousin Frieda for a start!

And, despite my inner angst, I smiled at the recollection.

36. A Gentle Awakening

I’d been in a deep sleep after another evening session with my Aunt Luisa who has been expertly guiding me through the ‘Joys of Sex’ together. It was exciting, incredibly exciting stuff because, as I’d soon realised, my Aunt was an absolute master at maximising the pleasure that you could get out of sex. I’d only been here for a few days but I’d been learning fast!

So when I’d finally got back to my room in the early hours, I was exhausted, ready for a rest, and the sight of my cousin Frieda’s ruffled, brown hair sprawled all over my pillow in the moonlight had made me close my eyes in exasperation for a minute. I ‘d half expected it of course. It was her turn after all as my two other cousins, Izzy and Ilse had already shared my bed on the two previous nights!

Frieda’s only slightly younger than me after all, but because she’s the junior of twin sister Ilse by just a few minutes and we’re all a bit younger than my older cousin, Izzy, well that seemed to have set the natural order of things in our secret little ‘family society’.

As I’d got nearer to the bed, I’d seen that she’d thrown off the covers on this warm evening and was lying curled up on her side. Her top was covered in a gossamer thin, white, baby doll top, leaving the plain pair of white panties underneath peeping out as they hugged her full hips. She looked incredibly sweet and, amazingly, incredibly asleep.

I’d slipped off my robe and, wearing only my blue boxer shorts, immediately felt a slight chill in the air. So I’d reached down and pulled up the single white sheet lying ruffled across the bottom of the bed and drawn it up and over Frieda, pausing briefly as it had reached the promising bulges of her breasts under the thin material of her top. The sharp points of her nipples had been rising and falling rhythmically as she breathed and it was with a moment’s regret that I’d gently slipped in beside her before drawing up the sheet to cover us both. Attractive as it would have been to wake her, I really didn’t have the strength, so I forced myself to be careful not to disturb her.

I may not have been as successful as I’d thought though as a soft arm had draped itself limply across my waist and I heard her whisper gently “traum suss Paolo” to me in her soft German accent.

I smiled. “And ‘sweat dreams’ to you too Frieda,” I responded but there’d been no reply except for her regular, slow breathing again. It had seemed like a good idea to me, and just as I was thinking how different she was to Ilse and Izzy, I’d slipped into a deep sleep myself.

Now I’d been on the verge of waking again. It was one of those weird moments where you know that you’re nearly awake but not quite there. And for some reason I felt myself surrounded by eyes!

They seemed to have me covered from all angles, thousands of them! And although it should have been frightening, disturbing at least, it wasn’t! Somehow I knew that they weren’t threatening me, just observing.

It was no good. I could hear birds singing in the background from the garden. and a warm breeze had been wafting around me. I’d had to open my eyes at last.

And the first thing that I’d seen was Frieda’s warm hazel eyes, gazing into mine!

She’d smiled. It was like the sun coming out!

“Morning sleepy-head, I was beginning to think I’d have to wake you. You wouldn’t have wanted to miss breakfast, and I’d have hated to miss … well, you know!”

I’d had a pretty good idea. My wake-up calls since arriving at the villa so far had involved very hectic sessions with first Izzy and then Ilse. In fact I’d woken up on my first morning to find the Amazonian Izzy had already mounted me! Frieda however looked a very different proposition.

“How about we take it slow and gentle?” she’d murmured, “I’d really like to savour you now that I’ve got you to myself!”

She’d leaned towards me as she said it and suddenly our faces were just inches apart.

“Mmmm, fine by me…” I’d whispered, still breaking out of my sleep shell, “…mmmmmm!”

Her lips had softly covered mine and no further communication was necessary. We’d spent quite a few minutes letting our lips gently slide across each other until, with a gasp, she’d pressed harder into me and the gentle exploration had quickly turned into something hotter.

I’d reached out for her, vaguely surprised that she was still wearing her night things (she really was so different to the other two!) and pulled her into me, pressing myself against her. Gently at first and then harder as our passion intensified, enjoying the magical feel of her hard nipples rubbing into my chest through her thin nightie top. I wondered how long she’d been watching me sleep. She’d certainly felt bahis siteleri aroused at my touch. And when I’d eased my rapidly developing hardness up against her pussy, she’d gasped again and her hands were moving more urgently through my hair and across my bare back, sending shivers down my spine.

I’d been beginning to wonder about the ‘slow and gently’ bit when she’d finally pulled her lips away, eyes now locked hungrily on mine and breathing deeply she’d slowly said, “Wow Paolo you’re really hard to go ‘slow’ with!”

I’d taken that as a compliment, particularly as she’d not pulled away from our tight embrace and she’d just wriggled her hips a bit and sighed as my erection nestled closer up to that hot-spot between her legs!

“How would you feel if I undressed you?” she’d said between breaths. The question had surprised me, particularly as I was only wearing my boxers! “Errr, yes …” I’d gasped, “… Frieda!!”

The surprise was enhanced by the way that she’d thrown back the sheet that was still covering our shoulders and lifted herself up so that she could drag off her baby-doll top. As it disappeared behind the bed somewhere, I was left staring open mouthed at her beautiful bare breasts. Her pink nipples were already standing to attention at the summit of the little brown rings and she sucked in a breath as she cupped them for my benefit, letting her fingers briefly play with sensitive little buttons.

I was starting to reach for them myself when she squealed in delight and drew away before diving down under the sheet, and immediately I felt fingers on the waistband of my boxers before they started to draw them quickly down, over my stiff member and down my legs. When I’d been relieved of my pants, the big bulge in the sheets below me had paused for a moment, and this time it had been my turn to suck in a quick breath as I felt fingers lightly running up and down my stiff shaft which instantly responded by straining out even harder! She wrapped her hand around it for a second and gave it a gentle squeeze that made my back arch in response, before letting go and squirming about below me for a few seconds before her head had appeared from under the sheet and she’d slid up my body so that we could kiss again.

But this time it was totally flesh to flesh as I watched her throw the white triangular slip of her panties to join her top beside the bed!

Then her lips had reached mine again and started where we’d left off a few minutes ago! We were lying on our sides facing each other and her body had almost automatically moulded itself up against mine. This time I really had felt the hardness of her bare nipples on my chest as our passions rose, her hips pressing her pussy hard up against me, trapping my shaft between out abdomens. The blood had been thumping in my forehead as it surged around my body and I could tell from her little moans that Frieda too was reacting to the increasing fire between her legs.

I’d slipped my arm around her and started to massage her back, tracing the curve of her spine repeatedly as her tongue started to invade my mouth, driving in and out like a snake! It had felt like she was trying to fuck my mouth with her tongue. It had felt delicious!

So I’d let my hand drift down and follow the curve at the base of her spine, rubbing that sensitive spot for a few moments and making her give out a little animal like sound as she worked on me even harder, and then my hand was tracing their way around her buttocks, gripping the taut flesh and pulling her into me. She’d gasped as my fingers started to feel their way into the crack, but that wasn’t where I’d wanted them to be, so I’d pulled them back and slid my hand over her hips instead and started to feel for a gap between our sweaty bodies.

She’d known what I wanted, and obligingly pulled her hips back a little, letting me sweep across her tense abdomen and finally cup that curly little jungle between her legs. This time she’d gasped as she pulled her lips away from me and buried her head into my shoulder as the effect of my touch triggered a mini tidal wave of pleasure through her body.

My fingers were quickly searching downwards though and I was amazed at how wet and oily her puffy slit had become so quickly when they traced their way around it, triggering another wave of groans and sighs from her as they finally delved between the lips. I’d let one finger tease it’s way around her throbbing pink opening for a few minutes and then searched for the little button that I knew she so wanted touching. When it did, the way her arms and body tightened around me, I thought that she’d climaxed already!

But by some tremendous self control, she stayed with me, nibbling at my ear for a second before whispering, almost painfully in my ear, “Oh God Paolo, I need you inside me now … quickly!”

That had sounded okay because I definitely needed to be inside her too!

Obligingly, she’d lifted one leg over mine, pulling it up until the bahis şirketleri knee was bent and her ankle in the small of my back. It had opened her up to my cock, and I’d felt the way that her slit had tightened as she moved her leg. Suddenly there was no more important thing than doing as she’d asked. I’d shuffled down until the tip of my big erection was rubbing over her pussy and then guided it between those oily lips and up to her tight, pulsating gateway. She murmured something incomprehensible into my ear as she felt me about to penetrate her defences, and then pushed her hips at me in impatience until I finally eased my way in.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…Ohhhh Sweet Jesus…aaaahhh”

Our combined expressions of pleasure had been heartfelt!

After I’d eased myself deep within her, we’d both stopped breathing as we sucked in the sweet pleasure that was radiating from our loins. Eventually Frieda had whispered, almost wonderingly, “Oh God Paolo … that feels so, so good …don’t move …please!”

I’d been about to follow my instincts and start to pump when her words stopped me, and then her lips had closed over my mine again as she embarked on a deep, lingering kiss, our tongues re-engaging as she shuddered in my arms. The feel of her warm cavern enveloping me, and the way that her tongue was working at me soon sent my heart racing even faster. The temptation to push was almost irresistible, but somehow I held back, bowing to her wish for ‘slow and gentle’.

In the end it had been her that had broken first as, with a shudder that seemed to run right through her body she began to move her hips, sliding herself gloriously up and down my straining shaft, hitting nerves that screamed their pleasure at me!

I’d immediately, and in some relief, thrust back, finding her rhythm and meeting it in long, slow motions. Her lips had drifted off mine as she started to lose herself in her building ecstasy and a low moan escaped her.

Our pace had quickly intensified. The shock of our comings together had sent quivering vibrations into her clit as she’d used the leg that was bent around my back to get extra leverage, forcing me into her harder and harder!

It looked like the ‘slow and gentle’ was a thing of the past!

We managed to keep our exuberant fucking going for quite some time though until I gradually felt her body tightening in my arms as her climax approached. I’d known that I was gradually losing my self-control as the wonderful friction of her vagina on my cock gradually sent my head spinning, so I’d upped the pace again, hitting her with short, sharp thrusts as quickly as I could.

It worked! Within seconds her tightening body had almost frozen in my arms as her back arched and her hips thrust back into me for one last time and a long, deep and fulfilling orgasm finally took her. Her cry of pleasure had coincided with my deep grunt of satisfaction as I felt my cock almost explode in electric pleasure as I’d started to pump my hot seed deep into her.

We’d clung to each other for ages before finally relaxing and easing ourselves apart. Her eyes had looked warm and sated as she’d whispered, “Oh Paolo…so, so good …thank you!”. I’d pulled her back into my arms and cuddled her as I stroked her soft hair. It had been amazing. So different to sex with Izzy and Ilse which often felt like a fight for supremacy, and she’d actually thanked me! I could hardly believe it!

37. My First Bad Decision

My daydreaming was brought to an abrupt end when a movement in the doorway opposite caught my attention and the hairs on my neck stood on end. Was it Maria? Was the moment of truth really at hand? Had I really decided that I was going to have to let her go?!

It was with a shock that I realised that, while daydreaming about Frieda, my subconscious had still been mulling over my dilemma. It was an even bigger shock to realise that it seemed to have decided that there could be no future for the two of us now that I’d got myself involved in this weird sexual ‘family society’ thing and had spent all week bonking my cousins, Aunt Luisa and Rosa too of course. It was unlikely that I’d ever come up with any way of explaining myself if she found out. And how would her parents, Caterina and Jose react? And then I had another uncomfortable moment when I remembered the big shotgun that he kept in their attached cottage!

I was bracing myself for the inevitable confrontation, when I recognised the statuesque figure of my aunt walking into the garden, carrying a small wicker basket and some secateurs. She waved as she saw me and presumably misinterpreted the huge sigh of relief that had run through me as an invitation to come over. She was wearing another of her long Summer dresses, which flapped loosely around her shapely ankles. I was amazed, and somewhat alarmed, that even in my current guilt-ridden state I couldn’t help but mentally undress her as she approached! I’d seen her beautiful naked body so often this week that it had become second nature, and I was even searching for that swinging pendant at her neck that would signify whether she was wearing her nipple clamps! Evidently she was giving them a rest today though.

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